Pure McCartney: Macca-curated best of offers solo & Wings tracks across 4CDs


As expected, Paul McCartney will release Pure McCartney in June, a brand new compilation of his solo and Wings work that spans over 45 years.

McCartney says of this project: “Me and my team came up with the idea of putting together a collection of my recordings with nothing else in mind other than having something fun to listen to. Maybe it’s to be enjoyed on a long car journey or an evening at home or at a party with friends? So we got our heads together and came up with these diverse playlists from various periods of my long and winding career.”

Pure McCartney is available as a two-CD set and as a four-CD deluxe edition that features a total of 67 tracks; a mixture of familiar hits, notable album tracks and a few fairly obscure selections (optimistically described in the press release “curios for the superfans”). A four-LP vinyl set will also be available (it has a similar, but not identical, track listing to the two-CD set).

As with most ‘greatest hits’ sets, for diehard fans this new collection offers slim pickings, although in deluxe form it is a first opportunity to hear material from Back to the Egg (Arrow Through Me, Baby’s Request), Press to Play (Press, Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun), Flaming Pie (The Song We Were Singing, Flaming Pie, Calico Skies, Souvenir, The World Tonight, Beautiful Night, Little Willow, Great Day), Red Rose Speedway (Big Barn Bed, My Love), Wild Life (Bip Bop), London Town (Girlfriend, With A Little Luck, Don’t Let It Bring You Down) and Off The Ground (Winedark Open Sea) in NEWLY REMASTERED form.

Tracks from both Chaos and Creation in the Backyard (2005) and Memory Almost Full (2007) are included but have not been remastered. The latter is likely to raise a few eyebrows, since the mastering of Memory Almost Full was/is awful.

There are surprising omissions. The lead singles from both 1993’s Off The Ground (Hope of Deliverance) and 1997’s Flaming Pie (Young Boy) are notable by their absence and there is absolutely NOTHING from 1989’s Flower In The Dirt, an acclaimed album that helped Paul restore his mojo and critical standing. This appears to be a cynical attempt to ensure that fans buy the Flowers In The Dirt archive collection reissue, which is expected later this year, and rather undermines the picture Paul paints of a a casual let’s-have-some-fun ‘mixtape’ style compilation.

Wild Life, Back To The Egg and Press to Play seem to confirm their reputation as Paul’s least favourite solo albums, with only five tracks between them across the four-CD deluxe edition (omitting the unreleased-on-CD 45 version of Press To Play’s Pretty Little Head is particularly disappointing). Counter that with Flaming Pie, where the ex-Beatle has included eight from that one record!

To be fair, his fondness for Flaming Pie is understandable, it was the last album recorded with Linda. The flip-side of that coin is 2001’s Driving Rain, which is likely to be fused with memories of his failed second marriage to Heather Mills (there is an instrumental called Heather on the album). Nothing from that record appears on Pure McCartney.

Pure McCartney will be released on 10 June 2016.

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Pure McCartney / 4CD Deluxe Edition (67 tracks)

CD 1

1 Maybe I’m Amazed (Remastered 2011)
by Paul McCartney

2 Heart Of The Country (Remastered 2012)
by Linda McCartney and Paul McCartney

3 Jet (Remastered 2010)
by Paul McCartney And Wings

4 Warm And Beautiful (Remastered 2014)
by Wings

5 Listen To What The Man Said (Remastered 2014)
by Wings

6 Dear Boy (Remastered 2012)
by Linda McCartney and Paul McCartney

7 Silly Love Songs (Remastered 2014)
by Wings

8 The Song We Were Singing (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

9 Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey (Medley / Remastered 2012)
by Linda McCartney and Paul McCartney

10 Early Days
by Paul McCartney

11 Big Barn Bed (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney And Wings

12 Another Day (Remastered 2012)
by Linda McCartney and Paul McCartney

13 Flaming Pie (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

14 Jenny Wren
by Paul McCartney

15 Too Many People (Remastered 2012)
by Linda McCartney and Paul McCartney

16 Let Me Roll It (Remastered 2010)
by Paul McCartney And Wings

17 New
by Paul McCartney


18 Live And Let Die (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney And Wings

19 English Tea
by Paul McCartney

20 Mull Of Kintyre (Remastered 2016)
by Wings

21 Save Us
by Paul McCartney

22 My Love (Remastered 2016)
by Wings

23 Bip Bop (Remastered 2016)
by Wings

24 Let ‘Em In (Remastered 2014)
by Wings

25 Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five (Remastered 2010)
by Paul McCartney And Wings

