Radiohead sneak out their new album, A Moon Shaped Pool, on a Sunday


Radiohead released A Moon Shaped Pool, their ninth studio album, yesterday.

The album release, which had been preceded by two videos last week, including Burn The Witch, is digital-only at present, with physical formats to follow in June and a deluxe box set promised for September.

The 11-track album is produced by Nigel Godrich and physical formats can only be ordered via Radiohead’s newly set up website. A 2LP black vinyl is available along with a CD edition. The ‘Special Edition’ box set retails for £60 and includes casebound album packaing “inspired by the albums for 78rpm shellac records in the library of La Fabrique, France”, 32-pages of artwork, the album on 2LP black vinyl, two CDs one of which contains two extra tracks, and MP3 or WAV (16-bit) files available. You also get a gimmicky sounding “recording tape belly band” which is an actual piece Radiohead half-inch master tape, that they actually recorded on, in an actual recording session… you get the idea.


The Special Edition box set

As an exception, just for ‘indie’ record shops, an opaque 2LP white vinyl edition of A Moon Shaped Pool is also being made available. We’re hearing that they are already hard to get hold of, although at the time of writing some are available here.

The album is available on Tidal, iTunes and Apple Music (but not Spotify) and you can buy an download from the new website. If you pre-order the box, you get an immediate download in MP3 or WAV (16-bit). Both standard 2LP vinyl and CD are also available on Amazon (see below).

Track listing for “A Moon Shaped Pool”

  1. Burn the Witch
  2. Daydreaming
  3. Decks Dark
  4. Desert Island Disk
  5. Ful stop
  6. Glass Eyes
  7. Identikit
  8. The Numbers
  9. Present Tense
  10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
  11. True Love Waits

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Still haven’t received my Radiohead limited LP from Resident Music. When I contacted them, this is the reply I got. Anyone else in the same situation?
“Really sorry that you are yet to receive this order. It was definitely posted out on 16/06.
I would suggest going to your local sorting office to see if they are holding it for you and they have not have left a card? Annoyingly this is quite often the case. Let us know how you get on.”

Tom Elliot

The 7″ record of Burn the Witch/Spectre is now being released in the UK tomorrow. I wonder if all this ‘digital first’ method is just what it seems, an attempt to coerce those of us who prefer physical media into double-dipping, or am I being cynical?.

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dumitru ungureanu

Hey, Keith, its more interested to listen an 45 rpm LP at 33 rpm! Especially Radiohead, who sound like an 45 rpm on 33 rpm speed!

Julian Hancock

For those interested in the opaque white vinyl, I am not entirely convinced that any outlet can guarantee that they get it. Happy to stand corrected, if anyone knows differently.

Tom Elliot

I’ve been patiently waiting for Amazon UK to list the regular 2LP edition of this and I see they finally have, going for £18.26 (they have the cd too of course)


Does anyone know if the vinyl is 33 rpm or 45 rpm? Sadly, my LP12 on plays 33 rpm.

[…] This set will ship on 17 June like the other physical formats. […]


Smell My Vinyl… that difficult 2nd album by Spinal Tap.


If you’re interested in the white vinyl try these very trustfull german seller, who has the edition in (just like Bowie’s “Blackstar” Clear Vinyl): https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/radiohead-a-moon-shaped-pool-ltd/hnum/3128440?iampartner=ngc

John Archbell

Well ‘not available’ (why do people hide?), for collectors like myself, box sets are not a waste of money or effort. It all depends if you have an eye for beauty and appreciate the fine things in life. I don’t buy every single box set because I wouldn’t have any money left. God knows how I prioritise because if can be very difficult to choose.

Anyway, you stick to throwing cd’s into your drawer while I sit here and smell my vinyl and read the included booklets (without my glasses).


For someone who is outspoken on green issues, you do wonder why Yorke thinks it’s OK to produce these lavish boxsets for each release.

eric slangen

Thanks, I just ordered the luxe box.


Oh ! I finally managed to place on order on resident-music.com !
I don’t know if my order will be honored or not, but there’s a good chance it will.

