Remixed & Expanded: The Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl due in Sep

1977 live album reboot to tie in with Ron Howard doc

Apple Corps Ltd. and Universal Music Group will release an expanded and newly remixed version of The Beatles 1977 live album The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl this September…

The Beatles: Live At The Hollywood Bowl is effectively an entirely new release, directly sourced from the original three track tapes of the concerts. Producer Giles Martin and engineer Sam Okell have remixed and mastered the recordings at Abbey Road Studios, including the thirteen tracks from the original album produced by George Martin, plus four additional, previously unreleased recordings from the concerts.

Giles explains:

“A few years ago Capitol Studios called saying they’d discovered some Hollywood Bowl three track tapes in their archive. We transferred them and noticed an improvement over the tapes we’ve kept in the London archive. Alongside this I’d been working for some time with a team headed by technical engineer James Clarke on demix technology, the ability to remove and separate sounds from a single track.

With Sam Okell, I started work on remixing the Hollywood Bowl tapes. Technology has moved on since my father worked on the material all those years ago. Now there’s improved clarity, and so the immediacy and visceral excitement can be heard like never before. What we hear now is the raw energy of four lads playing together to a crowd that loved them. This is the closest you can get to being at the Hollywood Bowl at the height of Beatlemania. We hope you enjoy the show…”

The Beatles perform at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California on 23 August 1964. ©Getty Images

Added to the original running order are four previously unreleased bonus tracks: You Can’t Do That and I Wanna Hold Your Hand (both from 23 August, 1964) and Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby and Baby’s in Black (both from 30 August, 1965).

This release is being promoted as a companion to the forthcoming Ron Howard film Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years, which explains, but doesn’t excuse, the abomination of a front cover, which is more advert than album cover. Incidentally, that cover photo was taken on August 22, 1964 by The Beatles’ then-U.S. tour manager, Bob Bonis, as John, Paul, George and Ringo boarded a chartered flight from Seattle Tacoma Airport to Vancouver, BC for their first concert in Canada.

The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl will include a 24-page booklet with an essay by music journalist David Fricke, and will be issued on CD on 9 September and as a gatefold vinyl LP on 18 November 2016.


The Beatles: Live At The Hollywood Bowl

  1. Twist and Shout [30 August, 1965]
  2. She’s A Woman [30 August, 1965]
  3. Dizzy Miss Lizzy [30 August, 1965 / 29 August, 1965 – one edit]
  4. Ticket To Ride [29 August, 1965]
  5. Can’t Buy Me Love [30 August, 1965]
  6. Things We Said Today [23 August, 1964]
  7. Roll Over Beethoven [23 August, 1964]
  8. Boys [23 August, 1964]
  9. A Hard Day’s Night [30 August, 1965]
  10. Help! [29 August, 1965]
  11. All My Loving [23 August, 1964]
  12. She Loves You [23 August, 1964]
  13. Long Tall Sally [23 August, 1964]
  14. You Can’t Do That [23 August, 1964 – previously unreleased]
  15. I Want To Hold Your Hand [23 August, 1964 – previously unreleased]
  16. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby [30 August, 1965 – previously unreleased]
  17. Baby’s In Black [30 August, 1965 – previously unreleased]

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kevin oc

not that that Budokan concert is all bad. Both of concerts (dark then light suits) have Yesterday played sweetly by the band. now i wouldnt mind hearing/seeing all that propelrly remixed. or the brillisnt Ed Sulluvsn show sets (colourised, of courde) Just sayimg :)

kevin oc

p.s the sound on the film is superb and the theatre sound of the extra Shea concert and sharp colour footage was awesome and full of excitement.. but what went so wrong with the hollywoid bowl remix?. the overall effect is nearly as weak as the Budokhan ‘dark suits’ concert 30 June 1966 performance and that is famously bad!!