26 Calico Skies (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

27 Hi, Hi, Hi (Remastered 2016)
by Wings

28 Waterfalls (Remastered 2011)
by Paul McCartney

29 Band On The Run (Remastered 2010)
by Paul McCartney And Wings

30 Appreciate
by Paul McCartney

31 Sing The Changes
by The Fireman

32 Arrow Through Me (Remastered 2016)
by Wings

33 Every Night (Remastered 2011)
by Paul McCartney

34 Junior’s Farm (Remastered 2014)
by Wings

35 Mrs Vandebilt (Remastered 2010)
by Paul McCartney And Wings

CD 3

36 Say Say Say (Radio Edit / 2015 Remix)
by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

37 My Valentine
by Paul McCartney

38 Pipes Of Peace (Remastered 2015)
by Paul McCartney

39 The World Tonight (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

40 Souvenir (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

41 Dance Tonight
by Paul McCartney

42 Ebony And Ivory (Remixed 2015)
by Paul McCartney

43 Fine Line
by Paul McCartney

44 Here Today (Remixed 2015)
by Paul McCartney

45 Press (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

46 Wanderlust (Remixed 2015)
by Paul McCartney

47 Winedark Open Sea (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

48 Beautiful Night (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

49 Girlfriend (Remastered 2016)
by Wings

50 Queenie Eye
by Paul McCartney

51 We All Stand Together (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

CD 4

52 Coming Up (Remastered 2011)
by Paul McCartney

53 Too Much Rain
by Paul McCartney

54 Good Times Coming / Feel The Sun (Medley / Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

55 Goodnight Tonight (Remastered 2016)
by Wings

56 Baby’s Request (Remastered 2016)
by Wings

57 With A Little Luck (DJ Edit / Remastered 2016)
by Wings

58 Little Willow (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

59 Only Mama Knows
by Paul McCartney

60 Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Remastered 2016)
by Wings

61 The Back Seat Of My Car (Remastered 2012)
by Linda McCartney and Paul McCartney

62 No More Lonely Nights (7″ Single Version / Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

63 Great Day (Remastered 2016)
by Paul McCartney

64 Venus And Mars / Rock Show (Medley / Remastered 2016)
by Wings

65 Temporary Secretary (Remastered 2011)
by Paul McCartney

66 Hope For The Future
by Paul McCartney

67 Junk (Remastered 2011)
by Paul McCartney


Pure McCartney / 2CD Edition (39 tracks)

CD 1

  • 1. Maybe I’m Amazed (McCartney)
  • 2. Heart of the Country (Ram)
  • 3. Jet (Band on the Run)
  • 4. Warm and Beautiful (Wings at the Speed of Sound)
  • 5. Listen to What The Man Said (Venus and Mars)
  • 6. Dear Boy (Ram)
  • 7. Silly Love Songs (Wings at the Speed of Sound)
  • 8. The Song We Were Singing (Flaming Pie)
  • 9. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Ram)
  • 10. Another Day (non-album single)
  • 11. Sing The Changes (The Fireman – Electric Arguments)
  • 12. Jenny Wren (Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard)
  • 13. Save Us (New)
  • 14. Mrs Vandebilt (Band on the Run)
  • 15. Mull of Kintyre (non album single)
  • 16. Let ‘Em In (Wings at the Speed of Sound)
  • 17. Let Me Roll It (Band on the Run)
  • 18. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five (Band on the Run)
  • 19. Ebony and Ivory (Tug of War)

CD2 (20 tracks)

