Public Image Limited / The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart)

5CD+2DVD box • 6LP vinyl set • singles, remixes, rarities, live & more

In July, Universal Music will issue two massive 40th anniversary Public Image Ltd (PiL) career-spanning box sets which are packed with hits, rarities, radio sessions, live concerts, promos, TV footage and more.

The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart) is available as a 5CD+2DVD box set and a 6LP vinyl collection.

The CD box content starts with a disc of singles (1978-205) before moving on to B-sides, rarities and John Peel radio sessions. The third disc is 12-inch mixes and the fourth CD features unreleased tracks and mixes. The final audio disc is a July 1989 live concert at New York Ritz. The two DVDs complete the set and have loads of content, including 21 promo videos, footage from Top of the Pops and The Old Grey Whistle Test and two further live concerts.

The vinyl box (which comes with a download card)  replicates a fair amount of this content but omits live audio, Peel Sessions. The Amazon UK price of £89 for the vinyl box is worth jumping on, because it’s £120 elsewhere! Update: now up to £121.

The boxes include a 72-page book, poster, prints and come packaged in a debossed black and gold foil box.

The CD version of The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart) will be released on 22 June, will the vinyl set to follow on 20 July 2018.

The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart) 5CD+DVD EDITION

Disc 1: Singles 1978-2015

  • 1. Public Image
  • 2. Death Disco
  • 3. Memories
  • 4. Flowers of Romance
  • 5. This is Not a Love Song
  • 6. Bad Life
  • 7. Rise
  • 8. Home
  • 9. Seattle
  • 10. The Body
  • 11. Disappointed
  • 12. Warrior
  • 13. Don’t Ask Me
  • 14. Cruel
  • 15. One Drop
  • 16. Reggie Song
  • 17. Out of the Woods
  • 18. Double Trouble

Disc 2: B-sides, Rarities & Radio Sessions


  • 1. The Cowboy Song
  • 2. Half Mix / Megga Mix
  • 3. Another
  • 4. Home is Where the Heart is
  • 5. Blue Water
  • 6. Question Mark
  • 7. Selfish Rubbish
  • 8. USLS1
  • 9. Turkey Tits


  • 10. Pied Piper
  • 11. Criminal

Radio Sessions

  • 12. Poptones (BBC, John Peel Session 1979)
  • 13. Careering  (BBC, John Peel Session 1979)
  • 14. Chant  (BBC, John Peel Session 1979)
  • 15. Cruel  (BBC, Mark Goodier Session 1992)
  • 16. Acid Drops (BBC, Mark Goodier Session 1992)
  • 17. Love Hope (BBC, Mark Goodier Session 1992)

Disc 3: 12” Mixes & Dance Tracks

  • 1. Death Disco (12”)
  • 2. This is Not a Love Song (12”)
  • 3. Flowers of Romance (instrumental)
  • 4. Rise (Bob Clearmountain Mix)
  • 5. Seattle (US Remix 12”)
  • 6. The Body (US Remix Extended 12”)
  • 7. Disappointed (12”)
  • 8. Happy (US Remix 12”)
  • 9. Warrior (Extended 12” Mix)
  • 10. Lollipop Opera (from This is PiL)
  • 11. Shoom (from What The World Needs Now…)

Bonus Tracks

  • 12. Death Disco (Original Monitor Mix)
  • 13. This is Not a Love Song (12” Remix)

Disc 4: Unreleased Mixes and Tracks

  • 1.  Annalisa  (“New Mix” – Townhouse 1979)
  • 2. Albatross (“Monitor Mix” 1979)
  • 3. Careering (Live Paris 1980) (Previously Unreleased)
  • 4. Banging The Door (Alternative Mix, Townhouse 1980) (aka The Door)
  • 5. Vampire (Unreleased Track – Townhouse 1981)
  • 6. Nineteen Eighty One (Original Version, Townhouse 1981)
  • 7. Bad Night (Unreleased Track – Park South 1983)
  • 8. Things in E (aka Ease) (Alternative Laswell mix 1985)
  • 9. Can you Feel the Fours (Unreleased Instrumental – Farmhouse 1987)
  • 10. Spy Thriller Open and Revolving (Alternative Mix  – Farmhouse 1987) (aka Spy Thriller)
  • 11. Kashmir (Unreleased Renovations Mix 1987) (Instrumental)
  • 12. Cajun (Unreleased Bill Laswell Instrumental 1988)
  • 13. Worry (“Ruff Mix” – Advision 1988)
  • 14. Think Tank (“Outtake” – Eldorado 1991)