kevin oc

incrediblely dissapointed with remixed sound. Could Giles and co have made them sound more disembodied and lame ? for goodness sake my VOX AC 4 TV on quarter watt setting makes morre sound thad Lennons barely audible AC 30 rhythm playing on this disc (and the AC- 30 is a bloody loud amp). So much for that rhythm of rhyming guitars that was the core of their magic sound… the stereo mix sounds like rear channel sound. where is the Energy and Soul of this band? please do a, proper remix with guitars audible and drop the sceaming 6 db


Despite what has been stated above (and I generally agree) Rock and Roll Music remains the worst Beatle cover ever in my opinion


I think this complete sleeve is the worst of any record sleeve. The back is boring and dull. Why is there a misplaced apple on the left inside cover? Could this a nod to the original misplaced apple originally on Abbey Road cover?

I think this may worse than the Lon and Derek Von Eaton cover. And that cover reminds me of a photo by Maplethorpe!!!

Why, Apple, Why have you messed this cover up so bad???

Dave H

I listened to the album on the Amazon stream as I wait for the CD to arrive which is normally late afternoon. It definitely is an improvement to the vinyl release from the 70’s. It’ll be interesting to hear from Giles Martin and find out how much the new technology he’s been working on has enhanced the instrumentation or if the new three track tape helped the sound.

I’ve just listened to a couple of other live CD’s from the 60’s The Kinks and Rolling Stones and The Beatles sound much clearer.

adam shaw

Just listen to it all .
Bass and drums sound better than the original but to me Paul and Johns voice sounds like they are singing in a toilet !
Extra tracks are ok but we know there should be more .
Nice booklet but still cant beleave Ron Howards name is above or even on a Beatles album .


Call me nuts, but I’m not buying it with that cover.

James K

Cant wait. I’m going to put the new CD in the original Hollywood Bowl CD case. I wish they would release the Shea Stadium concerts the same way.


Saw an unfinished cut of the film earlier this year and it was quite good. Look forward to revisiting the final version becomes widely available, hopefully via Blu-ray.

I am also looking forward to the vinyl release. Being so close to Thanksgiving, hopefully there will be a deal to be had due to Black Friday here in the U.S.


Here’s a preview of what the packaging will look like: comment image

Julian H

At least the original cover is being recalled in the inside of the gatefold…


Here is a track by track info on this release, personally the bootleg Hollywood Bowl 1964-1965 contains the three Hollywood Bowl shows they were is far better then then this release, I’ll get it for m,y collection only like that “Love ” mess and LIB Naked as well. This is Mr Yosi Noz comments on the new release.

“Live at the Hollywood Bowl” – My first impression
by Yosi Noz

Yesterday, I attended a listening session for this album Luckily we could hear the entire CD through the big speakers with loud volume, incredible experience! It felt like the band was actually there, playing.
Edit-wise, they replicate the ’77 album faithfully. I didn’t notice differences with the spoken intros and edits of the songs between the 1977 and 2016 versions. It sounded like a remaster of the ’77 album (which it actually was not, for the record). The “show” ends temporarily with “Long Tall Sally”.
Then after some silence, “You Can’t Do That” starts.

On this song, Giles didn’t fix the backing vocals problem (they are off for a while), to my surprise.

“I Want to Hold Your Hand” is supplemented with the spoken intro by Paul (such like “Thank you very much”) probably lifted from “All My Loving”.

George’s vocal on “Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby” sounded most processed with reverb, eq and maybe compression, to my ears.

Unlike on the “Real Love” single, the spoken intro for “Baby’s in Black” is the actual one from the August 30 performance.

By the way, the spoken intros are added with more reverb than on the singing voices.

The flow of the original lineup to the added 4 songs did not sound very good. It may be better if they were placed somewhere in the original lineup rather than together at the end, but Giles may not like altering the order of the original album, which his loving and respected late father created back in 1977.
Sound-wise, it’s more natural and powerful than the original, to my ears. Reverb is far more subtle and the audience screaming is more moderate than on the 1977 version. The bass and drums sounds really energetic and lively.

