Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody: The Original Soundtrack

Live Aid performance issued for the first time ever on forthcoming soundtrack to Freddie Mercury biopic

Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody: The Original Soundtrack

Inevitably, a soundtrack to the new Queen / Freddie Mercury feature film Bohemian Rhapsody was always going to be released, but Hollywood Records have scored something of a coup, by managing to license the audio of the band’s classic performance at Live Aid and effectively make it a ‘must buy’ for fans.

As well as five tracks performed at the legendary July 1985 concert Bohemian Rhapsody includes other rare live tracks and ‘movie mixes’ of some songs. In case you are wondering this features “all-original Queen recordings and vocals”.

This soundtrack is issued on CD on 19 October although the gatefold 2LP vinyl is an age away, with a release slated for February or March 2019. A special clear cassette edition is also being made available at HMV and independent record shops. The film gets its world premiere in the UK on 23 October.

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bohemian rhapsody - CD edition


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bohemian rhapsody - vinyl LP


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  • 20th Century Fox Fanfare 0:25
  • Somebody To Love 4:56
  • Doing All Right… revisited (Performed by Smile) 3:17
  • Keep Yourself Alive (Live At The Rainbow) 3:56
  • Killer Queen 2:59
  • Fat Bottomed Girls (Live In Paris) 4:38
  • Bohemian Rhapsody 5:55
  • Now I’m Here (Live At Hammersmith Odeon) 4:26
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2:43
  • Love Of My Life (Rock In Rio) 4:29
  • We Will Rock You (Movie Mix) 2:09
  • Another One Bites The Dust 3:35
  • I Want To Break Free 3:43
  • Under Pressure (Performed by Queen & David Bowie) 4:04
  • Who Wants To Live Forever 5:15
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (Live Aid) 2:28
  • Radio Ga Ga (Live Aid) 4:06
  • Ay-Oh (Live Aid) 0:41
  • Hammer To Fall (Live Aid) 4:04
  • We Are The Champions (Live Aid) 3:57
  • Don’t Stop Me Now… revisited 3:38
  • The Show Must Go On 4:32

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I’ve finally found some time to listen properly, and I must say I didn’t really like what I heard.
Take WWRY (Movie Mix): Now I’m no sound engineer or so but even I could have edited that on my computer in ten minutes, and probably better. What were they thinking? Or Don’t Stop Me Now … revisited: Those additional guitars are totally superfluous IMO, they threaten to drown out Freddie’s superb vocals at times, and does Brian May really think his new guitar solo improves on the original? I also find the sequencing to be especially poor – mixing raw live tracks with delicate studio songs just does’t work. Another missed opportunity.


The sequencing follows the order of appearance in the movie. That’s fine for me.

Mikko Suhonen

“Doing all right” is revisited in a very interesting way. It sounds to be a combination of the original Smile recording, the Queen recording of the same song and the recording done by the Smile during their reunion. I loved it as a Queen track and I am so glad that it is given a new spotlight in this way. Hopefully others will realize as well how good a song it is.

[…] a few weeks back it seemed like a big deal when it was announced that some of Queen‘s Live Aid performance would be included in the soundtrack to the […]


Re: Live Aid

7digital.com yesterday released an equivalent of a 4 disc Live Aid set if that’s of any use to anyone (download obviously)?

It’s not for me so I’ve not checked setlist vs what was played on the day. Link below (I noticed the version of “Bad” is 12 mins long if that helps you, @Albert)


mr mercury


Jeremy Keens

And in Australia it is Z music
$9.95 for the MP3 version.

Z music is a great place for bargains: Art of Noise What have they done for about the same price; some great Cabaret Voltaire sets; Single track Mort aux Vaches for a couple of dollars; Jah Wobble; Bill; Nelson Noise Candy. In places it reminds me of the early on line days when the metadata wasn’t as strong – great classical sets (eg all Mozart symphonies or quartets) for the price of a single disk. My best win was John Lennon’s box of albums for the price of one.


