Retail edition of Neil Young’s Archives Vol II available to pre-order via UK shops

10CD box set available to pre-order via the SDE shop

Neil Young / Archives Vol II second edition

The ‘retail edition’ of Neil Young‘s much discussed Archives Vol II (1972 – 1976) 10CD box set is now available to pre-order in the UK from selected retailers, including the SDE shop.

This is of course the second volume of the Neil Young Archives box set series and this was initially offered (via Neil’s store only) as a bigger, more expensive deluxe version, limited to 3000 units, back in November. These have shipped or are shipping now. Since then, a reprint of this deluxe has been made available to pre-order with “with subtle art differences”. These second run deluxe sets won’t ship until March.

The ‘retail version’ of Archives Vol II is around £100 cheaper than the deluxe and comes with the same ten CDs, with an oversized fold-out Archives poster and a 24-page booklet. This is packaged in what Warners describe as a “cube-shaped slip-case box” which sounds similar, but is actually not the same presentation as the original archives CD box issued back in 2009. The video below illustrates the retail edition packaging.

This box set covers the productive period from 1972 through 1976; prolific era for Neil when he released several classic albums including On The Beach, Tonight’s The Night and Zuma. The box set features a total of 131 tracks of which 62 are either unreleased songs or unreleased alternate versions, different mixes, rare or live tracks.

The ten CDs, each in its own custom sleeve feature tracks from Neil Young solo, plus with bands Crazy Horse, The Stray Gators, The Santa Monica Flyers, the Stills/Young Band and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

The 10CD retail version will be released on 5 March 2021 and is available via the SDE shop using this link or the button below. The widget shows other availability at the time of writing.

Archives Vol II 1972-1976

# signifies an unreleased version of a song, while a * signifies a song that has never been released in any form

Disc 1 (1972-1973)
Everybody’s Alone

1. Letter From ‘Nam *
2. Monday Morning #
3. The Bridge #
4. Time Fades Away #
5. Come Along and Say You Will *
6. Goodbye Christmas on the Shore *
7. Last Trip to Tulsa
8. The Loner #
9. Sweet Joni *
10. Yonder Stands the Sinner
11. L.A. (Story)
12. LA. #
13. Human Highway

Disc 2 (1973)

1. Here We Go in the Years
2. After the Gold Rush
3. Out on the Weekend
4. Harvest
5. Old Man
6. Heart of Gold
7. Time Fades Away
8. Lookout Joe
10. New Mama
11. Alabama
12. Don’t Be Denied

Disc 3 (1973)
Tonight’s the Night

1. Speakin’ Out Jam *
2. Everybody’s Alone #
3. Tired Eyes
4. Tonight’s the Night
5. Mellow My Mind
6. World on a String
7. Speakin’ Out
8. Raised on Robbery (Joni Mitchell song) *
9. Roll Another Number
10. New Mama
11. Albuquerque
12. Tonight’s the Night Part II

Disc 4 (1973)
Roxy: Tonight’s the Night Live

1. Tonight’s the Night
2. Mellow My Mind
3. World on a String
4. Speakin’ Out
5. Albuquerque
6. New Mama
7. Roll Another Number
8. Tired Eyes
9. Tonight’s the Night Part II
10. Walk On
11. The Losing End #

Disc 5 (1974)
Walk On

1. Winterlong
2. Walk On
3. Bad Fog of Loneliness #
4. Borrowed Tune
5. Traces #
6. For the Turnstiles
7. Ambulance Blues
8. Motion Pictures
9. On the Beach
10. Revolution Blues
11. Vampire Blues
12. Greensleeves *

Disc 6 (1974)
The Old Homestead

1. Love/Art Blues #
2. Through My Sails #
3. Homefires
4. Pardon My Heart #
5. Hawaiian Sunrise #
6. LA Girls and Ocean Boys *
7. Pushed It Over the End #
8. On the Beach #
9. Vacancy #
10. One More Sign #
11. Frozen Man *
12. Give Me Strength *
13. Bad News Comes to Town #
14. Changing Highways #
15. Love/Art Blues #
16. The Old Homestead
17. Daughters *
18. Deep Forbidden Lake
19. Love/Art Blues #

