Ramones / 40th Anniversary Deluxe

Ramones / 40th anniversary deluxe edition

Warners/Rhino will mark the recent 40th anniversary of the Ramones 1976 self-titled debut with a four-disc deluxe edition, due in July.

The “Greatest Punk Album Of All Time” (to use the words of Rolling Stone) is brief – it only runs for 29 minutes – but its impact was enormous both in terms of the early punk scene on both sides of the Atlantic and in subsequent decades for countless other artists.

This new deluxe edition features on disc one, the stereo mix and a previously unreleased mono mix of the album, newly remastered by original album producer Craig Leon, who recalls, “We had an idea to record at Abbey Road and do both a mono and stereo version of the album, which was unheard of at the time. I’m thrilled that now, 40 years later, we followed through on that original idea.”

The anniversary edition’s second disc spotlights single mixes, outtakes, and demos. Of the 18 tracks selected, eight of them have never been released, including demos for I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, 53rd and 3rd, and Loudmouth.

The third and final CD captures the band performing two full sets live at The Roxy in West Hollywood on August 12, 1976,  with the evening’s second set making its debut here. The set is completed by the unheard mono mix pressed onto a vinyl LP.

This set comes packaged in a 12″ x 12″ hardcover book which features production notes about the recording of the album by producer Craig Leon, an essay looking back on the Ramones’ early days by journalist Mitchell Cohen, along with additional pictures taken by Roberta Bayley, who took the iconic album cover photo. With a nod to the year of release, this Ramones deluxe is a ‘limited edition’ of 19,760 individually numbered copies.

Ramones: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will be released on 29 July 2016. As you will see below, Amazon UK has priced this very competitively. With the helpful VAT deduction, US fans can buy from Amazon UK for about $44 + shipping.

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Disc One: Original Album
Stereo Version
1. “Blitzkrieg Bop”
2. “Beat On The Brat”
3. “Judy Is A Punk”
4. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”
5. “Chain Saw”
6. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”
7. “I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement”
8. “Loudmouth”
9. “Havana Affair”
10. “Listen To My Heart”
11. “53rd & 3rd”
12. “Let’s Dance”
13. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You”
14. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World”

40th Anniversary Mono Mix
15. “Blitzkrieg Bop”*
16. “Beat On The Brat”*
17. “Judy Is A Punk”*
18. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”*
19. “Chain Saw”*
20. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”*
21. “I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement”*
22. “Loudmouth”*
23. “Havana Affair”*
24. “Listen To My Heart”*
25. “53rd & 3rd”*
26. “Let’s Dance”*
27. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You”*
28. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World”*

Disc Two: Single Mixes, Outtakes, and Demos
1. “Blitzkrieg Bop” (Original Stereo Single Version)
2. “Blitzkrieg Bop” (Original Mono Single Version)
3. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (Original Stereo Single Version)
4. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (Original Mono Single Version)
5. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World” (Original Uncensored Vocals)*
6. “I Don’t Care” (Demo)
7. “53rd & 3rd” (Demo)*
8. “Loudmouth” (Demo)*
9. “Chain Saw” (Demo)*
10. “You Never Should Have Opened That Door” (Demo)
11. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (Demo)*
12. “I Can’t Be” (Demo)
13. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World” (Demo)*
14. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You” (Demo)*
15. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” (Demo)
16. “I Don’t Wanna Be Learned/I Don’t Wanna Be Tamed” (Demo)
17. “You’re Gonna Kill That Girl” (Demo)*
18. “What’s Your Name” (Demo)

Disc Three: Live at The Roxy (8/12/76)
Set One
1. “Loudmouth”
2. “Beat On The Brat”
3. “Blitzkrieg Bop”
4. “I Remember You”
5. “Glad To See You Go”
6. “Chain Saw”
7. “53rd & 3rd”
8. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”
9. “Havana Affair”
10. “Listen To My Heart”
11. “California Sun”
12. “Judy Is A Punk”
13. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You”
14. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World”
15. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”
16. “Let’s Dance”
Set Two
17. “Loudmouth”*
18. “Beat On The Brat”*
19. “Blitzkrieg Bop”*
20. “I Remember You”*
21. “Glad To See You Go”*
22. “Chain Saw”*
23. “53rd & 3rd”*
24. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”*
25. “Havana Affair”*
26. “Listen To My Heart”*
27. “California Sun”*
28. “Judy Is A Punk”*
29. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You”*
30. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World”*
31. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”*
32. “Let’s Dance”*

