Richard H Kirk / Collected Works box


#7489: Collected Works 1974 – 1989 is an 8CD box set featuring music by Cabaret Voltaire‘s Richard H. Kirk.

As the title suggests, this spotlights Kirk’s solo work from 1974-1989 and includes the 2CD Earlier/Later album as well as newly re-mastered versions of Disposable Half Truths, Time High Fiction (2CD), Black Jesus Voice, Ugly Sprit and an album of previously unreleased materiel Super Duper Soul.


This set is very well priced, for what you get, and is released on 2 December 2016, the same day as a five-CD box of early nineties work by Kirk’s alter ego, Sandoz (that set is called #9294 Collected Works).

Collected Works 1974 – 1989

Disc: 1
1. Synesthesia
2. Outburst
3. Information Therapy
4. Magic Words Command
5. Thermal Damage
6. Plate Glass Replicas
7. Insect Friends of Allah
8. Scatalist
9. False Erotic Love
10. L.D. 50
11. L.D. 60
12. Amnesic Disassociation

Disc: 2
1. The Greedy Eye
2. Shaking Down the Tower of Babel
3. Force of Habit
4. Day of Waiting
5. Black Honeymoon
6. Nocturnal Children
7. Wiretrap
8. The Power of Autosuggestion

Disc: 3
1. Dead Relatives Part One
2. Dead Relatives Part Two

Disc: 4
1. Streetgang
2. Hipnotic
3. Boom Shala
4. Black Jesus Voice
5. Martyrs of Palestine
6. This Is the H-Bomb Sound
7. Short Wave

Disc: 5
1. The Emperor
2. Infantile
3. Confession
4. Frankie Machine
5. Hollywood Babylon
6. Thai
7. Voodoo
8. Frankie Machine (Part Two)

Disc: 6
1. Never Lose Your Shadow
2. Street Gang (9mm 12′ Mix)
3. I Want More
4. Numero Uno Baby – Information
5. Do As I Do
6. On Fire
7. Digital Globe
8. Narcotics Rap (It Stinks in Here)
9. Latin – MYBM
10. Martyrs of Palestine (12′ Mix)
11. One Three Fourgasm
12. Public Fun
13. Electron 78

Disc: 7
1. Hell Is Here
2. Cosmic Overide 1
3. International Smashface Detective Theme
4. Phantom of Liberty
5. Concerto for Damaged Piano (Extract 1)
6. Venusian Electrodes
7. Immaculate Riot
8. Radio Silencer
9. Entering Creation (Help Me I’m Melting)
10. El
11. Zyklus 1
12. Photomanton
13. Au Service De La Revolution
14. Lost Rhythm of Life
15. Trabantenstadt
16. All Nationalities
17. Solar Defiance
18. Zukunft
19. Kinshasha Express
20. Cosmic Override 2

Disc: 8
1. Info/Acid
2. Hipnotic (12′ Mix )
3. Chasm
4. Street Gang (7′ Mix)
5. Chasing Shadows
6. Identify Your Soul (Identify Your Self)
7. Latino #3
8. More
9. 90 Second Apocalypse
10. Message from Africa
11. Afternoon Weather
12. War Machine
13. Hostile Forces
14. Dead Tango
15. Narco Siege
16. Bebop Da Funk

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I received my (signed) sets yesterday.
Very nice little box sets, much in line packaging wise and stylistically with previous Cabaret Voltaire box sets such as “Archive #828285 Live”, “Methodology ’74/’78. Attic Tapes” and “Conform To Deform ’82/’90. Archive”.

Dr Volume

Another ripple of applause over here for covering something a little more ‘out there’ – and I love the idea of Cabs fans rubbing shoulders with Bananarama completists and those delighted by some Wilson Phillips b-sides on CD – we all have one thing in common – we love a good reissue, some unreleased tracks and preferably a well priced, comprehensive and nicely mastered box set (which this appears to be)

CV’s back catalogue has been very well tended to over the years by Mute – most of the key works are kept in print and there’s been the mind-boggling ‘Methodology’ box of their mid-70s experiments that led up to their first release, and a proper Superdeluxe of the Virgin-era stuff – although Vinyl reissues of early albums haven’t been forthcoming after Red Mecca was remastered a few years back.

Would be great to have a reissue of Stephen Mallinder’s excellent ‘Pow Wow’ (which is akin to the Cabs 2×45 era stuff but more accessible) but long out of print. I don’t think Mute have the rights to that one.

As for RHK’s solo output -he’s very prolific so there is a heck of lot of it under many pseudonyms – the Sandoz stuff is usually more Dub influenced and very good indeed – although his best is probably the two albums he did for Warp in the 1990s especially ‘Virtual State’ which is an absolute masterpiece.

