Raiders of the Lost Ark / 2LP vinyl

Concord Music will issue an expanded double vinyl edition of John Williams‘ classic score to Steven Spielberg’s 1981 film Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

This 2LP vinyl edition of the Academy Award nominated soundtrack echoes the 20o8 expanded CD and offers around 30 minutes of extended cues not on the original LP and new to the vinyl format.

This is presented as a gatefold vinyl package with original stills and artwork from the film (thankfully, it’s not called “Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark”!). It has been cut by engineer Bernie Grundman (who mastered the score for its original release) and pressed at RTI in California.

This vinyl edition of Raiders Of The Lost Ark Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released on 2 June 2017.

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John Williams London Symphony

Raiders of the Lost Ark - expanded 2LP vinyl


A1. In The Jungle
A2. The Idol Temple
A3. Escape From The Temple
A4. Flight From Peru
A5. Washington Men / Indy’s Home
A6. A Thought For Marion / To Nepal
A7. The Medallion
A8. Flight To Cairo

B1. The Basket Game
B2. Bad Dates
B3. The Map Room: Dawn
B4. Reunion In The Tent / Searching For The Well
B5. The Well Of The Souls

C1. Indy Rides The Statue
C2. The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing
C3. Desert Chase
C4. Marion’s Theme / The Crate

D1. The German Sub
D2. Ride To The Nazi Hideout
D3. Indy Follows The Ark
D4. The Miracle Of The Ark
D5. Washington Ending / Raiders March

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Chris Squires

Safely arrived from WowHD at a bargain price compared to what Amazon were initially asking. Excellent album…..

Peter Yarrow
Chris Squires

I switched my order from Amazon to Wow HD on your recommendation David. Saving £15… fingers crossed….

David Hughes

It’s £26.44 delivered to the UK from WowHD

Ive ordered hundreds from them (vinyl and Region A Blu rays) and never paid customs as they import in bulk then repost from the UK.

Chris Squires

Just spoken to my “dealer” and the cheapest he can get it for is £44, so in all reality it isn’t having a UK / European release and import (with associated taxes) is the only way…


I wonder if this has most of the cues as on the DCC version.

Marc Mac

I´d buy this in a second regardless of the price if i new it would include the complete desert Chase , but al i have been ablle to find out is that this is a reissue of the 2008 version wich had the edit , while the 1995 version had the complete version , hope to be proved wrong !!
As This is My Favorite film of all time.


rip off Britain…get Angela Rippon on the case!


Just look at those price differences…

elliott buckingham

for a minute before reading it fully I thought I was a reissue of raiders of the pop charts


Comes to something when it’s cheaper to order from Amazon.ca and have it shipped to the UK than it is to order from Amazon.co.uk


WTF is going on with the UK and DE prices??!?

Ben Williams

As usual, Amazon Uk price is satire or just complete madness.

Chris Squires

I guess it’s a US only import. The amazon listing has it down as “import”


Completely insane! Would love to preorder but at that price there’s no way.