Queen release first trailer for their Bohemian Rhapsody film

Queen have issued the first official trailer for their forthcoming biopic Bohemian Rhapsody

The film focuses on the period from the formation of Queen up to their performance at Live Aid in 1985. It was written by Anthony McCarten and stars Rami Malek (from Mr. Robot) as Freddie Mercury.

The film has had a troubled development, with Sacha Baron Cohen leaving the project in 2013 due to ‘creative differences’ and The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer was fired in December last year.

All that will be forgotten if the film is a success when it’s released in December this year, and the trailer looks very promising, with Malek uncanny as Freddie Mercury.

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Debra Apple

Awesome I’m waiting for it.

Nick Love

Being only marginally a Queen fan (I would have liked them better had the songwriting/singing been split more evenly – ‘39 and I’m in Love With My Car are my favorite songs on A Day At the Races) I am still excited to see this for the Rami Malek casting. His work on Mr Robot contributes to one of the only exciting programs on television right now, and with his talent I’m sure he will do amazing as Freddie.

Stephen DC

I was under the impression that the ‘creative differences’ that have made the film difficult to make were that May & Taylor didn’t want this to a be a Freddie Mercury film but a Queen film about the four of them – which is understandable up to a point.

I guess that’s why it stops at Live Aid when Freddie’s story starts to overtake the others?

Kenneth Tilley

I really hope the film is a success, but is it just me or does the long haired Freddie in the trailer look more like Mick Jagger.


Can see a soundtrack release to this with all the hits we’ve had before….instead of delving into the archives and releasing Hyde Park 76,Earls Court 77, Hammersmith and Paris 79 and all the great South American shows from the eighties on dvd/cd packages…

Mark Lavallee

The teaser trailer flashes on a mock setlist from 1974 which includes Fat Bottomed Girls. If that’s their attention to detail then this is more doomed that I thought.


Still on the fence on whether or not I’ll see this, but I do definitely think Cohen should have been the one. Malek seems like a Disneytized Millennial version of Freddie. I mean, where’s Freddie’s hairy chest?


Blah! He’s just right!

DJ Salinger

I agree, this is more like it. Essential viewing in fact – and may contain unvarnished truths, such as um, Frank didn’t look much like Michael Fassbender after all.

Which reminds me, when are we going to get a Half Man Half Biscuit biopic? Possibly called ‘No Sleep Til Runcorn’?

Sorry, off topic digression. As you were.


Thanks for the trailer! Sadly Rami Malek looks more than ridiculous as Freddie Mercury, somehow like a persiflage really. I think Cohen would have made more of this.


For a teaser trailer, I thought this really sparks interest! I shouldn’t be surprised at the number of folks already expecting the worst, but I say let’s wait and see. Some are ready to criticize in so many areas! Nothing will please everyone and it won’t be perfect, but I’m really excited to see Rami Malek in the role.


Thinks it’s a poor trailer. So many fast cuts, like they’re hiding something. No coherent sense of narrative either. I’d be amazed if this raised itself above “okay”. Of course, rabid Queen fans will lap it up. Loss of actors, and Directors, tells its story.


wonder if they will show them playing Sun City at the height of Apartheid I’m going to go against the grain and say I cannot stand queen but ill probably watch the film especially if it will show what Freddie did for gay people and his fight to publicise his battle with Aids and the stigma attached i.e. nothing. this canonisation of him since his death is an utter sham the bloke didn’t even admit he had it until 24hrs before he died

Auntie Sabrina

I’d be very surprised if any of those things are mentioned too daz…


He remained silent out of concern for his parents, who were devoutly religious and would have been hounded by the tabloid press. An oft-overlooked detail which shows that Freddie was a gentle soul who was protective of his loved ones, not some coward as you seem to be implying.


Interesting trailer. Have to say that the snippets of ‘acting’ come across as really naff, but the music speaks for itself of course.

Can’t help but think that this is only going to appeal to Queen fans and those who enjoy wooden old-fashioned so-called biopics, but it is likely to be an excruciating toe curler for the rest of us.


I really hope what I’m hearing isn’t true that Taylor/May didn’t want Freddie’s “gayness” explored in the movie hence is why they end the movie in 1985 (before his HIV announcement). I’ve read Taylor/May didn’t want much mention of who Freddie was sexuality wise. I really hope this isn’t another sanitized Hollywood “suddenly straightenized” story. I guess we will find out in November.

Paul Kent

It covers his break-up with Mary and the NY years and the start of his relationship with Jim Hutton. So, yes, his “gayness” is explored.


But that Live Aid performance. .my god. .NOBODY touched them that day


I’m sure a few did afterwards.


