Ramones / Rocket to Russia 40th anniversary super deluxe edition box

Rhino will continue their Ramones archive releases with a 40th anniversary super deluxe edition of the band’s third album, Rocket to Russia.

The 1977 album is reissued as a 3CD+LP set and features two mixes of the album: a remastered version of the original and a new 40th Anniversary ‘Tracking Mix’ by original Rocket To Russia engineer/mixer Ed Stasium. The latter provides a ‘back-to-basics’ version of the album, and has a different track listing from the 1977 original. Stasium explains things in the sleeve notes: “When putting together this new Tracking Mix, I decided to include the versions of ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘It’s A Long Way Back to Germany,’ since they were recorded during the Rocket To Russia sessions at Mediasound, and are completely different takes that have never been heard before. Sheena has been omitted, as it was recorded in a totally different session a few months prior, in-between the Leave Home and Rocket To Russia albums.” Both of these are squeezed onto the first CD.

The second CD contains 24 rare and unreleased recordings including rough mixes from sessions at Mediasound and The Power Station. There’s also an early version of Needles And Pins (with Tommy on drums), the B-side single mix of Babysitter, an alternate version of It’s A Long Way Back To Germany with Dee Dee on vocals and more.

The final CD includes a complete unreleased concert included on the third disc. The gig is from 19 Dember 1977 at the Apollo Centre in Glasgow, Scotland. This has been newly mixed from the multi-track tapes by Ed Stasium.

The fourth disc is a vinyl LP which actually features the tracking mix, not the original album.

As with previous sets this comes packaged in a 12″ x 12″ hardcover book and will be limited to 15,000 copies. The pages in the book feature stories about the band by Sire Records founder Seymour Stein, details about making the album by Stasium, and extensive liner notes by Jaan Uhelszki.

The Rocket to Russia 40th anniversary super deluxe edition will be issued on 24 November 2017. A remastered single CD edition will also be available.

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Rocket to Russia - super deluxe box


Compare prices and pre-order


Rocket to Russia - remastered CD


Disc One: Original Album
Remastered Original Mixes
1. “Cretin Hop”
2. “Rockaway Beach”
3. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”
4. “Locket Love”
5. “I Don’t Care”
6. “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”
7. “We’re A Happy Family”
8. “Teenage Lobotomy”
9. “Do You Wanna Dance?”
10. “I Wanna Be Well”
11. “I Can’t Give You Anything”
12. “Ramona”
13. “Surfin’ Bird”
14. “Why Is It Always This Way?”
40th Anniversary Tracking Mix
15. “Cretin Hop”
16. “Rockaway Beach”
17. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”
18. “Locket Love”
19. “I Don’t Care” – Version 2
20. “It’s A Long Way Back To Germany” – Version 1
21. “We’re A Happy Family”
22. “Teenage Lobotomy”
23. “Do You Wanna Dance?”
24. “I Wanna Be Well”
25. “I Can’t Give You Anything”
26. “Ramona”
27. “Surfin’ Bird”
28. “Why Is It Always This Way?”

Disc Two: Bonus Material
Mediasound/Power Station Rough Mixes
1. “Why Is It Always This Way?” – Mediasound Rough, Alternate Lyrics *
2. “Rockaway Beach” – Power Station Rough *
3. “I Wanna Be Well” – Power Station Rough *
4. “Locket Love” – Power Station Rough *
5. “I Can’t Give You Anything” – Power Station Rough *
6. “Cretin Hop” – Power Station Rough *
7. “Happy Family” – Power Station Rough *
8. “Ramona” – Mediasound Rough, Alternate Lyrics *
9. “Do You Wanna Dance?” – Mediasound Rough *
10. “Teenage Lobotomy” – Mediasound Rough *
11. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” – Mediasound Rough *
12. “I Don’t Care” – Version 2, Mediasound Rough *
40th Anniversary Extras
13. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” – Acoustic Version *
14. “It’s A Long Way Back To Germany” – Version 1-Dee Dee Vocal *
15. “Ramona” – Sweet Little Ramona Pop Mix *
16. “Surfin’ Bird” – Alternate Vocal *
17. “Teenage Lobotomy” – Backing Track *
18. “We’re A Happy Family” – At Home With The Family *
19. “Cretin Hop” – Backing Track *
20. “Needles And Pins” – Demo Version *
21. “Babysitter” – B-Side Version
22. “It’s A Long Way Back To Germany” – B-Side Version
23. Joey RTR Radio Spot Promo *
24. “We’re A Happy Family” – Joey & Dee Dee Dialogue *