Disc 7 (1974)

1. Separate Ways
2. Try
3. Mexico
4. Love Is a Rose
5. Homegrown
6. Florida
7. Kansas
8. We Don’t Smoke It No More
9. White Line
10. Vacancy
11. Little Wing
12. Star of Bethlehem

Disc 8 (1975)

1. Ride My Llama #
2. Cortez the Killer
3. Don’t Cry No Tears
4. Born to Run *
5. Barstool Blues
6. Danger Bird
7. Stupid Girl
8. Kansas #
9. Powderfinger #
10. Hawaii #
11. Drive Back
12. Lookin’ for a Love
13. Pardon My Heart
14. Too Far Gone #
15. Pocahontas #
16. No One Seems to Know #

Disc 9 (1976)
Look Out for My Love

1. Like a Hurricane
2. Lotta Love
3. Lookin’ for a Love
4. Separate Ways #
5. Let It Shine #
6. Long May You Run
7. Fontainebleau
8. Traces #
9. Mellow My Mind #
10. Midnight on the Bay #
11. Stringman #
12. Mediterranean *
13. Ocean Girl #
14. Midnight on the Bay #
15. Human Highway #

Disc 10 (1976)
Odeon Budokan

1. The Old Laughing Lady #
2. After the Gold Rush #
3. Too For Gone #
4. Old Man #
5. Stringinan #
6. Don’t Cry No Tears #
7. Cowgirl in the Sand #
8. Lotto Love #
9. Drive Back #
10. Cortez the Killer #

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Florentino Stabile

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your show and tell. Always fun to watch you hold beautiful box sets in your hands. I am a massive Neil fan. I have that first foldable box and I really like this Vol. 2 retail one. I ordered it and it will be my birthday gift to myself.

David Edward Brown

I did get mine in late December, and just received my letter of authentication two weeks ago, I love in NY.

[…] of Neil Young‘s After The Goldrush. If you’re a fan and you’ve also ordered the Archives II box, then it will be an expensive month. Make that an expensive year, because Young is planning a […]


Did anyone in Europe who ordered through greedy hand store UK got his box delivered? No sign or info on mine until now.


I also did not receive mine, I’m in Germany, no info, just a tracking no which is obviously not valid. Paul, did you receive your copy?

David Lowen

I ordered it, but I wasn’t expecting it until after 5th March

James Rainbow

Say what you like about the Greedy Hand store but their customer service is amazing. I received a 10% off voucher to apologise for my Archives 2 box being late. Especially impressive as I’d ordered the Retail version not out until next March.

I am still missing one After the Gold Rush cd and Hi Res download though………


I will say their customer service has been the worst I’ve experienced from a retailer, I am just waiting for a simple refund since the 9th Dec. They take forever to answer messages and then get confused over completely different orders, they’re an absolute shambles. I will not be buying anything else from Warner Music online in the future. The 10% off voucher apology for lateness of a product that isn’t due out till March sums them up. Total Fuck-wits.


Mine arrived yesterday. Well packaged and in one piece. Looks good on first quick inspection.


Just received a 10% voucher from Greedy Hand Store because of the delayed delivery. But still no sign or DHL number!


Did anyone in Europe who ordered through greedy hand store UK got his box delivered? No sign or info on mine until now.


Still waiting, do not expect it before Christmas now.
Christmas 2020 that is, though it might end up 2021….


Just got email to say it’s left their warehouse and is on the way. Hooray!
No tracking number but it’s moving.


Still waiting…..

Carl Jacobs

Hi all
Wonders never cease. Earlier today there was no change in the order status. However, later on this evening, I received an email out of the blue saying my order was being shipped; tracked.
I then checked back at the dashboard and hey presto statues has changed to “shipped”.
I’ll believe it when I see it.
Re download saga: I was emailed to say that I should use a desktop and not mobile. That was never told to me before. As my only internet connected laptop is a works unit with security like Fort Knox, which restricted access to the site I cannot check, so I asked my son-in-law to investigate. He believes that that web site is built in “flash” an outdated unsecured site. If that is correct that e plains why I can’t access the codes on my tablet.
More when the box set actually arrives.
Incidentally, still no news from same site re subsequent order for ATGR cd.

