Richard Ashcroft / Natural Rebel

New album • Signed CDs and vinyl • Exclusive coloured vinyl

Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft will issue Natural Rebel, his fifth solo album, in October and fans are spoilt for choice with some good value signed and exclusive items available.

The 10-track album was recorded in London and was co-produced by Ashcroft, Jon Kelly and Emre Ramazanoglu.

Signed CDs are available both via Amazon in the UK and the official store, with the latter also offering an signed black vinyl and an exclusive signed coloured vinyl pressing.

There are various bundles on the official store too, with various configurations of vinyl, CD and cassettes

Natural Rebel will be issued on 19 October 2018

Official Richard Ashcroft Store highlights

1. All My Dreams
2. Birds Fly
3. Surprised by the Joy
4. That’s How Strong
5. Born to Be Strangers
6. That’s When I Feel It
7. We All Bleed
8. A Man in Motion
9. Streets of Amsterdam
10. Money Money

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There is going to be also an orange vinyl version http://reflexrecordshop.com/product/21853/Natural+Rebel+%5BOrange+Vinyl%5D


My Bloody Valentine did test runs of 100 when they were doing their AAA vinyl editions recently so it’s not outwith probability that this was indeed a test run.

However, MBV gave theirs away for free with orders.

Worth a thought.

Paul Wren

Yes, the test 75 copy test pressing is purely a way to generate extra income, ie it’s like another very limited vinyl version and nothing wrong with that if people want to buy them. But to describe it as a test pressing is misleading and devalues the meaning of the phrase as down the years half a dozen test pressing copies are usually made for the band/management/producer to literally listen to themselves to approve sound quality etc before going to the official production runs.

Chris Squires

The recent Nazareth set was particularly….interesting?

You can buy an excellent (massive) box set which is a mixture of many CDs and a few bits of Vinyl. Which is a reasonable £109 (am.uk) to £150 (signed – TM stores). They also produced a series of twenty “Test Pressings” for the vinyl component which pushed the price up to £460 with postage.

That’s quite a leap from £109 delivered to £460 delivered for some vinyl test pressings. Who is to say I wouldn’t have paid that if it had been Kate Bush’s new album but it is certainly a strategy that’s working as they always sell out whether it’s 20 or 75 copies.
The nub of it is “revenue streams” most of our favourite artists are pushing 60, if not more. In their pomp they could earn millions and now with streaming and piracy they cannot. Who of us wouldn’t want to maintain our current lifestyle, if we could, as we approach retirement age. This is just one way of putting a few quid in the pot. The days of selling more physical copies are gone so they sell more variants to the die-hards. It’s lazy to just label people “greedy” (as has been done here before). There is much more to it than that.

Alan B

Why do Amazon advertise their signed version as “exclusive” when it tis clearly not as you can get one from the official store? The word “exclusive” is getting banded about a lot these days. The new Coral album is available as a picture disc and was advertised as a Coral store exclusive. Except it wasn’t. You can get it all indie stores. Anyway ordered the CD and blue vinyl.

And does anyone know how Amazon decide which albums are available to auto rip? The new Paul Weller album isn’t but his last one was.


His last lp contained a couple of top singles and in They Don’t Own Me, the best track of the year in my opinion. I agree about the cover, a shocker….looks like it should be for a live lp released for a quick buck.


What’s the problem if a fan buys and loves the ‘test pressing’ for what it is.
Richard Ashcroft will forever be a legendary British singer/songwriter, for most of his Verve catalogue and some of his solo work.
Maybe we can just enjoy artists of a certain age being creative, happy and healthy and still recording music for us to listen to.
No, not everything will be a classic but we all have bad hair days.

Nick Love

At first I was thinking, 5th album doesn’t sound right, but I forgot the RPA and the United Nations of Sound was only marketed as a Richard Ashcroft album in the United States. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to it, he’s been in a long rut but I still consider his work with the Verve and Alone with Everybody to be some of the best work of the 90’s and early aughts.

Martin Power

I generally like Ashcrofts solo work but he is not an artist for me that I would buy blind without listening first

Daniel Wylie

Hopefully, it’ll be better than his last few albums, all of which were dreadful. :)

Sir Thomas Dale

Richard’s 2016 release “These People” was hailed as a return to form by NME (4 out of 5 stars) and many others. Poor form by the previous commenter for his shameful ignorance and nasty troll tendencies.

Daniel Wylie

My opinion is not ignorant. I have the album and don’t like it. Having paid to buy the album, I am well within my rights to express my opinion on it. Trying to suppress other people’s opinions does not work. Music…it’s all subjective. I have no problem with you expressing your opinion that you like it but quoting NME…seriously. If only we all agreed with you, huh. :)

gary finkenbiner

His last album was phoned in and horrible.


If the current reviews are anything to go by, this album is his worst solo effort yet. Which is a shame.

anthony orwell

just noticed that there is a signed black vinyl as well, makes sense now

Kevin M

What a terrible title and cover, along with the most recent Sting and Elton John albums the worst I’ve seen in the last couple of years. Or is he being ironic? I don’t know, maybe it’s me, no taste :(

alan hansen

he rightfully does not know whether he’s being ironic or not until he’s received the proper feedback.


I say this as a longtime fan who has bought almost everything he’s done and will probably buy this too: I don’t think he’s capable of irony.

The self-awareness is not strong with this one. Voice is still good though!

anthony orwell

Am I the only one who is confused by the RA web site?
You get three options
Natural Rebel Clear Blue Gatefold Vinyl (Ltd Edition, Signed)
LP £22.00
Release Date: 19/10/2018
Discs: 1
Buy LP Only (so i assume you are buying the blue vinyl signed lp)
Add Natural Rebel CD Album (Signed) (CD) for only £4.00 (so they are adding a signed cd as well)
Add Natural Rebel Vinyl LP (Signed) (Heavyweight LP) for only £13.00 (so does this mean you get two signed lp’s for £35?)

Mark S

The whole “test pressing” charade really is sad.
75 copies of a test pressing. Really? £100 each?
Would love to know who orders them. Bands routinely offer test pressings when there’s no way that’s what they actually are.
Clearly people do because it’s sold out but it’s an entirely superfluous concept.
Normally the artist and the manager or producer will get a copy or two, listen, advise and approve or otherwise.
Not 75 mass produced copies in a die cut sleeve masquerading as a test pressing and sold at £100 each.
Sorry for the rant but it’s bizarre.


Very well said Mark S, I’ve noticed it a lot lately