Disc Three: Live at Apollo Centre, Glasgow, Scotland (December 19, 1977)
1. “Rockaway Beach” *
2. “Teenage Lobotomy” *
3. “Blitzkrieg Bop” *
4. “I Wanna Be Well” *
5. “Glad To See You Go” *
6. “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment” *
7. “You’re Gonna Kill That Girl” *
8. “I Don’t Care” *
9. “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” *
10. “Carbona Not Glue” *
11. “Commando” *
12. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” *
13. “Surfin’ Bird” *
14. “Cretin Hop” *
15. “Listen To My Heart” *
16. “California Sun” *
17. “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You” *
18. “Pinhead” *
19. “Do You Wanna Dance?” *
20. “Chain Saw” *
21. “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World” *
22. “Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy” *
23. “Judy Is A Punk” *
24. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” *
25. “We’re A Happy Family” *

LP: 40th Anniversary Tracking Mix
Side One
1.Cretin Hop”
2. “Rockaway Beach”
3. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”
4. “Locket Love”
5. “I Don’t Care” – Version 2
6. “It’s A Long Way Back To Germany” – Version 1
7. “We’re A Happy Family”

Side Two

1. “Teenage Lobotomy”
3. “Do You Wanna Dance?”
4. “I Wanna Be Well”
5. “I Can’t Give You Anything”
7.”Surfin’ Bird”
8. “Why Is It Always This Way?”

* Previously Unreleased

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Yet another great example of a SDE and the others were sweet. Pre-ordered

Nass Khan

I have enjoyed the other two boxsets so yes hopefully obtain one.

Nass Khan

Hi folks

I bought this today. Sound quality excellent & the vinyl is not useless to me.

mariah carey

laurance davis, roxette opened for me twice in europe and the audience was totally bored.they had to be replaced with a local group.


I’m waiting for a decent issue of It’s Alive without the gaps where each original side of vinyl ended and with the track breaks in more sensible places. Fingers crossed that’ll be next.

Larry Davis

No “Road To Ruin” (1978) is next in line…”It’s Alive” is from 1979, as is the soundtrack to “Rock & Roll High School”… Those will follow “Road To Ruin”…wonder what will happen with those??

Larry Davis

Still need to get “Leave Home” first…don’t want to buy em out of order…the complaints are silly…the vinyl is NOT the original album, no that Sheena is not on it is exactly the point…it’s on CD1 and if you want R2R remastered on vinyl, it is available separately… My question is if they are doing these sets for ALL the Ramones albums or just, like, the first 5 or all just the Sire ones?? I’d like to know so i know what to rebuy if any…i had all the remasters up thru “Adios” and sold em once these sets started coming out last year…i have no problem with mixed formats like included vinyl, none whatsoever…perfect example, Swedish powerpop mastermind Per Gessle, the male half of Roxette…his demos are legendary for sounding like finished kickass 1 man band records, and a boxset came out in 2015/2016 of these demos as a 10CD and 1LP set called “Per Gessle Archive”… Waiting for the price to drop below $80…its around $92 now…


Yep – it’s a stupid trend to make people pay for what they don’t want. I won’t buy this in protest, I’m sick and tired of this nonsense. STOP MAKING ME PAY FOR FORMATS I DON’T WANT.


Same again, im interested on the cds, for me a vinyl is useless so not buying it.


Why do they keep on mixing formats? I would really like to have these CD’s, but to get them I have to buy a vinyl which I’m not at all interested in.

Charlie Waffles

Sheena is a Punk Rocker is a classic track. Shame on you, Rhino, for omitting it off the vinyl.

Brian Stanley

Is the early version of “Needles and Pins” actually a previously unreleased track or is it the same one from the 2001 reissue ?


I wanna see the Venn diagram of people 1) complaining that the vinyl doesn’t have Sheena, missing the point that the LP here is an alternate sequence versus 2) those complaining that they’d never buy this because it contains vinyl.


Totally awesome news! I’m going to have to hang in Rockaway Beach (for real). And turn it up to 11!

Enrico G.

(Pre-)ordered, as usual.


What a great package. I envy the Ramones fans getting this. Just a shame their music does nothing for me; no 15 minute Rick Wakeman solo, no deal.


They certainly are tripling-down with the ‘vinyl-inclusion’ format.


It is annoying to get the vinyl that I’ll never use, but I don’t mind it so much when it at least doesn’t seem ot be coming at a huge premium. This seems to be in line with the price that you’d normally pay for a 3 disc SDE, more or less, so I’ll just think of the vinyl like a sticker sheet–it’s there, I don’t care, but I’ll survive.


I agree with AFGreenwood
I would NEVER buy a vinyl copy of Rocket to Russia with Sheena is a Punk Rocker missing!!!!
…that being said, it is the Ramones BEST album, so how can you say “NO”?
Good thing I kept all my Ramones vinyl from the 70’s.

I’ll have to warn the neighbors when I receive delivery of this set.
Long Live Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy in our hearts.