Disc 5: Live Concert

Live at New York Ritz July 16th 1989

  • 1. Warrior (with intro)
  • 2. Happy
  • 3. This is Not a Love Song
  • 4. Home
  • 5. Round
  • 6. Brave New World
  • 7. Same Old Story
  • 8. The Body
  • 9. Open & Revolving
  • 10. Rise
  • 11. Disappointed
  • 12. Public Image
  • 13. Seattle
  • 14. World Destruction

Disc 6: DVD

Promo Videos

  • 1. Public Image
  • 2. Death Disco
  • 3. This is Not a Love Song
  • 4. This is Not a Love Song (live in Tokyo)
  • 5. Bad Life
  • 6. Rise
  • 7. Home
  • 8. Seattle
  • 9. The Body (uncensored)
  • 10. Disappointed
  • 11. Warrior
  • 12. Don’t Ask Me
  • 13. Cruel
  • 14. Covered
  • 15. One Drop
  • 16. Reggie Song
  • 17. Out of the Woods
  • 18. Lollipop Opera (unreleased)
  • 19. Double Trouble
  • 20. Bettie Page
  • 21. The One

Talin, Rock Summer Festival, Estonia, August 26th 1988


  • 1. Public Image
  • 2. FFF
  • 3. Seattle
  • 4. Home
  • 5. Bags
  • 6. Rise
  • 7. Hard Times
  • 8. Religion
  • 9. Rules & Regulations
  • 10. Angry
  • 11. Open & Revolving
  • 12. Holidays In The Sun
  • 13. The Body
  • 14. World Destruction


BBC Archive

  • 1. Death Disco – BBC, Top of the Pops 1979
  • 2. Poptones & Careering – BBC, Old Grey Whistle Test 1980
  • 3. Flowers of Romance – BBC, Top of the Pops 1981
  • 4. Rise – BBC, Top of the Pops 1986
  • 5. Home & Round – BBC, Old Grey Whistle Test 1986
  • 6. Disappointed – The Late Show 1989

Sydney, Enmore Theatre, Australia, April 10th 2013

  • 1. Four Enclosed Walls
  • 2. Albatross
  • 3. Deeper Water
  • 4. Memories
  • 5. Reggie Song
  • 6. Disappointed
  • 7. Warrior
  • 8. Flowers of Romance
  • 9. One Drop
  • 10.  Death Disco
  • 11. This is Not a Love Song
  • 12. Public Image
  • 13. Out of the Woods
  • 14. Rise
  • 15. Open Up

The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart) 6LP EDITION

Record 1: Singles 1978-1989


  • 1. Public Image
  • 2. Death Disco
  • 3. Memories
  • 4. Flowers of Romance
  • 5. This is Not a Love Song
  • 6. Bad Life


  • 1. Rise
  • 2. Home
  • 3. Seattle
  • 4. The Body
  • 5. Disappointed

Record 2: Singles 1989-2015


  • 1. Warrior
  • 2. Don’t Ask Me
  • 3. Cruel
  • 4. One Drop


  • 1. Reggie Song
  • 2. Out of the Woods
  • 3. Double Trouble

Record 3: B-sides


  • B-Sides
  • 1. The Cowboy Song
  • 2. Half Mix / Megga Mix
  • 3. Another
  • 4. Home is Where the Heart is


  • 1. Blue Water
  • 2. Question Mark
  • 3. Selfish Rubbish
  • 4. USLS1
  • 5. Turkey Tits

Record 4: 12” Mixes & Dance Tracks


  • 1. Death Disco (12”)
  • 2. This is Not a Love Song (12”)
  • 3. Flowers of Romance (instrumental)
  • 4. Rise (Bob Clearmountain Mix)


  • 1. Seattle (US Remix 12”)
  • 2. The Body (US Remix Extended 12”)
  • 3. Disappointed (12”)

