Queen / Studio Collection re-pressed


Queen‘s impressive 18LP Studio Collection vinyl box was remanufactured (in ‘limited quantities’) recently after the original print run sold out due to “overwhelming fan demand”…

The mammoth 180g collection, which includes the 15 studio albums pressed on different coloured vinyl, was originally released in September last year. These pressings were all mastered by Bob Ludwig at half-speed and Made In Heaven and Innuendo were both presented in full (i.e. their CD running time) as double vinyl albums.

The Studio Collection also comes with an impressive hardcover book, an ultra-sturdy outer box and is re-available now. Check out the SDEtv unboxing here.

Albums in the box:

Studio Collection


  • Queen


  • Queen II *


  • Sheer Heart Attack


  • A Night at the Opera

  • A Day at the Races


  • News of the World


  • Jazz


  • The Game


  • Flash Gordon


  • Hot Space


  • The Works


  • A Kind of Magic


  • The Miracle


  • Innuendo




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Hi does anyone know if this is being re-issued in the UK too?

Keith Lambert

@ Steven (a number of posts above); I believe that ‘Live On Air’ is the next QPL project to be released and it’s being worked on now. Content/Format hasn’t yet been confirmed but it will obviously include the various BBC sessions. I guess that the clue is in the title regarding what else may be in there. I’m personally hoping that we’ll get to see the excellent 1977 Bob Harris footage, some of which was shown in the ‘Days Of Our Lives’ documentary BD. The clip of the band recording ‘We Are The Champions’ was really nice indeed.


Whose dumping the set Luc?

Luc Swaenen


The irony of the music industry..

They repress because of unavailability, yet some distributors are dumping the set because it’s not selling…



great I ordered it from Italian amazon must come tomorrow..this way i might save the discs…however i like that they have repressed this as i was hesitant first time and then was gone so a second chance is always good to have..:)




Hi Paul,

Is there a download code comes with this one?



Chris Squires

To me it’s a con.

When deciding to buy anything expensive, and this is expensive irrespective of how many LPs you do get, many people are thinking of future value, maybe not the first and over-riding thought, but it is a thought. We do it with houses and cars so why not Vinyl. It’s a calculation in your head. If I open this record I can kiss 30% of it’s value goodbye. You would have to be seriously minted to not factor in future value of something that costs almost £300. I think record companies are being deliberately vague on some things to boost sales. The phrase Limited edition means nothing unless a number is stated. Even a million is “limited” to a million. With vinyl anything new, over 1,000 copies for a box set, is a large number.

So I can see why people don’t like the idea of buying as an investment, but for the expensive stuff, to most of us at least, it is a factor. And to *identically* re-press so soon after the original is a con. The original Limited edition was nothing more than a lie. If they were going to re-press so people can hear it then they should have re-pressed in Black Vinyl only.


Most people buy music to listen to, not as an investment.

Chris Squires

Oh jeez, you again, next you’ll be calling me Naïve.

I didn’t say that at all. I said it was a factor. People don’t generally buy cars as an investment, but you wouldn’t buy a £10k car if they told you it would be worthless tomorrow. If spending £300 on something meant it would have a residual value of £200, i.e. what could you sell it for if you had to, that would be a factor, not the be all and end all, but a factor. Now suddenly there are twice as many about the residual value would drop through the floor. Particularly as there is the possibility that the market is now flooded and Universal will probably put it on offer at some point like the did with the Roxy box and most others. It’s just sharp practice that Universal have done this in this way…..

If money never enters your calculations, EVER, then you are indeed very fortunate.


“but you wouldn’t buy a £10k car if they told you it would be worthless tomorrow”

Not sure why or how that analogy applies to a box set. The box set you bought is not worthless – you have 18 LPs of music to listen to and enjoy. And if you do spend £10K on a car, enjoy driving it!

David M

Everything is limited. Limited to how many they can sell …


Almost everything in physical form is becoming “limited” by default…per se on some level. At least in comparison to yesteryear.


