Psychedelic Furs vinyl reissues

All the albums reissued on 180g vinyl

The Psychedelic Furs are to reissue all seven of their studio albums on 180g vinyl at the end of July.

The band are back in the UK for a series of gigs and festival appearances and have just played at the Robert Smith curated Meltdown Festival at London’s Royal Festival Hall.

The band’s eponymous debut album was released in 1980 and was followed a year later by Talk Talk Talk, which features the original version of their best known song, Pretty In Pink. Both albums were produced by Steve Lillywhite.

Forever Now (produced by Todd Rundgren) was issued in 1982 and two years later Mirror Moves (with Keith Forsey at the helm) delivered the hits The Ghost in You and Heaven. Three further long-players have been released since then, including their last album, 1991’s World Outside which was produced by Stephen Street.

As far as these vinyl reissues go, there is no word on either remastering or how the vinyl has been cut, but we are promised “original, replica packaging”.

These will all be released on 27 July 2018.

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Psychedelic Furs, The

The Psychedelic Furs [VINYL]


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Psychedelic Furs, The

Talk Talk Talk [VINYL]


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Psychedelic Furs, The

Forever Now [VINYL]


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Psychedelic Furs, The

Mirror Moves [VINYL]


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Psychedelic Furs, The

Midnight To Midnight [VINYL]


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Psychedelic Furs, The

Book Of Days [VINYL]


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Psychedelic Furs, The

World Outside [VINYL]


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Hi Paul

Any update ref P Furs CD reissue / remaster Boxset? or indeed any actual plans to do this ??

Best Wishes


Steve F

Do these come with downloads – if so, what format? Any details on mastering?


Same here with the World Outside vinyl. I cannot seem to find info on when or if it will be corrected.



Hi Paul – is there any chance of trying to find out if the Book of Days/World Outside mixup is likely to get corrected?

Many thanks


Finally picked up my Amazon order of World outside and sad to say it contained some audio that I did not recognise.
However looking on here it is clearly (as others have found) Book of Days (a Furs album that I have never hear before).

Amazon have stopped selling the vinyl of both Book of Days and World Outside – I presume due to complaints. So am going to have to wait and see if this ever gets sorted out such that I can buy a proper edition of World Outside…. sigh….

Stephen Shafer

My vinyl copy of “World Outside” just arrived from the UK and I’m sad to say that it contains “Book of Days” (even though the paper label is for “World Outside”). So, I guess I’m buying “Book of Days” for “World Outside”… Sigh.


So my copies of Book of Days and World Outside arrived today…..but, book of days audio is actually on the disc labelled World Outside and vice versa ! Anyone else encountered this ?

Paul G

I’ve returned two copies (Amazon and HMV) of ‘World Outside’ because of the mispress. I didn’t want to buy ‘Book of Days’, now it looks like I’ll have to in order to get ‘World Outside’

Erik Threlfall

I’m glad I bought the two so, I’ve never been that pushed on Book of Days either apart from ‘House’ which is outstanding – but wanted it to complete the collection.


I’m really hoping that The Furs CD reissues and/ or box set comes good but I’m a bit pessimistic based on previous form. Very few demos have appeared across the 90s’ Should God Forget compilation and subsequent reissues of the earlier albums. And most b-sides have made it to reissues or compilations over the years (although the absence of **** springs to mind). So my suspicion is that the reissues will do a good job of rounding up the material from Should God…, The Radio One Sessions (hopefully complete) and Here Came the Psychedelic Furs. And there are plenty of remixes and b-sides to append to the last three albums.
How much unreleased material exists – demos or songs – I don’t know. Fire Engine (not sure if it made the studio) hails from their imperial phase https://tinyurl.com/ycud55a8 . And I gather that Stephen Street made further recordings around the time of the under-rated All That Money Wants single (or thereabouts) but I’m not sure what that might consist of.
Anyway – here’s hoping!
Anyone else got any insights into the Furs vaults?
(Apologies if this comment appears twice – I had problems publishing.)


Johnny – very good post ~ I’m returning to this P Furs thread post London Roundhouse gig which I thought was very good though I felt I was watching a movie of the gig ~ maybe I’ve been watching too many YouTube live videos of the Furs recently ! I know the albums got the vinyl 180g treatment but I am hoping there will be a CD boxset / Blu-ray whatever release maybe in sync with the forthcoming new Album which I believe is scheduled for Q1

Glen Withonen

These vinyl reissues are nice for those who want them, but what I’d really like (& others agree judging by many comments here) is a complete digital upgrade of The Furs catalogue; remastered deluxe 2- or even 3-CD reissues of each album, with bonus singles, b-sides, demos, live material & radio sessions (the early John Peel Show recordings are particularly wonderful). Something along the lines of the excellent Pretenders reissues would be perfect. I wonder who currently owns the The Furs back catalogue & what we should expect in future – that rumoured boxset, perhaps followed by individual album issues? I really hope we get some details soon…


Glen ~ yes totally with you on this ~ the p furs are my favourite band and I am chomping on the bit for a CD boxset of the back catalogue which could add Blu-ray etc I am hoping with 2020 bringing in a new P Furs LP (yes!) there maybe some synergy with CD reissues etc etc 5.1 blah blah blah


I hope these albums will all be remastered and released as nice 2 or 3CD special editions. Any chances of this ever happening, Paul? I do hope so.


