Republica reissue is Ready To Go

1996 debut album reissued as a 3CD deluxe

Republica, those Saffron-led post-Britpoppers, with their Loaded magazine yob techno, equally at home either down the rave up or Northampton Roadmenders, are reissuing their 1996 self-titled debut album in a new expanded deluxe edition.

Republica comes with 32 extra tracks, with period remixes and the sought-after debut single, ‘Out of This World’, and comes packaged in a 3CD capacity wallet, with a 20-page booklet with exclusive new sleeve notes written by Saffron herself, an illustrated discography, additional photos and lyrics.

Republica was a top four smash, and hung around the charts for a remarkable 47 weeks, featured the band’s two biggest hits, the seemingly inescapable ‘Ready To Go’, and the equally boisterous ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’, alongside other notable numbers ‘Bloke’, ‘Bitch’ and ‘Get Off’.

The band formed from two of the ashes of baggy miscreants Flowered Up, and Saffron had done some guest lungsmithery on N’Joi’s ‘Anthem’ hit from 1991. Releasing their debut single in 1994, the band had their feet in both the dance and rock arenas and the band also attracted some remixes from the likes of The Chemical Brothers and Justin Robertson (included here).

Republica is released by Cherry Red’s 90/9 imprint on 28 February 2020.  The band are currently putting the finishing touches to their new album, ahead of a 2020 tour.

CD 1

  1. Ready To Go
  2. Bloke
  3. Bitch
  4. Get Off
  5. Picture Me
  6. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  7. Out Of The Darkness
  8. Wrapp
  9. Don’t You Ever
  10. Holly
  11. Mutha
  12. Introlude
  13. Ready To Go [Original Mix]
  14. Drop Dead Gorgeous [Original Mix]
  15. Bloke [Radio Mix]
  16. Bitch [Radio Mix]
  17. Holly [Radio Mix]
  18. Out Of This World [Republica Mix]

CD 2

  1. Out Of This World [Original Mix]
  2. Bloke [Extended Mix]
  3. Holly [Full Mix]
  4. Ready To Go [Original Extended Mix]
  5. Drop Dead Gorgeous [Pop Fiction Mix]
  6. Bloke [Blame It On The Vodka Mix]
  7. Ready To Go [Smash’s Disco Mix]
  8. Out Of This World [Alternative Mix]
  9. Bloke [Jack Daniels Mix]
  10. Holly [Republica Club Mix]
  11. Drop Dead Gorgeous [Riprock’s Runway Mix]
  12. Out Of This World [Proper Night Out Mix]

CD 3

  1. Out Of This World [Chemical Brothers Mix]
  2. Bloke [Blakkat Remix]
  3. Ready To Go [Smash’s Club Extended Mix]
  4. Drop Dead Gorgeous [Riprock’s One Way Dub]
  5. Out Of This World [Rub-A-Dub-Sub Mix]
  6. Ready To Go [Dramaboy’s Babyyan Mix]
  7. Holly [Fabio Paras Mix]
  8. Bitch [Way Out West Mix]
  9. Out Of This World [Prankster Bends The Frequency Mix]
  10. Bloke [Blakkat Instrumental Mix]
  11. Ready To Go [Gavin & Scott Hardkiss’ Remixica]
  12. Out Of This World [Chemical Brothers Dub]

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Gary Russell

Great collection but it still seems weird that amongst all the edits, remixes, promo mixes etc, they didnt put the radio edits of Ready to Go or Drop Dead Gorgeous on this…

Jean-Claude Gerber

I love this cd. And I was probably one of a grand total of about three who bought the follow up (fairly disappointing). Nowadays I mostly buy vinyl, and there where some of you calling for a vinyl (re-)issue of this album, but does it really make sense to issue cd-only albums from the 90s on vinyl? I got the Spice Girls Greatest Hits picture vinyl, but won‘t buy their regular albums on vinyl. What is your opinion on vinyl (re-)issues of cd-only music from the 90s?

David Bly

This looks really great and at a great price.

It reminded me of a rather unique CD single that I got of “Ready To Go”. It was called a “Minimax” or a “Cool Disc™” as Denon, its maker, called it.

It was a 5″ sized disc, but with only 3″ of actual content. I think this was a way to make 3″ discs easier for people to handle (so tiny!).
So the centre has essentially the 3″ disc with the other two inches being clear plastic.

This was a US release only (as far as I know), and I’ve never seen another “Cool Disc” besides this one (sorry, Denon).



New album in addition to this release?! Excellent news. Order placed for the 3 disc.


Oh THEY’RE the ones who do that song. I remember telling a friend, “That first Garbage album was great but they really lost the thread with that Ready To Go song…” Lol.


Interestingly John Peel was an early champion of Republica, circa Out of this World, which is very different to their later hits. Cool track.
And Safron remains, somewhat bizarrely, the only person to do a duet with Robert Smith in The Cure’s 40+ year history – “Just Say Yes” on Greatest Hits. You’d think maybe Siouxsie, perhaps Diamanda Galas, or Liz Fraser even might have…


Thanks, just ordered from the Cherry Red website for £20 and just noticed that Amazon have reduced their price as well.
Hopefully get a signed postcard.


No vinyl? Why?

Mike Williams

Loved this back them and saw them doing an early set at Glastonbury shortly after release.
I’ve ordered via cherry red’s website where it’s slightly cheaper than amazon and comes with a signed postcard,
Would also be interested in a vinyl issue if that becomes viable.


LOVE this band and will be getting this for sure. Always wondered what happened to them. I still play the one CD I have.

Andrew Greenwood

Interesting to compare the prices of this and raw like sushi 3cd ha ha. I wonder if the remixes are all different too as a special bonus


Well said! That deserves the clapping hand emoji.


This was a good album in 1996, but isn’t real high up on my reissue list. A 7″ singles box would be more interesting.


Nice mention of the Roadmenders :)

I’ve just started watching the video and I think its given me motion sickness. Blimey !

Sid Ceaser

I was 21 in 1996, working at a Newbury Comics record store and the it was smack-dab in the middle of the glorious electronica phase that worshiped groups like Leftfield and Chemical Brothers and everyone was quoting Trainspotting.

I remember playing the in-store for this album when it came out and it was on constant rotation. So much so I haven’t listened to it since leaving that record shop.

Hearing it now – so many glorious memories come pulsing back via electronic feeds in my brain synapses. What a glorious decade of female-driven electronica with head-bobbing beats and electronic bleeps and bloops.

I’m a child of the 80’s, but the mid-90’s has burned a specific appreciation for electronic/techno into my brain that has never gone away.


*disregards the unnecessary remark about putting too much in a reissue!

Disappointed they are putting this in the cheapest packaging possible but at least we’re getting tons of remixes which is what i want. David can seek out the original one-disc version in charity shops. Careful though because there was already a two-disc version back then which is bound to offend you.

Larry Davis

You forgot one band one member came out of…Soul Family Sensation/just Sensation…pre-ordered, looks like more than enough but I’ll take that over one with missing stuff…


Me in 1996, at age 22: “That is such a cool video for Ready to Go! As someone about to embark on a career in television production, I hope to create projects that emulate the energy, look and feel of this promo clip. So awesome!”

Me in 2020, at age 46: “Wow, I haven’t seen the video for Ready to Go in about 24 years…
[clicks play]………Where’s the Tylenol?”

David Roest

Are they sure that there are enough versions of “Ready To Go” on the re-issue?


What do you mean?
“Enough” or all official released versions from that period?
It’s a buy for me.


At least they’ve spread them out instead of putting them all in a row like some.


Yeah, but they all own houses in the south of France thanks to that ditty.