‘Limited Edition’ should always be taken with a grain of salt- everything manufactured is limited. Even when a number is announced, doesn’t mean they won’t press more later (Prince’s Lotus Flower LP limited to 2000 copies, then repressed AND CD copy added, now on 3rd pressing). As a fan of any band/music I’m happy anything is still made available for anyone that wants it- especially new fans. Sucks when someone new is interested and someone else wants to be able to say ‘oh too bad you missed out BUT I GOTS MINE!’ and then pitch a fit when it’s made available again.


This is an excellent move. I have a pet (yet intense) dislike for the idea of “buying as an investment”. Music is meant to be heard, and the more fans of the music that can get it in the format they choose the better. Those primarily interested in the “investment” and the value of something on the black market be damned. We are, after all, music lovers, not bankers.

Just about any music you buy drops in value as soon as you buy it. But that’s okay, because you have the music. :) This is Queen we’re talking about, so expecting this to be truly limited was a stretch, imo.


I bought mine last september, but glad that it’s repressed for those fans who couldn’t get one and this still at a decent price (at least in Switzerland).
That’s what I call a service for fans, and not for making the most money possible.


Paul, are there announced numbers on the original run and the repress? It may give some perspective. I guessing add it up, still fits the bill as limited offering.

I don’t understand the concern about how the repress drops the value of the set. Only the flippers should be disappointed. If lucky enough to have a set and actually plan to keep it, what is the issue? It is a detriment that more other people will also have it?


It’s fine that they are repressing this! It will still be a solid collector’s item AND a limited edition! Trust me box sets don’t sell that much…God knows nowadays…which is sad. Hopefully one day this will somehow change…


Wow. All these folks up in arms about this? Really?

If you’re buying something under the premise of it being “limited” then you’re part of the problem.

I don’t recall the Queen camp or anyone else even stating how many of these were initially pressed, but seriously…your precious limited box set (and mine too btw, because I own one as well) was never worth what you paid for it…or was it because you *did* pay that much and it obvioiusly was worth it to you when ya did it! ;)


Couldn’t agree with you more. Some of these “Real Fans” sound more like investment bankers with all this Whining!

John Cronnolley

I read a comment on here on another story, a couple of months ago stating that Queen were going to repress the box set and it was available from the Queen website

I duly bought it from the website on 1 April 2016 as I had missed it first time round after Christmas 2015.

When the box arrived, the UMG barcode sticker/VIN number was on the side of the box and I’ve just looked at it now and it shows 12.35pm, 16/3/15.

On the bottom right-hand corner of the sticker is User: MCCARTHYG

Now either they repressed it or pressed a large quantity originally and then held some back which would seem strange if they had wanted to make money off it.

If that was the case maybe it was done to ensure that the price stays around the £280-quid range

Billy Dojcak

That was just a cash grab by Universal/Queen that lowered the collectibility. Reminds me of Disney reissuing the Tron soundtrack. I had a nice $300 collectible until it was reissued. Now it’s worth about $70.

Andy Vizor

I like Queen a lot, but just couldn’t justify the price. But as a fan & fellow collector of this kinda box set it not really fair on the fans to re-press it. The true fans have spent A LOT of their hard earned cash & Universal/Sony/ etc really don’t give a shit about the fans – just their cash. There’s a good chance fans might just get fed up this BS! I’ve given up on RSD too. When this fad for vinyl passes (which it will) & Sainsburys & Tesco have moved on – the record companies might just finds the REAL fans & collectors have given up buying their fake ltd editions – and are HOPEFULLY buying from the remaining indies, second hand shops etc. I get some really nice stuff from Helter Skelter in Chichester, when I go there. The guy is really friendly, knows his stock, loves music AND values every customer- the sheds don’t!!
Some of you may remember years ago Ultravox Lement came in a Black Shiny Embosed type “Limited” sleeve – so limited every copy was in this sleeve. Midge Ure was being interviewed on Radio 1, by I think David Kid Jenson, who asked about the sleeve. Midge acknowledged the issue and said “the record company have told me as its only in the UK, that’s how they justify the false limited edition tag” As you would expect from Migde, he did totally get why the fans were peeved.
Sorry, that was a waffle wasn’t it :-)
Queen Fans, you have a right to feel peeved. Trading Standards might be worth talking to if you’re feeling that peeved – the goods are now “not as described”….