The Psychedelic Furs also released a series of limited edition colour 7″ AA side vinyl coupling together some of the biggest singles from their first 5 albums : “We Love You”, “Heartbreak Beat”, “Pretty In Pink”, “Shock” and “Love My Way”.

Check their official web site for more info : http://www.thepsychedelicfurs.com


Also a new album from them would be timely now that ‘President Gas’ is actually in power


They really were on top form for Robert Smith’s ‘Meltdown’ last Friday; India was the 1st encore…

If The Church, a band of a similar vintage, sublime over their 2 day London residency at the weekend, can still make vital albums then why not the Butlers ?

DJ Salinger

They were also in fine fettle at the recent All Points East festival in London. Their performance definitely whetted my appetite for a well-curated, properly remastered box set. I currently have their albums as downloads only and the sound quality is slightly tragic.


Aaah, happy memories. The intro to India heralding many an early 80’s summer night out.
I hope they get the mastering right. It’s been a bit poor for all the CD re-releases.
A bit gritty for my ears.
But they’ve stuck to the original UK release running order for the first LP, as is the way it should be done……


Vinyl180 are still going. They released Forever Now, Talk Talk Talk, Mirror Moves and Midnight to midnight on coloured vinyl.


In the beggars-can’t-be-choosers department: Fingers crossed that this will also lead to all the albums being released (or re-released, or…) on compact disc… wouldn’t that be great?… or maybe a new release from the band… and, Paul, a typing mistake = it should be “Todd” (not “Tood”) Rundgren.

Benjamin Adams

The albums have gotten pretty hard to find in used vinyl bins in the USA. I’m definitely in for the debut if it’s the original UK tracklisting.


Great news!


Still have my original Mirror Moves lp although Talk Talk Talk is my favourite. First time I heard it thought it awful ( bought au pairs instead ) but my mate kept playing it until I saw the light!
Current pricing seems a bit wild across the albums especially as decent originals still to be had for under a tenner.

Charles K

Vinyl 180 did a great job reissuing their first two albums a few years back but sadly they folded before completing their run. Really glad to see these released, sold.


They folded? Their website looks alive and well with upcoming releases.

Rare Glam

I’m not interested in the vinyl myself but any reissue of their catalogue has got to get a thumbs up from me. Didn’t Mojo point to an upcoming CD box set covering all seven albums plus other content not long ago? It’s their 40th anniversary so it would be timely. That would be something I’d go for. I have the first five albums on one of those ‘five classic albums’ slip case CD sets but would love to upgrade if there is a bigger and fuller set forthcoming.


I have all the originals with posters etc so I’ll pass, besides, some of these have been reissued on vinyl before and very recently; ‘Talk Talk Talk” (2011, 2015), “Forever Now” (2011, 2015), “Mirror Moves” (2015) and “Midnight to Midnight” (2015).

What would be really nice would be a vinyl compilation of the B-Sides and a vinyl compilation of the radio sessions.


Great band but the original LPs can be found for cheap in record fairs or online (discogs, ebay, etc.). The only album difficult to find was World Outside. For what it’s worth, about 10 or 15 years ago, I bought mint for approx £1 each almost the entire album discography of Psychedelic Furs, Pretenders, Simple Minds and other 80s bands at the monthly record fair at Camden Market in London. 90’s and 2000’s, it was the good old days of record fairs and stores in London. Camden was a great place for vinyl buyers and collectors at the time.


Here’s hoping this leads to the much rumored ‘box-set’ mentioned in Mojo some months back!


Hey Paul, any word on the CD box set which Mojo mentioned late last year, including ‘extras’.


Hey Paul, no word on a CD box set, I suppose? Late last year, Mojo said there was one coming ‘with extras’ in 2018.

Martin Soulstew

The Furs! Their second album got my through my Abitur* class. And i followed them until Mirror Moves. But who needs those reissue – as longs as you can find their stuff easily at second hand shops and fleamarkets?

(*is that really an english term?)


1. Deluxe CD reissues of the albums would be better received, or at least reissues picking up where the last campaign left off about 16 years ago.
2. If one must do the vinyl, most of these would present amazingly in color.
3. D’ya think there could ever be a new album in there or are we just a nostalgic touring act?