  • 20. Band on the Run (Band on the Run)
  • 21. Arrow Through Me (Back To The Egg)
  • 22. My Love (Red Rose Speedway)
  • 23. Live and Let Die (non-album single)
  • 24. Too Much Rain (Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard)
  • 25. Goodnight Tonight (non-album single)
  • 26. Say Say Say (2015 remix) (Pipes of Peace)
  • 27. My Valentine (Kisses on the Bottom)
  • 28. The World Tonight (Flaming Pie)
  • 29. Pipes of Peace (Pipes of Peace)
  • 40. Dance Tonight (Memory Almost Full)
  • 31. Here Today (Tug of War)
  • 32. Wanderlust (Tug of War)
  • 33. Great Day (Flaming Pie)
  • 34. Coming Up (McCartney II)
  • 35. No More Lonely Nights (Give My Regards to Broad Street)
  • 36. Only Mama Knows (Memory Almost Full)
  • 37. With A Little Luck (London Town)
  • 38. Hope For The Future (non-album single)
  • 39. Junk (McCartney)



1. Maybe I’m Amazed
2. Heart Of The Country
3. Jet
4. Warm And Beautiful
5. Listen To What The Man Said
6. Dear Boy

1. Silly Love Songs
2. The Song We Were Singing
3. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
4. Another Day
5. New

1. Mull of Kintyre
2. Sing The Changes
3. Jenny Wren
4. Mrs Vandebilt
5. Save Us

1. Let ‘Em In
2. Let Me Roll It
3. Ebony and Ivory
4. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five

1. Band on the Run
2. Arrow Through Me
3. My Love
4. Live and Let Die
5. Too Much Rain

1. Say Say Say [2015 Remix]
2. My Valentine
3. Goodnight Tonight
4. The World Tonight
5. Pipes of Peace

1. Dance Tonight
2. Here Today
3. Wanderlust
4. Great Day
5. Coming Up
6. No More Lonvely Nights

1. Too Many People
2. Only Mama Knows
3. With a Little Luck
4. Hope For The Future
5.  Junk



4CD Deluxe Edition


4LP Vinyl Edition


2CD Edition

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Robert Spinello

10 songs I would have liked on the 4 CD compilation

1) Give Ireland Back To The Irish – single, 1972
2) Get Out Of My Way – from Off The Ground, 1993
3) Once Upon A Long Ago – single, 1986
4) Somebody Who Cares – from Tug Of War, 1982
5) The Mess (Live) – B side of single My Love, 1973
6) Little Lamb Dragonfly – from Red Rose Speedway, 1973
7) Anyway – from Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, 2005
8) Monkberry Moon Delight – from Ram, 1971
9) Oh Woman Oh Why – B side of single Another Day
10) Young Boy – from Flaming Pie, 1997

Chris Squires

A Bit late on this one but I am hovering over the buy button for the quad Vinyl. Not a ginormous Macca fan, but have the albums when I feel like it. I have Wingspan on Quad vinyl, is there anybody who knows his output better than me (most of you) who can put it simply if Pure is worth it over Wingspan?

[…] Pure McCartney will be released on 10 June 2016. You can read much more about the release here. […]

Andrew C

Biggest mistake here was not including “Spies Like Us” what was you thinking Paul? It would have been a deal breaker for me, now I’m not so sure….

Ben Williams

There appears to be a packshot of the 4cd version now on Amazon Uk. I am worried, it looks very basic for £30…


I’m an avid reader of this blog and every day I drop by to see what’s new, but I really don’t agree on the take here. I believe “missed oportunity” is one of the most written expressions in this blog. As far as I remember, most (if not all) of the McCartney Archive releases were regarded as “missed oportunities” in some degree on the reviews of the site. So I’m starting to think that what some “fans” are looking for is not even possible. Sorry, but not even the Grateful Dead, with their two zillion releases, can satisfy everyone.
I myself am a Paul McCartney fan; I own 22 of his post-Beatles releases on CD, but I have no intent of owning them all. Because although I consider myself a fan, I’m not a completist. What some of you are looking for – alternate takes, extended releases, limited mixes, bathroom demos – are very cool, but I wouldn’t listen to them more than once. I’d rather listen to a 67-track album full of great songs than a deluxe edition with rare-but-below-standard tracks. I understand what you’re dying for, but don’t think every single fan wants the same. Don’t confuse a fan for a completist, please.


It’s not much to ask for this to include all his singles but it doesn’t and i think that’s what annoys most people not the lack of alternate takes, extended releases, limited mixes, bathroom demos as you put it.

