Rick Wakeman / No Earthly Connection


Rick Wakeman‘s 1976 album No Earthly Connections is to be reissued as a deluxe edition in November.

The album has been remastered at Abbey Road Studios (by Andrew Walter) and the double-disc deluxe comes with a CD of Rick live at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1976 (recorded by the BBC).

The original vinyl edition of this album came complete with a little square of plastic that you rolled into a cylinder and looked through to see the cover image undistorted (it was the 1970s…). Excitingly, this will be recreated for the 2016 vinyl reissue!

Both versions of No Earthly Connection are reissued on 11 November 2016.



  1. Part I: The Warning
  2. Part II: The Maker
  3. Part III: The Spaceman
  4. Part IV: The Realisation
  5. Part V: The Reaper
  6. The Prisoner
  7. The Lost Cycle

CD2 – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 1976

  1. Music Reincarnate: The Spaceman
  2. Catherine Howard
  3. Myth And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table: Sir Lancelot And The Black Knight
  4. Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table: Arthur
  5. Music Reincarnate: The Realisation
  6. The Forest
  7. Catherine Parr
  8. Music Reincarnate: The Prisoner
  9. Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table: Merlin The Magician

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Lord Quillon

Gibbon, is the fix on? Encourage the Yonker Dees group to dissolve…Predicate the obvious.


Speaking as someone who was in the midst of a Rick Wakeman kick when this came out, I think that this is one of Rick’s weaker efforts, although the bar is clearly very high. All that lyrical gobbledygook, as well as finding Ashley Holt’s voice an unlovely thing, lead to me playing it the least of his albums. I had fun playing with the silver tube though (like Paul says, it was the 1970’s!)

Stevie B

And then we heard the Ramones…


With the benefit of hindsight, now we can say that many of those acts who were supposed to succumb to the punk bands have actually outlived them… by decades!

Adam shaw

Don’t go there with Ricks needle drop quad mixes !!!


Would rather than a needle drop quad, than no quad at all.

Adam shaw

Really ? Have you heard them ?
All the clicks and bumps on Arthur ?
Sorry , I was really looking forward to these when they were announced but after one listen they’ve stayed in the box .


Welcome to the world of Vinyl. LOL

But yes, really. They’re an extra, a bonus. They’re value-add. There’s no harm in owning it. I’d rather have a chance to experience it – even with clicks – than not at all.

Of course, if the original masters are available, then they clearly ought to be used. But in cases where they’re no longer around, a Vinyl rip is better than nothing. IMO

Dave H

According to this interview, there was a quad mix created back in the day. A pity it wasn’t included.



No excuses needed here, this is my favorite Wakeman album (although 1984 is close).

Surprised some of you say you’ve seen the previous CD in the bargain bins, because for some time this was impossible to find on CD. I suppose the previous label lost the license to make it, and so their stock was dumped onto the market.

Back to the music though – is it pretentious, overblown, silly, and just a little over the top? Yes, of course. But then, what Prog-Rock at the time wasn’t? Just because something is pretentious, doesn’t make it bad. The melodies are strong, Wakeman’s playing is superb, and the overall production was great. And yes, the original Vinyl (and the Japanese Mini-LP, which I also have) had a sheet of silver paper which “normalized” the images on the front and back of the sleeve.

As for this reissue – I’m all over it. It’s apparently been newly remastered (I’m happy with the Mini LP, but reports on the domestic release was that it sounds very poor) and the live disc is a nice bonus.

This is great news, imo. As I say, for the longest time this was impossible to find on CD – now apparently it’s everywhere. Good times.


Not a big fan of Wakeman but this album is something special, have Japanese pressing with OBI and huge colour live poster. Will definitely order the new deluxe edition.

Michael Leek

Bleedin nostalgia – I’ll be buying both copies…


From what I understand about the sixties (was a just a kid back then), if this album had been released during that decade, Ricks image on the sleeve would have been normal and you would have seen it as distorted.

Adam shaw

Land fill !!
This sold well because of the good sales of King Arthur which was the previous album .
I bought it , loved the music , loved the cover and it’s still on my iPod playlists .
Japanese remastered cd a few years back came with the foil as well .

Charles K

Hoo doggie, that is one silly album cover!

Tom of FIN

If some crappy american FM-radio bands like Styx deserve deluxe or reissue treatment, so why not silly concept albums or covers too.

Ian B

Rick does a bunk from Yes because the musical and lyrical obscurity of TfTO was driving him up the wall and then comes up with lyrics such as:

‘Taste of fruitful inhibitions of a human.
Incapable of future seeing
Beyond his thoughts of music.’

Sung by a cod Medieval choir, yet. It’s OK mate, I bought some Bacofoil from Aldi last week.

Piss-taking aside, I do own the first disc of this. In my defence, I only bought the box for ‘White Rock’. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I have the original, complete with silver plastic. Still pretty cool and not a bad album. Not sure I need the reissue, mind!

Nell Mangle

November 11th…. AGAIN!!


I think you rolled up the silver into a tube and stood it on the globe on the centre of the cover. Then you looked from outside and Rick appeared normal on the side of the tube.

Good times!


I think I have seen more second hand copies of this album in stores through the years than any other


There should be an environmental law prohibiting the repressing of certain titles where the original releases are simply landfill or charity shop fodder. May I suggest ELP’s Tarkus is included.