Carl Jacobs

Hi all
Well are you sitting comfortably. I’m not, ‘cos I’m jumping with joy. My box set arrived today. Yippee.
Outer shipping box a bit naff so have recycled. I have though retained the shipping note and returns note. I have also kept this edition sealed and await the retail edition in March (don’t know which year) to play the music.
Not bothered about the download. I’m a “tangible” man.


Still waiting …. and no reply to emails


Hi All:

As I understand, when you buy from Greedy Hands, you have included the High res downloads with the box set.

If you buy from another provider (Amazon, etc.), are the High res downloads included as well ?

Does someone know ?

Thanks and have a good day.


No, they wouldn’t be included elsewhere.

Greedy Hand also sell High Res downloads of all their music, and it’s their policy to provide one for free with any physical music item bought through their store. This is sent via email.

There isn’t a download offer specific to this box set (like a download card you might find an LP sleeve), it’s more that there is a store-specific extra available on all purchases through Greedy Hand.

Amazon usually have a download available with any cd purchase (regardless of what/who), but theirs is MP3s via the Amazon Music app.


(I think Greedy Hand are pretty inconsistent with how long it takes to get the download email, but people seem to get them in the end! It’s never simple with Neil…)

johnny john

Thanks Rog good information.

Anthony crotty

I was the download code but it went to my junk email,does anyone know why this is the case?As it stands despite sending 20/30 emails I am know nothing.Payment was taken swiftly but my emails are ignored and the questions I raised are unanswered.This is why record companies are going to be a thing of the past.The way they treat customers is disgusting.


I ordered the re-release due in March and had an email on the 25th Nov telling me that my order had been cancelled. To be honest when I ordered it on the 14th Nov I didn’t get any kind of confirmation from them, it was only when they cancelled that I found out my order number. The reason they gave was due to maybe a problem with my card, so I left it a couple of days but when I was going through my credit card account there in black and white was the payment, but I am still waiting since the 25th to get a refund. I have messaged them quite a few times and so far no response, this is shocking customer service and a warning to anyone buying from his store – stick to Paul Sinclair’s site. You know where you stand with him ; )


Dear Guy S,

Exactly the same thing has happened to me. I have been bouncing messages back and forth but still not to my satisfaction.I have to produce proof that the money left my account.
The very worst online shopping experience ever.I have a very nasty illness and don’t need the stress.If it wasn’t such a major purchase would be close to walking away from the shambles.Life is too short!

Good luck with your endeavours!



Hi John, I actually got a reply today but wasn’t the outcome I was after. The email came from UK-customerserviceteam@wmgcustomerservice.com They replied to all four of my messages with this answer.

‘Many thanks for your message. We have checked the order for you and can confirm that this was automatically cancelled as full payment details were not supplied. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. If we can be any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.’

One of my messages sent to them actually shows a shot of my credit card account with the payment shown, there is obviously a problem at their end and they are not looking into it. As a company they should be able to check that they have had a payment for that amount and at that time, and as for it being automatically cancelled.. it took 11 days for them to tell me that after the payment. I will not let this go, £210 is a lot of money for an item that isn’t actually going to turn up.

On a better note to this week my Paul McCartney archive book turned up and it looks smashing and a nice personal message from Paul Sinclair on the invoice, so Thank You Paul.


Hi John, keep trying, I managed to have contact and I showed a picture I took of my credit card statement showing the payment going out. They offered me the original order but I declined, after all this I just wanted a refund as I wasn’t happy with their service. I didn’t want to find out down the line that there would be more complications.
As for them saying that ‘full payment details were not supplied’ they are now refunding me to my card without me giving the details, so kinda shows they had them all along.

I had a look through some older emails and Warner Music came up when I got in contact about the Prince SOTT Vinyl Box Set regarding the download code and they were pretty useless then. So I think for now Warner Music will be off my Christmas list.
Hope you have some luck with your chasing, all the best. Guy.


