Queen / On Air / archive radio sessions issued for the first time on CD and vinyl


Virgin/EMI (Hollywood Records in the US) will issue Queen On Air in November, an archival release that brings together six Queen radio sessions recorded for the BBC between February 1973 and October 1977.

These sessions produced some interesting material, including alternate versions of the debut single and unique takes of classic album tracks.

The audio has been restored by Queen engineer Kris Fredriksson and mastered by Adam Ayan and the sessions will be available as a two-CD set, a 3LP vinyl edition and a deluxe 6CD box that adds a CD of live broadcasts to the sessions and three CDs of radio interviews.

The ‘Live On Air’ CD features 24-tracks recorded at Golders Green Hippodrome, London, 1973, Estádio Do Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil, in 1981 and Maimmarktgelände, Mannheim, Germany, in 1986.

The interviews last for three and a half hours and were recorded for the BBC and Capital Radio in London between 1976-1992.  Interviewers include Kenny Everett, Simon Bates, Richard Skinner and Tommy Vance. Included is the very last interview (with Mike Read) that Brian, John, Freddie and Roger would give together. This was in 1989 to promote The Miracle. Also, in an August 1992 BBC Radio 2 interview Brian recalls the  loss of Freddie Mercury nine months earlier and coming to terms with his death.

Queen On Air will be issued on 4 November 2016.

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Queen On Air - 6CD Box


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Queen On Air - 3LP Vinyl


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Queen On Air - 2CD set




2-CD Edition: The Complete BBC Radio Sessions

CD1 – Session 1: 1. My Fairy King 2. Keep Yourself Alive 3. Doing All Right 4. Liar / Session 2: 5. See What A Fool I’ve Been 6. Keep Yourself Alive 7. Liar 8. Son And Daughter / Session 3: 9. Ogre Battle 10. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll 11. Great King Rat 12. Son And Daughter

CD2 – Session 4: 1. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll  2. Nevermore 3. White Queen (As It Began) / Session 5: 4. Now I’m Here  5. Stone Cold Crazy  6. Flick Of The Wrist  7. Tenement Funster / Session 6: 8. We Will Rock You  9. We Will Rock You (Fast)  10. Spread Your Wings  11. It’s Late  12. My Melancholy Blues


3-LP Vinyl Edition: The Complete BBC Radio Sessions

Side 1 – Session 1: 1. My Fairy King  2. Keep Yourself Alive  3. Doing All Right  4. Liar

Side 2 –Session 2: 1. See What A Fool I’ve Been  2. Keep Yourself Alive  3. Liar  4. Son And Daughter

Side 3 – Session 3: 1. Ogre Battle  2. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll 3. Great King Rat  4. Son And Daughter

Side 4 – Session 4: 1. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll  2. Nevermore  3. White Queen (As It Began)

Side 5 – Session 5: 1. Now I’m Here  2. Stone Cold Crazy  3. Flick Of The Wrist  4. Tenement Funster

Side 6 – Session 6: 1. We Will Rock You  2. We Will Rock You (Fast)  3. Spread Your Wings  4. It’s Late  5. My Melancholy Blues


Deluxe 6-CD Edition

CD1 – Session 1: 1. My Fairy King 2. Keep Yourself Alive 3. Doing All Right 4. Liar / Session 2: 5. See What A Fool I’ve Been 6. Keep Yourself Alive 7. Liar 8. Son And Daughter / Session 3: 9. Ogre Battle 10. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll 11. Great King Rat 12. Son And Daughter

CD2 – Session 4: 1. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll  2. Nevermore 3. White Queen (As It Began) / Session 5: 4. Now I’m Here  5. Stone Cold Crazy  6. Flick Of The Wrist  7. Tenement Funster / Session 6: 8. We Will Rock You  9. We Will Rock You (Fast)  10. Spread Your Wings  11. It’s Late  12. My Melancholy Blues

CD3: Queen Live On Air

Golders Green Hippodrome, London, 13th September 1973: 1. Procession (Intro Tape)  2. Father To Son  3. Son And Daughter  4. Guitar Solo  5. Son And Daughter (Reprise)  6. Ogre Battle 7. Liar  8. Jailhouse Rock