Record 5: 12” Mixes & Dance Tracks


  • 1. Happy (US Remix 12”)
  • 2. Warrior (Extended 12” Mix)
  • 3. Lollipop Opera (from This is PiL)


  • 1. Shoom (from What The World Needs Now…)
  • 2. Death Disco (Original Monitor Mix)
  • 3. This is Not a Love Song (12” Remix)

Record 6: Unreleased Mixes and Tracks


  • 1. Annalisa  (“New Mix” – Townhouse 1979)
  • 2. Banging The Door (Alternative Mix, Townhouse 1980) (aka The Door)
  • 3. Vampire (Unreleased Track – Townhouse 1981)
  • 4. Nineteen Eighty One (Original Version, Townhouse 1981)
  • 5. Bad Night (Unreleased Track – Park South 1983)


  • 1. Can you Feel the Fours (Unreleased Instrumental – Farmhouse 1987)
  • 2. Spy Thriller Open and Revolving (Alternative Mix  – Farmhouse 1987) (aka Spy Thriller)
  • 3. Kashmir (Unreleased Renovations Mix 1987) (Instrumental)
  • 4. Cajun (Unreleased Bill Laswell Instrumental 1988)
  • 5. Think Tank (“Outtake” – Eldorado 1991)

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Alan Fenwick

The 6 LP set dropping below £50 this morning for the first time since its release. (2nd July)

Daniel - from Adelaide

Mine arrived over the weekend. AMAZING!!! And the signed card is utterly stunning. Couldn’t be happier.


Mastering errors on Disc 2. Anyone know what is being done?

Pretty disappointing.

Johnny L

Regarding the two mixes of This Is Not A Love Song on Disc 3, I think they are only marginally different. However, the version on Plastic Box – also labelled ’12” Remix’ – is different again, featuring horns (or synth horns) and pronounced slap bass (well, it was the 80s). Any expert able to clear the confusion?
Meanwhile, have emailed Universal regarding Disc 2 issues; awaiting response.

Greg Clow

Here’s my understanding about the various versions of “This Is Not A Love Song”:

– The original version was released as a 7″ and 12″ single in 1983. The 7″ edit (3:30) appears on disc 1 of the new box set, and the extended and remix versions from the 12″ (both 4:27) appear on disc 3.

– It was later re-recorded for the “This Is What You Want” album that was released in 1984. Among other changes, the album version (4:12) includes horns, which the original 7″/12″ did not.

– The version on Plastic Box (4:12) is incorrectly called the 12″ remix. It is actually a remix of the album version that is exclusive to Plastic Box.


Thanks Greg – you cleared up my confusion!

Erik van der Scheer

My box set has the same mastering fault on CD 2. Shame on you Universal (again!).

Johnny L

I’ve got the same issue with Disc 2. Paul, you were really helpful over the Bowie New Career box set – do you know who we can contact for replacement PIL discs?
Separately but related, can anyone with a signed edition decipher their signed message/signature!?

Steve Morgan

I’m no expert on PIL but the two versions of This Is Not A Love Song on Disc 2 – labelled as 12” and 12” remix – sound exactly the same.


Delivered today. Yay! And there’s a mastering fault on CD 2. Boo! The first 14 secs of track 9 are at the end of track 8 and so on with every track after that. Thanks once again Universal.


Same with mine from the Universal store. For 65 quid you’d expect someone to do a simple check of a set in the production dept before shipping. Release date had been postponed from June anyway, but not (it turns out) to correct any faulty disc!!


Spotify version has the same error. I assume that indicates an issue with the source files but not 100% sure where streaming services get their files from. I very much doubt though that they rip a copy of the commercial cd :)

Kevin S

I bought the vinyl box and used the free download card to grab the FLAC files from Universal. They have the same error as Derek has highlighted for the CD 2 files.
Looks like this might be the same reason why Spotify has the error as well if they are sourcing from Universal.


Does the download with vinyl cover just the tracks in vinyl or all the tracks on the cd version?


@Derek, mine hasn’t arrived yet at my local HMV, so I could change my mind on this. Tell me, does the track that follows each faulty track have fourteen seconds missing from the beginning? If so I will cancel and wait for corrected disc versions.