The basic stereo picture is – left: bass and drums / center: vocals / right: two guitars. But the drums also sounded from (left-) center on the 1964 recordings. Overall, an excellent live album.
The Beatles were never quite there?
Listen to this, Keith!

(This of course, refers to recently published statements by Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones that The Beatles weren’t such a great live band. WogBlog)

And here’s a summary of each track that Yosi originally posted in the Steve Hoffman forum:

Note that there could be errors and I may miss some obvious points.

1 Twist and Shout
MCs’ introduction: Same (Now, here they are! The Beatles!)
Performance: Same (Aug 30, 65)

2 She’s A Woman
(No spoken intro = same)
Performance: Same (Aug 30, 65)

3 Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Introduction by John: Same
Performance: Sounded as the same edited version of the Aug 30 and 29 recordings in the same order

4 Ticket To Ride
Introduction by Paul: Same
Performance: Same (Aug 29, 65)

5 Can’t Buy Me Love
(No spoken intro = same)
Performance: Same (Aug 30, 65)

6 Things We Said Today
Introduction by George: Same
Performance: Same (Aug 23, 64)

7 Roll Over Beethoven
(No spoken intro = same)
Performance: Same (Aug 23, 64)

8 Boys
Introduction by Paul: Same (singing a song called “Boys”, Ringo! )
Performance: Same (Aug 23, 64)

9 A Hard Day’s Night
Introduction by John: Same (the black and white one. etc.)
Performance: Same (Aug 30, 65)

10 Help!
Introduction by John: Same
Performance: Same “edit” of two performances
(Though it is credited as from Aug 29, I believe this is the edit of two performances.
At least the opening verse is from 30th.)

11 All My Loving
Introduction by Paul: Same (from the first Capitol album. etc.)
Performance: Same performance (Aug 23, 64)

12 She Loves You
Introduction by John: Same (some old people might remember. etc.)
Performance: Same (Aug 23, 64)

13 Long Tall Sally
Introduction by Paul: Same
Performance: Same (Aug 23, 64)
(Fades out after this)

14 You Can’t Do That
(No spoken intro)
Performance: New (Aug 23, 64)

15 I Want To Hold Your Hand
Introduction by Paul: New (Just “Thank you very much, everybody.” – probably the one before “All My Loving”)
Performance: New (Aug 23, 64)

16 Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
Introduction by Paul: New (Thank you. etc. Probably the words after “I Want To Hold Your Hand”)
Performance: New (Aug 30, 65)

17 Baby’s In Black
Introduction by John: New (Aug 30, 65)
Performance: Same as the “Real Love” single (Aug 30, 65)

Approx. running time 44:30

The actual cover of the CD was never available at the listening party, just a facsimile of the cover photo.

Adrian Grove

I am so glad this album is to be finally given a release, but would have liked the original cover used as part of the release I also hope the original sleeve notes from George Martin. All we need is Let it Be plus the Beatles at Shea Stadium on DVD/Blu Ray and then I will be happy

[…] Here’s a new trailer for Ron Howard’s Beatles documentary, Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years. You know, the film they are advertising on the front of The Hollywood Bowl reissue… […]


I saw this movie, thinking, what could it possibly have that I haven’t seen a hundred times before, but it is AMAZING.


Very disappointed. Had bootleg live at hollywood bowl for many years. Finally Apple releases a CD and only puts some of the tracks missing ” I’m down” Paul had a great vocal from 1965 show. They could have easoly put 2 shows (1964 &1965) show on 1 CD. I guess Apple don’t care about the fans. I am very curious to see what happens next year with the 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper. I won’t hold my brearh.

Philip Cohen

For some unknown reason (perhaps the specifics of creating a stage arrangement), all live versions of “You Can’t Do That” omit the last 8 notes of the guitar solo. I wonder if Giles Martin is going to digitally “Fly In” those 8 notes from the studio version.

William Kates

Thank you SDE for the comments you made about the upcoming Beatles Hollywood Bowl reissue. I agree 100% with everything you said, especially about that cover. I hope that Apple Corps is listening.