Andrew Mogford

Oh ok cool. I wasn’t being facetious – I sometimes get a bit lost with the vinyl terminology. I never said thanks for the Odeon box set deal yesterday, awesome stuff.

And anyone who hasn’t got this box, I can highly recommend it. It’s stunning!


Listen QUEEN in my mind are the third greatest recording artists in the world behind Michael Jackson and (ahem, cover group) Led Zeppelin…with The Beatles at number 4 in my head…(….and FREE at number five) so they can do whatever the heck they want! I take the term “Limited Edition” to still be entirely relevant and legit. It simply means at some point they will not be making and or selling these any more. Truth be said this is something that in theory could be said about anything…especially if no one sells the product any more. I would say that is the case with most music in physical form at this point in 2016 is it not? If not it is sure on its way becoming harder to find in local physical stores to say the least. And with all of that said it thrills me that more people will have the opportunity to purchase new copies of this! That’s what’s really great that the group continues to thrive and survive commercially. As it is there are still very few people who will own this so I think yours and mine copies will still have good value.

Andrew Mogford

What’s the difference between re-manufactured and repressed Paul?

don cooper

That’s working as hard as Harry Kane t’other night, Paul. ;-)

Auntie Sabrina

Steven, how about the Freddie Mercury film which has been in the works for sometime?

elliott buckingham

I have a few of the Hollywood records 180g reissues all sound great apart from magic which is just pure awful


Any idea what is up next for the May/Taylor pension fund?

5.1 blu-rays of all the studio albums (and ALL the associated b-sides, remixes, outtakes etc) would be very welcome round my way!

don cooper

Stop trying to frighten us,Mr.Cameron. If we Brexit, May/Taylor’s pension fund will be sufficient to support the State Pension in perpetuity too…


hang on ! they may well give us bohemian rhapsody in picture sleeve 7″ pressed on blue or purple virgin vinyl how would that go down eh !


Very good idea JasonC. I wonder if it would sell as many this time round if they were all black vinyl with a slightly cheaper price.

Phil Wilson

Might wait until it is down to £12.99 :-)

Raymond Mitchell

Me too !


I don’t bought that box as a financial investment, but it’s an elaborate fraud to sell it as a limited edition and then doing an identical repress. No one would feel bad with a black vinyl repress or something like that, but in this way it’s only another bad action of Universal to squeeze money out of the vinyl lovers.

Auntie Sabrina

Good idea JasonC. Criterion do that with their blu-ray releases


Maybe these things should be done like book pressings: a small “First Edition” on the back with the run number; then second edition, etc That way, first editions would keep their cachet and value.


That would really have the “must own everything” completists chomping at the bit in anticipation of being able to buy and own the same box set twice!

Alone With Strangers

Most of them ended up doing that when they bought Roger Taylor’s “The Lot”!


I’m not surprised it has been re-pressed. It’s a licence to print money. Anyone who is on the fence about buying this, the mastering is superb. It was like listening to each album for the first time again.

matt day

Surely the point is to rake in more money for struggling rock stars. I’m a fan of the band and bought this lovely box set. ”Limited edition” may start wearing a bit thin if more and more are produced.
I’d rather see other archive stuff worked on for release… the poor effort with the 40th anniversary 2cd albums was disappointing and hardly dug into their archive at all.

Philip Cohen

While Queen has plenty of archival concert audio & video material, there isn’t much studio material remaining. Albums such as “Hot Space”,” A Kind of Magic” & “Made in Heaven” made use of all or nearly all of the Mack-produced vault material.

steve rickard

What’s the point of a limited edition when they press more ? My box set is now worth less than I paid for it !


It’s a ‘limited-to-how-many-we-think-we-can-sell’ edition.