Stan Butler

I agree with Neil. That stuff should be catered for on the archive releases. This set should have collected all the main singles (at least every Top 20 hit). I personally could do without Bip Bop or Girlfriend. Also 8 tracks from Flaming Pie and 5 from New is overkill. 3 from each would have sufficed. I’ll buy the 2CD version of Flowers In The Dirt when it comes out. The inclusion of a couple of tracks here wouldn’t have stopped me.

Jan burnett

Won’t this be the first compilation MPL own in its entirety? A shame the tracklisting is flawed, but, as for anything coming out at all, it’s down to the rights, ultimately, the money, tying in nicely with the live dates.


There’s a lot of money in bingo.


I think when I went to Walmart recently looking for remasters of “Tug of War” and “Pipes of Peace” and found ZILCH for McCartney at all is part of the reason why this kind of set is coming. Most artists have a compilation, the essential series and various best of’s. I don’t think the three previous compilations are in print and people need to see a McCartney compilation available in their stores. All I found at this Walmart was the Icon Lennon disc and a generous selection of Beatles, but nothing for McCartney, Harrison or Starr. It is said that most stores are stocking less and less titles and that is true. I think though when it’s one of the most successful artists of all time like McCartney, there should be at least a compilation on the rack and come June 10, there will be.

Simon Carson

Why couldn’t he just do a complete singles collection in release order? Was looking forward to this when I heard but won’t bother now.

Gabriel Sandoval Romero

A compilation album with no rarities is for the non fan listeners indeed. But for what i have read since this new was published a lot of MACCA SUPERDUPERCRAZYMEGAFANS will buy it even if there’s nothing new in it. Trust me when i say this, i respect them but i don’t understand them. I consider myself a fan, i love his music, love his concerts albums, videos and live shows, become a member of his website when membership exist, own magazines (not everything like those with only a photo or somethign like that), shirts and souvenirs, but i really don’t see the point of having AGAIN the songs that i already have on the albums (except of course on the deluxe editions….[waiting for FITD….]).
It’s like the Beatles 1 album, i bought the deluxe remaster video collection that came with the music album, but guess what?? that disc have stayed on its box since the first time ’cause i’m not interested in listen, or download to my computer something that i already have in the albums. NO THANK YOU!!!
I’m waitng for best things to come (Hello FITD and High in the clouds!!)

P.S. Sorry if my english its not quite good (i accept corrections from all of you)

Tony May

I think you are right on the button with your thoughts on this release, Paul. I think projects like this only serve to advertise the size of the ego of an artist and their dis-connectedness with their fanbase. Sure, we all like the odd ‘hits collection’ or ‘themed compilation’ – especially if the packaging/booklet etc is fab but at the end of the day this far into his career someone like McCartney ought to know that he has legions of long standing and VERY attentive fans who are going to know every inch of his catalogue. To suggest therefore that this is ‘something fun for the fans’ or similar just shows how out of step the artist is.

I’m not personally a fan or re-mixes but demo versions or the odd unreleased songs or versions of a released song are what real fans love. Paul McCartney must have plenty of that kind of stuff he could have chosen to share with us instead.


Gimme Cold Cutz and Hot Hitz over this. Surely Macca is not involved in this, not even a track from Run Devil Run. Oh yeah he did do Give My Regards so any dross is possible. Even having the completist disease I’m avoiding this puppy.

Allan Johansen

Thanks Paul (no, not that Paul), for your detailed rundown on the Greatest (s)hits records. And yes, what happened to ‘Cold Cuts’ or whatever the titel that was rumoured to come out around 20-something years ago? I’ve just counted around 25+ B-sides, from CD-singles/EPs, 7″ and 12″ singles, so pleanty to go on a new ‘Pure’ package.


Who besides us even buys CDs anymore? A lot of talk about the “casual fan” is being thrown around, but how many under thirty buy physical product anymore? The only CDs my 20 year old has contact with is the burned CDs from MP3s for his car. I can go to Spotify today and make Pure McCartney as a playlist. This argument that it’s a good way for the casual fan to get all of Paul is , pardon the pun, so Yesterday. But truth be told, all these rarities we clamor for are available on YouTube anyway. With one click, we can convert and add them to our phones and gadgets. So for collectors, which is what we are all here for, this release is pointless


You still get lots of “casual fans”. You know, the sort of people who buy 2-3 CDs from their local supermarket each year. The sort of people who will have bought the latest Adele CD.

