Ram On: Tribute album features original Ram musicians and a host of talent

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Paul and Linda McCartney‘s Ram album from 1971 has been covered in its entirety by a collective of musicians lead by Denny Seiwell, the original drummer on the record (and Wings member from 1971-1973) and producer/multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo.

The album is called Ram On: The 50th Anniversary Tribute to Paul & Linda McCartney’s Ram and features all 12 tracks from the album, in order, plus a few bonus numbers at the end.

The idea for Ram On, was born in 2020 from a discussion between Fernando Perdomo and Denny Seiwell. The pair produced and play on the tribute album and are joined by original guitarist David Spinozza and Marvin Stamm (who played flugelhorn on ‘Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’). If you are wondering, Hugh McCracken, the other session guitarist on the original album, sadly died in 2013. Davey Johnstone (Elton John Band) and Will Lee (The Fab Faux) also play on the record which features contributions from over 100 musicians!

A ‘second generation’ of musicians contribute including Dave Depper (Death Cab For Cutie), Lauren Leigh, Cindy Wassermann and Frank Drennan (Dead Rock West) and multi-instrumentalist Timmy Sean. Each song has a guest vocalist including Brian Wilson’s daughter Carnie Wilson (Wilson Phillips), Dan Rothchild (Heart, Sheryl Crow) Pat Sansone (Wilco), Joey Santiago (Pixies), Eric Dover (Jellyfish, The Lickerish Quartet) and Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd, Blue Pearl).

I’ve been lucky enough to hear the whole album and it’s uncanny. It effortlessly captures the beauty, spirit and charm of Paul and Linda’s original. It’s wonderful listening out for all the little details that get recreated and I was grinning away. Of course, having some of the original players, especially Denny and David Spinozza, gives it a thick layer of authenticity and really elevates the whole thing; the production is incredible.

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And the vocalists do an amazing job. Having to match with Paul McCartney’s vocal range circa 1971 is no mean feat. I was deeply impressed with Dan Rothchild’s contributions, especially on ‘Heart of the Country’ and I think Linda would love Carnie Wilson singing her parts on ‘Long Haired Lady’.

As a massive fan of the original record, I was surprised to come away with a new found appreciation for the album, via Ram On. I already knew Ram inside out, and yet this tribute just feels so genuine; there’s so much passion and enthusiasm on show. It’s rather infectious.

Ram On is only available on CD, for now, although we hope the label might consider a vinyl edition at some point. It is released on 14 May 2021 via Spirit of Unicorn Music.

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Fenando Perdomo & Denny Seiwell

Ram On - CD



Ram On Various Artists / Features Fernando Perdomo, Denny Seiwell, David Spinozza et al

    • CD
      1. Too Many People feat Dan Rothchild
      2. 3 Legs feat The Dirty Diamond and Durga McBroom
      3. Ram On feat Pat Sansone
      4. Dear Boy feat Adrian Bourgeois
      5. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey feat Bebopalula
      6. Smile Away feat Timmy Sean
      7. Heart of the Country feat Dan Rothchild
      8. Monkberry Moon Delight feat Timmy Sean
      9. Eat At Home feat Dead Rock West
      10. Long Haired Lady feat Rob Bonfiglio and Carnie Wilson
      11. Ram On Reprise feat Pat Sansone
      12. Backseat of My Car feat Brentley Gore
      13. Another Day feat Gordon Michaels
      14. Oh Woman Oh Why feat Eric Dover and Lauren Leigh
      15. Too Many People (Slight Return)

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Ram on!


“Backseat of my Car” Cover is genius! Well done! Who is Brentley Gore?


Wonder what Percy Thrillington thinks about this?

Paul Wren

Tupping hell! Would I feel sheepish buying this? No, I would be happy to be shepherded towards acquiring a vinyl version in due course.


I first heard RAM in the mid 1970s… it has been near and dear to my heart ever since

Steve Benson

Not sure I see the point of faithful reproductions of the original tracks. More interesting to have different approaches as on some of the MOJO magazine CDs that covered whole albums in varying styles. They didn’t always come off but it was a more creative exercise.


Really enjoyed what I heard in the sampler video and would like to hear more. Ram has always been my favourite McCartney album although I thought some of the vocalising (Monkberry Moon Delight) & instrumental playing (Too Many People) were OTT and it had some awful lyrics (Smile Away) but despite this, it’s melodically wonderful. Will be re-visiting it over the weekend along with the Thrillington abum!

Do any posters old enough recall reading in one of the music papers (possibly NME) at the time of Ram’s 1971 release that a promo two LP version was produced with interview segments?

I find a lot of what I listen to is prompted by the articles I read on the SDE website Paul, keep up the great work!

Jim K

The only promo interview album I am aware of related to Ram is “Brung to Ewe By” which contained short introductions to each song on Ram. I have never seen it, never owned it…but you can find some info on the internet about it. I hope this helps!


CDM, there was a promotional lp entitled ‘Brung to Ewe By.’ It had a bunch of tracks and came accompanied with some flyers. I have a copy of it somewhere. Perhaps that is what you remember. But perhaps not. All the best.


Thanks Jim K and Reverend. This is probably what I remember…more than half a century ago! A difficult time for me, leaving school and going to Uni while still traumatised by The Beatles split and on going feud, LOL! Cheers.


