Procol Harum / Still There’ll Be More: An Anthology 1967-2017 / 8-disc box set

Eight discs • Remastered • 69-page hardcover book • Poster

In March, Esoteric Recordings are to issue Still There’ll Be More a 50th anniversary, eight-disc Procol Harum box set that features studio recordings from every album, unreleased live material and over three hours of video content, largely TV appearances (some never broadcast).

This set contains five CDs and three DVDs. All audio has been remastered and the first three audio discs feature studio recordings (69 tracks in total) , including A-sides, B-sides and key album tracks, while CD four features the band’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl on 21 September 1973 (with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and the Roger Wagner Chorale). The final CD includes a previously unreleased concert at the Bournemouth Winter Gardens on 17 March 1976.

The three DVDs include a wealth of material such as A Whiter Shade Of Pale being performed on Top of the Pops in December 1967, performances culled from the archives of the German Beat Club series (including un-broadcast raw video footage of the band’s ‘Beat Club Workshop studio concert from 1971) and an entire sixty-five minute recording session of a performance for the German Musikladen series in October 1973 (most of which was never shown on television).

Still There’ll Be More: An Anthology also features a 68-page hardcover book with an essay by Patrick Humphries and a lengthy in depth commentary on the performances featured by Roland Clare. Gary Brooker has dug into his private collection to supply many previously unseen photos for the book. A large 60cm x 40cm reproduction poster from a 1976 concert completes this celebration of the English progressive rock band.

Still There’ll Be More: An Anthology 1967-2017 will be released on 23 March 2018.

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Procol Harum

Still There'll Be More - An Anthology


1. A Whiter Shade of Pale
A-side of single – Released in May 1967

2. Homburg
A-side of single – Released in September 1967

3. Cerdes (Outside the Gates of)
4. Salad Days (Are Here Again)
5. Kaleidoscope
6. Repent Walpurgis
Taken from the album “Procol Harum”
Released in September 1967

7. Understandably Blue
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London in July 1967

8. Shine on Brightly
9. Quite Rightly So
10. Skip Softly My Moonbeams
Taken from the album “Shine On Brightly”
Released in September 1968

11. A Salty Dog
12. The Devil Came from Kansas
13. Pilgrim’s Progress
14. The Milk of Human Kindness
Taken from the album “A Salty Dog”
Released in June 1969
15. Long Gone Geek
B-side of single – Released in May 1969

16. Whisky Train
17. Barnyard Story
18. Still There’ll Be More
19. Whaling Stories
Taken from the album “Home”
Released in June 1970

1. Simple Sister
2. Broken Barricades
3. Luskus Delph
4. Memorial Drive
Taken from the album “Broken Barricades”
Released in July 1971

5. Conquistador
6. In Held ‘Twas in I
Glimpses of Nirvana
‘Twas Tea Time at the Circus
In the Autumn of My Madness
Look to Your Soul / Grand Finale
Taken from the album “Live In Concert with the
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra”
Released in April 1972

7. Grand Hotel
8. Robert’s Box
9. For Liquorice John
10. Souvenir of London
11. Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
Taken from the album “Grand Hotel” – Released in March 1973

12. Nothing But the Truth
13. The Idol
14. The Thin End of the Wedge
Taken from the album “Exotic Birds and Fruit” Released in April 1974

1. Beyond the Pale
2. As Strong as Samson
Taken from the album “Exotic Birds and Fruit” – Released in April 1974

3. Pandora’s Box
4. The Unquiet Zone
5. Fool’s Gold
6. Typewriter Torment
Taken from the album “Procol’s Ninth” – Released in September 1975

7. Something Magic
8. Skating on Thin Ice
9. Strangers in Space
Taken from the album “Something Magic” – Released in March 1977

10. Perpetual Motion
11. Holding On
Taken from the album “The Prodigal Stranger” Released in August 1991

12. An Old English Dream
13. This World is Rich (For Stephen Maboe)
14. The Emperor’s New Clothes
Taken from the album “The Well’s on Fire” – Released in March 2003

15. Can’t Say That
16. The Only One
Taken from the album “Novum”
Released in April 2017

Live at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra & the Roger Wagner Chorale
Recorded 21st September 1973

1. Sanctus
2. Broken Barricades
3. Simple Sister
4. A Christmas Camel
5. Toujours L’Amour
6. Grand Hotel
7. Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
8. A Salty Dog
9. Conquistador
10. Grand Finale
11. TV Ceasar / Rule Britannia