Estádio Do Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil, 20th March 1981:9. Intro  10. We Will Rock You (Fast)  11. Let Me Entertain You 12. I’m In Love With My Car  13. Alright Alright  14. Dragon Attack  15. Now I’m Here  16. Love Of My Life

Maimmarktgelände, Mannheim, Germany, 21st June 1986: 17. A Kind Of Magic  18. Vocal Improvisation  19. Under Pressure 20. Is This The World We Created  21. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care  22. Hello Mary Lou  (Goodbye Heart) 23. Crazy Little Thing Called Love  24. God Save The Queen

CD4: Queen On Air: The Interviews (1976-1980)

Freddie Mercury With Kenny Everett (November 1976) / Queen with Tom Browne (Christmas 1977) / Roger Taylor with Richard Skinner (June 1979) / Roger Taylor with Tommy Vance (December 1980) / Roy Thomas Baker ‘The Record Producers’

CD5: Queen On Air: The Interviews: (1981-1986) 

John Deacon, South American tour (March 1981) / Brian May ‘Rock On’ with John Tobler (June 1982) / Brian May ‘Saturday Live’ with Richard Skinner and Andy Foster (March 1984) / Freddie Mercury ‘Newsbeat’ (August 1984) / Brian May ‘Newsbeat’ (September 1984) / Freddie Mercury ‘Saturday Live’ (September 1984) / Freddie Mercury with Simon Bates (April 1985) / Brian May ‘The Way It Is’ with David ‘Kid’ Jensen (July 1986)

CD 6: Queen On Air: The Interviews (1986-1992) 

Roger Taylor ‘My Top Ten’ with Andy Peebles (May 1986) / ‘Queen For An Hour’ with Mike Read (May 1989) / Brian May ‘Freddie And Too Much Love Will Kill You’ with Simon Bates (August 1982) / Brian May ‘Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert’ with Johnnie Walker (October 1992)

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Just received the 6CD box today, thought I’d follow up on a couple of things for anyone who doesn’t have this set yet.

First, most important – the audio bits we were afraid were missing, are present. We’ve got the spoken-word piece in between the 2 halves of We Will Rock You, and the longer intro to Ogre Battle. I’ve only listened to discs 1 & 2 so far, so I can’t really comment on the rest.

The text states plainly that “March of the Black Queen” from session 4 wasn’t a BBC studio recording, they just aired the standard version. Which settles long-time discussions among fans whether this was an original track or not.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve got the set in my hands, I’m even more disappointed with the packaging. The disc sleeves are pretty flimsy, about the sames as sleeves in most “classic album collection” type releases. The box itself is very solid.


I’m digging this set like nobody’s business. To finally have all the BBC sessions in one place, in pristine sounding condition, is a dream come true. it doesn’t make up for the endless re-releases of the back catalogue., but it does go a long way.

Out of interest, the guy who runs my local record store here in Adelaide (South Australia) has taken more orders and sold more copies of this Queen set than anything Queen has done since Made In Heaven. His attitude is, give people something new and they’ll buy it. Give them the same stuff over and over and eventually they’ll get sick of it.

The only gripe I have is that the record label won’t issue the 6 disc box set here to small record stores here. Go figure.


I don’t normally think about pre-ordering, or even add pre-orders to my basket/wishlist for later reference, but I did for the 6CD edition of On Air (as I planned to get it as a gift for someone). However, as of today it’s no longer available on Amazon…I assume this is temporary but what does this usually mean?

[…] We Will Rock You (Fast) features on all editions of the release: the 2CD deluxe, 6CD box set and the 3LP vinyl edition.  Queen On Air will be issued on 4 November 2016. You can read more about this set here. […]


Introductory price at amazon UK was 13.99 but now reduced to 9.99 Not bad for the 2 CD edition

David B

I’m not going to go into a long tirade, but frankly it’s appalling.
Had they just released a 2 CD set of the sessions, everyone would have had nothing but praise for them, BUT they’ve put out a boxset with 3 CDs of interviews that most people won’t want or maybe only listen to once. Worse still is an edited version of the Golders Green concert. Yes, I said edited. It’s NOT everything Queen have of that BBC recorded gig. (There’s more on the old bootleg!) .
To add insult to injury they then added “highlights” of two other concerts to the same disc. What’s despairing about that is during the Sao Paulo concert they played “Need Your Loving Tonight”. Have they included that? Nope. Just the usual suspects showing a complete lack of thought, disregard and contempt for fans because, lets face it, this release more than any other, who other than die hard fans will buy a boxset where 50% of the content is interview material?????