Thank you Guy and well done! Can I take it that you didn’t include your account details in the photograph but just the actual transaction line?

I have been going round in circles with them and have sent the information on the transaction line..not good enough,they want a photo!

If I get a refund I will place an order with Paul’s site!

Many thanks for your updates!



Hi John, I just took a picture of the transaction with the date visible and two other transaction either side, there were no details of my account number or name shown, but I think the fact that they were about to process the Box set again shows they had my payment details all along and their system of dealing with a customer gets passed through different people, I am still waiting for the refund to go through so it’s not over yet.
When they confirmed the refund (9/12), the next day I had an email regarding a problem with my Gorillaz order (through them) which was resolved a month ago, so if Warner Music Customer Services are reading any of this..Please sort your SH!T out.

Keep trying John, all the best, Guy.


Will box set 1 be reissued? (CD set)


Well things are speeding up! Went back to them last night as had no download code or subscription code….and both arrived overnight and worked! So moving forward…who knows may even get the box itself next week….just your three weeks late….plus the 11 years between sets….

Carl Jacobs

OM f.ing G
Emailed the WB team late last week.
Got my Download Code AND Subscription Code today.

No Tangible but one lives in hope.

Cheers all
Don’t Be Denied and Don’t Spook The Horse.


I ordered the original limited issue from the US as the UK didn’t have stock, and it was cheaper there thanks to the free shipping offer … I was resigned to coughing up a load of cash for the post office to administer my customs fee and pay the VAT so assumed I’d wasted £30 or more by buying from the US (not that I had an option) … so was pleasantly surprised when it turned up on my doorstep custom charge free, so in fact it was actually at least £15 cheaper than it would have been bought here! The HD Flacs sound great and I guess I will play the CDs one day … but really I paid for the downloads, subscription and book I guess (e.g. a sucker).


Just had a message that the original set ordered from the U.K. store has cleared customs and will ship next week. Which is a start. I am still chasing for my download code and subscription code, but we are getting there slowly.

Philip Wilson

My email went to junk mail, but just found it. Not have the codes so will chase them up, they say to email:

Carl Jacobs

Hi all
Just received my email notification today re the “tangible”.
Still no download or subscription codes.
Had to email them back.
Worse than useless.
Pre Ordered the Retail Edition as mentioned previously via Badlands.

Simon Stokes


The reisuue is not released until 5 March which is why you dont have the box yet.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

It’s gonna be over 2 weeks late, more like three IF it is shipped next week. This is the first time Warner UK has actually given some kind of shipping date for Archives II.

However on the scale of things so far this year it’s nothing to get worked up about.

I wonder if I’ll get it before my C-19 vaccine? Hur hur hur.


Hi Paul.

Still no news re shipping, looks like it will be Santa delivering its at this stage.

Paul Gray

Available at Amazon UK. Says it’s unavailable but I’m guessing they haven’t added the pre-order bit.

Paul Gray

Yes, sorry I meant to say available to order although the release date isn’t shown and states it’s not in stock (well obviously).


I got an Amazon pre-order in for this yesterday, it appeared very briefly for the odd price of £123.14, then went out of stock. Just want to see if I can get it lower with their price guarantee, but I may cancel and book elsewhere.

I’ve got a discount voucher for the Greedy Hand (for signing up to NYA) but I’m wary of dealing with them given what I’m reading!


Perhaps this was already discussed in connection with one of the prior posts about this set, but I just noticed that “See the Sky About to Rain” is the only song left off the set from “On the Beach.” It’s one of his prettiest songs, and there’s plenty of empty space on this set. Pity.

“Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown” from “Tonight’s the Night” is the lone tune from that album that didn’t make the cut, though I wouldn’t miss it that much.

I don’t suppose many will miss the bulk of “American Stars and Bars” that was omitted, either.