40th Anniversary Mono Mix
LP Track Listing
1. “Blitzkrieg Bop”*
2. “Beat On The Brat”*
3. “Judy Is A Punk”*
4. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”*
5. “Chain Saw”*
6. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”*
7. “I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement”*
8. “Loudmouth”*
9. “Havana Affair”*
10. “Listen To My Heart”*
11. “53rd & 3rd”*
12. “Let’s Dance”*
13. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You”*
14. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World”*

* Previously Unreleased

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[…] edition of the Ramones 1977 album Leave Home next month, which, as with last year’s reissue of the band’s self-titled debut, will offer rare and unreleased content across three CDs and a vinyl LP. The first CD in this new […]


Just noticed on Amazon (US) that there will also be a single-disc 40th Anniversary version released on the same day. Anyone know if it will include the new mono mix?


Enrico G.

Now expected 14-16 Sept. :-((((


Thanks for the heads up. There is a great interview with Craig in Bomb Magazine where he says that there was a mono mix in 1976. I looked through my old 45s & sure enough, there were a bunch that were mono/stereo singles on Sire.

Charles Hodgson

As I understand it, this is a proper Mono mix from the master tapes (by Craig Leon I think). It’s a brand new mix, but also a recreation of their original vision of the album. They wanted Mono in 1976, but Sire refused as it was considered ‘outmoded’, and insisted on Stereo. So, NOT a simple foldown.


Ha, thanks Paul. I’ve had a look and there are so many choices it’s difficult to know where to begin! They all look a bit “chintzy” in comparison to the players of old I remember when I first started listening to music as a youngster in the late 70’s, but that probably isn’t an actual sign of quality these days. All the clear lid closures just seem so cheap and flimsy, I guess I need to start reading some reviews and figuring out the price point I need to hit to get a decent but not too high end player for my needs. Any suggestions for decent entry-to-mid level model players would be appreciated. It will happen… eventually. ;)


Yes, thanks for the heads up on this, just in case the price increases. Such an iconic album, I always wanted to own the vinyl (even though I don’t have a record player) just so I could slap it in a frame and stare at it in my music room. I’ll eventually get around to picking up a player, so understand people’s frustrations with having to buy vinyl to get the CD releases as I’m usually in that boat, and now have a stack of “vinyl only” releases, just so I could get the digital download code. The increasing stack is definitely leading me into the eventual purchase of a player, if only for the nostalgia of the experience of spinning an LP and blowing my 6-year-0ld’s mind, ha-ha. I think the mono mix will sound great as I was never a big fan of instrument separation (though it did come in handy for this release when I was first learning to play bass). Such an amazing album, if I get around to picking up the record player I may even need to add the stereo version to my LP stack. :)

Paul Wren

Hey Dave, get out and buy that turntable, especially as there are now so man brand new, lovely quality ones to buy at budget prices!


Ramones turntable even

Billy Dojcak

This is a great beginners bass album. I own several turntables (11 so far) and I highly recommend every music fan owning at least one. I had a pile of download codes that I gave to my brother. Some records used to come with a cd version, but I don’t see that much anymore. Some records just come with a record so I buy the cd as well. As for mono, I usually listen to the mono versions of the Beatles albums. What a difference.


Great deal here. A true Mono mix would be very interesting. Hopefully this is not a fold down. For those not familiar with Mono copy past this link to get a quick overview




Ordered! Thrilled for the MONO mix on vinyl, thanks Paul!!

Enrico G.

