Rare Paul McCartney white label given official release on 12-inch vinyl


It was probably as inevitable as death and taxes that the ‘mysterious’ white label that contained remixes of Paul McCartney and WingsNineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five, which we told you about back at the end of March, has now been given an official release, complete with new artwork.

The remixes of the Band on the Run album track were revealed to have been fully sanctioned by McCartney and created by Timon Maas and James Teej.

The song was never called “1985” but they’ve put that on the new cover anyway. The new 12-inch has the same two tracks as the white label (‘Remix’ and ‘Club Mix’) and the artist is snappily credited to “Paul McCartney & Wings vs Timo Maas & James Teej”. According to the track listing on Amazon UK, this official release also includes a ‘radio edit’ of the remix, although this is not 100 percent confirmed. Incidentally, all three versions are also available digitally, although none of them are available on CD.

This 12-inch vinyl release will obviously allow the many Macca fans out there a chance to own this, which is of course a good thing.

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five is issued officially on 27 May 2016, or the following week in some areas. Pure McCartney follows on 10 June.

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[…] Rare Paul McCartney white label given official release on 12-inch vinyl […]


There are CD promo copies on eBay but beware – one of the sellers of it presently is notorious for selling homemade knock offs on eBay and Discogs.


Thanks for the heads up Paul !

My first order through jpc, will give feedback !



No CD version no sale as far as I am concerned. Shame the timing appears to be wrong and it couldn’t have been included on Pure as a sort of ‘new’ bonus track.

Gary Russell

Is it just me or has the DL version of the radio edit (got mine from Amazon UK) got vinyl pop/crackle all the way through it? At first I thought this might be something deliberate, but I’m pretty certain on further listening it isn’t. Surely Amazon haven’t just made their DL version by ripping a pretty ropey vinyl version?


Amazon uk lists tracks as Original, Radio Edit & Club Mix. Also why is Amazon UK Always more expensive than other sites to start with, then the price comes nearer to release date?

Ken Moore

Andrew Mogford,

Amazon US says 4 CD Deluxe of Pure McCartney is due to be released on June 10th.

Kevin Farrow

Absolute garbage. Classic tune ruined by a couple of useless nobody’s with a drum machine.


This. Just listen to the amazon sample.

Wayne Klein

Great song that I’ve always felt was the secret weapon on BOTR. Not so sure about the remixes though but interesting idea.

Andrew Mogford

Paul do you know anything about the 4 CD box set CD collection of Pure McCartney?

Amazon UK say it’s not available and they don’t know when it will be. Was it a limited edition?

Ken Moore

Amazon US says 4 CD Deluxe of Pure McCartney is due to be released on June 10th.

adam shaw

My local record shop says that theres only 2000 available ?
Any news on that Paul ?


Any release date yet for “Flowers in the Dirt”?


Just hope this will be a better pressing than the white label!


The 12 inch contains:
1. Paul McCartney & Wings Vs. Timo Maas & James Teej Remix Radio Edit (2:45)
2. Paul McCartney & Wings Vs. Timo Maas & James Teej Remix (6:01)
3. Paul McCartney & Wings Vs. Timo Maas & James Teej Club Mix (5:06)

Dave H

All 3 tracks are available as an MP3 download single at Amazon UK though it’s probably 256kbps and not 320kbps.