R.E.M. / In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 to be reissued on 2LP vinyl

First time on vinyl in the USA/Canada

R.E.M. / In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 to be reissued on 2LP vinyl

Warners’ 2003 R.E.M. compilation In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 will be reissued by Craft Recordings as a double vinyl set in May.

This album collects highlights from the band’s post-I.R.S. Records years from 1988’s Green to 2001’s Reveal. The 18 tracks include hits like ‘Losing My Religion’, ‘Everybody Hurts’ and ‘Stand’; selections from soundtracks (‘The Great Beyond’ and ‘All the Right Friends’) and the previously unreleased ‘Bad Day’ and ‘Animal’.

This set was commercially very successful and issued across a number of formats –  as well as standard CD and cassette editions, there was a 2CD package with a bonus disc of B-sides and rarities and a DVD-Audio with 5.1 surround mixes.

A two-LP vinyl set was issued at the time, but it was only released in Europe and was extremely limited (reflected in the astronomical prices required to secure one on the used market – see discogs). So this new vinyl edition from Craft Recordings will be very welcome and represents the first time it has been available in the USA and Canada on vinyl.

In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 will be issued as a 2LP set on 14 June 2019 (was 10 May).  Now, can we please have a blu-ray audio edition of the DVD-A?

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In Time: The Best of REM 1988-2003 - 2LP vinyl


In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988 – 2003 2LP vinyl

Side A
Man On The Moon
The Great Beyond
Bad Day
What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

Side B
All The Way To Reno
Losing My Religion
E-Bow The Letter
Orange Crush
Imitation Of Life

Side C
The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

Side D
All The Right Friends
Everybody Hurts
At My Most Beautiful

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Marshall Gooch

Glad that despite needing to sell a bunch of CDs 5-6 years ago I hung onto all of my REM DVD-A/CD sets (I have them all). Also have the ltd. ed. 2CD of In Time, and though I prefer the IRS era of REM, I think In Time is such a fantastic compilation that I ordered the blue vinyl version from Barnes & Noble. In fact, just after I ordered the UK import on black vinyl so promptly cancelled that order as I definitely can’t afford two of ’em.


I love R.E.M
I love the Warner era as much as the IRS one
I love this best of, already got the double cd edition
I love vinyl
And I’m happy that this release is soon in my collection (the blue vinyl one), a collection that is expanding real fast lately, with all the releases they offer every year. Can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do with the Monster 25th edition

Stephen Tomlinson

Do they ship to the UK? I cant see that they ship to Europe at all!


No they don’t ship to Europe.

Nik Yeomans

I bought via paypal and once it realises you are in Europe it adjusts the postage (about 8 USD) which is not bad….


Good spot, just done the same, let’s see if it works. Thank you :)


Has to be one of the worst album covers in the history of album covers.


I stopped liking REM before Radio Free Europe came out on Hibtone, which was three months before I was born. How dare they – form a band and become successful on their own terms; making great art along the way; paving the way for and inspiring others; generally not being asshats; and for calling it quits when their hearts weren’t in it. There is so much to dislike about anything they released after they sold out to the man back in 1981, they are simply the worst.

paul wren

There is a lot of complaining on this forum about vinyl reissues. The world is already full of CD and DVD options, so give vinyl a chance to continue re-establishing itself as it still represents a small slice of the physical product market place when compared to CD.

Chris Squires

Good point well made, for nearly every single Vinyl only release that has been mentioned in the last couple of years on SDE there have been at least one, or more, releases of the same material on CD over the previous decade or two, much of which is still readily available with the smallest effort.
The old chestnut of “No CD no purchase” is getting tiresome particularly when, if they had done any research or were in any way bothered to check out the previous CD releases, they would find a 2CD expanded version from 2008 for example. I can understand it if those originals or re-issues releases are mega-expensive or it is only on a DVD-A / SACD that went out of print quickly but 9 times out of 10 all the music is available on a simple CD from a few years back. But it’s easier to take a lazy swipe at vinyl that do a basic search.
Suggestion for FAQ: Do your research before you post. GIYF / Discogs.
One thing is almost certain, vinyl buyers rarely get more music than is readily available on CD.
It’s all getting a little “People’s Front of Judea”.


Haters gonna hate


Judean People’s Front?

Tom from FIN

Not a goood point, because outdated. According to market research and Forbes, the vinyl will surpass CDs next year in sales (2020).

Stuart Ansell

Something can’t be outdated before it has happened dear boy.

Apart from my dress sense. That was outdated before my parents had met.


The most interesting thing about this release its the stunning cover. It should be amazing on a vinyl size, but not planning to buy it. Have other priorities. I have green, automatic and out of time already on vinyl, so I am good

Andrew M

Not document? Got the Ltd orange release last year. It’s fantastic :)

Richard the Big Bunny

I am bewildered that anyone would want this wildly incomplete collection on vinyl.


It’s a best of. It’s not meant to be complete.

Tom from FIN

Exactly, Richie. Never understood completist fans. Collection or live records in any format basically worthless for a fan concentrating to content.


This had unreleased songs on it, so not worthless for a completist.


I like this compilation, but I still cant understand why World Leader Pretend or Pop Song 89 were left behind. At least one of those should be in.