Arh man, I just bought the album on cd a few years ago on Amazon.jp.


Just a heads’ up: If the original LP cover ends up being reproduced INSIDE the CD booklet, I will be going all ballistic missile on Universal.
After all the complaining, I still have my original LP + my Russian mini-LP CD to satisfy myself. And I’ll still buy this because I’m a sucker for anything with the name “Beatles” on it (plus curiosity about any sonic improvements).
…But I’m still not happy. :-(

Marshall Gooch

I think that, though the image that is being posted here, there and everywhere may nor be everyone’s cuppa tea, it is entirely possible that although it IS the supplied image for use in pre-release promotion…
It may just be a representation of the basic artwork but not how it will end up on the final LP and CD covers.

Craig Hedges

I’ve just read the amazing story that Cilla Black’s family have found various Beatle related item including Pauls demo of ‘It’s for you’. It’s auctioned in Liverpool next month and expect to go for £20,000. Also check out the story about a possible quad mix of the Hollywood bowl tapes



Rubbish cover!

Stevie B

Actually Craig, this is really interesting news and I hope that whoever buys it is able (either commercially or via you Tube etc) to allow Beatles and Cilla fans to hear it (same goes for the Cilla acetates/demos also apparently in the auction) and that it doesn’t just stay unheard in someone’s private collection. I love this song and have always thought it one of Cilla’s best recordings.


I just broke out my old LP and it is just as I remembered it. Tons of crowd noise!! Given that the band had no monitors, the source tape is 3 tracks and crowd is louder than the band this must have been a nightmare for George Martin. I wonder if Paul & Ringo get to stand next to Ronnie Howard when he gets his grammy?? The old cover was a lot better and some may remember that over in the UK there was a pressing with purple and red tickets!!


Displaying the cover, it seems that this is going to be the beginning of the publication of BEATLES live concerts, associated with the film Eight Days a Week.
The records will share the cover and will only vary the head of it, indicating the correspondent concert recording.
Live at the Hollywood Bowl will be the beginning of the series in this case.


Time will tell.
I like my optimism also…

Bjarne Laastad

Let’s hope the new cover is just a for a slip case over the original!


There’s also the issue of the running order. The 1977 album at least followed more or less the song order from the shows, beginning with Twist and Shout and ending with Long Tall Sally. Why not integrate the (sparse) amount of new songs to where they might have come in the performance (which I appreciate is a hybrid of two different sets, 1964 and 1965) rather than tag them on to the end. Again, another reason why calling this a completely new release is disingenuous.

Anyone got an e-mail address or phone number where fans might register their displeasure?

Craig Hedges

Hi Stewieb

Please read my comments just above, Universal really don’t give a damn what the fans think sadly, basically if you and all the other people who don’t like the sleeve want to register their displeasure then it’s quite simple….
Don’t buy it and it will hit Universal in the only place it hurts them.

I have a theory about the album keeping to the original running order. The sequencing was done by George Martin and as he has only recently passed Giles probably didn’t want undo his fathers work so it’s be left as a tribute to him. Hopefully the booklet with give an explanation to these decisions.

Stevie B

Craig, I know that they won’t change their mind but I want to know their logic

Craig Hedges

Really surprised by some of the comments on here which are by people who obvious haven’t read the press release by Apple.
1. This is NOT a reissue of the 1977 album, Giles Martin states this is a completely new release
2. The album is being released to tie in with the release of Ron Howard’s film, so it makes sense for them to use the same artwork which will promote the film, it’s apparent that a lot of fans aren’t keen but it could be worse, think back a couple of years to the first proposed cover of the reissues of A Hard Days Night.
3. The album is based on tapes that were found in the Capitol archive in the US and not the 1977 tapes that George Martin prepared.

