Ringo Starr / Give More Love

Ringo Starr‘s 19th solo album is called Give More Love and will be released in September.

The ex-Beatle recorded the record at his home studio in LA and it features contributions from the likes of Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Edgar Winter and Steve Lukather.

Ringo produces and has co-written songs on the album with Peter Frampton (Laughable), Richard Marx (Speed Of Sound), Glen Ballard (Electricity) and Dave Stewart (So Wrong For So Long), among others.

There is no deluxe edition, as such, although all the CD versions have four bonus tracksYou Can’t Fight Lightning, Photograph and Don’t Pass Me By are “collaborations based on performances from Starr’s 2016 Peace & Love birthday event”. What that means is they are re-recordings based on those live performances. Alberta Cross performed You Can’t Fight Lightning and Vandaveer performed Photograph and Don’t Pass Me By. Ringo loved their renditions and asked them to each record them for his new album, also adding his own vocals.

However, the final bonus track is Back Off Boogaloo (his 1972 non-album single) and this version is “based on the original recording Ringo made when he wrote the song”. That recording was produced by George Harrison. Apparently Ringo recently discovered the tape when he moved house. Interesting.

Give More Love is released on CD on 15 September 2017. The vinyl follows a week later on 22 September.

1 We’re On The Road Again
2 Laughable
3 Show Me The Way
4 Speed Of Sound
5 Standing Still
6 King Of The Kingdom
7 Electricity
8 So Wrong For So Long
9 Shake It Up
10 Give More Love

Bonus tracks (CD only)

11 Back Off Boogaloo
12 Don’t Pass Me By
13 You Can’t Fight Lightening
14 Photograph

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[…] Mastering. These two reissues follow the September release of Ringo’s nineteenth solo album Give More Love, and you can catch him and and his All-Starr Band on tour in Europe in June-July next […]

Kevin barker

Ringo is much underrated entertainer.i have all his albums incl.old wave only released in Europe.this is really enjoyable lp.very glad he continues to record.peace & love!

Kevin barker

Whilst a ringo fan think he should not comment on uk Brexit fiasco especially as he now lives in usa.hope he is not Trump supporter!!I’m with paul mccartney & Bob g
Peace & love.


£19.99 on HMV with Free Delivery!


£31.48 on Amazon UK? Really for a Single LP??? They’ve definitely lost the plot …..
Great News though ! I’ll be buying it… just not from Amazon!

David M

No peace sign on the cover? He’s slipping. Wonder how many songs will be about the good old days lazily namechecking Fabs hits in a clumsy manner? I also don’t know why he still bothers at 77, his records can only sell a few thousand these days. Ego?

Dennis Cattell

Why does he still bother? Why does Paul still bother? Because music is in his blood, I guess. It’s not just his day job, it’s his life. I can understand that.

David M

Well, yes, but it’s not like Ringo has some great artistic vision to share with the world. He just makes (more or less) the same album over and over again, that actually sells just hundreds of copies in his home country.


Record sales are bad, but I doubt that they’re that bad. Why would Universal bother for a few hundred copies in the UK or according to David M, a few thousand copies? I find that very hard to believe. No one can make money at those sales levels.

Harold Hofstad

That’s the case for his most recent albums, unfortunately (a few thousand at the very most). Companies make little if any money on them, but they don’t spend much on marketing Ringo, either. He’s a historic, prestige artist for any label at this point. Ringo probably doesn’t get paid much for recent records, either. It would be royalties from Beatles record sales that make up most of his income, I think.

O(+> Peter B

Ringo’s contributed to a new album Sheila E’s working on called “Iconic” (Sheila has featured in Ringo’s All-Starr band before).

Paul Murphy

Nothing to do with this other than the fact I’m reading it at the time, but a very nice price just popped up on Amazon Prime Day Deal for the Elvis RCA Albums Box Set – £99.99 on Amazon UK as I type, if you’re quick.

Johnny Main

The new album is available to pre-order from Universal directly on CD for £9:99 (plus £2 postage), from where I’ve ordered mine

The vinyl is priced at £16:99 (plus £4 P&P) from the same site.


Does anyone know if “Back Off Boogaloo” has Jeff Lynne also producing? It’s rare to see him only playing on something he doesn’t produce…


Heard a snippet of one of the songs. Sadly, it sounds like any other Ringo song done in the last 10 years. However, I will get the CD and then give a better opinion. Got to give him that courtesy.

John C

Back off Boogaloo was a phrase often used by Marc Bolan but he had no part in the writing. Ringo wrote after he had dinner with Marc and he had been using the phrase a lot. The uncredited writing goes to George Harrison after Ringo had trouble finishing the song and he asked for help

Paul E.

Another reason why Ringo is my favorite Beatle: “CD Only Bonus Tracks” !!! Four additional tracks available on my preferred medium – bonus or not, at least I don’t need to buy vinyl, use a DL voucher, etc. This is great.


Back Off Boogaloo (co-written with Marc Bolan) is the only good solo outing the Nose has ever done. Fact.


No. Not a fact. Opinion. Yours and mine differ.


I’ve always been partial to “It Don’t Come Easy.”


`The Nose`, seems to be a bit of a nasty comment, that!

Stevie B

Photograph is a great song, but there’s plenty other good stuff too, along with some admittedly forgettable fayre.


How can anyone not love “No, No, No, No”?

Richard Starkey

oops…Parlophone. (sorry)

Richard Starkey

“So Wrong For So Long”? Don’t let Alison Krauss see that. That’s awfully close to the title of her 1996 CD.

elliott buckingham

has his singing voice improved


Also noteworthy: Jeff Lynne plays acoustic guitar on the re-make of ‘Back Off Boogaloo’

Ben Williams

Will probably pick this up – definitely in the Beatles mood this year!

Fun-Fact: Back Off Boogaloo was also re-recorded for Stop & Smell The Roses back in 1981.

Richard Starkey

Yep, me too. I’m buying up all the USA/Capitol 45 Picture Sleeves I can find before they skyrocket. UK/ Parlaphone 45s are next…!! It’s all brilliant..!

andrew r

are you Ringo in disguise … go on tell us!