Jan burnett

Wouldn’t it be nice if he released the white labels and rare club edits on one release, a la Club Bowie.

Ben Williams

I think a lot of the frustration is with the 4cd tracklisting. The casual fans and the new comers will pick up the 2cd version no problem in a supermarket but the 4cd version will be the sort of thing that longtime fans would buy but as it offers nothing in the way of rarities or chronological tracklisting (something Macca has never done on a solo compilation). Paul is right when he described some greatest hits as defacto studio albums-they are usually what we listen to most, make us get into the artist’s music in the first place. I remember picking up a copy of All The Best! for the too-cheap price of £1.99, but actually ended up costing me £££’s more when I went out and bought all his albums and going to see him in concert upmteen times over the last decade.
I don’t have a huge issue with this new project. I am happy he is releasing an up to date compilation, hence why the 2cd version does make a lot of sense. Its the 4cd set that is the issue. Look at the ammount of comments left on this page; people who visit SDE are here for the 4cd set but it really offers nothing much for the longtime fan. I mean, its the boxset that is the real “curio for the super fan” – the tracklisting and final decision on the deluxe version has left us all scratching our heads and rather curious. No Take It Away or C Moon but room for Appreciate?

All of us here that are annoyed at the 4cd set should probably vent it toward MPL? Send an email, get them to explain themselves, maybe get them to slap on a couple of rarities to the 4cd set? There is still time before June 10th, it could work?

Mike Bushell

I have to say as a person who only owns Band On the Run, the idea of a 4 CD box totally appeals so I disagree with Paul’s views. However….from what I read what is actually contained on the 4 CD set misses the mark as to what should be there. I’d have wanted an extra CD of “best of” material and the fourth made up of rarities/B-sides.

This is neither fish nor fowl. Hopefully the 4 CD will be cheap on Amazon in 18 months time. The 2 Cd seems pointless.

Opportunity missed.

Chris Lawrenson

Pedant’s corner, but wasn’t it True Blue that wasn’t included on The Immaculate Collection?

Chris Lawrenson

Ah – thought this comment was going to appear on this week’s editorial. Doesn’t make sense now!

Jan burnett

True Blue not a single?


Paul, True Blue was a number 1 single in the Uk


I can’t believe no one has mentioned Take It Away. A glaring omission!


My first reaction to this was: FINALLY, a 4-CD Macca box set!
Then I read the track listing.
I was really hoping for a comprehensive career box, packed with rarities (ala that fantastic Five Guys Walk Into A Bar box by Faces). No such luck.

The fact there are no tracks from Flowers in the Dirt is a glaring omission. Looks like no Off The Ground tracks either. And I should mention that here in the U.S., our version of All The Best didn’t include Once Upon A Long Ago, so that’s a glaring omission too.

The only way I’ll buy this is if the whole 4-CD set is released as a single hi-res blu-ray audio disc. Otherwise I’ll wait for the Archive Collection Flowers In The Dirt. And Off The Ground. And Red Rose Speedway…


Mick, Winedark Open Sea is on there and is from Off the Ground. Surprised its remastered in 2016 as it came out a couple of years ago as a reissue, so I had assumed that it wouldn’t be part of the Archive campaign.


DaveM – I missed Winedark Open Sea. But still…where are tracks like Looking For Changes and Hope Of Deliverance?

Ben Williams also brought up an interesting issue: the lack of chronological order (always a personal preference). This kind of scattershot randomness of the track listing can be off-putting with an artist who’s career is this lengthy. Not to sound ageist – but the reality is that his voice has weakened and lowered with age. So, for example, when You hear New sandwiched between Let Me Roll It and Live & Let Die…it can be a bit jarring.


“With A Little Luck” is the only London Town track on the LP, and I betcha it’s the edited single version.


What has McCartney got against “With a Little Luck”? Every time it shows up on a compilation, it’s in the 3:44 “DJ edit” that no radio station I ever listened to played—they *always* played the complete album version.