When the album lands on the record shop/supermarket shelves it will be the first time that most people will become aware that there is a new film out and Ron Howard’s name attached will appeal to movie goers in the same way that Martin Scorsese’s name on the Living in Material world film brought it to an audience which weren’t that particularly bothered about George Harrison. I know a couple of people who only watched it because of Martin Scorsese’s involvement.
Moving past the cover if we were to be honest the 1977 album wasn’t that good although some people have got an emotion attachment to it like the person who it was the first album for. The Beatles sounded like they were playing the songs at twice the speed whilst the screaming made it sound like a jet plane was in the background the whole time. I’m intrigued by what they’ve been able to do with tapes but as the Beatles said themselves the screaming hid a multiple of sins!
And finally no Beatles post would be complete without ‘When will they release Let It Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Craig Hedges

I agree with you on the point about setting up the tracks as the 1977 album. Ultimately The Beatles have gone from band to brand, Universal just see them as a profitable commodity and are just out to make money, ABBA are also treated the same. They aren’t bothered about what the fans want.
Also in the case of Apple its miraculous that anything ever gets released, This has had to get the approval of Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia. This release had only come about because of the Ron Howard film so of course his names going to be on it. Apple have had no interest in rereleasing the Hollywood Bowl album for the past 29 years since the first cd releases, the album was produced by EMI and the Beatles at the time had no say in it’s release ( or Rock and Roll Music, Love Songs, Ballads etc) and was one of the reasons the Beatles sued EMI, on that basis they wouldn’t have used the 1977 cover as it still irks them, so don’t expect reissues of the other 70s compilations anytime in the near future.

Philip Cohen

And I would note, that as with ABBA, Universal needs the unanimous permission of four individuals with a very restrictive attitude towards the release of vault materials, for Beatles music, the permission of Yoko, Olivia, Paul & Ringo.

Paul Murphy

And we all thought they’d never out-do ‘Let It Be… Naked’ for poor cover. Who on Earth signed off on this? What exactly represents ‘live’ about the photograph? On first reading I thought, ‘Ah well, at least they have left the original cover art on there somewhere’, then a few posts later it turns out that Paul S overlaid that, thereby creating in a few minutes a better cover than some extremely highly paid ‘think-tank’. And indeed, if it were a completely new release, why not a completely new title [unless the writ-large ‘Eight Days A Week’ is the title-in-lieu].
Regarding the sound quality, it is fingers crossed but without high expectations. The Capitol tapes are unlikely to be more than a percentage point higher quality [the concert sound still being the same, blighted by crowd noise and no on-stage monitors for the band], and if the “de-mix” technology is so advanced, why not use it on ‘Free As A Bird’ on the ‘1’ Box Set, to separate John’s vocal from his piano? On the plus side, it’s given us more opportunities to enjoy some more of Paul’s delicate and chucklesome responses [such as to Ken A].

Julian H

Even a sticker pointing towards the film would be better than this.


I agree it sucks that we’re not getting a box set with other live albums. Given the ‘annual’ releases and finite amount of material, I’m guessing they’re saving the other shows for future Christmases.


…And the REASON I have a problem with the new cover is:
We’ve been waiting for a “Hollywood Bowl” CD release for SO MANY years. And now we finally get it, but a lot of people won’t even realise it. Not everyone gets to access sites like Paul’s SDE for the story behind the release. And even for those of us who DO know…it’ll feel like a different release without the original cover.
Truth be told – even though I have a problem with the new cover – my bigger problem is with the “digisleeve” part. Universal/Capitol: original cover in a jewel case or 5½ X 5½ Japan-style gatefold mini LP packaging PLEASE!
BTW – gotta give them props for sticking to the Sept.9th release date for major Beatles releases. ;-)

Stevie B

What is also confusing it that the words Eight Days A Week are as prominent as Hollywood Bowl. In fact the whole cover design is confusing with frankly irrelevant references to the documentary film and a song that isn’t even included on the CD. Casual browsers or those thinking of buying it as a gift could easily pass over this thinking it’s the Ron Howard film, or even purchase it thinking that it’s a film of the Hollywood Bowl concerts


I will wait on the eventual CD and Blu-ray movie pairing.