Someone interested in my vynil copy???
Just kidding, of course…

Charles Hodgson

A must buy for me. (If a third purchase of the same record can really be considered essential – and I say it can.) Love that first album. The mono version should be great ; that was the way they wanted to release it originally. The label stepped on that. I imagine it’ll be even more powerful, if that is possible. I don’t think we’re talking a potential abomination like Iggy’s Raw Power remix here.

BTW, anybody who loves da brudders should deffo catch Shonen Knife (the Osaka Ramones!) when they come to their town. A shame they’ve just been through the UK, rendering my plug a little more pointless than it needed to be, but seriously I saw the Ramones live a coupla times in the ’80’s and the Knife pull off that roar/rumble with super-catchy songs thing perfectly and are even more fun live. They don’t hate each other for one thing. Heh!

Billy Dojcak

This will be my forth. I have the first US lp pressing, the version on All the Stuff Vol. 1 cd (which sounds terrible) and the 2001 remaster. Looking forward to the mono mix for something different. I do agree the vinyl shoulfd be sold separately. As for the live stuff and demos, not a fan.

Charlie Waffles

I clicked on the Amazon USA link, which states the prices as 54.71, and a new window opens up and the price is 79.00? Am I missing something? I clicked on the Amazon UK link and I get the price in UK currency. How can I get the Amazon UK link to show me the USA price?

Robert Fitzpatrick

thanks just cancelled my Amazon US And gone to uk! hope the Adam Ant box drops in price.

South Perth Spurs

Can anyone confirm what is meant by ‘Mono’ mix? Is it a discreet mix, as The Beatles would have made or simply a ‘fold-down’ of the existing stereo mix? If it’s the latter, we are being asked to pay a lot of money for something we can do at home at the press of a button.

cretin bopper

>> South Perth Spurs

Brand new dedicated mono mix, no fold-down

The story is this: At the time, the Ramones had wanted to make both a Stereo & a Mono mix but this was considered impractical. However Craig Leon (producer) had made extensive notes for a mono mix and although the idea was shelved at the time, 40 years later it’s now possible for him to do on account of the detail of his original notes.

Another commenter posted something like “Awesome. There’s no better way to make money than create inferior-sounding mono versions!” which is a typically childish thing to say on forums such as this.

The truth is the better mix is the better mix, regardless of whether its stereo or mono. In the case of the ’60s, mono tended to be better because it was an established format & thus engineers knew how to master in mono. Stereo was too new to be much good, both in terms of engineer expertise & also end-user equipment (teenagers didn’t have stereos then).

The “Ramones” mono mix is a different story though since it’s from the stereo era but I believe it is likely to capture the original musical intent far better than the stereo mix simply because Punk generally was not a “stereo music”.

There were some demos from the mid-seventies that did come out in mono so there is evidence of their existence at the time. Look on youtube for the mono cut of Blitzkrieg Bop. It’s definitely got more of a pounding quality that, like I said earlier, seems more appropriate to the music.

craig leon

It is indeed mono as “the Beatles would have made it”. It was done at Abbey Road with the overall mono compressor that the Beatles used on their mixes. It is NOT a fold down. I wouldn’t do that.


Awesome. There’s no better way to make money than create inferior-sounding mono versions!


Personally looking forward to the mono versions. It more closely approximates how they actually played back then (on shoebox stages). Mono is as appropriate for The Ramones as 5.1 surround is for many other groups. When it comes to The Ramones, why shouldn’t both speakers (and ears) bleed equally? :)

Bruce Nicholson

I too don’t get this dislike of vinyl and CD bundling. Personally I would be very happy to see this entire SDE issued on vinyl, but equally I dont mind the CDs. If you don’t want the vinyl, just don’t buy it.


Simple, it just increases the price for an item some (many?) people don’t want. It would be dead simple to release such items as 2 seperate ones. Vinyl lovers could go for the vinyl alone, cd lovers could go for the cd-set only. The completist gets them both. It is just an argument for the industry to increase the price of such releases when they could easily be done seperately and force everyone to pay the higher price.