This trailer has me excited. I’m going to go and give Frank Sidebottom’s Queen Medley a blast.

Kevin S

The film that everyone is really looking forward to


You know it is, it really is.

Thank you.


if the film is as interesting as his authorized biography then it’s going to be a great watch
a long time in the making but i think it’ll be worth the wait


I didn’t realise there was another Bad News film coming out ….

Friso Pas

Wow, I’m getting really excited for this now!

Mike the Fish

Liking those mash-ups!


How can you have a biopic on Freddie and not address Freddie’s AIDS diagnosis and the awful British press that stalked him day and night during his illness?? It’s a massive part of the story. Also, as sad of a time as it was, the post-1987 period was a very creative time for Queen. Lots of great songs, and “Innuendo” was probably their finest album since “The Game.” And that final “Magic Tour” was record breaking. Stadiums throughout Europe packed to the max. Maybe that’s why Sacha Baron Cohen declined and why director Bryan Singer was canned? BTW – there is an incredible documentary on Freddie that includes movie like footage and commentary from the people who were around Freddie. The actor that plays Freddie looks so much like him it’s scary. The actor who plays Brian looks terrible. I can’t see how this biopic could be better than is biodoc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xipkQboBAE


Maybe they’re going for a Part 1 + Part 2 deal, William. If this is a success, hopefully they’ll complete the story and end it with the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. It would be a wonderful ending to celebrate a beautiful human being…

Paul Kent

Perfect place to end, I think. After The Game they lost their mojo and questioned whether they wanted to continue, with Mercury and Taylor both wanting to realise solo ambitions. Hot Space nearly split them and created an artistic divide between the two pairs that, arguably, remained until the end. The Works went some way to limit the damage but with the album bombing in the US and the abject failure of Freddie’s Mr. Bad Guy project (which he pitched to CBS as a potential rival to Thriller) it was all but over for Queen. People forget that Live Aid was the kick up the arse that spurred them on, inspiring One Vision and pointing them in the direction of Highlander. These touchstones, along with their origins, being fleeced by the Sheffields, the pivotal intervention of Kenny Everett, the Mary Austin love story, the excesses of Jazz and Mercury’s fatal immersion into the NY gay club scene are stories not widely known beyond the band’s fan base. Live Aid made them globally beloved all over and the coda is a tale that has been told a thousand times over. To end on, perhaps, the greatest 20 minutes of live stagecraft ever is, for me, ‘sheer bloody poetry’.

Leslie Hanagan

Fleeced by the Sheffields? Hardly. £190,000 (roughly £1.65 million) outlay, two cancelled American tours. As John Deacon said about Norman Sheffield at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Show, “If it wasn’t for this man, we wouldn’t be here right now.”


PHENOMENAL!!! I was naught expecting it to be this good!!!


I would still prefer the Baron Cohen film. He wanted to keep it edgy and show the true Freddy, and Brian and Roger didn’t.


Sacha Baron Cohen wanted the glamorous and tragic sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll film but there’s so much more to the story that hasn’t already been explored in other documentations.
In terms of director cut extras, Freddie’s coming out to Mary would be more of an appealing scene than any “risqué” details.
It would have been interesting to see Rami physically transform for the Innuendo period but the focus remains on the creation and legacy of music by the band and not the physical death of Freddie.

Paul E.


Auntie Sabrina

The trailer looks really good. Hopefully, there will be a Directors Cut with a few more of the more risqué details of Freddie’s very colourful life. Roll on November…

Steve Joyce

As a lifelong Queen fan you always feel somewhat protective about ‘your’ band and hope that the legacy isn’t sullied in anyway. Bearing in mind Messrs May and Taylor were a) there and b) in charge of quality control this looks like it’s up to the normal high standards we all expect from Queen – bring it on !


The trailer says ‘November 2’ for the release at the end, Paul. Don’t know if you want to update the December listing…

Steven Robertson

Its a December release stateside, so I think thats where Paul got the date from.


I am actually looking forward to seeing this film and after seeing the trailer, great casting!


Looks really well made. It appears as if their gonna be using Freddie Mercury’s original vocals for the performances, which is a wise choice – considering there’s nobody who could replicate that golden voice.

Paul Spurgeon

Massive Queen fan. So much could go wrong with this, but hopefully it’ll be amazing

Chris Squires

My pick would have been Luke Spiller, he can sing and he certainly looks the part, maybe he can’t act…


Why only up to Live Aid? “His story” doesn’t stop in 1985.

Auntie Sabrina

His AIDS diagnosis would be my guess…


Saved for the sequel?