Queen’s Studio Collection 18LP coloured vinyl mega-box returns

18LP half-speed coloured vinyl box is back in print

Universal Music’s enormous Queen 18LP vinyl box called Studio Collection was issued back in 2015 and went out of print reasonably quickly, which resulted in some eye-watering prices being demanded via secondary markets. However, there is now good news for fans who missed out, since the box is now back in print.

This collection contains all 15 studio albums released by the band pressed on vibrant 180g coloured vinyl in hues sympathetic to the original artwork.

It stretches to 18 records is because a few albums span two LPs. Queen II has been cut to two separate black and white vinyl records for this box, reflecting the ‘Side White’ and ‘Side Black’ on the original pressing. In addition, the reverse sides of each record come complete with a custom etching. Innuendo and Made In Heaven were primarily made for a CD market and were previously edited to fit on two sides of a vinyl record. Here for the first time they are cut at full length as double vinyl LPs.

The new vinyl records are remastered by Bob Ludwig and these were cut at half speed – by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. The Studio Collection also comes with a 108-page 12 x 12-inch hardback book that has mined Queen’s own archive along with the personal archives of Brian May, Roger Taylor and fans to display hand-written lyrics, rare photographs, memorabilia, and information on singles and videos.

This set is available again from this Friday, 28 June 2019 (it may already be available in other territories).

Albums in the box:


  • Queen


  • Queen II *


  • Sheer Heart Attack


  • A Night at the Opera

  • A Day at the Races


  • News of the World


  • Jazz


  • The Game


  • Flash Gordon


  • Hot Space


  • The Works


  • A Kind of Magic


  • The Miracle


  • Innuendo


  • Made in Heaven


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elliott buckingham

just had a credit card limit increase but still cant justify the price id pay £250 at a push of if available as single coloured editions there is only 5 I would really want


Does anyone know where the download card/cards are? I hope it still has them in this edition.


I was looking for the same and JPC have just informed me that there is no DLC included. I appreciate that this is not the primary reason for getting a set of LPs but it’s a bugger stopping them from jumping in the car so I prefer MP3.

I’ve managed to go from chuffed to not. Seems like this issue is a big price hike with a sting in the tail of no DLC even though most retailers (including Queen’s store) have simply linked back to the 2015/16 information which says that a code IS included unless you are in Canada or USA.

Easily put right I would have thought.


Hi I’ve found the download code today, but I had to take all the records out and it was at the bottom of the box.
I hope yours is in there somewhere to?


Dave, where did you buy yours? JPC have told me that there is no code in this issue.


I got mine from recordstore.co.uk,


Thanks, Dave. I notice that their listing is cribbed from the Queen website and shows a release date of 2016 – but no reference to a DLC. Curiouser and curiouser.


Mine finally came through from recordstore.co.uk. My copy does NOT have the DLC. I have them all on CD, 2011 remasters that I’ve converted to mp3’s anyway, so I’m not too bothered.


Dave, did you get a tracking number through from recordstore.co.uk? I didn’t and I’m still waiting for the item. It’s taking ages when I paid £6.95 for next day/tracking with courier (only option). I’m starting to think they’ve messed up. My first time ordering through recordstore and it’s not looking good. Thanks!

Nigel D Day

Has A Kind Of Magic changed colour ? The one in my first edition box is orange.


Good question and well spotted. You had me wondering this too, so I did a little bit of research. A Kind Of Magic showed grey vinyl on the original 2015 superdeluxeedition post as well so I think it’s safe to say that it is still orange vinyl…



Got mine from JPC and paid just 10 Euros to have it shipped to UK. Ordered Wednesday, arrived Friday lunchtime tracked all the way to the door. Securely packaged in an outer box to protect the set’s shipping box – and a free Record Butler! Great job by JPC and DHL.

Steve Bliss

I’m both really excited this has been re-released, and reluctant to buy one.

It’s Queen, and therefore I want it. And it looks tremendous.

but… it’s a huge chunk of change to drop on something that (a) I’ve already got in multiple formats, (b) isn’t true to the original vinyl releases, (c) will mostly just sit on the shelf, maybe I’ll paw through it occasionally.

If the price drops as low as it did previously, about $250, I’ll jump in.

Currently, the link to Amazon US leads to a 3rd party listing; I’m not finding anything that looks particularly official on the site.


@Andrew @Simon Sorry I was being a derp. I inferred that this version of the box set had the albums mentioned as 2LPs and the first pressing didn’t. That is of course wrong.

hendry doran

For anyone thinking about buying this Udiscover/thesoundofvinyl/recordstore.co.uk are offering this set at £299. Might force the Amazon price down

mark j

a question for paul at SDE, do you know if these are also pressed by optimal in germany? Do you have a contact at Virgin-EMI-UMG to ask? Because we vinyl fans know, you might get to use the same stampers, but if its a different pressing plant, i.e. GZ media in the Czech V’s Optimal, I know which one I’d rather buy, and if this one is GZ media then it would be a 2014 – 2015 edition from ebay……


If it’s any help, the outer box on my set says made in Germany.