Glen withonen

Thanks very much for the links Alan. I ordered the opaque 2LP from Reflex which only charged £3 postage to Australia, for a £22.99 total cost (just under AU$47 via PayPal). Now that’s a real bargain if they can safely deliver! :-D


Can’t find any of those White vinyl editions anywhere. :(
Is that it these days ? One has to be constantly checking the internet every 20 minutes in case some limited edition appears out of nowhere ans sold out in 5 minutes ? ^^


Wait till September for 2 extra tracks ? This is insane !
You buy it now on digital.
You buy it again on cd.
You buy it again on September (3 months after the cd release)
You’re gonna buy it again when they release a complete reissue like they did with old albums.


I think you’re exaggerating a little here. If you’re pre-ordering the deluxe it comes with an immediate download to see you through until September. You certainly don’t *have* to buy it more than once.


You’re right ! I forgot:
limited opaque vinyl !


OceanBlue has it right. MONEY GRAB. I find it obnoxious to release the deluxe THREE months after the standard vinyl issue. Of course they are counting on people purchasing it twice or more. Exaggeration? No. Nope. Digital version does not cover people who prefer vinyl. Wait until September to ensure you are purchasing once? Yeah, seems reasonable. Ridiculous.


After the sadness of David Bowie’s passing,it’s great to hear some fantastic.

Donal Murphy

Playing this for the first time through my sound system, had two headphobe listens last night, and twice in the car today

And its a absulute sonic revelation, so textured, so full of subtle nuances, this is just begging to be played through a good system.

and i know the vinyl will even top this, as it always does.

Ben in Colorado

Hmmmm. After watching the video I thought for sure they’d have given credit for the inspiration to the movie “The Wicker Man”. Great song though, and I am looking froward to getting the double CD.


Credit to Trumpton more like.


I’ve bought the Radiohead “special editions” before and have always been pleased with what I’ve received – the artwork is always interesting and having it LP sized is a bonus, so it’s the vinyl box for me. Been listening to the album and like it very much, I can also see why people are comparing it to In Rainbows which I also loved. Guess where Radiohead are concerned I’m just a sucker…


As for the music… If you’re not a Radiohead fan this really isn’t going to win you over. I am, and while I like the older tracks, as a listening experience I found it, well… boring.

Not Available

JDM: On first listen, yes, I completely agree. The last one was also.

Peter Yarrow

The white vinyl seems to be going quickly … Bleep still had it 5 mins ago. Recordstore and Rough Trade have sold out.


still available from Phonica. a bit more expensive though. Got one as overseas has VAT off.


$32 plus $10 to ship to the US? No thanks…

Not Available

Am I the only person here that’s really had it with bands paying far more attention to presentation than content? First of all, “vinyl sounds better” is a gimmick. 95% of the people buying vinyl don’t have an audio system capable of reproducing WHY vinyl can sound better. And also this other useless, pointless CRAP included in packaging is a waste of money and effort. Put out an interesting, well-crafted CD, and if it is in fact something worthwhile, the people listening to it will create the buzz for it, not the band’s marketing department.


First off, I don’t know that I would use Radiohead as an example of a “presentation over content” band. Their music is generally regarded as having significant artistic merit, more than most bands nowadays.

Second, the market for physical media is clearly getting worse. (See the recent announcements of the closing of the highly-respected Other Music, for example.) Bands looking to make more money than the pittance they receive from iTunes and Spotify have realized that these deluxe packages work for them, and for their fans.

Third, no one is forcing you to buy any of these deluxe packages. The CD will be out next month, and you can buy the digital today if you want.

I would have thought that readers of this site would be more sympathetic to the idea of deluxe sets. (The biggest argument I hear on this site tends to be about the inclusion of vinyl making a deluxe set more expensive, and I understand that, but the very existence of such things would appear to be why this site exists in the first place.)

Ron I

@ Not Available…

“95% of the people buying vinyl don’t have an audio system capable of reproducing WHY vinyl can sound better”

This 95% figure is based on what? You clearly haven’t been to many high end stereo shops. There are many more people than you think that take their music-listening seriously, I assure you.