I’ve known Fernando for a few years though the power pop and progressive rock scenes, and the man has ears and hands like few before him. His talents are truly astounding, and I’d recommend checking out anything his name is on. He was in the “house band” for the Echo in the Canyon documentary, as well.

Ken Evans

I’ve thought really hard about this and I think my very favorite piece of music anyone has ever created that RAM does it for me every single time is the last 60 seconds of Back Seat of My Car

Ian P

You are not the only one.
I was 11 or 12 when I got Ram, in real time. So it is very personal, even more than the Fabs. To me now the album as a whole is a joyous collage of all the fine offcuts Mr and Mrs had been coming up with in honeymoon mode, and the share is thrilling.
But then the album finale goes up a gear, a curtain being triumphantly drawn on the 60’s, a quick application of eyeliner in the mirror, and: Here we go, we are Lords of Radio so – new direction, step into the Glam Power Pop 70s.
And that energy sustained with gradually – and perhaps inevitably diminishing returns – through the Wings era and well into the decade.
And that sublime minute is the slingshot.


Even his own publicist doesn’t know who he is!


“Ram On” seems like a successful and gratifying attempt to capture the magic that made this Paul & Linda McCartney album so enchanting, and also my favourite McCartney album.

Based on the montage of songs I listened to in this posting, I must say I’m really impressed with the uncanny authentic sound of the production and vocal interpretations by guest artists that more than approximate Paul and Linda back in 1971. Love the cover art too! This to me is a much more interesting and satisfying tribute than the “McCartney III Imagined” project.


Beautifully and lovingly executed, by the sounds of it. Would I listen to it more than once over the original? I don’t think so. Would I go to a live performance with these players? Absolutely!!

tom m hans

Honestly, I thought all the RAM related posts were an Aprils’ Fools Joke, especially the Tribute Record. Guess it is not. I just do not see the appeal of a RAM tribute album by artists I hardly recognize – reminds me a bit of the Canadian Neil Young Tribute “Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute to Neil Young” which I played once and felt utterly underwhelmed. But that’s just me, maybe. Happy Easter! Keep that Easter Beagle hopping around.


Had to check the date on this one – the question arises WHY?

Bob McCartney

I look forward to diving into this. There is another “Ram Tribute” that I stumbled upon as a Tracy Bonham fan. It is very well done and upon multiple listens, holds up pretty well. It’s obvious that the musicians are having fun and hold the record in high esteem. (as do I!)

” In 2012, Danish rock singer/songwriter Tim Christensen, American singer/songwriters Mike Viola and Tracy Bonham, and Christensen’s solo band The Damn Crystals did a one-off tribute show, performing Ram in full length along with other post-Beatles songs at Vega in Copenhagen, in celebration of McCartney’s 70th birthday. Vega’s large concert hall, with a capacity of 1,500, was sold out. The concert was met with very positive reviews. In 2013 the concert was released as the DVD/CD and DVD/2-LP album Pure McCartney. In 2013, the collective held further performances playing McCartney songs.”


So a 1:1 copy…ok might as well listen to the real thing then…which is what I’m going to do ;-)

Mark H.

Glad to hear it sounds good. I thought it was probably just a sheep ripoff.



Paul Austin

50th RAMiversary?


I would love to hear A-ha do ‘Backseat Of My Car’.
Imagine Morten tearing into that one…

David Fisher

Blimey yet another Macca covers album!!! My brows were furrowed with consternation listening to the samples posted above for the first two minutes and then I broke into a board smile – my miserable old sod prejudice to dislike anything new evaporated – this sounds absolutely brilliant! Kind of pointless, but brilliant nevertheless…

Being one of my all-time favourite albums I feel a bit protective over it – any old bunch of herberts (and I play in a casual Fabs and solo Fabs covers’ project band so count myself as a herbert) can make a new and inferior version of a masterpiece but the attention to detail here is astonishing. Spot on in instrumentation, arrangement and, the deal clincher, in sunny attitude.

If and when we are allowed to go to gigs it would be great if they took this on the road. I’d be there. I’ll certainly be picking this up and spreading the word among my Beatle brothers. (I’m not being sexist there – I just don’t happen to know any women really into The Beatles!)

Colin Harper

You don’t know any women really into the Beatles? My pal Carol From Luton will be aghast when she reads this! :-D

Brianna Lily Harrison

I am both a girl and very into the Beatles! I actually began learning guitar by playing Day Tripper, Hey Bulldog, Get Back, Birthday, Revolution etc.

Mike the Fish

Mixed feelings about this but Long Haired Lady was a highlight for me in the preview clip.

Colin Harper

There was an amusing line in the PR mail out for this album:

‘The album features 100 musicians – all huge fans of RAM and some not well known…’

And then:

‘Denny Seidel and Fernando Perdomo are available for interview…’

Clearly, not even Denny Seiwell is ‘well known’ :-)

David Goldsworthy

@Colin Harper – as you have even pointed out yourself, it clearly says “some not well known” not “all not well known”.

Colin Harper

To my mind, it’s an unnecessary own goal in a PR sheet to use the phrase ‘some not well known’. To misspell the main man’s name, though, is sharp-intake-of-breath stuff. Poor old Den…