Quite Frankly QPL need a rocket up their **** for utter cluelessness.

It’s £31 on Amazon.co.uk IF you order it now before it goes up.


Except the hard core collectors, few others would want the interviews. So if they offered the first 3 CDs and then all 6 CDs, how many would by all 6 CDs?
Unknown if those “highlights” were the only parts that survived being stored somewhere. I remember in one of the Queen documentaries that the original recording tapes for A Night At The Opera [or one around that era] that the tapes were in bad shape.
The package was from the BBC. They tend to re-use tapes in the early days [because of cost] of they saw a band may not make it big.
Think of someone like Springsteen. He didn’t make it big until album #3. If the BBC recorded something of his when his first album came out, it would of been erased.
Not depending BBC or Queen Productions.
I’ll stick with the 2CD edition.


Should be *defending*. :-)

Julian H

Well, the Mannheim Maimarktgelände (!) concert was actually broadcast here on SWR3 a few months ago in its entirety. So that definitely exists and hasn’t been included in full here.


Official releases sometimes fix issues from the bootlegs. Would the missing first seconds to “Ogre Battle” be restored (they are supposedly lost and always missing from bootlegs, but I have a light turn on for a potential BBC archives re-search surprise)…? If this official issue does not fix them, then we certainly have lost them forever, indeed.

David B

A good off-air copy of the intro to Ogre Battle was certainly given to QPL a few years ago by a fan.
I see no reason, other than the bands current contempt for its fan base, why it should NOT be included.
(Which probably means it won’t be: QPL do like to put minimal thought and effort into most of their releases)

Paul W

Thanks bob just got it great price 50 ausie dollars deliverd Also big thanks to paul


The 6 disc box is £31.07 on Amazon UK right now.


Not only they deleted all comments of the press release news page on queenonline.com, they deleted every comment made in the news section since 2009 and disabled the commenting feature altogether.

Normally we see criticism on every product news from Queen, but this time it’s going well. Talk about managing feedback from the possible buyers of Queen products by disabling their comments…

Dr Magus

They should have released those 3 shows in their entirety. Who on earth is gonna listen to those interview cds more than once? Unfortunately the REALLY good stoof wo’t be out till May, Taylor and Beach snuff it.


Thanks for this as ever Paul.

The 2 disc set will be terrific. I had a ‘Queen week’ marveling at Mays abilities.

This has come at a great time – whoohooo

stephen d king

Both 6CD box and 3LP set are cheaper on the official Queen website, even with the postage costs at present

Neil Kelly

No 6 disc is £36 not £31


Both 2xCD and 6xCD sets will be released in Japan on SHM-CD format.


Oh, hell…6xCD set it is for me. Looks like it will sit quite well with the 4 singles boxes, yes?


First band I ever saw live (other than the support band – Trickster). Loved their stuff up to and including News of the World, but only intermittently after that. 2-CD version will suffice thank you but will buy it from one of my local record stores (’cause where I live in the English midlands we still have a choice!) rather than tax-avoiders Amazon. We’ve even had two specialist vinyl shops open in 2016!!!!!


Just wonder if they fixed Freddie’s vocals on the Golders Green tracks. On the bootleg versions I’ve heard his voice is barely audible.


Ah i know where the problem relies here, Universal should have mixed up all the 6 cd’s content like The Beatles – Live At The BBC and NOT separated them on discs. They should have thought on that….Also a better cover would have helped.


3 cd’s of interviews??????? weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! but i don’t think so i’m gonna go with the 2 cd’s version though (if the european gets available in my country if not iTunes). Also i’m not interested in Queen live shows past the live killers album.


