Prince vinyl reissue update

Vinyl schedules rejigged

Warners have pushed back some of the Prince vinyl reissues scheduled for this year, with one album disappearing from listings altogether…

Parade is now currently slated for a 26 August release, about a month after Around The World In A Day (originally mis-priced in the UK) is due to be reissued on vinyl. Sign ‘O’ The Times should also be out in August (23rd), although to be honest all of these dates should regarded as provisional. Lovesexy, Graffiti Bridge, Batman and the ‘Symbol’ album, in theory, will be out before the end of the year on vinyl.

Disappointingly, The Black Album is no longer listed for reissue on vinyl and retailers including Amazon have cancelled pre-orders for this title.

Amazon in the USA are still listing cassette reissues of Purple Rain, Dirty Mind and Controversy although these aren’t to be found on any other sites.

Curiously, Warner Bros. Records have made no official mention of any of these vinyl reissues. They have simply appeared without comment or fanfare.

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St. Anger

I have some of the reissues, I really want “love symbol” and “come.” (if you know when both are coming out please tell me!!)

Simon Thornhill

Having previously purchased the most recent vinyl reissuses of For you through to and including around the world in a day + Parade
I’m only awaiting the reissue of LoveSexy
(Which for me was the last Prince album I truly loved)
Which appears to have gone the way of The Black Album etc in that the reissue seems to have disappeared entirely lol
I have also picked up the recent 12″ reissues of
Rasberry + Let’s pretend we’re married
Having placed pre orders for U GOT THE LOOK + If I was your girlfriend + KISS on 12″


Remaining vinyl pre-orders have all been cancelled from Amazon. Just got email today .

Barrie Sillars

I just picked up Sign O The Times at Sainsburys for £14!


I picked up the Black Album on vinyl in Amoeba Records, San Francisco whilst on holiday. It’s a double vinyl release with a ” explicit lyrics parental advisory” sticker on the plain black glossy sleeve. Vinyls are clear with black labels/peach track titles as per the original.
As far as I am aware it is an official release, the label states copyright Warner Bros 1987.
If it’s not, then whatever, it plays perfect.


Sign O the Times is delayed! From Oct 7 release it’s now October 28. Amazon just sent me a notice.


Does anyone know anything about post WB reissues? I bought the surprise lotusflow3r reissue couple months back and hoped more post wb albums would’ve been announced by now. Not even folks on the org knew/know much about that reissue.


Hi Paul

Any chance of a thread re-fresh to show the additional four releases for the rest of 2016.

Diamonds and Pearls
Graffiti Bridge

Thank you!


Johnny Kalifornia

I received Parade today from Amazon – tbh can’t tell if it’s the re-issue or an original! Are there any determining features of the reissues? e.g. 180g vinyl etc…


Hi Johnny

The new European 2016 vinyl re-presses can be spotted with the reference ‘Made in the EU’.

The original European pressings referenced ‘Manufactured in Germany’.


James Lindsay

The vinyl reissue status is becoming a bit farcical, constantly being pushed back with no explanation whatsoever, Around The World In A Day been delayed again just one week before it was due to be released, frustrating or what


And now Around the World in a Day seems to have vanished from Amazon’s page. Yesterday my preorder said it was shipping on Friday. Today they have no information on a release date. ??

Jim Edwards

This is all so disappointing. Why won’t Warner Bros. communicate with the world? No exact release dates. No information on why no Black Album or Gold Experience. Will Prince’s albums be released on remastered cds whilst they try to figure out the deluxe editions? And will they just try and get the colours correct for the Lp covers. The cover for ‘Prince’ 1979 is simply awful. He looks practically yellow, even the Logo on the cover is wonky. Really, this man’s work should be treated with a little bit more respect. I dread to think what ATWIAD will look like. Thanks for keeping us informed though Paul. I simply adore SDE.


Anthony—The Black Album issue in 1994 was quite limited and it became hard to find immediately. In the States it didn’t even get a commercial vinyl release.


Ruben—Purple Rain was already reissued on vinyl by Warner/Rhino back in 2009. 1999 and Dirty Mind also saw reissue prior to Prince’s death.

Anthony C

The Black album was available in abundance on CD and Vinyl so I would assume everyone has it anyway.


I assume WB is leaving Purple Rain to the very end, in order to “encourage” us to buy the other titles on vinyl first.


Purple rain is already out, I’ve got it, sounds great



PR, Controversy, 1999 (and one other?) all had a Rhino re-issue on 18og vinyl a couple of years ago. Walk into any HMV and you’ll find them on the shelf.


I was surprised to see The Black Album listed along with all of his other albums due for reissue.
I was under the impression that Prince only allowed WB to release it originally (back in the day) in strictly limited numbers under contract. They were even labelled as such.
I presumed they would have to negotiate with his estate to release further numbers and by them cancelling the pre-orders I may have been correct?


Limited production capacity has been plaguing the SACD release schedule for a couple of years.

Mauro Guarnaccia

The Gold Experience please

Mike Cox

Yes, trying to dip my toes into vinyl and The Black Album was one I really wanted on vinyl….along with SOTT. Amazon cancelled my order. I guess Prince’s catalog will not be improving?

Mr x

No black album?


Tremell D Mason

Its available

Wouter B

“Disappointingly, The Black Album is no longer listed for reissue on vinyl.”
Just like it’s 1987 :-)


I have bought all the previous vinyl re-issues and hope that the rest will in fact be out sooner than later. “Diamonds And Pearls” and “Come” should also be out before the year is over – but I am disappointed that the excellent “Gold Experience” is not being released on vinyl. For some reason the CD version has been out of print for a while.

“The Black Album” is one of my least favorite Prince albums from the 80s but I would have liked to have it on vinyl as well.


All this is looking good for Deluxe Editions coming the year after?!?