Live at Bournemouth Winter Gardens
17th March 1976

1. The Unquiet Zone
2. Beyond the Pale
3. Whaling Stories
4. All This and More
5. A Salty Dog
6. I Keep Forgetting
7. The Blue Danube
8. I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) / Nothing But the Truth
9. A Whiter Shade of Pale

1. A Whiter Shade of Pale
“Top of the Pops” – BBC TV 26th December 1967

2. Homburg
“Beat Club” – German TV 30th December 1967

3. Quite Rightly So
“Beat Club” – Radio Bremen German TV
22nd June 1968

4. A Salty Dog
“Beat Club” – Radio Bremen German TV
28th June 1969

5. The Devil Came from Kansas
6. Long Gone Geek
“Beat Club” – Radio Bremen German TV
30th August 1969

7. Shine on Brightly
8. In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence
9. Still There’ll Be More
10. Pilgrim’s Progress
11. Quite Rightly So
12. Magdalene My Regal Zonophone
13. Power Failure
14. A Salty Dog
15. Simple Sister
16. In the Autumn of My Madness
Look to Your Soul
Grand Finale

Complete recording session for “Beat Club Workshop” – Radio Bremen German TV
27th December 1971

1. Drunk Again
2. Grand Hotel
3. Conquistador
4. Bringing Home the Bacon
5. Too Much Between Us
6. Toujours L’Amour
7. Whaling Stories
8. Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
9. Kaleidoscope

Complete recording session for “Musikladen” Radio Bremen German TV – 25th October 1973

1. Pandora’s Box
“Top of the Pops” BBC TV –
4th September 1975

2. Something Magic
3. Conquistador
4. Nothing But the Truth
5. Strangers in Space
6. Grand Hotel
7. Pandora’s Box
8. Skating on Thin Ice
9. The Mark of the Claw
10. Wizard Man
11. This Old Dog
12. A Whiter Shade of Pale

“Sight & Sound In Concert” – BBC TV
Recorded at The Hippodrome, Golders Green, London 12th March 1977


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Florentino Stabile

What to say about Procol Harum. This was ordered at soon as it was released.
Everything was wonderful but I ended getting a box set that was so full of static and scratchy that I had to send it back. Did anyone have this issue as well. I mean… as CD 1 inched towards the end the noise was louder and louder. I was given a discount from Amazon.ca but like I said it was damaged. Amazon.ca could not exchange it because the date permitted to do so had passed but I asked the manufacturer (Cherry Red Records) and they have exchanged it for a new one.
I have been blessed. Cannot wait to rediscover this wonderful box set again… hopefully all will be good with this one.
God bless Amazon.ca, Cherry Red and Procol Harum and of course Paul and all at SDE

Phil O’Hara, here. Well, I have everything Procol Harum have ever brought out. So this one is a must too! I just received it today. 5 CDs and 3 DVDs is great. Love the book. And Poster. And especially the newspaper articles about Procol Harum. It is all great! And it was so cheap: $38 [Australian] including postage from amazon.com.au . (I was interested to hear from ‘Rob’ about “unreleased material from the vaults”; yes in future it would be good to get any new songs, that were never released; I wonder if there were any?; and if so, how many?; and what quality? Or longer and better versions of already released songs/tunes?) Have a great day, PC believers. Phil. http://pohara.homestead.com/gperu.html

Mister Stick

Been listening (and watching) this for a week… It’s absolutely fab-o. I scratch my head at the omission of the flip sides for the first PH singles, but those made it to CD long ago. Also, how did they leave “Power Failure” on the shelf? Even so, can’t recommend it highly enough. The sound is as good as could be imagined, the book is well-done, and the DVDs are all a kick: well-restored (picture and sound) and easy to watch repeatedly. What a band… If you hedging, don’t. One of the most high value sets we’ve seen in a while.

uwe sollmann

Don’t mess up. As a Bob Dylan fan I’m used in this kind of stuff but here around 90 euros are spent instead of 900 in the case of Dylans cutting edge complete edition.so don’t complain procol fans


…display is beautiful…worth the price to buy it..I ‘ll buy the 2 CDs for drawing of Julia Brown…

D. Martin

Wow, tough crowd. It is meant to be a retrospective folks.
It’s a bit expensive by the time it’s landed in Oz. I have always wanted the Hollywood Bowl concert. Will it be the quadrophonic mix, as broadcast on radio that night??


I prefer to wait for the rest of their back catalogue which Esoteric start releasing some years ago as 2CDs set. Since the box was named “STILL THERE’LL BE MORE” I hope Cherry Red releases the missing albums later 2018. FINGERS CROSSED !!!!!