As Freddie Mercury wisely said upon arriving in Budapest (on Hungarian Rhapsody Blu-Ray):

“Interview? Oh don’t be ridiculous.”


Or to another request – “oh do f**k off, dear”


Paul, does your info really say “Maimmarktgelände”? Because it’s “Maimarktgelände” in fact. If anyone in Queen Productions reads this – could you please correct this? There’s been so many bad spelling mistakes (like “Westfallenhalle”) on Queen products in the past …

Timmy Mallett

As the music industry and my bank seem to have conspired to try and make me bankrupt this November I will go for the 2 x CD set. The 6 disc box seems like a badly conceived idea anyway.

The ‘live on air’ tracks should have been included in a cheaper 3 disc edition with the BBC material, as I would imagine that would sell more priced at around £20-£25 in a nice clamshell box with a set of contemporary photo postcards than this £40+, bloated with interviews effort.

Have any Queen diehards seriously been eagerly awaiting hours of dated interviews that warrant one listen at best? I doubt it.

This is why I also pay for a streaming service. I buy my favourite band’s music on a physical format and anything I doubt will get a repeat listen I will stream. Unfortunately, a lot of box sets are fluffed out and overpriced, so I tend to buy the cheaper edition and stream the missing material.

Mike the Fish

Hey Paul. I think you mean interviewers rather than interviewees.

Leslie Hanagan

Exactly, another half-arsed effort. ‘March Of The Black Queen’ is missing from session 4. I know it was a slightly remixed version of the album track but it’s inclusion wouldn’t have been a problem.
The big omission in the radio interviews sets is the Radio One ‘Guitar Greats’ programme from 1982. Very disappointing.

Steve Bliss

Mark Turrell, that’s what it looks like, but I hope not.

+1 to Dogfacedboy for the serious dirt. That must be it!

Also, they left out March of the Black Queen. I *know* it’s really just the album version, but the package covers say “complete”! You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means…


Seriously, is the person who does the cover artwork for these Queen archive releases have serious dirt on Brian May because they are woeful sub bootleg affairs

As all the live stuff circulate complete on numerous editions it seems a bit half arsed.

Timothy Harrison



That’s exactly what I thought. I want CDs 1 to 3 but not the remainder. I would listen to the interviews as a podcast or on the radio but probably not otherwise. Looks as though it is the 2 disc version for me.

Steve Bliss

OMG. I’ve been waiting for this for so long! And for once, Queen product is not super-deluxe pricey. I may actually break down and get both the 6CD and triple LP packages. My inner cheapskate says no, but my inner Queen fanboy says yes!

I’m not too keen on the 3 CDs of interviews, but they’ll be interesting for a listen or two. I actually would have preferred a 6CD set where each session gets its own disc. OTOH, it will be nice to have non-bootlegs of the live broadcasts.

The package styling looks lazy. Disappointing.

Does anyone know if We Will Rock You will include the spoken-word interlude? I’m guessing they’ll leave that out, but I hope they don’t!

Mark Turrell

since there’s both the slow and the fast versions listed, it sounds like the original version with linking voice over has been split into 2 parts and the voice over will be gone, which is a terrible shame. it’s my favorite version of that song and pee-pee’s over the album version.

Nigel Day

Nice. I’ll get the 6 disk one. Shame they couldn’t get a decent version of Hangman or Silver Salmon on there somewhere.

Marc Valiente

Very, very disappointing release. Usual Queen message boards are burning right now.
3 full CD´s with interviews ….but just 1 CD with mere highlights of 3 previous unreleased concerts (watch out, one of the tracks is the taped “God Save The Queen”, LOL!).
Shouldn´t it have been the opposite? Who´s the guru at Queen Productions that thought 3 hours of interviews are appealing? I would listen to these just once in my life, probably, but would listen to those 3 shows (if complete) endless times!


CDs 1-3 look good, although I would have preferred a full disc from each of the live shows.

CD 4-6 smack of barrel scraping.

Chris Lancaster

Excellent to see this, but I (like I suspect many fans) will have little interest in the interviews in the 6xCD set. This means that you’re effectively paying an extra £30 over the cost of the 2xCD version in order to get the live CD. Hmm.