Radiohead’s OK Computer box set is no longer exclusive to the band’s store

Radiohead / OK Computer OKNOTOK box set edition

Radiohead‘s forthcoming OK Computer box set – which was presumed to be exclusive to the band’s store – is now quite widely available.

The band had informed potential purchasers (via their site) that “the boxset is currently mail order only and may never appear in your local record store”. That may well still be technically true, but you can now order online via Amazon, HMV (in the UK) and JPC in Germany.

In all those retailers, the set is slightly more expensive than the £100 price tag via Radiohead’s shop, but despite this, there are some slight savings to be made. For example Amazon UK charge £3 to ship this box to the USA, even better than the already decent £10 being charged via the official store. Also, Amazon deduct VAT for those outside the EU, which immediately brings the price down to £100, matching Radiohead’s shop. Total cost to buy from Amazon in the UK and ship to USA is less than £104 (approximately $131).

As previously noted the box contains the 3LP vinyl edition – with album, three unreleased tracks and B-sides, all remastered. In addition, and exclusive to the set, is a “C90 cassette mix tape” compiled by the band, taken from OK Computer session archives and demo tapes. There are download codes inside the box for “everything”.

No CDs in this set, the vinyl comes housed in a hardcover book along with 40 pages of artwork and lyrics. You also get a 104-page notebook and a further 48-page sketchbook of artwork and notes.

This box looks as if it’s being released on 7 July 2017, although Radiohead still don’t get any more specific than “July 2017” on their own site. Other formats are listed below.

Box comprises:

Three 180gram black 12” vinyl containing 23 tracks: OK Computer, 3 previously unreleased studio tracks and 8 B-sides, all newly remastered. The vinyl is housed in a hardcover book along with 40 pages of artwork and lyrics.

104 page notebook and a further 48 page sketchbook of artwork and notes.

A C90 cassette mix tape compiled by the band, taken from OK Computer session archives and demo tapes.

Download codes inside the box for EVERYTHING.

Bonus material

1. “I Promise” (Previously unreleased)
2. “Man of War” (Previously unreleased)
3. “Lift” (Previously unreleased)
4. “Lull”
5. “Meeting in the Aisle”
6. “Melatonin”
7. “A Reminder”
8. “Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)”
9. “Pearly*”
10. “Palo Alto”
11. “How I Made My Millions”

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Miguel Rocha

Bit the proverbial bullet and bought the 2CD edition…my favourite detail is the “for details see elsewhere” stamped on the cds. I can feel the love.


Did it really take non-exclusivity for folks to start calling this exploitative? The boxed set is wildly overpriced, and the widely available new editions contain a measly three unreleased tracks with a “mixtape” of demo material confined to a cassette. Was that not already enough to call it a cash grab? I’m all for celebrating the anniversary and unearthing long-desired tracks, but if they really wanted to make this valuable and avoid the eye rolls, there were countless ways they could have done this better. Truthfully, not holding out much hope for what the eventual Kid A/Amnesiac reissues could contain based on the general stinginess-to-price ratio here.


I (stupidly) got sucked into ordering 2 of these boxed sets from WASTE. Given SDE’s revelation, I too decided to ask for my money back. I received this rather worrying reply from them :

“We can assure you that this product is currently only available on the official website,
please do get in touch if you still would like to cancel your order.

on behalf of the Customer Service team


In return, I sent him the link to Amazon’s identical product. Strangely, I haven’t heard back from him yet ;-)

Absolutely pathetic, disgraceful and a p*ss take exploitation


I love music and I like touch the music. But to buy with the only porpose to get something expensive… It’s a terrible mistake. When people bought let It be box set in 70’s they don’t buy It thinking they’ll have a collectors item. They bought It because It was a good edition, with a lovely book, a nice boxset… I bought this radiohead expensive set because I think is lovely, not because I could think that in a few years I’ll sell the item in eBay for 300£… Love music, kids! We love SDE because de love touch, see, feel and listen the music, not for to have an exclusive thing that we’ll sell in a few years.

Antoine VEIT

I ordered it on May 3rd thinking it was going to be a collector item (being exclusively sold on their website). Now I have the strange feeling of being fooled. I think I’m going to send an email to W.A.S.T.E. with a nice screenshot of the Boxed Edition page containing the statement “The boxset is currently mail order only and may never appear in your local record store.” and ask for a refund.

Antoine VEIT

Just to let you know, due to my email, they have cancelled my order and processed a refund.


Maybe buy records because you like the music, not because of the value you think it might amass later.


I’m not buying Vinyl, but looking at this as a neutral (well, as neutral as someone who owns this album two times before can be) I have to say they’ve overcharged here by 50%. I know people who buy Vinyl these days are into the colored pressings, and are willing to pay silly money for their music, but come on. Radiohead have turned what could have been a nice package into a waste of time. From innovators with the likes of retail of In Rainbows, to this…..

As for the cassette… it’s a wonderful ironic commentary on where the physical industry is going with Vinyl, but for it to include exclusive audio is just ridiculous.

Regardless, I have the last 3-disc box set, and won’t be buying the new versions even with the extra tracks.


I paid £60-ish for the spectacular Moon shaped pool vinyl set. I cannot see any justification for spending almost 70% more for a re-release (how much more will the re-mastering really reveal?) with a defunct cassette and a few extra tracks?!? If it was similar price point to AMSP I’d have been all in.

andrew r

How can it be ?You wait for a price drop it sells out and immediately
goes up in price(kinks box harrison apple years) You order like a sucker in advance from the bands site to offer support to their, “for the fan” concept . It then becomes widely available.
I give up!


What records selling for £89.99 plus £8 postage https://www.whatrecords.co.uk/items/77655.htm
I’ve used before and service is really good.


I have no use for vinyl or cassette. Worthless to me.

Andrew M

Massive Radiohead fan and OK Computer is probably my all time favourite album. But this set? It’s a joke.

Not ordered…..

Charles K.

The box set is content lite and full of filler for the price they are charging. The fact that there is no 5.1 mix included makes it worse. A three disc set with a 5.1 mix for $30 would have had my wallet wide open and they probably might have made more money. As this album wasn’t screaming for improvement via a remaster I’ll just keep my two disc sets from a few years back.

Auntie Sabrina

Looks like there could be a price drop sometime in the future then for those happy to wait and see…

Mr. K

What do we know about the blue vinyl at this stage? Has anything been revised in terms of how many will be pressed? Still available for order anywhere?


My local record store owner said he got 1/2 his requested stock.


“and may never appear in your local record store”

The key word in the statement on their website is “may”. Probably not shifting the volume they were hoping too on their website.