Oh my goodness but Amazon is showing a 10 CD Robin Trower box set for $34!!!!! Finally, Robin can appear on your site!!!!!!!! His best chart entry was back in 75 with For Earth Below
which was 5 in the US and 26 in the UK. This is the most overlooked British artist in my mind. He is actually touring the US (again) in April. This is the best reissue news in a million years!!!

Jan L

this is incomplete without SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE- too bad!

Cosmo Castanza

No thanks , the radio friendly unit shifting era left me cold.

The IRS albums were vastly superior.

Richard Cole

Disagree. r.e.m. got better until after Monster. The last two records make an excellent exit.


Oh, wow! You acknowledged the existence of Blu-ray Audio! Too bad this format will not be embraced! It could be used to store insane amounts of music and video for expanded Super Deluxe Editions! Oh, well! How sad for us!

Mark Lawton

The format designers of Blu-Ray Pure Audio really missed a trick. If the discs had been 12″ in diameter and black and the players exposed the media while it was rotating, the format really would have taken off.


THANK YOU!!! Jesus! This is what I have been thinking for some time BUT we also call those lllllaaaaaser discs….which honestly I’m not sure that anything physical would have worked in the time frame and all…I do personally find it very difficult to not get something in physical form that I am paying for…OR that is not entirely accurate shall I say I PREFER to get SOMETHING in physical form where I feel I have some chance at a copy of something that is both of quality and that I have some level of access and control with. I also enjoy going on a bear hunt looking for them around town. So, um…yeah.


Obviously a lot mussing due to room, but no ‘Drive’?


‘Drive’ wasn’t on this compilation ( although there was a live version on the bonus disc). It wasn’t on the ‘Part Lies’ one in 2011 either.

Weird, I know but REM best-ofs always seem to be a bit of an odd box.

David Bly

Two things…

Regarding the DVD-A discs released, I only have “Automatic For The People” which is actually my least favourite album of the Bill Berry era.
Still a great DVD-a though.
And Andy V says above, they didn’t stick around very long.

Also, here in the States, it is cheaper to buy from Amazon Canada, even though they charge CAN$9.98 for shipping. It works out to CAN$40.16 (US$31.45). Now that is only a difference of $0.22 you might say from the Amazon US price, but living in New York State I would have to pay sales tax – where I live that is 8%, which would make the price US$34.09 total.
Not a big saving I know, but I used the opportunity to by a CD by the Canadian band Wintersleep at the same time.

Mathew Lauren

Hi Rez 5.1 Blu-ray? Yes. Spot on, Paul!


Great news. I was waiting for a vinyl release of that compilation.

I just took a look at some US stores (Acoustic sounds and Elusive discs) to compare the prices before pre-order and the release date on both sites is march 8. You mentioned may 10 in your post and on Amazon UK / US it’s may 3!

It’s confusing with 3 different release dates. At first I thought it was just a week difference between US and Europe release dates but Acoustic/Elusive and Amazon US have two different release dates and it’s pretty big as it’s 2 months! I guess march 8 was the original release date but Craft postponed it and it’s now may 3 ?


I have the CD/DVD-A Digipak already, but the vinyl will be a welcome addition to my collection!


A very nice compilation. I have it on CD and that’s enough for me. Never understood why “Shiny Happy People” wasn’t on it..

Andrew M

I thought it was because the band hated it.


Ah … they make a song but hate it … then they put that song on an album. People like it. Then they release it as a single. It’s a big hit, people love it but they hate it and that’s why it’s not on this compilation? Can’t understand it.


I think they must have got over the hate by the time this was compiled, judging by the fact they performed a version of it on Sesame Street five years earlier.

And ‘Shiny Happy People’ actually WAS on ‘Part Lies’ – although ‘E-Bow’ wasn’t.

All very strange!

Andrew M

Not that strange. Part lies is a greatest hits, In Time is a best of.

Shiny Happy People was a hit, E-bow one of their best songs.

They seem in the right place to me.


‘E-Bow’, ‘Bang and Blame’, ‘Strange Currencies’, ‘Drive’, ‘Daysleeper’ – all among their biggest hits but not on ‘Part Lies’. Seems strange to me!

Not that REM have the monopoly on illogical compilations but for a ‘greatest hits’ that one was all over the shop.

Andrew M

I have all the R.E M DVD-A including this one, and also all the BD 5.1 versions and they are all inferior, unfortunately.


I have the dvd audio and 2cd versions but will probably get the vinyl. I got the dvd audio second hand are a local boot sale for a couple of quid. I don’t see that it’ll be any different putting the dvd audio on a blu ray unless there’s a high definition mix on it and the dvd audio was good enough to be honest.


Great compilation, I have the original 2CD version, but will definitely be buying this.

Thanks Paul!


Great news! Refrained myself from buying the BBC vinyl with the hope that this would have a new release, since many songs overlap, and it paid off.

Andy V

Oh Paul, have you not got the DVD-A? Price? I’m guessing you don’t have it as your Oppo would play it….

Andy V

Kids needed shoes / uniforms / trip etc etc that week & then it was gone :-) you know how it is …. none of SACD DVD-A stuff hung round long. As soon as I saw any of em, MVC (remember them) Fopp (remember them) Play247 / Play.com (remember them) I snapped em up, if you didn’t they were gone!


I used to work at play.com. Great times :)


Play.com was great and I ordered several hundred orders (mainly cd) from there during the whole time. Great times indeed.