Fans will always have a moan, whatever the situation regarding releases, but why do people keep harping on about missed opportunities?, missed for what exactly?. Any of the notable tracks not included on Pure exist on other CDs, super fans will have them anyway. I’m a huge Beatle fan, not so much a solo years fan, and subsequently, don’t own all of McCartneys solo material (I’m sure there’s others). For me, Pure is a great way of getting a decent career Spanning chunk of Macca’s solo stuff, without having to by all all the album’s, which do contain some stinkers, even by Paul’s standards. Personally, I don’t think Paul has done anything in the later years better than Flaming Pie, and I think he’s particularly fond of that album, and rightly so,

Just to add, I think I read somewhere that Flowers In The Dirt wasn’t one of Macca’s favourites, which may explain the absence of tracks from this album on Pure.

I don’t think it’s overpriced either, the Deluxe 4cd set and book is £34.99 for pre order on Amazon


For crying out loud! At least Waterspout!


I would disagree with the notion — expressed here and elsewhere — that “casual fans” will not buy a four-CD set. I was in my twenties during the heyday of the four-CD box set (late 1980s – mid-1990s), and they were a GREAT way to feel you had a career “covered” without having to get ALL the albums, most of which were middling-to-bad anyway. Elton John’s “To Be Continued” (not by me!), Rod Stewart’s “Storyteller” (I think?), and Clapton’s “Crossroads” are all classic examples. The first Motown box was totally satisfying to me. The Beatles’ Red and Blue sets are a de-facto four-disc set, and are among the Fabs’ best-selling albums.

So I think a well-thought-out four-CD set COULD be a draw to serious music fans who want to plug a Macca-sized hole in their collections in one shot. (I also think that streaming services are a big part of the strategy here too; MPL probably wants a career-spanning set to be the first thing that pops up in a “McCartney” search, rather than the same ol’ same ol’ [Band On The Run, etc.]) And if this is priced reasonably, the cost shouldn’t scare away a smart fan who realizes it’s time for him/her to get into McCartney’s solo career.

Where I think they messed up is in not making this a classic four-CD set (a chronological “story” of a career, with 10-20 rarities sprinkled in for the super-fans). The only things here to tempt his base are “Hope For The Future” (if you absolutely MUST have this on CD), and a bunch of newly remastered pre-2000 tracks, crumbs for the starving fans desperate for the Archive series to pick up the pace already. For those collecting the Archive sets, this would have been the perfect place for some of those rare single mixes/edits that were left off those sets.

Overall, I think the track list is pretty decent, and I give them credit for including over 20 tracks from after 1990. Eight from Flaming Pie — as much as I love it — is wacky, and they could have cut half of them to make room for (at the very least) “My Brave Face,” “Put It There” and “Hope of Deliverance.” Fans will always quibble about track lists, but some of these head-scratchers are almost empirically bad.

The cover’s great, though!

Phil Davies

Paul, you absolutely nailed it with your review – I couldn’t have put it better. This has to be one of the most pointless, ill conceived Beatles related reissues ever. No cohesion whatsoever, non chronological, bewilderingly random track selection, key tracks missing, weird cover – I could go on. Yet more proof if any were needed that McCartney just doesn’t get it when it comes to fan friendly releases. Then again this is the same guy who signed off on “1” with the ludicrous omission of PPM. Sole redeeming feature with this – we get HFTF on CD – big deal!

Derek murray

Correct me if I’m wrong but did Macca not threaten to release a rarities compilation called ‘Hot Hits/Cold Cuts’ many many years ago? He was all for it at the time and it was quietly shelved.


Hey Macca, Why no Waterspout??? Fun little song to drive to. When I make my 4cd set that will copy most of the Pure McCartney set, I will replace some songs with others that are more enjoyable and interesting to hear again. Do we really need Band on the Run or My Love. Both are great songs but played to death. My collection will include Pretty Little Head and Put It There, My Brave Face, and other great songs that should have been included.

To Paul Sinclair, you are right. There should have been the 2 cd set and a 3 cd set with a full disc of much deeper and harder to find b side and unreleased items.
I think Mr. McCartney took a liking way to much to the new Phil Collins remasters. Why did Phil think that we want live cuts???
Again I ask – WHY NO WATERSPOUT???