Rich G

Ex-Oligarch. Good point re “See The Sky About To Rain” if someone was just buying archives and wanted all the songs from the albums covered in the 1972-76 period the “On The Beach” version does appear to be mussing from Archives 2. It features on Archives 1 in alternative live versions, but not the electric piano version. “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown” from “Tonight’s the Night” is easier to explain as it was a live version plucked from the later released from “Crazy Horse at the Fillmore 1970” concert that was out put on TTN as a tribute to the departed Danny Whitten. It featured on the subsequently released 1970 live album and Archives 1, so is probably “correct” to be missing from a chronological exploration, though a little frustrating I guess. Stars and Bars came out in 1977 and was a hotchpotch of material, as was Hawks and Doves. Some actual versions from those albums (both out-with the 1976 endpoint of Archives 2) have been subsequently released as first envisioned on “Homegrown” which is also in Archives 2, e.g. Star of Bethlehem and Little Wing. Expect more Starts and Bars stuff on Archives 3. He does seem to avoid reconstructing the albums of the period in any way and keeps the chronology, which I guess makes it easier to keep track. It’s also what he’s advised Joni Mitchell to do. Perhaps another SDE reader can help explain the electric piano “See The Sky About To Rain” omission.


Thanks, Rich, for that detailed explanation!

I came to “On the Beach” very late, but it has grown into my favorite of Young’s albums. To me, it feels perfectly sequenced, and I wonder what it will be like to revisit the songs in their new order on this set.

Thank you Jim as well for the pointer. The SDE knowledge base is awesome.


Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown was recorded at the Fillmore in 1970 and is on the Fillmore CD in the Archives Vol.1.

Miguel Rocha

Oh, for what it’s worth, I forgot to add there’s no authentication sticker noting “first pressing” or “numbered edition” if you ordered the first run of 3000.


The roll-out out of this from the UK Greedy Hand store has been a calamity from beginning to…well I can’t say ‘end’ because there is no end in sight.

As far as I am aware from extensive reading on various boards, not one person who ordered their box from the UK store has received it, while people in the UK who ordered it from the US store received it days, if not weeks ago now.

As for this reference to the downloads in this disgraceful email from them (“The email with all of the details were sent to purchases of the box set on 11/20/20.”) it is, as they like to say on the excellent BBC TV comedy panel game Would I Lie To You, a…..LIE!!!

Nathan Thomas

I ordered the reissue & was emailed the download codes on 20th November – just as they said in their email. Other people have also received the download codes so calling them liars seems extreme as in my case everything ran totally smoothly.


In my case while my payment was taken swiftly I have yet to receive the box set or the download code.I have sent many emails to the record company,greedy hand and NYA which have been all ignored.This is why record companies are going broke.If I was not going to receive the items I have paid good money for as promised why sell me these items?

Malcolm Jackson

If I order from the SDE shop, do you take the money upon order or on release?


Like many others I would have been happy with the retail version as it’s the music I wanted. However I was one of the lucky ones who managed to order a deluxe version when it was released originally. Like others in the U.K. I have been frustrated by the lack of updates from the store.

Hooray I have a reply from customer services today (a week after I made contact – this seems to be the standard lead time).

I have instructions of how to obtain the download.

Zero response to enquiries about the delivery of the box. No apology, no update on delivery timescales, no explanation.

Politicians answer – say what you wanted to and don’t answer the question.


Hi Paul
Thank you for this great news, it looks perfect to me. Do you know if this version is limited somehow? Do you think it might not be available anymore in March?

Miguel Rocha

I was lucky enough to get one of the 3000 from the Canadian branch of Greedy Hand. The downloads came soon afterwards, and the box arrived late last week. The music is fantastic…my favourite era of Neil’s, hands down. The book is beautifully put together (I can’t imagine it being released separately, though) but the foldout timeline is completely derivative, especially as it’s duplicated in the book. The box itself is far too large, with too much space within. It’s a MASSIVE box and could easily have been packaged in a cube style design (like the complete Blur box a few years ago) or a long box (like the Mott the Hoople Mental Train box), including the book. Without a doubt, Neil deserves as much space as anybody in a music collection, but…

Arthur O'Brien

So tired of the ‘Greedy Hand’ cracks. His naming his merchandising arm this way is meant to be ironic, and a direct reference to a line in his song, “Razor Love.” The line is

“Right now I’m looking through the window at a silhouette
Trying to find something I can find yet
Imagination is my best friend
Got to watch out for the greedy hand, greedy hand….”