Alan Lee

Unfortunately it seems the opposite has happened – the lower price lasted a day or two before going up to match Amazon’s price… and now Amazon have upped their price (now £355, up from £330)!

Tim Abbott

I bought this box first time around after initially deriding it for being a novelty cash-in. Boy, was I wrong to dismiss it. I’ve been a Queen fan for as long as I can remember, and this is easily the best Queen-related item I’ve bought as nearly all the albums sound the best I’ve heard them (only the final two are a bit shaky). Sounds good, looks great (especially Queen II) and worth every penny. If they’ve corected the typos in the accompanying, it could be even better.

All we need now is a second box of live albums, extended mixes and B-sides. Please?


I had to return my original box set three times in order to get one that didn’t have dings on the outer box. When you’re paying the kind of money that this kind of thing costs, nothing less than perfect will suffice. This reissue is a kind of a kick in the face for those that thought they were buying something truly special though.

hendry doran

Agree on both counts


You could buy the three 40th anniversary box sets and bag a load of extra tracks and save yourself over 200 quid in the process.

Steven Roberts

If ‘collectability’ is such an issue, then why don’t they just press them in different colours this around, to differentiate them from the 1st pressings?

Or black, as has been mentioned.

Jarmo Keranen

Imagine there’s a world where every record are pressed in unlimited editions. You can buy your favourite records in cd and vinyl versions any time you like at reasonable price!


The sound is the same that the individual black vinyls? Same remastering, same press?


$765 in the U.S. is insane! You can get the three “Queen 40” CD boxed sets with numerous bonus tracks for a little over $100.

Nic Adamou

For anyone in the UK it is Currently £285 on the official Queen website with a £6.95 delivery charge

Tony Sandell

Just ordered one.
Seems other people saw your post as it’s now gone up in price and saying waiting for more stock.


I will not buy this expensive box-set, I don t want to give euro 350 for something that I will never use of I will use from time to time. I think CD is forever replaced vinyl and so be it. By the way who of you don t have all of these albums in own collection ? Recycling for new customers ? it s OK but not for me.

Michael Endres

Very good

Nigel D Day

When I bought the original box I had none of the Queen albums. Had all the 70s ones back in the day but played them to death and inevitably killed them. This box was a Godsend for me and I’ve never regretted buying it.


Each one of these was available for £8-9 during the amazon.fr deals earlier this year – in functional black. Is the coloured PVC, book and box really worth the extra £200? Someone please say NO.


Very nice box though for £280 on the Queen website… If That deal lasts I might buckle.



Freddie Jerkury

Why do people care if it’s “limited”? Obviously it should not have been advertised as such if it wasn’t going to be, but in the end who cares how many are made? Why shouldn’t everybody get a chance to enjoy it?

Paul Deacon

Well, it really is cheaper to buy them all separately. Just going off to tot up how much I paid for each one. Back soon :)

Mike Villano

Does coloured vinyl sound any better these days? Back in the late 70s, some of the labels were doing a lot of picture discs and coloured records, but I recall them sounding pretty bad. The picture discs were a total loss sound wise and the vinyl not much better. My white vinyl White Album is a nice collectable, but that’s about all it’s good for.

Gareth Pugh

Mike Villano, I believe I read somewhere (and it might have been on here) that until about 4-5 years back, what you point out was very much the case- sound quality of coloured vinyl pressings, whilst nowhere near as bad as picture discs, were of inferior sound quality to virgin black vinyl copies of the same, because in order to ‘take’ the colouring pigment, the vinyl needed to be of a softer quality (or at least, the vinyl that was required to take the colouring agent well happened to be softer), leading to less sharp/well-defined groove walls in most cases versus black. But I believe shortly before this box set first came out, some pressing plant or other finally came up with an improved formula that meant coloured vinyl can now sound every bit as good as classic black. The other thing I read years back was that after black, clear vinyl was the purest carrying medium for great sound on records, and that is said to be why Ultravox singles, in many cases, came in ltd clear vinyl quantities, at the band’s insistence. Don’t know it that’s true or not!


Great news for the people who missed out, not so good news for the people who thought they were buying a limited edition and absolutely terrible news for the person currently trying to get £2000 for one on eBay.


Ha, ha, serves them right.

If only Apple would press up some further copies of the Beatles Mono Vinyl Box Set from 2014. I missed out as I couldn’t afford the £250 they were asking back then. Now sells for over £500 if you can find it at all.


Hear hear to the a Beatles Mono box repress. Fingers crossed.

