Prince’s Around the World in a Day vinyl mis-price will be honoured


Amazon have chosen to honour orders for the vinyl version of Prince‘s Around the World in a Day – with a caveat – which were mis-priced earlier this week.

The vinyl reissue of Prince’s 1985 album, which is due in July, was originally offered for just £1.75 on Wednesday 11 May, before being amended to £14.99 later in the day.

SDE didn’t really expect Amazon to honour such a low price (they don’t have to) but they have emailed customers to say that, “as a gesture of goodwill we will honour one unit for each order placed at the lower price. ”

This means of course if you placed an order for more than one copy, for, ‘family and friends’ you won’t get the lot for £1.75 each, just one copy. All in all a great result for Prince fans and a more than reasonable response from the retail giant.

Around the World in a Day will be issued on vinyl LP on 8 July 2016.


Side one
1. “Around the World in a Day”  3:28
2. “Paisley Park” 4:42
3. “Condition of the Heart” 6:48
4. “Raspberry Beret” 3:33
5. “Tamborine” 2:47

Side two
6. “America” 3:42
7. “Pop Life” 3:43
8. “The Ladder”  5:29
9. “Temptation” 8:18

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Well I have just received an email from Amazon (UK) to say that my £1.75 copy of Around the World in a Day has been despatched.

Nice :-)

[…] slated for a 26 August release, about a month after Around The World In A Day (originally mis-priced in the UK) is due to be reissued on vinyl. Sign ‘O’ The Times should also be out in August […]


From Amazon UK:
When you place an order to purchase a product from Amazon.co.uk, we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your order and containing the details of your order. Your order represents an offer to us to purchase a product which is accepted by us when we send e-mail confirmation to you that we’ve dispatched that product to you (the Dispatch Confirmation E-mail). That acceptance will be complete at the time we send the Dispatch Confirmation E-mail to you.

Essentially, by placing the order, you make an offer to purchase the goods but they still have yet to accept your offer. Only when they are ready to dispatch is the offer accepted, and the payment taken. Before then they are entitled to refuse your offer to purchase.


Interesting to read about the “not honouring and they don’t have to” comments. Is this a British thing? In Canada a retailer is required by law to honour all advertised and listed prices so such a mistake by Amazon Canada must be honoured (and I have capitalized on that a few times). The first Genesis vinyl box set where they had the decimal in the wrong place for about 15 minutes being my greatest triumph.

Auntie Sabrina

Are you married Chartes..?

Charles Hodgson

They didn’t honour my order for Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” SDE when it dropped to £4.99 – in error – a few weeks back. But it’s always worth a try!
It’s what your Shopping Cart “Saved For Later” section is for!
(I’ve got the maximum 600 items in there – probably £10-£20K worth – just to keep an eye on any unmissable offers.)

Yossi Barak

I’m happy to hear that Amazon made such gesture for customers who ordered Prince Lps.
I’m among those who pre-ordered in a cheap price the Jean Michel Jarre vinyl and they simply cancel the order a few days before the release date.

Simon F

Very sorry to hear that the Black Album is (probably) being pulled from release. It’s the only album I’m missing from those Prince glory years. I guess I’ll have to hang on to my bootleg copy for now.


Then, it happened already, they can tell you that it is out of stock even if you pre ordered it!


In Italy if you say a price you have to apply that price no matter if it was a mistake!

Auntie Sabrina

Amazon say regarding pricing

“Items in your Shopping Basket will always show at the current price.

This price may differ from the price shown for the item when you first placed it in your Basket. Placing an item in your Basket doesn’t reserve the price shown at that time.”.

Well done to all those who were lucky enough to get such a great deal

elliott buckingham

my ebay account is for selling my own stuff I aint a flipper my spare copies are going to people who missed out on this deal at the same price I paid for stuff. also my records on ebay undercut everybody else I make sure of that


I would have thought Amazon is ethically obliged to honour its advertised price – regardless of whether it’s a mistake. Sorry I missed it!

elliott buckingham

I placed 2 separate orders for this one order wth 12 copies the cancelled 11 lol and another order with come for £12.99 this has also been left on my orders so I have 2 copies coming and the mrs brought 1 so 3 in all

Mr x

Why 3 unless it’s to scalp them?

You’re the reason we can’t all have pretty things!

Andrew Mogford

Are you actually proud of that Elliott? LOL indeed. Bet you have a nice eBay account to scalp people on record store day too.

I’d tell you what I think of you but I doubt Paul would allow it.


Excellent news, thanks again Paul. I saw the 3rd generation artwork on Dirty Mind in HMV the other day and wasn’t impressed, so I hope they do a better job with this amazing sleeve.

Peter Nicholas

Great news, so pleased I ordered a copy at this great price.


Fantastic! Too bad I missed out on that price. I’ll have to make do with the 1985 pressing sitting on my shelf.

BTW, does anyone know if this reissue will duplicate the original packaging, including the extra flap with the track listing?

Andrew Mogford

Wish SDE had done a deal alert for this :(


saaaaame, sad to have missed it by the time I read on here

Andrew Mogford

That’s a fair comment. You win some, you lose some and I think £14.99 is still pretty good in this day and age!

Mike Cox

I hope they don’t pull The Black Album from the schedules!!!! Please don’t!!

Stan Butler

Many thanks Paul. Would never have grabbed this amazing bargain but for SDE.


Well I stuck in an order because I thought at that price it was too good to miss. I fully expected them not to honour this price as
1 – it was clearly a mistake and,
2 – as you say Paul, strictly speaking they don’t have to.

However, very pleased that they will (although I have not received any notification to say so yet).
Another huge thanks to you Paul as without this site I would have missed out on this absolute bargain.


Yippee! $6.49 including delivery!

Ben Williams

Thanks Amazon!! :-D


My new copy of Dirty Mind arrived today, and the vinyl looks handled and has micro scratches all over it. I’ll obviously contact Amazon about it, but it just seems a bit weird.


Great news, glad I put my order in straight away. Looking forward to getting a copy of The Black Album on LP later in the year.

Steven Adamson

That’s a shame! I hope it isn’t but it looks like amazon.com pulled the listing for The Black Album preorder from their site :(

Pete S

History repeating itself? :)