Brian, the demo of Boyfriend is unreleased. It’s an earlier one than the Marty Thau version that is on the previous set.

In fact, there’s also an earlier version of Judy & a version of Basement from this same early session. I was hoping they would include all 15 songs from this session but no.
Oh well, lots of other cool stuff included!


Thanks for that clarification, Richard. Hadn’t realized. So I guess that makes TWO tracks unused from the 2001 reissue.

As for the other content, I gotta say, the idea of including both Roxy sets seems a bit silly to me, considering they have identical set lists. How different could the sets possibly be?


…only wish Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee were alive to celebrate its anniversary

Jesse Light

And Tommy, the last original who died 2 years ago.


MattS – you entirely miss the point. Selling it is all well and good, but why be forced to buy it in the first place. It’s like going into Mc Donalds and asking for a Big Mac, and being forced to have a salad as well.


I’m pretty sure no one here is being forced into buying anything , I fully understand that some buyers don’t want the vinyl but that is the current trend so if you don’t want it don’t buy it

Matt S

Another day, another bunch of people complaining about vinyl being included. If you don’t want it, sell it. I’m certain there have to be some folks that will only be interested in the vinyl.

Paul Kent

To be fair, Matt, it’s something that is discussed regularly on SDE. When the same thing was brought up on the Fleetwood Mac “Mirage” post it seemed everyone was in agreement that it’s a frustrating practice. Opinion seems to jump from post to post. I’m not saying something that hasn’t been said before. I would love to get this but the vinyl is just dressing for me. I’m sure there are vinyl buyers who think the same about the CDs. If they separated the formats I’m sure they would sell a hell of a lot more. Just saying.

David Bourgoin

Ordered. What a fantastic bargain.
Thanks for the heads up Paul.

Paul Kent

Another day, another unfathomable vinyl/CD bundle!

Steven Mclaren

All sounds good but why be obliged to take the vinyl? There seems to be no alternative to paying more for something that will simply not be used and I would never break the set up. It does sound great though.


Correction: Not true that the demo for “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” has never been released. It is track 15 on the 2001 Rhino reissue of this album.

I am annoyed that one bonus track from that 2001 edition — the demo of “Judy Is a Punk” — will not be included in the new one. Would it have killed them to include everything so that us obsessives types (i.e., the target audience for this sort of release) can simply replace the old with the new?


My thoughts exactly — it can’t be for lack of space, and that is my favorite of the demos on the 2001 version. Perhaps they were trying not to make that version completely obsolete on purpose?

One other thought — I really, really hope this isn’t brickwalled…


Let me list the problems with this release:


£33.55 GBP/$48.63 USD for the Ramones: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition from Amazon UK including shipping to the USA. Thanks, SuperDeluxeEdition!


Fantastic! I was just about to pull the trigger on a bootleg of those demo tracks. Hopeful that some money will actually go to the families.


$48 shipped to the US from Amazon uk


Sounds like a great set, I’m in for one. Every SDE should be this comprehensive, offer as much new stuff, be as reasonably priced as this one. Moreover, Joey would be proud that it does not have a usb lightbulb, marbles, chalk, or any other b.s., just lots of R&R.

John Murray

Bought this on its release day aged 16! Loved the way Johnny’s guitar blasted out of one speaker and Dee Dee’s bass out of the other, with vocals and drums in the centre. I may have to go for this set purely for nostalgia reasons….


Ordered at a great price and also picked up the Simple Minds New Gold Dream SDE and vinyl – hurrah – happy err well happy me

Paolo Meccano

Now, *that’s* how to do an SDE! Everything you could possibly want (and more!), at a reasonable price (even with the superfluous foot-wide slab of scratchy plastic…).

eric slangen

Thanks, just bought the superdeluxe at amazon.uk


Ordered! The Ramones site has it for sale at $66 and thats not including postage.


Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!

Enrico G.

Pre-ordered on Amazon.it!
What a faboulous gift for my 50th b’day!

Kevin Farrow

da brudders…… ordered!


One. too, tree, faw …. done! Thanks Paul.