Kevin from Edinburgh

This set is one of my favourites of recent years. I was worried the coloured vinyl might be more of a ‘gimmick’ than anything else, but the records are well pressed and sound great to my ears. I can’t say whether the black versions sound any better, but given the lack of any noticeable deficiencies in these, I suspect not. The book is great, as well, and rounds out a fantastic package. I see that the price is over £100 more than when originally released, but perhaps they’re doing a smaller run this time, leading to higher charge? For anyone swithering, go for it if you can, as a thing of beauty – as this is – is a joy forever.
(Agree about the live albums; these could also be colour-coded and boxed, I’m sure)

Paul Murphy

I find that some of the ‘HOW much!!’ prices on ebay are generally negotiable. I paid £460, with £40 delivery, for one of the second print run sets from a seller who was asking £800, all it took was a polite enquiry as to whether his price had any give-room. If I had the time or inclination to grump about this now being out yet again, I might be more annoyed at Queen’s management than I would be at the guy who sold me my set. There’s always a lot of bile directed at ‘scalpers’, but basically we all get ‘scalped’ every time we buy something – I’ve just shelled out £1.48 for milk in a well-known supermarket, but I’m quite sure they paid nowhere near that much for it. If someone bought a dozen copies of this set and has sat on them to make a profit, one can only assume they have a very large garage or a very understanding wife – when mine saw UPS staggering up the path with this she turned to me and said “that better be a new fridge in there.”
I notice that some third-party sellers still have this [either print run 1 or 2] on Amazon at well over a grand, which is optimism on a par with King Canute given the imminent arrival of run 3. Possibly they are waiting for the 2-week window between run 3 going out of stock and Queen issuing run 4 of this, er, ‘Limited Edition’, set.


Two points about this…

I wish they had done a box that contained black vinyl as an alternative to the coloured discs… I personally ain’t a big fan of coloured vinyl. Glad black versions were released separately.

Also, Why can’t they concentrate on getting the Live albums back in print? Diagostini did a vinyl collection partwork (similar to the Beatles collection) and included Live Killers, Wembley 86, Milton Keynes 82, Montreal 81, the rainbow – all out of print from normal retailers unless you buy on Export market as it was only available in Italy and Japan.

The pressing plates have been made so let’s get them back in the shops….


I have it direct from DeAgostoni that they will be doing a UK version of this collection; unfortunately I don’t know the date but they assure me it is in the works :)

Paul Taylor

Is the version of Innuendo here the same as the black vinyl remaster that’s been on general sale?

Donald Biscuits

This box set the standard for reissues. Team mccartney take note, in a box with a booklet.

Craig Hedges

To be fair, this design and format is copying the stereo box put out by The Beatles in 2012 so they set the standard. As for Macca his albums are coming out on vinyl slowly, it’d probably better if his were boxed more like Bowie’s into separate era’s, 70’s Wings, 80’s solo.


Paul, is this exact 2015-2016 version of this box set?


No DL code in this one, apparently.


Take it the first and second print were extremely Ltd releases then !!!

Chris Squires

Has anyone found any distinguishing features between the original 2015 box, the 2016 re-issue and, in time, this 2019 re-re-issue.

I kinda think the first two boxes were absolutely identical in every way….if I am wrong I would love to know about it….

Andrew M

There were some minor corrections to mistakes in the book.

Andrew M

Just unbelievable. This was sold as a limited edition “when it’s gone its gone” set. This is now the THIRD repress!

Typical queen these days sadly.

Timm Davison

I don’t think anything is ever really ‘unavailable’ anymore. Now that vinyl has regained a foothold in the buying sector, the pressing plates aren’t destroyed/reused. Instead, they are stored and reprinted as demand and the market dictate. With Queen’s newfound continued popularity, it’s a smart move on their part to repress these. Ltd Editions? Sadly not.


I just read the original press release from 2015 and they don’t seem to mention the words ‘limited edition’ or “it’s gone when it’s gone”. They only refer to it as a ‘Special Edition’. (The turntable was limited.)
I think it’s great they keep it in print for people not to be ripped off on eBay when they can finally afford one.
Here’s the original press release on the queen forum:

I’d love a vinyl box of the live albums.


In the face of scalpers all over world!


Here here! They are the only losers in this whole deal. For all others – old fans and newbies – this is a win!


As someone who has the original box set, will Queen II, Innuendo and Made In Heaven be available separately? I’m not forking out for another fecking box set!

Andrew M

I don’t get this comment…..


I suspect Brian is referring to the Complete Works box set from the 80s.


As far as I know they’re available on black vinyl. Queen II is a single disc though in the separate release.

Chris Squires

oof, that’s pricey. Paid £239 for mine in November 2016, but I guess still cheaper than eBay and the second hand market.

hendry doran

Got to agree about the price. Just checked and i got mine from Amazon in 2015 for £230. Bit of a bargain back then