This looks great!


Very tempting, will probably get this.

eric Slangen

As a normal PH fan I am very happy with this set.


As a massive Procol fan, I find myself agreeing with those who say that the first three discs are superfluous and not neccessary. As stated in the posts, mainly completists will want this (like me) who have the contents of thoses discs many time already. Another point it that most Procol albums are sublime in there entirety and it would be annoying to hear those tracks with so much missing between.
However, compared to some sets the price point is still good for five discs / DVDs I haven’t got and a book in this presentation style. Glad that Amazon are finally listing it as well as it was announced a while ago.

Charles Christopher

Everybody who can’t imagine the appeal of this set, please speak for yourselves only. Like another poster I only have a couple of PH releases and was lamenting just the other day I didn’t pick up the other albums when they were still in print. This looks like a terrific retrospective to me, and I for one am really excited by it. I may wait to see if the availability or price changes though.


Ahhh, dear Procol, revised the price and pretend that the first 3 CDs are not there and I will buy this box. As many above noted, we all have the music on those 3 CDS many times before. Someone made a mess of what could be a dream box set.

Colin Harper

It’s a very attractive looking set. As someone who only owns a couple of PH releases but has a fondness for their sound and a liking for well-made sets like this (if only very occasionally the spare cash required), I’m tempted to purchase.


I think I’ll stick my All This & More Salvo box that came out a few years ago…


Another collection that isn’t well thought out or, rather is and is designed to entice fans who already have everything with some previously unreleased material. This continues to be a problem for the industry–giving us stuff we don’t need along with stuff that we want. I would gladly purchase the two concerts, the dvd separately even with the coffee table book but have absolutely no interest in duplicate material. The amount of space for this stuff I have is limited now and I don’t intend on purchasing this unless it is priced for the material I don’t have. Yes, I know it will all fit in the set and be the same size, etc. but they could have gone with a more streamlined approach here. Making fans buy stuff they already have many times over to get material they don’t is an unfair con on the part of the band and the label. Gary, going forward (if you release more concerts) have the label do the right thing here. Price it fairly based on what hasn’t been available before or produce two sets only with the CDs and DVD material. The book I have mixed feelings about but I would gladly purchase it with the set. I will have to take a hard pass unless this is priced for what we don’t have vs. what I do have.


Spot on! Four CDs of previously-released material that duplicate what I already have means that even at what is a reasonable price this set is simply not tempting. The industry will only stop trying to flog us stuff we’ve already bought before if we refuse to play their game and don’t buy this kind of set. The unreleased concert is interesting as is the DVD content but the other discs would never even see the inside of my CD player!


I couldn’t agree more! You have summed up everything that is wrong with releases like this.

Duncan Phillips

Let’s just get the Procol name out there and trust more people take an interest. And I can always hear Salty Dog one more time!

Roman Pawlyshyn

I don’t get box sets like this. What Procol fan wouldn’t already own most, if not all, the contents of the first three CDs? They’ll be buying this only for the live CDs and DVDs, and will likely never touch those first three discs. Meanwhile, what casual listener would be interested in all the obscure live stuff? They’ll be buying that 2-CD distillation, at best. So who does this box serve in the end? Why not fill those first three CDs with outtakes, more live tracks, remixes, stuff by the Paramounts, solo stuff or anything but the same old tracks we already own many times over?


Agree about the usefulness (uselessness?) of the box. The 1971 concert is amazing but it’s been bootlegged to death over the years. Not sure how much more they could do in the way of unreleased material from the vaults though as the multitudes of previous reissues have been loaded with that sort of stuff. At this point, the only thing that could probably get me to buy their catalog again would be if they issued it on blu-ray in hi-res with 5.1 mixes. Procol Harum’s music would be ideal for surround sound remixing. (Calling Steven Wilson!)


Whoops! I meant the 1973 concert has been bootlegged to death…..


I have a few,quite a few, Procol Harum CD’s (reissues compilations,live material) but count me in. This set looks great and the price looks right!


I find it interesting that I will now find myself reading posts about releases that I have no interest in purely to see what the pricing structure is. Did they do it right? Is there value for money in there, or did they add superfluous vinyl and/or an oversized book to jack the price?

Wayne Olsen



Let me be the first to remark it looks identical in format to the Roxy Music SDE but with twice the discs and half the price


There’s also a 2CD compilation with the same title released on the same day.

John Able

Afternoon Paul. I pre ordered this last week directly with Cherry Red. I am unable to find out how many copies are being produced as it states ‘ limited edition ‘. Would you happen to know ? Thanks.