Is Bowie in the film? And if so, who is playing him?
Someone is playing Larry Mullen Jnr in the film, but if you read U2 by U2, Bono recalls Freddie sort of chatting him (Bono) up backstage at Live Aid. But Bono is nowhere to be seen in the movie…

Adrian P

Did Brian and Freddie come back near the end and perform ‘Is This The World We Created?’ At Live Aid?


100 percent certain they did. it`s available on the Rocks Montreal Blu Ray

Paddy O'Brien

They certainly did – 9:48pm that evening….here’s a link:


About 21 minutes in.


They really should have included the full Live Aid performance – to miss a couple of songs is a bit annoying tbh!


@Tom Richardson:
They’ll add the missing songs in a 10th anniversary SDE. :-)

Krist Delgado

I guess they didn’t include “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” because there’s a very audible feedback on the final part of this song (I think it came from Brian’s Red Special but i’m not sure). This can be heard on “Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid Blu-Ray” (also the entire performance is available on YouTube). Maybe they couldn’t remove or fixed that portion. Just look at it.


Did Brian and Freddie come back later on at Live Aid and perform “Is This The World We Created?’ Everyone seems to forget this if they did.

Craig Hedges

Paul McCartney hasn’t!


Since I’ve read on other websites that the Smile song is a new recording, what intrigues me the most is “Dont’ Stop Me Now…Revisited”, which should not be a simple remix.


Uncut magazine says …. “We Will Rock You” starts out as the studio version, then seamlessly blends into a live performance with audience participation. “Don’t Stop Me Now” features Brian May’s newly recorded guitar parts and is much closer to how the band plays the track live today.


don’t stop me now revisited is probably the alternate version found in the bonus EP of the 2011 remaster. basically extra guitar parts added.

Mikko Suhonen

Doin’ all right recording is a combination of the origina Smile recording, the original Queen recording and the reunion recording. These bits fit together beautifully and the song itself is one of the hidden gems in the Queen catalogue.

Leslie Hanagan

The Smile reunion track is the only thing that interests me to be honest.

Phil Cohen

Universal owns the recording by Brian May & Roger Taylor’s pre-Queen group “Smile”, but they never get the proper archival treatment. Yes, 6 songs have been released (5 in very phasey mono, because the tapes were not played with the correct mono playback head), but Universal later found stereo mixes (to date, unreleased) for those 5 songs. They also found 3 further, never before heard songs (though as of the 1990’s only mono mixes had been found). Since then, it’s possible that more songs have been found. Universal’s compiler Bill Levenson felt that the nine songs were not enough for a CD, but that Universal might someday license out the nine songs. As you may recall, Smile’s only released recordings were two songs released on a promotional-only U.S.A. single on the “Mercury” label. “Smile” consisted of Brian May & Roger Taylor with bassist/vocalist Tim Staffell. Posters advertising early “Queen” concerts described the group as “Queen (formerly Smile)”


Wonder if the Rio & Paris shows will be officially released at one point. They are in the soundtrack. so why not?


Yes, fingers crosses it’s a teaser for full releases !

Rob Deighton

I hope Rio isn’t. Every track that has been released from it sounds rubbish. So far we have had:

– It’s A Hard Life (From ‘The Works’ Bonus EP 2011)
– Is This The World We Created (From ‘The Works’ Bonus EP 2011)
– Rock In Rio Blues (From ‘Made In Heaven’ Bonus EP 2011)

Craig Hedges

The story goes that prior to Queen going on stage the sound at Wembley stadium was limited, i.e made quieter so that Queen’s performance was louder and affected the reaction from the audience.
The fact is that Freddie went on that stage and owned it. He had just met his new partner Jim Hutton and was showing off to impress him. Most books and documentaries on Freddie say he was diagnosed in 1986.
Freddie and Jim are no longer here to correct this so Brian and Roger can carry on telling the story how they want to.
On a different note, are we likely to see an audio box set of Live Aid?, Would there be an audience for it now? I made my own by dubbing the sound from the DVDs.