That’s much sooner than expected. The “Leave Home” SDE was only released a few months ago. I’m a bit confused by “Tracking Mix”. Never seen that term before in all my SDE buying and reading. It’s a “back to basics version”. What does that mean, a remix of the album sort of like Visconti did with Bowie’s Lodger?

Mark Hagen

Well, that’s what happened in 1977! “Leave Home” in the spring, “Rocket To Russia” in the autumn…

I was at the Apollo gig – never ever called the Apollo Centre! – and it was fantastic, the band at their absolute peak; The Rezillos suppported as well.

Pogo Pope

I don’t know much about the technicals but with Leave Home the ‘Tracking Mix’ was really just ‘rough’ mixes. So lacking overdubs, back-up vox in most cases etc.

Sort of ‘Leave Home Naked’

Reading the liners it was interesting to see that even a band that appears as no-frills as early Ramones still have a fair bit of overdubs etc.

The ‘Tracking Mix’ of Leave Home was interesting to me because you really just get to hear Johnny go to town.


Both albums were released within months of each other in 1977 so the label are simply releasing these virtually exactly 40 years later!


This isn’t Ramones related but I am curious as to why you haven’t mentioned the upcoming deluxe editions of Wilco’s 1st two albums,A.M. and Being There…..


How on Earth Can You Re-Issue This Superb Album With Sheena is a Punk Rocker Missing off the Vinyl LP????!


As usual I would buy this if it was CD only as the stuff is great. As per the first two albums (and this is my favourite on the three), I will not be bothering buying them as I still have the vinyl from 1977 and wouldn’t buy it even if I didn’t.
Hopefully in a few years the CD only Ramones SDEs will come out and I’ll get them then.

ps: I would NEVER buy a vinyl copy of Rocket to Russia with Sheena is a Punk Rocker missing!!!!

Pogo Pope

Generally would agree with you but the Ramones ‘Big Four’ are literally the only records out there I would pay for this kind of package even with the record which I’ll probably rarely spin.

Have really enjoyed the new mixes and bonus tracks.

To be honest, have been thinking that once I get the turntable set back-up properly I’m going to have one of my friends who is as a big as fan as me over, have some good scotch, and do first-time needle drops on the provided records.

Would probably think twice though if I had vinyl copies of them though which at this point I no longer do.

Stevie B

As a Glaswegian I’ve never heard of it referred to as ‘The Apollo Centre’ just ‘The Apollo’. The management team for the Ramones have subsequently said the Apollo was the Ramones’ favourite venue.

Scott G

Agree Stevie, it was always referred to locally as “The Apollo”. I think officially it was ‘The Apollo Theatre’ as I do remember going to see the Boomtown Rats and the ticket referred to “The Apollo Theatre, Glasgow”.


It was the Apollo Theatre, and I was lucky enough to be there the night they recorded this. Don’t know if anyone knew this was being recorded at the time?! Can’t wait to hear it!!


I’m getting this one as it’s my favorite release by them. Can anyone tell me how well the remastering was done for the first two? I was going to pick up the single disc versions but don’t know if they’re any better than the previous round.

Stevie B

I have the first two remastered single CDs and to my ears (admittedly assaulted by decades of loud and fast music) they sound superb. Again, I’ll stick with the single CD of this one.

Hope this helps. (The non-Glaswegian Stevie B)


Thank you Stevie B! Appreciate the opinion.


This may or may not be a stupid question, but is the single disc edition just the remastered version of the original album, or is it the first disc of the box, which includes the tracking mixed as well?


Just the original album remastered and nothing more, as I understand – as was the case with the single disc versions of the first two.


Thanks. I figured that would be the case, but thought I would ask just in case. Part of me wondered if they would just issue it as the first disc of the full pack because it would b easier to manufacture more of the disc that was already set than to have a different disc with just the remaster, but it also makes sense to keep as much material as possible exclusive to the SDE.


The tracking mix version is only available on the vinyl of the new box set the single disc is the release of disc one from the box set


Also meant to add I’m getting the box set love Ramones big time got the first 2 box sets awesome they are and can’t wait for this there best album by a mile also means a lot to me I got it when it was first released and saw them live many many times at one point I had Dee Dee’s comb he gave me it at Newcastle train station they were heading to London to do top of the pops baby I love you but my friend stopped me from jumping on train I was besotted with them even dressed the same …they were happy days for sure

Salv 77

I have the UK and Japanese vinyl/cd versions of Ramones and the UK (and to my knowledge the only release) vinyl/cd of Leave Home…..i highly recommend all 3!
I used to be against the remixing/reinventing of established releases but the new mono mix of Ramones totally blew me away. It’s acceptable if the engineers involved in the original releases are on board!