Greg Clow

@DaveM – My copy has the same fault others have noted, and I can confirm that there is no music actually missing. It’s just that the track start markers for tracks 9 to 17 on the disc are 14 seconds later than they should be. So the first 14 seconds of each of those tracks appears at the end of the preceding track.

There is no silence at the beginning of any of the tracks, so if you play the disc straight through you wouldn’t notice the error, except for the fact that there’s 14 seconds of silence at the end of the final track on the disc.


@Greg, thanks for the info.


US $68.39 at Amazon USA as of 08:39 EST today.

Neil Kelly

No report on the superb film?


Email from Amazon.co.uk this morning stating that the CD version is now out on 20th July.

Dr Bryant

Horrible price on udiscover.com for the Vinyl Box. No VAT discount and 34GBP shipping via courier my only shipping option. Ugh, but I want that signed card.


Signed CD Box set now sold out. Happy, not to wait for ordering ;-) But: Where did you see the limitation of 500?


Missing ‘Think Tank’ (BBC Session) Mark Goodier Live Sessions (Radio 1: 25.2.92) which is on Plastic Box along with the other three tracks which are included here.


@Glenn, I noticed that, means Plastic Box is still a keeper.

Michael C

Anything on whether the contents of the set have been remastered?
And if so, who by?

phil Burford

Go Sherlock !

phil Burford

Any information surfacing yet?

Michael C

Any idea if this set has been remastered and if so by whom?

phil Burford

YES . A detail that seems to be conspicuous by its absence and of course rather important ( well to me anyway)


I bet the previously released tracks use the 2012 remasters, which were actually the earlier Japanese remasters, which I believe John Lydon has a fondness for. The last two box set main albums (Album and Metal Box) use these also. Nothing wrong with that IMHO.

Mar Wolfgang

The Cowboy Song, PIL´s by far best ever track, finally available on CD. This song is worth the whole set.


@Mar, The Cowboy Song has been on CD before. It is on both Plastic Box and the 2013 reissue of First Issue. Agree its a fantastic track.


where is The Order Of Death?


I was thinking that as well.

Looks like it’s time to buy commercial zone (again)


I was able to get the vinyl edition for 101 GBP on Amazon U.K. (maybe because I live in the U.S.) It was 121GBP until I entered my address info – it ended up being 101 GBP in the last confirmation screen! They probably subtract VAT taxes or something (can’t be bothered paying for the UK’s social system! lol)


I guess that Lydon deserves to mine his history for his retirement. It’s quite a nice bit of nostalgia.


Wooohooo got the box with signed card – sixty pounds. SCORE!!!


All of the links on the PiL website and every email I was sent direct me to the Amazon UK site. Are the signed cards available there as well? The uDiscover store is the only place that mentions the signed cards.

Steve D

If they had included the memorable ‘Check It Out’ debacle I might have been in . After all they did a great version of ‘Chant’ before it all went tits up

Michael C

Boom! Brilliant! Ordered!

My only tiny nitpick, of the Singles (Disc 1) why has “Acid Drops” been left off?
Don’t get me wrong, really excited. Just that usual “fly in the ointment”.

Richard Cosgrove

Not my bag, but a good price for the CD/DVD package. Compare and contrast with the upcoming Guns’n’Roses set……..


Buy of the summer for me :)

Kevin M

There’s a nice and similarly good value Peter Murphy 5CD plus book set out for circa £25 on the same day, which might interest us old new wave punk goth post whatevers, wanting a June fix :)


Of course half of Bauhaus are currently recording and touring under the name Poptone, named after the PiL song Poptones..which kind of makes even more on topic, sort of.

Alan B

According to the Universal website both CD and LP versions are released 20 July. Bagged the signed CD version. Does anyone know if it is 500 signed cards with each version (1000 in total) or 500 in total only so if the first 300 orders are CD and 200 on LP that’s your lot?


Much better value than the Metal Box/Album boxsets that are still crazy expensive! Has the Album deluxe box ever dropped below the £50 that is currently at on Amazon?