The marketplace is what it is. Reprise Records decides how much and how many. Neil could only get them to make 3,000 deluxe sets They were “stunned” at the demand. B**** about Reprise, not Neil Young. He does not have the influence he once did.

Darren Linklater

I managed to get one of the 3000 from the US greedy hand store after the UK had sold out. Box arrived about a week after release and the download codes about a day after release.
Had I known about the retail edition, I would have bought that, as I wanted the music rather than a big box full of air and a book.
The music in this set is great so I hope you guys who are waiting get it very soon.
Very shoddy service from a Greedy Hand for a lot of people and a very badly executed release all round.

Carl Jacobs

Hi all
Sort of yippee.
No download code yet. However an email from …Patience at WB saying that there are delays in shipping, as others have said. You could not make the name up.
So that’s a positive as such.
Re the retail edition, thanks for the email Paul. However on this one I’m going to pre order via Badlands if you don’t mind.

Paul English

I’d strongly recommend this set – the music is fantastic.

I live in Ireland but ordered the deluxe version from the US Greedy Hand store. Thankfully that worked out ok – arrived last Monday 27th with no customs charge. Agree re the book comments – looks good but not spectacular.

eric slangen

I ordered one of the 3000 versions at the UK greedy handshop.
NO boxset to be seen!!!

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Same here Eric.

I`m still awaiting my Archives II Box but I have the Hi-Rez downloads to keep me going.

I hope Warner do a better job with the second phase of the Archive II release, but realistically they surely can`t do any worse!

James Rainbow

It is a bit weird the shape of the box has changed from the initial description but seems par for the course with this release, I’m half expecting the tracklisting to change too before March at this rate!!

I also pre-ordered it from the Greedy Hand store, mainly because it hadn’t appeared anywhere else yet and I didn’t want to miss out given what happened with the first edition. I’ve had my Hi Res download code and used it. Came in at over 18gb which is a big chunk of what my Cowon player can store, even with an SD card (it makes out at 128gb SD annoyingly).

It does sound great, but then so does a standard FLAC rip of the CDs which take a lot less storage. I thought it would sound significantly better which I didn’t think it did necessarily. Certainly not enough of an improvement to stop me buying elsewhere if suited me more.

I’ll swap it out for standard FLAC come March once the CDs appear.

The music itself is amazing – definitely my favourite period of Neil.


I ordered one of the first 3,000 issued in the U.K. store and yet to receive it or receive any official update about shipping. I did contact Greedy Hand over a week ago, and got a response only today, saying delays getting it into the country, I would receive an email when shipped or could cancel if I wanted.

What irritates is less the delayed delivery (though that is a pain) but zero proactive communications updating on why no delivery and a week to respond via their contact us page. The money was taken fast enough. Just hope it makes it for Christmas.

Paul Gray

Strange that Amazon UK don’t have it for sale, particularly as Amazon France are selling it.


It is showing on Amazon UK but currently unavailable. I imagine that will change in the next day or so.


I’m in the US, purchased one of the original 3000, got my download code on the day of release (20th November, title: “’Archives II’ Deluxe Hi Res Download”), and got the physical box a week later (27th November). For people who ordered the same but haven’t gotten a code, did you check your spam folder? It seems bizarre that they couldn’t get that out for all 3000 orders at the same time.


There’s a video on NY’s youtube channel showing the retail version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5db2AT2ZNU


Paul, just wanted to note that the retail version box is not like the archives vol. 1 smaller box. It’s exactly like the Rush Sector box sets, just bigger to hold 10 cds instead of 5. It slides out from one end and the interior piece has that curved end for the discs to be taken out of it. We ended up getting an email with the unboxing video in it. Really disappointed that it doesn’t match the archives vol. 1, and really disappointed that the small box doesn’t come in the deluxe box.