Dr Avalanche

According to the link from the official Beatlles-mail of this release that goes to Amazon, it wil be a single vinyl album; which makes more sense.

Philip Cohen

The decision not to include “If I Fell” is disappointing.

Paul W

Great news to all the people that do not like the cover ,the music is on the disc not the cover.


Ahhh…. Really got my hopes up when I saw the SDE email only to have them so cruelly dashed by the details… This was the first record I ever bought and it has led to a life long obsession with live recordings. If memory serves, the gigs were recorded on 3-track machines that had to be restored in the late 70s specifically to play back the concert tapes?

I always thought the original LP sounded great so not sure what great advances will be made here. And four bonus tracks is unbelievably stingy given what the bootleggers have already collated. I think I’ll be sticking with the original LP and the bootleg until this comes up for pennies on Amazon Marketplace.


Original cover…please!!!

James K

Great news! its about time. Now I only wish they would re issue The Beatles @ Shea Stadium. Also, please, please please, release let it Be on Blu-Ray!!!!

Pete Cracknell

Maybe the new cover image will be a slipcase, with the original cover on the digipack?


Nothing new that the boots don’t have but lets wait on the sound of this one ;-)

Stevie B

What’s wrong with the cover is that it features a photograph of the Beatles boarding a flight from Seattle to Vancouver around a week before first the Hollywood Bowl concert. Thus it has no relevance to their shows at the Hollywood Bowl, for which many photographs and other items exist.

Whilst it’s great news that this is finally coming out – and I will certainly purchase it – I’m disappointed that there isn’t a deluxe version with all three shows included, as on an excellent bootleg CD which I have.

As for the sound quality, we’ll have to wait and see, but the 1977 release did, if I remember correctly, bump up the screaming levels unnecessarily to add extra atmosphere, something that the bootleg I have purposefully avoided, and the sound quality was much better as a result.


Just echoing the comment questioning whether the whole image is the cover rather than the insert. Surprised that the band name would be obscured that much on a cover design and puzzled by such an odd insert. Would wait and see for confirmation. (Still buying it either way!)

Paul Wren

The cover images so far suggest to me that the vinyl LP will most likely use the “ticket” image which is more in keeping with the LP format.


Reading through the emotive comments about the sleeve and contents, they are damned if they do release stuff and damned if they don’t. I actually prefer the original sleeve but was always advised to steer clear by older Beatles fans because of the sound quality, which looks like it may have been sorted. I never liked the artwork for the Anthologies either, but as is the case with this, I will only have to look at the spine most of the time:). Looking forward to it though and hearing it for the first time following a pretty lean year (for me) of reissues so far. Makes me think that FITD may go back to next year following Pure and now this.


i have a bootleg cd of this release i bought about 20 years ago. this is so exciting and such great news. thank you!

Jon C

I dunno, I kinda like the new cover, it’s lot more vibrant. I always felt the original was kind of bland with a lot of unused empty space. Unlike most of the other 70s comps (especially Love Songs with the excellent Avedon gatefold and the beautiful packaging), that one felt like it was thrown together as an afterthought.

Bill Conlon

So how long will they wait to release the full shows? Money money money.

Ken A.

Why is everyone assuming that hodge-podge graphic is the cover, and not the smaller inset with the tickets on it?

Billy Dojcak

Perhaps there will be souvenir tickets included with the packaging.


Thanks for the heads up, have pre-ordered from Amazon.co.uk

One point though I am a UK customer so have to pay the VAT inclusive price but when I ordered just now it said price was £11.99 but the price tracker above says £13.85
I presume Amazon.co.uk have reduced the price since they originally listed it ?


I wish they had opted to select the complete 1964 performance on one LP and a mix of the two 1965 ones – or just the 30 August performance (mic failed on first 4 songs on the 29th performance, if I recall correctly) on disc 2.


@KevinK – it was on Real Love but this is from the following night’s performance I believe.


I bought a SINGLE bootleg cd years ago with both concerts complete … Hope this will be an audio ugrade, but i’m not sure when i look at the cover.