Al Chapman

I’ve already pre ordered Pure McCartney. I’m a fan of Hits collections. I still make playlists of favorite tracks of favorite artists. For me the appeal is having this collection of songs in one place. Yes, in some case I could make the compilation my self, but I’m old school in every aspect. I always want the official hard copy release of these types of albums.


Actually Paul, your weekly round up reminded me of another ‘vanity’ hits project, being George Michael’s 25. The third disc if I remember for the ‘superfan’ contained 8 songs from Patience as a bonus. Not sure Macca has reached those same heights with Pure!

Stephen E Cohen

I suppose I found this week’s editorial, Paul, even more interesting (not that your others are uninteresting) because I really agreed with you, and because, hey, we are talking about Paul McCartney here! I might or might not break down and buy this set, but I would much rather keep purchasing the deluxe editions from specific albums. I hope the underrated albums “London Town” and “Press To Play”, two of which I loved so much, do not get ignored in the deluxe series. Like you, I listened to “Wings Greatest” (on an old cassette) so much as a kid, and I, too, was puzzled by the omission of “Listen To What The Man Said”. However, it did introduce me to “Mull Of Kintyre”, of which I had never heard because I lived in the US where it did not get played. One more thing… I chuckled as I read your final paragraph, which reminded me of the lyrics of “Somebody Who Cares” from “Tug Of War”. “Well, it’s frustrating not going to get very far. I know (I know) but somebody cares.”


The 4 CD set is available to pre-order from McCartney’s official website for only £25 – £10 cheaper than the current Amazon UK price.


First. sounds like the 4 CD edition could of been filled up a bit. I don’t know the total length per CD but at about 16 tracks a CD and Paul not known for lengthy tracks [that were hits], I expect there to be plenty of room left on the 4CD edition. Easily could of added the missing tracks that should of been on there.
At $40 US and even cheaper $40 CDN [probably comes out to $33 US], the price is right.
Rarities [which I’m sure the are plenty] could of been added to make it more interesting for the Macca buyers.

Keith OConnor

I don’t fault Paul for trying something different – a greatest hits of sorts of songs he likes. That’s OK. But, yes, give us a CD of unreleased stuff that we would really like. And not the stuff you’re giving us on the solo box sets. There is far better unreleased material.

Also, my suggestion would be a better title of “Our There” which matches his tour name and the fact that those songs are in a sense “out there” and not greatest hits.

Hate the cover.

Paul, along with the rest of The Beatles gatekeepers just don’t seem to understand the appetite there is among Beatles/solo fans for unreleased tracks.

Come on Beatles – where are Rock and Roll, Love Songs, Shea Live, Reel Music, and more all released on Capitol, but never on CD.

How about Shea on DVD?

The Beatles have left their anniversaries somewhat unattended. I would have taken every CD, released them on their anniversary date (50 years) with a bonus CD of outtakes, etc.

Please, someone at Apple wake-up and give fans what we want before, I hate to say it, die. We’re not getting any older, either.

alan hansen

these discs will (apparently) not be maxed-out, so with room for extra tracks, i’m hoping that japan (like they did for the Michael Jackson “Ultimate Collection” box) adds a bonus track or two per disc. i hope, i hope, i hope!

Adam shaw

I agree with nearly all of the above except I don’t agree that Macca dosnt like Back To The Egg . I would have liked a few different live versions from Wings on here ( 72-79 they do exist) or even a few more from Glasgow 79 .
Wingspan was a good collection except for the edit on Junior s Farm .
In these days of downloads , would any one need this ?


First of all, I don’t understand why people say it’s “another” best of… As far as I know it’s only the fourth in 40 years, so…

That said, for me this is a missed opportunity… I have “All the Best!…” on CD (which is very frustrating, as it lacks three major tracks from the LP version!), and I’ve been looking forward to “upgrade” it for years now. I have considered buying “Wingspan”, but its 2 CDs weren’t enough for me… “Pure” could have sit proudly next to my “Lennon” 4 CD boxset… Sadly, too many key tracks are missing: “Once Upon a Long Ago”, “C Moon”, “Helen Wheels”…


Agreed. London Town will be a great archive release. Lost treasures on that one and the packaging should be great with insights, photography from the Fair Carol sessions etc. Remote recording location (like Band On The Run) should come up well in the presentation of a deluxe edition. I also very much like Back To The Egg, I get its not a favoured album by many, McCartney’s all over the place on it in terms of eclecticism, a new Wings lineup which didn’t work out, McCartney unsure whether to go solo and ditch the “band thing” and yet at the other end a superstar jam session (Rockestra et al) which is deadening, but go figure. I’m sure there’s still some great stuff in the can from this era, plus throw in the singles Goodnight Tonight and Wonderful Christmas (remixes, extended formats etc). If there’s a “two release” archive to come after Flowers In The Dirt in 2017 I hope its a pairing of London Town and Back To The Egg.