Ricardo Sardo

Paul, I’ve just ordered from SDE. I’m a “all day reader”, so I do think I must do my part, contributing for SDE.
Thanks for the excelent job you’ve done until now.
Best wishes from Portugal.
Be safe!

John EB

One of the 3,000 in the US to buy Archives 2. If they had concurrently announced the box set for about $90 less, I would have went that route. Thus far, 2 cons of the $250 version are:

1) The CDs are in a bi-fold paper case. The way they’re housed in the big box is the spine faces up, so you can read what disc it is. Unfortunately it means when you pull the disc ccase out, the CD opening is facing down, so it’s likely the CD will fall out. Poor design.

2) The book is disappointing. About 60% pictures, 30% hand written lyrics & newspaper articles (where about half of which is unreadable) & 10% very basic info such as track list & who played on each track.

The upside is the music I’ve listened to so far is awesome. The recording quality is almost uniformily high. Of course, you’ll get all the music in the lower price version early 2021. Trust me, you won’t miss the book.

Liam Bastick

I have to echo that I got my copy almost within minutes from Greedy Hand here in Australia, so I cannot complain (download codes sent to me on time too) Tom Petty’s Wildflowers box set was lightning fast too. I echo Stonelln that SOTT took about 29 years to get to me. I think what we all forget is that these record companies are in the hands of the couriers and / or post offices. Global mail is in turmoil presently.

They could all help themselves with better communication when things go wrong / missing / silent. Having ordered over 200 items so far this year, I think Universal Music is the worst offender there. They all need to remember if they have no customers they have no business.


I bought the Vol 1 CD box set for a friend when I saw it reduced in HMV, I’m sure the packaging was a horrible shelf unfriendly long flat box and not a nice cube shaped box like this one.


The deluxe version arrived in australia last week. Quicker than any box set I have ordered offshore all year. Prince SOTT 11LP took over 3 months to get here from jpc.


Great news, ordered with thanks, Paul! Just got to wait 3 months now…

Dave H

I pre-ordered the cheaper version from Greedy Hands for a March delivery and got the download code last week.


I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I’m still waiting for the first version Paul.
No sign of it, no downloads or access to NYA.
No communication from Greedy Handers at all.
Despite emailing them, no replies, vey poor customer service, or lack of!


Hi Paul

I’m not pushed re the download codes, just want my box set.
But it is the random nature of this release that is so annoying.

Dave H commented above that he got download codes after pre-ordering for March.
People like me that ordered the first version, are still waiting for downloads, never mind the box set itself. Go figure that one out.

Really fed up with Warner Brothers.

Nathan Thomas

I ordered the March reprint of the ‘deluxe’ version & the download codes were emailed to me about 2 weeks ago – seems weird that you haven’t received anything when you ordered the original


Hello Nathan

Would you believe they finally emailed me thick afternoon with the codes etc.
But still no word on the actual box set.

Nathan Thomas

Wow Colm – I guess at least you have the codes now so you’re getting there slowly! They originally said the hires codes would be sent the day of the set release in March so I was surprised when I got them a few days after pre-ordering & NYA subscription email was fast too. Doesn’t seem to be very consistent

Malcolm George

I’m still the same broken record.
No communication despite e-mailing GH a week ago.
No goods. No Hi-Res download code.
Never again.


I meant to say this afternoon. Not thick afternoon!

Anyway, I emailed them several times Malcolm which is the only reason I got a reply, eventually.
This is the reply I go 8 days ago:
“Thank you for your ARCHIVES VOL. II: 1972-1976 box set order! We’re working extra hard to get you your order out as quickly and safely as possible. Due to the current climate our production run has been held up in transit and customs, we now expect that your order will ship next week. We’ll send you an email as soon as your package has been processed.
If you have not received the email for the Archives II digital download.The email with all of the details were sent to purchases of the box set on 11/20/20. If you did not receive it, please check the SPAM folder for the email address you used to place the order.”

Then I finally got the download codes today, but as I said earlier, no word or update re shipping and delivery.
Can’t see it arriving this side of Christmas.
Very annoying when orders from US store are flying out but EU/Britain store are held up so much.
As others have said, it’s the lack of communication that is really annoying.