Rick Astley / New greatest hits ‘The Best of Me’ / pre-order a signed CD

2LP blue vinyl also available

Rick Astley / Best of Me signed CD

1980s pop star Rick Astley releases a new greatest hits ‘The Best Of Me’ in October and you can secure a signed CD edition right now.

Astley came to fame via Stock Aitken Waterman in 1987 and enjoyed seven consecutive top 10 singles in the UK with the trio, including the massive global number one Never Gonna Give You Up.

After a couple of long-players with SAW, Rick recorded two further albums with Gary Stevenson co-producing before stepping back from the limelight somewhat in the late 1990s and the new millennium. The album 50 was a surprise return to the top of the charts in 2016 and two years later Beautiful Life was another top ten album.

This new collection has the old hits sitting alongside recent fan favourites such as ‘Keep Singing’, ‘Angels On My Side’ and ‘Try’. The opening track ‘Every One of Us’ is a brand new song and there’s a new ‘Pianoforte’ take on ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. Disc two (CD only) sees Rick create ‘reimagined’ interpretations of his songs.

The Best Of Me is available as an Amazon UK exclusive SIGNED 2CD edition, a deluxe 2CD package with enhanced packaging (and lyrics and ‘additional imagery’ and a 2LP blue coloured vinyl. Signed deluxe 2CD and other options available via Rick’s store (see widgets below)

The Best Of Me is released on 25 October 2019.

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Rick Astley

The Best Of Me - amazon exclusive signed 2CD


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Rick Astley

The Best of Me - 2LP coloured blue vinyl


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Rick Astley

The Best of Me - 2CD deluxe edition


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Rick Astley

The Best of Me - standard non-signed CD


Probable track listing but still TBC

CD 1

1. Every One of Us / 2. Never Gonna Give You Up / 3. Whenever You Need Somebody / 4. When I Fall in Love / 5. Together Forever / 6. It Would Take a Strong Strong Man / 7. She Wants to Dance with Me / 8. Take Me to Your Heart / 9. Hold Me in Your Arms / 10. Cry for Help (Single Edit) / 11. Sleeping (Edit) / 12. Lights Out / 13. Keep Singing / 14. Angels on My Side / 15. Dance / 16. This Old House / 17. Beautiful Life / 18. Try / 19. She Makes Me / 20. Never Gonna Give You Up (Pianoforte)

CD 2

1. Together Forever (Reimagined) / 2. Whenever You Need Somebody (Reimagined) / 3. When I Fall in Love (Reimagined) / 4. Beautiful Life (Reimagined) / 5. She Wants to Dance with Me (Reimagined) / 6. Hold Me in Your Arms (Reimagined) / 7. Cry for Help (Reimagined) / 8. Keep Singing (Reimagined) / 9. Angels on My Side (Reimagined) / 10. Try (Reimagined)

The Best Of Me 2LP blue vinyl

Side 1
1. Every One Of Us
2. Never Gonna Give You Up
3. Whenever You Need Somebody
4. When I Fall In Love
5. Together Forever

Side 2
1. (It Would Take A) Strong Strong Man
2. She Wants To Dance With Me
3. Take Me To Your Heart
4. Hold Me In Your Arms
5. Cry For Help (single edit)

Side 3
1. Sleeping (edit)
2. Lights Out
3. Keep Singing
4. Angels On My Side
5. Dance

Side 4
1. This Old House
2. Beautiful Life
3. Try
4. She Makes Me
5. Never Gonna Give You Up (Pianoforte)

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CJ Feeney

Good to see the artist store in the widget – will this be a regular feature?


Too bad they couldn’t include the RA / Foo Fighters / Nirvana mashup.


Great to see Rick still around after over 30 years, and still with a magnificent head of hair!

Debbie Enticknapp

The signed version is still on Amazon. Just had a look. At first i found the unsigned version but when i typed in Rick Astley signed cd i found the signed version. Its good to have the choice wether you get the standard 2 cd signed version from Amazon for £9.99 (free delivery when you spend £20) or the deluxe edition from Rick`s official webstore for £15 + £3 delivery…


Where I can see on amazon, that it’s signed edition? Or it’s gone already.


Yes, it’s back again! Thank you!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

it’s time for SAW to putting out the complete rickastley material ( incl. all instrumentals / backing vocal versions and alternative mixes ) on i-tunes like the did with kylie minogue.
that’s a thing i am interested in. not another best-of-compilation. sorry.

David Baker

At minimum, they should move “Never Gonna Give You Up (Pianoforte)” to disc 2 and add Rick’s recent cover of “Giant” to disc 1. Including “Superman,” the other single/emphasis track from the unreleased “My Red Book,” to disc 1 would also be a major selling point for me.


Yes, odd that albums 3 (partially) and 4 get ignored. Hopelessly should be on every compilation imho. However, it is his (third) hits compilation so he can do what he likes. More power to him frankly and may his comeback roll on sweetly and others learn from it…


Any indication if the “reimagined” are remixes or re-recordings? And if the latter, “unplugged” or…?


The official website indicates that they’re “stripped back” re-recordings.,


Thanks for the correction Paul. I ordered the non-deluxe signed cd. Its a steal.


Had to get one…I’m a big Nick Lowe fan
All Men Are Liars…..


Had no idea that there was a video. Thank you so much!


Sorry which edition is signed? One-disc only?

Gareth Jones

It’s good to have all these songs together, forever

Jamie Barr

Rick-rolled by SDE!


Is he splitting up ;)


Why not :)

Auntie Sabrina

Ah, like the recent(ish) Kylie Hits package. Rick recorded a cover of Rag ‘n’ Bone Man’s ‘Giant’ so I’m hoping this is included too.


why are the deluxe by rick astley and the non -deluxe by Kick Fast? ;)


Curious choices. It’s a double CD yet “My Arms Keep Missing You”, “Don’t Say Goodbye” (a single in some territories), “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” are missing from his PWL years. “Free” is only represented by “Cry For Help” and there is NOTHING from Body and Soul.

From “Keep It Turned On” we get “Sleeping”, while nothing comes from “Portrait”.
To include “Lights Out” is a good move, since it was only released as a single.

Auntie Sabtina

The link to the signed edition says it’s a 2 CD, a mistake on Amazon’s part but you can always cancel once it’s sorted out then?