Scott G

@Craig Hedges
What do you mean by ‘dubbing’?
It is fairly easy to rip the soundtracks from DVDs and Blu-rays if you are after the Queen Live Aid sound track.
The stereo layer of the Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid Blu-ray is 24bit 48kHz and the 5.1 is 24bit 96kHz.


On that day in 1985, technically the BBC & Wembley sound crews were push to their limits (nothing on this scale had ever been attempted before!) It’s a miracle they managed to keep it going. I’m sure any sound level differences were due to the incredible pressure everyone was under that day?

Mick Lynch

I’d be up for buying the Live Aid audio box set Craig. I’ve wanted to do it for years. Get me touch if you can. Would love to chat about it.

Craig Hedges

Hi Mick, Don’t want to put my email on here but I’m happy to chat. Paul would you able to pass my email address onto Mick please.
I don’t know the arrangement that was made when the DVD of Live aid was released to obtain the artist permissions to use their performances but they might not be happy to allow a further release, some artists definetly didn’t perform their best on the day. Hearing some of the acts (Madonna, Duran Duran) without the picture to distract you, doesn’t make for a good listening experience.
What might happen is as we sadly lose the artists who performed their sets might get a release like Queens, wouldn’t be surprised to see Bowie and George Michaels performances issued at some point on future compilations.


Queen bought in their own sound engineers for the Live Aid slot, hence the incredible sound.


Something new (unreleased) at last!
I don’t bother to say what concert releases we are waiting for.


The 1985 Live Aid concert set has been released on DVD, with the sound remixed from BBC multi-track tapes. I wonder which version they’ll use. They might even remix it again?

Craig Hedges

I’ve always been curious about this. Did the BBC record the Wembley Concert on multitrack?
The concert was supposed to be a one off with no plans for a spin off album or (at the time) video. The sound from the stage was fed to the mixing desk but all the BBC got was stereo feed which was broadcast on Radio 2 which was FM as opposed to Radio 1 which was still only AM (it finally went FM on Sept 30th 1988, 30 years ago!) and was bounced down to mono for the TV transmission.
Did Queen record their set on a multitrack? if so why if Bob had put an embargo on any performances being released?
The 2004 Live box set has all the performances in DTS 5.1 but this sounds like nothing more than pressing the surround button on your hifi. The release 2007 release Queen Rocks Montreal and Live Aid has a mix by Queen’s audio team.
I’ve not done side by side comparisons of these releases but I can’t say that the later sounded that different.
33 years down the line technology has advanced that stereo tracks can be ‘demixed’ to reveal the separate instruments/vocals and has been used a lot by Giles Martin on the recent Beatles releases and the upcoming White Album reissue, so perhaps there could be a sonic upgrade.

Mathew Lauren

Great Points. Nicely said. What a HUGE event that was. It’d be nice to have it, especially the Queen set, in legit – 5.1 discrete, surround-sound.


I was annoyed that U2 didn’t put audio of ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ and ‘Bad’ from Live Aid on ‘The Unforgettable Fire’ box set from 2009. Would love to hear ‘Bad’ at Live Aid with its full and proper ending. Unlike the TV broadcast, where it was cut to go to Phil Collins getting in a helicopter or something….


I hope, the 20th Century Fox Fanfare gets a Queen treatment like “God save the Queen”.


On another website I read that this IS actually a special recording of the fanfare by Queen!

Rob Deighton

I read that too – why include if it wasn’t – be pretty pointless


That’s brilliant. That 25 seconds alone may make this worth buying!


It has!

Andreas Wiethoff

There is a “Exclusive Store Version” of the CD at the official Queen Online Store: “This limited edition collectors version comes with alternative cover slipcase and folded poster only available from the official Queen Online Store.”