Mike the Fish

Wonderful Christmastime was put in the McCartney II archive release.

Paul Soper

‘Wonderful Cheiarmastime was already included on the McCartney II reissue.


Shocking that Once Upon A Long Ago is not on either of these. I will stick with Wingspan at least it hasn’t got that We All Stand Together rubbish on it.

Mike the Fish

Wow! At least four versions of that track…


I hate to say but I love “We All Stand Together” and have the 7inch vinyl of it that I purchased at the time.

Mike the Fish

The Humming Version is a guilty pleasure for me!


An archive series version of “London Town” would make me happy. A shame we have to have “Girlfriend” on this, but “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” is a genuine lost treasure. I would also have clamored for “Backwards Traveller” and the title track. Is “Morse Moose” too much?

I can see the pub conversation around here is going to be: Is this meant to be an album called “Pure” by McCartney? Some of us never did decide on whether there was meant to be an album called “For Sale” by the Beatles.

Mike the Fish

Ah, Morse Moose. I haven’t heard that in a while. May have to dig it out later!

As for Young Boy being missing, I would have loved that on the McCartney Years DVD in 5.1. Shame it didn’t make it.

Richard Sinclair

…or ‘At The Speed Of Sound’ by Wings. (Actually, didn’t Paul himself say that WAS the correct title?).

Inge Bratset

On a positive note, I see that the tracks from London Town and Back To The Egg are quoted as being 2016 remasters. One can hope that this means that those two albums will soon be released in the archieve series. The same aplies on the tracks from Flaming Pie.

Paul Trotman

I have an ancient best of bought at a school fair, that’ll do me. Must say I loathe the cover pic on this new set.

Paul Trotman

Ps it cost me about 50p


One last comment to Macca! If its a retrospective, keep it simple and concise like your mate John did over 40 years ago. Shaved Fish, great album cuts, great singles not on albums and a nice surprise reprise to close out the album of just 12 tracks. A timeless and beautiful retrospective of someone only 5-6 years into a solo career after The Beatles. Great cover art also which adds to and supports the retrospective content.
It captured the hearts, minds and $$ of both casual and diehards with a really simple effective approach.
Cmon Paul how about a Shaved McCartney! 4CDS with nothing of extra value or decent artwork to support just smacks Meh!


LOL I was the first to post on this release and really its interesting so many share my sentiments.
I’m eagerly waiting the continuation of the archive collections and will buy for sure, especially Flowers In The Dirt which is a great album.
I’m a diehard Beatles and solo collector so of course for the sake of completion I’ll buy Pure McCartney, but as Lee Taylor says above I think we can all wait for the price drop. This album will tank pretty quickly into the bargain bins!


‘Wingspan’ was a better collection than this 4Disc Set. So many well known hits and singles missing, therefore I will be giving it a miss!


Too much good stuff misssing! This was a chance to release an ultimate hits collection of Wings / Paul McCartney but NO!


Only 2 ways to leave everybody happy: “Paul McCartney/Wings: Anthology” (what a thing could be that!!) or “Paul McCartney: The complete works 1970-2016”. And even then some may not be pleased…


The vinyl is a lot cheaper on Amazon Canada. See Paul’s links above


The words Cash, Cow and Milking come racing to mind – Sorry Yawning not fawning….


Will be buying the 4CD set – in half a year’s time, when the price will have dropped to a tenner…

Rob C

Shame about the missed opportunity to please both the die hard and casual fans…any chance Sir Pail changes course and tacks on My Brave Face after getting wind of the negative reactions to the sets?

Philip Cohen

Did Phil Collins care that he angered many of his fans with inadequate expanded editions? No. McCartney is equally defiant.