Radio Heart featuring Gary Numan / 2LP

Gary Numan‘s contribution to Radio Heart (a pop project by brothers Hugh and David Nicholson) resulted in a number of singles in the late 1980s including Radio Heart, London Times and All Across The Nation. A new double album package of this era brings together the album that was released and alternative mixes and b-sides (some of which are solo Gary Numan songs!)

This new double LP set is a gatefold package and is pressed on red vinyl. There are extended versions of all the singles (including Like A Refugee (I Won’t Cry)) and the three solo songs on the fourth side are Mistasax, Rumour and River.

This new Radio Heart double vinyl package will be released on 17 August 2018, via Demon Records.

Side A

  • A1: Radio Heart featuring Gary Numan
  • A2: Blue Nights
  • A3: Starlight Jingles
  • A4: Strange Thing
  • A5: All Across The Nation featuring Gary Numan

Side B

  • B1: I’m Alone
  • B2: Mad About The Girl
  • B3: London Times featuring Gary Numan
  • B4: The Victim
  • B5: Like A Refugee (I Won’t Cry) featuring Gary Numan & Dadadang (Radio Mix)*

Side C

  • C1: Radio Heart featuring Gary Numan (Extended Mix)
  • C2: London Times featuring Gary Numan (Extended Mix)
  • C3: All Across The Nation featuring Gary Numan (Extended Mix)
  • C4: Like A Refugee (I Won’t Cry) featuring Gary Numan (Pandemonium Mix)

Side D

  • D1: Mistasax –Gary Numan
  • D2: Rumour –Gary Numan
  • D3: River –Gary Numan
  • D4: All Across The Nation  (Instrumental)
  • D5:Like A Refugee (I Won’t Cry) featuring Gary Numan (Acoustic Mix)

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Steve Thorpe

I planned & compiled this release together with Allen Ward at Demon, and one of the selling points for the 2018 vinyl is that the audio has been remastered by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering. Even the previous (CD) reissues by Hugh Nicholson on ‘The Record Label’ in 1999 were quite poor quality in places, and contained some obvious vinyl rips with pops and other surface noise. This release now sounds wonderful & it’s great to have been able to include the brilliant ‘Like A Refugee’, as well as licence the Numan B-Sides ‘Mistasax’ / ‘Rumour’ / ‘River’ for inclusion. I hope those interested in this vinyl release will really enjoy it!

John 79

Hi Steve,
You have done a great job with this reissue, artwork is great and the sound is full and warm ,it’s really well remastered ,I hope they release a CD version.

Mark Dynamix

all you need is the All Across The Nation CD Single (easily obtained cheap) and the Radio Heart picture Disc 12″ and you already have the best of what this package offers.

Neil Kelly

Same as everyone else would’ve taken a CD version. How much room do these people think we have in our houses to have these let alone nicely looked after. I have the Nicholson / Numan and CD re-issue which came out the same time around about 2000 i’d guess. I see the N/N CD is currently a snip at 129 pound second hand lol.
Must finish by saying i absoltely adore ‘Like a refugee (I won’t cry)’. A pure underrated classic IMO. I’ve grown to appreciate it more in recent years too.

Jeremy K

I’m starting to read a lot more comments recently along the line of ‘I’d get this if there was a cd version’… i think a fair few have had enough of the expensive vinyl revival…… nice to see some love for the cd still. This isn’t an essential purchase for me even as a Numan fan and likely, as previously mentioned, not something that Gary has really been angling for as a reissue, he’s much happier looking forward to the next project.


I’d like to see this released on CD although this digital version covers most of the songs:

Like a Refugee (I Won’t Cry) is a underrated classic and one of Numan’s best singles in my opinion. It’s a shame that he’s never performed it live.

Derek Langsford

This is more likely Hugh Nicholson rather than Gary Numan pushing this out. He was behind both Radio Heart and Da Da Dang.

The Numan tracks are b-sides from the Radio Heart singles that have appeared on Numan compilations and as bonus tracks on the Numan remastered albums from those eras. Only track not on CD so far is Radio Heart (Instrumental Mix).

As Bob said, not Numan’s best material. He was struggling at the time after initial success and hung his star on anything to try and regain popularity.

Derek Langsford

I meant All Across the Nation (Instrumental). No instrumental version are on CD yet.


It was on the original CD single.


I have the orig Nation cd single and an ultra-rare issue of Nation as well, think its Spanish? This new set needs to be a bit cheaper Demon!!!

Jeremy K

Derek, for the uneducated, where can we find the 3 Gary Numan tracks on cd already?


This album is by no means a classic Numan release, but the title track – single – is very often on my playlist, especially in its beautiful picture disc format.
Therefore, given the fact that they have made this a 2LP package, its really hard to believe that they somehow managed to omit the excellent instrumental version of the title track.

3 versions of Like A Refugee, but not enough room for another exclusive 4-minute instrumental version of Radio Heart ??


Hardly Numan’s “imperial” phase, but I have to confess to liking “Like a refugee” way more than it probably deserves… If there was a CD version I’d probably be in.

Justin Isbell

Shame there isn’t CD version… or is this likely to follow I wonder?


Ok can you please stop now Paul.
I was not going to buy anything after RSD until the next Bowie box.
Since then two new Bowie releases Christiane F and Baal, Japan Vinyl reissues and now this!
I’m going to end up bankrupt or divorced ha ha ha!
Numan wise just need a reissue of the Sacrifice record now.


Funnily enough I’m listening to Replicas right now as I read this!

Would have got this if there was a cd version