Alas my #7489 is still in the post – although Richard did send out an apology via Mute there had been some ‘unforeseen delays’ but nice to see what the inside looks like thanks Paul!


Craig. Glad to help. Enjoy!! :-)


Craig. If you like the Virgin period Cabs (Crackdown, Microphonies, Covenant…) the definitely get the RHK set. Ugly Spirit, Black Jesus Voice, much of Earlier/Later and some of the other stuff will really appeal to you.

Adam. I bought the Front 242 box sets too. The live stuff was the biggest pull for me and I was very happy with the periods covered though it was oddly out of synch. I’m hoping Official Version, Front By Front, Tyranny Fro You and Up Evil get proper deluxe editions at some point (with extra music).
I’ll be getting the Daniel B (Prothese) and Underviewer at some point hopefully. Though I see the Prothese limited set has unsurprisingly sold out already.


Adam / Heraldo, thanks for the comments – you’ve both convinced me to order the first solo box it certainly sounds up my street, cheers !


I second that. It’s great that you cover more obscure artists like Richard H. Kirk and Cabaret Voltaire. I bought the #83-85 box because of all the comments here a few years back. I also bought this one too.

Jeff – thanks for the post about the US pressing. I ordered it. $32 is just too good of a deal to pass up.

Now i can enjoy a bit of funny techno and ambient along with Yazz, Dead or Alive and the Human League. Perfect!


Edit: dubby, not funny :)


As a big Cabs fan (I’ve got pretty much everything) would RHK fans recommend his solo stuff generally ? I’ve heard bits of material under the Sandoz name which didn’t do much for me so I’ll pass on that box but with this solo box dating from an earlier period is it more Cabs-like ?


I’d say the earlier RHK records have that noisy, experimental character you’d associate with early Cabs records like 2×45 or Voice Of America. A bit sparser, and maybe a bit more “loop-y” though. Nothing like Sandoz, anyways.

Matthew McKinnon

Black Jesus Voice from 1986 is comparable to the Cabs stuff from 83/4/5. It’s very listenable.


It is good that the likes of RHK get covered occasionally, but it’s all too rare sadly to see the indie/alternative/challenging artists get a mention on here.
It would have been good to have seen something on the Einsturzende Neubauten “Greatest Hits” album for example that came out last week (limited deluxe format 2LP on 180g with photos and lyric book) or the Pop Group’s recent album (deluxe edition with additional CD of extra tracks).
Maybe we can share info on this comment list if Paul is ok with that?


It’s funny you should say that. This site has so much mainstream stuff on it that it didn’t even occur to me to mention the Pop Group or EN releases. I did email Paul about these RHK releases a while ago, but only because (a) they were multidisc efforts with unreleased material that was fairly reasonably priced, and (b) Cabaret Voltaire was almost mainstream once. Special versions of new albums (like the Pop Group with the bonus disc, or the EN vinyl) register less with me, but if we can talk about Sting’s new record, surely we can talk about these, too.

In that spirit, I will mention here that in the last few months Front 242 re-released remasered versions of three of their albums (Geography, No Comment and Pulse) as limited box sets and many flavors of limited coloured vinyl. They’re not priced ridiculously (40-50 euros for the boxes, 16 euros for colored vinyl plus CD), but honestly the boxes are overpriced for the not-much added 242 music material you get (and Pulse itself is “filtered” by half!), and the box contents are a bit incoherent (lanyards and label samplers?). But the photos are well done and the live albums are great (though not from the albums’ timeframes, so again, a bit incoherent). Info here (along with forthcoming new material from side projects Underviewer and Prothese!): http://alfa-matrix-store.com/Front-242


Yes me too was pleasantly surprised this morning to see this here on SDE. Thx Paul. My box arrived today.

Mark A

Thanks for this. Although personally I’ve been aware of this issue for some time now, I’m very glad that SDE is including artists from outside the mainstream at least on occasion.


Thank you Paul for this info!

Thank you Adam about the tip to order signed copies on musicglue :) … Ordered both!


Hi Paul – the US pressing – not the “import” on the Amazon US site is $32 USD: https://www.amazon.com/7489-collected-works-1974-1989/dp/B01M4KD8IT


I’ve owned most (but not all) of these albums forever now, but I put in for both boxes instantly to fill in the few missing discs. (Though I’m wondering what benefit will accrue to remastering RHK’s earlier works; their griminess is part of their charm, after all.) If you like early industrial electronic experiments, intense techno workouts, and spacey ambient dub, these are for you.

(There are autographed copies of each box available at musicglue.com/richardhkirk for just a few pounds more than Amazon, BTW.)