Prince’s 1999 CD box available in Japan

Last chance to grab the CD box without remortgaging your house

Any Prince fans who missed out on last year’s 5CD+DVD super deluxe version of 1999 can still secure a copy if they are willing to order online from Japan.

The box contains the remastered album, a CD of promo mixes and B-sides (remastered), two discs of unreleased vault tracks, a Live in Detroit CD and then a DVD of a live performance in Houston. It comes with a 52-page booklet and excellent Japanese-style box-and-drawer style packaging.

This CD box didn’t go out of print quite as fast as the blink-and-you-miss-it 10LP vinyl package, but nevertheless it’s now extremely hard to find at anything approaching a reasonable price, which is why Amazon Japan is a good last chance option. It’s listed there at 7,531 JPY which is about £55 (or US $69 )- i.e. ‘face value’ – the price it was when released in November last year.

You do of course have to factor in any import duty to wherever you may be in the world, but Amazon Japan have an useful ‘import fees deposit’ system (which guarantees no extra charges) so for example if you are in the UK the ‘all in’ price with shipping and pre-paid fees would be about £75.

The big proviso here is that we don’t know how much stock they have and this price and availability could disappear relatively quickly. You have been warned!

Compare prices and pre-order


1999 - 5CD+DVD super deluxe


Compare prices and pre-order


1999 - 10LP vinyl box with DVD


Prince / 1999 5CD+DVD box set

1999 5CD+DVD super deluxe

CD1 / Remastered Album

1 1999
2 Little Red Corvette
3 Delirious
4 Let’s Pretend We’re Married
5 D.M.S.R.
6 Automatic
7 Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
8 Free
9 Lady Cab Driver
10 All The Critics Love U In New York
11 International Lover

CD2 / Promo Mixes & B-Sides

1 1999 (7″ stereo edit)
2 1999 (7″ mono promo-only edit)
3 Free (promo-only edit)
4 How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore (“1999″ b-side)
5 Little Red Corvette (7″ edit)
6 All The Critics Love U In New York (7” edit)
7 Lady Cab Driver (7″ edit)
8 Little Red Corvette (Dance Remix promo-only edit)
9 Little Red Corvette (Special Dance Mix)
10 Delirious (7” edit)
11 Horny Toad (“Delirious” b-side)
12 Automatic (7″ edit)
13 Automatic (video version)
14 Let’s Pretend We’re Married (7″ edit)
15 Let’s Pretend We’re Married (7″ mono promo-only edit)
16 Irresistible Bitch (“Let’s Pretend We’re Married” b-side)
17 Let’s Pretend We’re Married (video version)
18 D.M.S.R. (edit)

CD3 / Vault, Part 1

1 Feel U Up
2 Irresistible Bitch
3 Money Don’t Grow On Trees
4 Vagina
5 Rearrange
6 Bold Generation
7 Colleen
8 International Lover (Take 1, live in studio)
9 Turn It Up
10 You’re All I Want
11 Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) (Original Version)
12 If It’ll Make U Happy
13 How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore? (Take 2, live in studio)

All tracks previously unreleased

CD4 / Vault, Part 2

1 Possessed (1982 version)
2 Delirious (full length)
3 Purple Music
4 Yah, You Know
5 Moonbeam Levels **
6 No Call U
7 Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got
8 Do Yourself A Favor
9 Don’t Let Him Fool Ya
10 Teacher, Teacher
11 Lady Cab Driver / I Wanna Be Your Lover / Head / Little Red Corvette (tour demo)

All tracks previously unreleased except **, released on the 2016 compilation, 4Ever

CD5 / Live In Detroit – November 30, 1982 (midnight show)

1 Controversy
2 Let’s Work
3 Little Red Corvette
4 Do Me, Baby
5 Head
6 Uptown
7 Interlude
8 How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
9 Automatic
10 International Lover
11 1999
12 D.M.S.R.

All tracks previously unreleased

DVD / Live In Houston – December 29, 1982*

1 Controversy
2 Let’s Work
3 Do Me, Baby
4 D.M.S.R.
5 Interlude – piano improvisation (contains elements of “With You”)
6 How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
7 Lady Cab Driver
8 Automatic
9 International Lover
10 1999
11 Head (contains elements of “Sexuality”)

All tracks previously unreleased

*N.B. video content is exclusive to the physical DVD and will not appear on digital download or streaming versions of the Super Deluxe Edition set.

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