Andrew L

Yes I got this from hmv in-store for £24.99 sometime last year


Richard – in November, 2017, I purchased the super-deluxe edition of “Album” for $55.61 Canadian (box + shipping). The exchange rate right now is $1.00 Canadian = 58 U.K pence. So I paid £32.25 (keep in mind I’m Canadian, so, my shipping charge was only $3.49 Canadian). The box is presently $62.02 at amazon.ca via third-part marketplace seller “importcds.” You might want to check that out…

Kevin M

Fopp in London sold off the Album CD box cheap, but they went in a flash.


Pity they haven’t included all the Jools Holland Later performances. I loved them. But I do have them myself on Blu ray. I think they’re still on my Blu ray recorder hard drive in fact. Why are album tracks (Lollypop opera & Shoom) on 12″ mixes and dance tracks? Seems a bit desperate. Nothing else to include?

Wayne Olsen

Got the CD set. That’s a lot of PiL!

Rare Glam

Excellent, pre-ordered, thanks for the heads up. You note the release date as July 20th Paul, but it is given as 20th June on Amazon UK.

Also on pre-orders, I notice that the upcoming Soft Cell nine CD box in September is showing as ‘curently unobtainable’ on Amazon UK. It was briefly back up at £80+ this morning but is now (24th May 13.10 hours) showing as unobtainable again. Have Amazon really sold their allocation on pre-orders? Would that be a first for them if so?


Different dates for vinyl and CD releases seems to be happening more and more (Sting and Shaggy instantly springs to mind) possibly due to having to queue to get vinyl manufacturing dates…?

Still I guess it gives me more time to save up if I decide to spring for the vinyl. Gutted I missed the sub-£100 price.


And they didn’t take this opportunity to include the ‘Tokyo 83’ and ‘Anarchy Movie 85’ videotapes on the DVDs? Seems like a lost chance to motivate the long-term fans to shell out for this. I know I’d love to toss out my old Japanese betamax tapes collecting dust on the shelf. Maybe they’re saving them for future individual album box sets?


CD box set with signed card and Amazon Vinyl purchased ! Thanks Paul & Derek for the tip off

eric Slangen

Thanks, ordered the signed cdbox.


I was at that Sydney show. I’d forgotten it was filmed. It was a great gig, so this set is an easy sell to me. I might see myself, seeing as I was very close to the stage.


As a fan I have a lot of this stuff, but there is enough I haven’t got (the live disc, DVD footage and some mixes / outtakes), so I have preordered as its a realistic price point as well.

Tracey Spivey

Really looking forward to this! I’ve been hoping for an official release of the show from the Ritz in NY ’89 for ages.

Charles Christopher

That looks great! I can already feel the money being extracted from my wallet!

One tiny, tiny gripe: It’s disappointing that they didn’t include PiL’s epic appearance on American Bandstand, which if you haven’t seen already you seriously need to rush to YouTube to witness immediately.

Kevin M

Nice! And good value. Yum!


Great news! Thanks as ever, Paul.

Just had confirmation from the PiL twitter page @pilofficial that the vinyl box DOES come with a download card with all non-vinyl content included! I specifically asked that question.

It’s £119.99 for the signed card vinyl box version though, £30 more than the current Amazon price…. tempting…


Got in quick mate – for both – told you this site costs me a fortune lol :)
Hope all is well!


Luckily I got the £89 Amazon price before it went up! Decided I didn’t need to pay £30 extra for JR’s autograph!

James Brown

Does that include the video content as well?


This is awesome. Great value for EVERYTHING! :)


Looks great to me. Yes a fan probably has all this material already (would be surprising if a big fan didn’t) but this is a good collection at a reasonable price and I’m definitely in for this one.

Blade Runner

This box is a bit of a rip off! A fan has all the songs in one format or another already at home. Sorry John, I‘ll pass!


I have to ask what you come to this site for if you don’t agree with career spanning box set releases.


£60 for all that seems great value. Take that, Roxy Music!

Rob Puricelli

It will be interesting to know if the download card supplied with the vinyl gets you all the omitted content?

I understand the higher production costs of vinyl but I’m fed up of being sold short on actual musical content


The first 500 orders through the uDiscover store come with “a hand-signed card with a message from John Lydon.” https://store.udiscovermusic.com/search.html?term=songs+from+the+heart&utm_campaign=PublicImageLtd20180515


Damn you! I almost got through reading this without spending any money.


The ands Derek bagged the signed cd version.

And of course thanks Paul for the heads up!