Not Available

How many people do you know that own a “high-end” audio system? And by high-end, I mean one that costs at least $7500.00 and up?


mhhhh, and here we go again, another band (no label this time to blame) on the tendy: you have to buy vinyl-if you want extra stuff…at least it seems it’s not mandatory to buy any cassette!!!


So true,
I hate the fact I’m obliged to purchase the Special Edition Box set just for owning the extra cd with just two bonus tracks… And what can I do with e.g. all the vinyl which I get with it when not having a record player?

Donal Murphy

For what its worth, their previous 2 albums followed almost an identical pattern, the physical releases were all well after the initial digitial releases. In the case of In Rainbows, there was a also quite a lengthy gap with receiving the limited double vinyl package.

In both of the previous cases, the physical releases were always made available on all the online retailers, and there is no reason to suspect it won’t happen with this release.

I agree with Adam, The In Rainbows limited vinyl box(in particular) is truly stunning, I’m a big Radiohead art work fan also, so it was a no brainer,


I think the griping is with regards to no download being offered with the physical purchase pre-orders rather than the gap itself, which I sort of agree with. I’d be more inclined to purchase the CD in advance if I knew I could still have a digital copy to listen to while I wait for it to be pressed. But no way am I going to pay for a download and then again for a physical copy, so I’m sure you can guess the options available to physical buyers who just want the vinyl/CD. I think they did this with previous surprise releases, so too bad it’s not happening here, and seems a bit greedy.


Generally I am disgruntled with the formatting and timing of the issues. Pre-purchase of the June 17 CD did not offer mp3 downloads, the wav files were heavy duty pricing, and the box set for two extra tracks is a bit goofy.

So somewhat pathetically, I went to iTunes, paid my $10 , stuck it on all sorts of apple devices and SD cards and am listening

I would like the CD but am not impressed by the 6 week gap.


Will the physical CD be available through normal retailers like Amazon or do you have to order from the website?


Lots of indie stores (Bleep, Boomkat, Rough Trade, etc.) have the CD and vinyl available for preorder (RT doesn’t have the limited white vinyl anymore, but the others still do).

No Amazon yet, though.


The CD is 14.95 on their website and it costs $10.15 to have it shipped to the US!! With Amazon selling new albums between $9 and $14 this is ridiculously priced. Will wait for it to pop up on a cheaper website. They seem to be going for a cash grab this time around.


xlrecordings.com (Radiohead’s label) have the CD for US$11.24, shipping to the US around US$4.00.


$10 to post transatlantic not so ridiculous. Growing accustomed to Amazon free shipping can make it seem that way, I reckon…

Donal Murphy

Paul, I love the reference to the original band name !


You’ve gotta love the irony of a band packaging an album in the style inspired by old “78rpm shellac records”, with an authentic piece of master tape direct from a recording session, plus a double vinyl set… then sending out the WAV files with a dynamic range of 3! Ouch.


Don’t be fooled by a low DR for “Burn The Witch.” After listening to the entire album a few times, that’s clearly an intentional choice. And the rest of the record, while not having great DR values, still sounds very well mixed to me overall.

Looking forward to the box set (yep, me a sucker for Radiohead for sure – their deluxe packages for In Rainbows and King Of Limbs were artistically top-notch IMHO).


It’s a lovely album, some great songs and nice interesting sonics to the sound; bought it online yesterday to listen to.

Have also ordered the box version, to go with my copy of the In Rainbows boxset I got on release a few years ago – Radiohead always do very nice collectable packaging.


The ‘Special Edition’ box set is aimed squarely at suckers.

Daniel L

Then I’m a sucker – but I have to say the In Rainbows set they did is beautiful. Really. And then vinyl pressing of that is apparently leaps and bounds ahead of what was released elsewhere (accord to one reviewer in an audiophile magazine).

The 1/2″ tape piece? That’s a total gimmick

Auntie Sabrina

If you visit BBC Radio 6’s website you can listen to tracks from Radioheads new album too…