What ist the 20th Century Fox Fanfare good for?
Absolutely nothing!


…and i already have it on all my copies of the “Star Wars- A New Hope” records…


to thrill you to the bone!

Matthew North

it was stunning in the cinema

Chris Squires

Wow, this looks like a terrific coup. And totally unexpected. Disappointed that the Vinyl is so far away but it will give me time to rebuild resources after what is going to be a difficult to explain Autumn. “What, this? I’ve had this for ages, you must have heard me playing it”.

Had to chuckle at the special edition clear cassette, it’ll be a feather in any marketeers cap if they can pull of sales of a limited edition cassette just because the case is a different colour.
Coloured Vinyl, I get that… Coloured cassette case? Not so much…..


There’s literally no difference between colored Vinyl and a Colored Cassette tape. LOL

Chris Squires

“Literally” – really? Literally no difference? hmm.

Glad to see your world weary view of the SDE universe is still in need of venting Dean.


No vocals by Rami Malek? I’m out…

Simon Long

“A special clear cassette edition is also being made available at HMV and independent record shops.”

Why? In the name of god, why? Who is responsible for the revival of what was unquestionably the worst format music was ever recorded on, that no-one who experienced it at the time would ever want back?


I guess Wayne and Garth…

Robert Deighton

It’s for the millennial’s who have never held a cassette before. Almost as the movie reissues HMV did with a DVD in full size VHS packaging… was hoping they were gonna do betamax versions to be fair ;-)


Speculation. Buy > keep it unopened for some time > sell it with a 1000% margin (+p&p) on Discogs or eBay

John Barrett

The second half of the press release seems a bit weird. I assumed Freddie was diagnosed after Live Aid. Here it is:
The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound. They reach unparalleled success, but in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career. Having suffered greatly without the collaboration of Queen, Freddie manages to reunite with his bandmates just in time for Live Aid. While bravely facing a recent AIDS diagnosis, Freddie leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music.

Graham Robinson

“Having suffered greatly without the collaboration of Queen, Freddie manages to reunite with his bandmates just in time for Live Aid.”

Someone is telling porkies. The Works tour finished about two months before Live Aid…


yep, australia, Nz, japan and brazil


Yes, you’re right. Freddie was diagnosed after Live Aid. However, apparently, for dramatic reasons they decided to shift the diagnosis to before Live Aid. The story wont cover the last several years of his life in any real way, so this allows them to reference it.
It seems the movie will probably enrapture and enrage the hardcore fans in equal measure. There are going to be lots of great moments, Rami Malek seems like an excellent choice, as do the others from what Ive seen. However, there will be things they deliberately altered for story reasons that we know are wrong. The AIDS diagnosis is one of those things.
Im going to see it with as much of an open mind as possible tho! :)


No mention of playing Apartheid Sun City either I wager

Phil Cohen

Some have expressed the view that Freddie Mercury contracted the AIDS virus in 1982, while living in New York City. He was ill for many years, before he finally told the public on the eve of his death. It’s all a moot point now. He left behind lots of fine music.

Preacher Man

Just an FYI about the medical terminology here — there is no AIDS virus. HIV is a virus, AIDS is merely the term used to describe the set of secondary illnesses caused by the effects of HIV on the immune system.


Sadly, there is more missing:

Bohemian Rhapsody
(Partial, Only First Half)
Radio Ga Ga
Vocal improvisation
Hammer to Fall
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
We Will Rock You
(first verse and chorus only)
We Are the Champions

The whole set was included on the Queen Rock Montreal Blu Ray

Scott G

Are they not missing ‘We Will Rock You’ from the Live Aid tracks which was performed just before ‘We Are The Champions’?

Sheldon Cole

The We Will Rock You segment at Live Aid was only a minute or so long so presumably is included in the timing for We Are The Champions.

Justin Grant

Crazy little thing was also performed at Live aid