Robert Palmer / Collected 3CD set

Not your usual lazy Robert Palmer compilation…

Remember that Level 42 Collected compilation we told you about a few weeks back, well, as some of you pointed out, Universal Netherlands are also preparing  a similar three-CD set for that much-missed Yorkshireman Robert Palmer, and it looks surprisingly good…

Robert Palmer: Collected, broadly speaking, devotes its first disc to Palmer’s Island Years, the second to his tenure at EMI and, perhaps most interestingly, has a third disc of relative rarities including b-sides, twelve-inch remixes and two tracks from rhythm and blues group Vinegar Joe – the band Robert was in with Elkie Brooks in the early 1970s. As far as I can remember I don’t recall any previous Palmer compilation including Vinegar Joe tracks, but Collected gets even more interesting by going back even further to 1969 for, Gypsy Girl, Robert’s debut with The Alan Bown Set. He contributed vocals to the song after Jess Roden had left.

The third disc also features Milk Cow’s Calf Blues, Palmer’s contribution to the 2001 Robert Johnson tribute album Hellhound on My Trail, and Life in Detail, a relative obscurity from the soundtrack of the film Pretty Woman.

Although the world doesn’t really need another Robert Palmer compilation, this one at least makes an effort to be interesting and at 34 years, spans the widest period of time. It includes tracks from all his solo studio album and has this gem of a third disc which does break new ground with some of the selections.

Robert Palmer: Collected is released on 19 August 2016. It’s effectively an import outside The Netherlands, so prices will reflect that.


Disk 1

  1. Get outside
  2. Sneakin’ sally through the alley
  3. Give me an inch
  4. Which of us is the fool
  5. Man smart, woman smarter
  6. Every kinda people
  7. Best of both worlds
  8. What’s it take?
  9. Bad case of loving you (doctor, doctor)
  10. Jealous
  11. Can we still be friends?
  12. Johnny and mary
  13. Looking for clues
  14. Not a second time
  15. Some guys have all the luck
  16. You are in my system
  17. You can have it (take my heart)
  18. Pride
  19. Discipline of love
  20. Riptide

Disc 2

  1. Addicted to love
  2. Hyperactive
  3. I didn’t mean to turn you on
  4. Simply irresistible
  5. She makes my day
  6. Early in the morning
  7. Tell me i’m not dreaming
  8. Change his ways
  9. It could happen to you
  10. You’re amazing
  11. Mercy mercy me / i want you
  12. Dreams to remember
  13. Happiness
  14. Witchcraft
  15. Girl u want
  16. Know by now
  17. You blow me away
  18. Respect yourself
  19. True love
  20. Dr. zhivago’s train

Disc 3 

  1. Gypsy girl the alan bown
  2. Never met a dog (that took to me) (vinegar joe)
  3. See the world (through my eyes) (vinegar joe)
  4. Parade of the obliterators
  5. Pride (remix)
  6. You can have it (take my heart) (12″ version)
  7. You are in my system (remix)
  8. Some like it hot (the power station)
  9. Get it on (bang a gong) (the power station)
  10. Simply irresistible (e.t. remix)
  11. Mercy mercy me / i want you (12″ remix)
  12. Sweet lies (from “sweet lies” soundtrack)
  13. Life in detail (from “pretty woman” soundtrack)
  14. I’ll be your baby tonight ft. ub40
  15. Every kinda people (1992 remix)
  16. Milk cow’s calf blues (tribute to robert johnson)

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[…] Netherlands’ excellent three-CD set, Robert Palmer Collected is being put out as a double vinyl set by Music On Vinyl in November. […]

Larry Davis

2 Power Station singles are on Disc 3, but it could have had the 3rd single as well as a track from “Living In Fear”…but this set is great as it is.

Larry Davis

I just got the set in the mail yesterday and it looks great…played it, and I’m thrilled…the remastering is awesome, the essay and pics are superb, BUT there is one thing I am happy about and many of you are gonna be pissed…it gives no indication based on the copyright dates, but many of the versions are the Addictions remixes, like his Moon Martin cover of “Bad Case Of Loving You”, “Every Kinda People”…I am happy about that because I like em better anyway AND I can get rid of the “Best Of Both Worlds” collection, don’t need both. Some tracks on there like “Pressure Drop” are not included on “Collected”, but “Collected” has the studio versions of “Johnny & Mary” and “Looking For Clues”, which were just live versions (while great) on “Best Of Both Worlds”. Overall, “Collected” is better, but the essay in the other is really well-done too…I may copy the liners and toss em into “Collected” because I would miss em. I may order the Edsel 2-fers until the new exhaustive boxes come out in 2018…but with “Collected”, if you have a problem with the Addictions remixes, proceed with caution…but me, I couldn’t be happier.


Would it have made sense to include Power Station on this release?


Probably something to do with licensing.


Anybody played a copy of Robert Palmer Collected. Any news on mastering quality?


I bought it from the amazon marketplace the other day for £11 and certainly not the £20 amazon are asking for it. I won’t get it till next week probably so i will let you know strange there aren’t reviews around though.

[…] Out This Week / 14 April 2014Out This Week / on 29 July 2016Robert Palmer / Collected 3CD set […]

Larry Davis

This looks like another good Palmer collection…I put him in the same boat as another underrated UK artist who is underserved…Chris Rea…there are some musical similarities between both artists, mainly vocal inflections. I haven’t gotten the Edsel reissues yet, wanted to, but maybe I should wait for those Hidden Masters sets??? Anyhoo, I may be in the minority here, but I LOVE the Addictions remixes, and the 2CD Hip-O collection “Best Of Both Worlds” from 2002/2003 I enjoyed a lot, and a keeper alongside this, as bother have plenty of tracks not on the other…


I find it truly bizarre that Chris Rea’s back catalogue hasn’t been remastered.

Larry Davis

There were a couple of 2CD anthologies released in 2009, possibly remastered, and a 3CD set called “The Works”, and his Magnet catalogue was straight-reissued on EastWest Germany, original versions, circa 1990s/2000s, but weirdly not remastered. Have no idea what the deal is with that. Some later-period albums were put out as boxsets, like his 11CD blues-influenced box and his mock-60s band boxset, but a remaster program?? Haven’t seen one. Plus, not sure if Chris has control or a record/publishing company, because he tends to rerecord many older songs, like on 1988’s “New Light Through Old Windows”, which I actually love and prefer to many originals, which some were a bit cheesy in the production area. There is one track, “Josephine”, which has been recorded multiple ways over the years, I just LOVE this 7-minute French dance remix which was released in 1989, and I would love to get the full version on a CD single or compilation. There was an edit of 4 minutes or so on this 2CD Music Club Deluxe collection from 2009, and it was on this Late Night Tales compilation by this dance group but is only digital. There may be a 12″ vinyl single around, but tough to find. Very strange. But that track is paradise. The US 4 minute one on the 1989 Geffen “New Light Through Old Windows” is close but with more bluesy guitar on it, which is awesome, but the French one is the best.

Carlos Pinto

Totally agree.


I hope Universal Netherlands will revisit the 2005 Steve Winwood Ultimate Collection for this series. This was their previous incarnation of these 3 CD sets, and for some reason this item was never really available. Some Amazon reviewers claim to actually own a copy but has not been available for years. Another excellent compilation with all the important extended versions.


This is a curious Winwood comp I was unaware of. Seems a licensing issue may have been the culprit for it getting withdrawn so quickly. Could you provide a catalog and barcode number for this?

There is a Japanese box set of his Island albums. It’s similar to the Palmer one but with less albums obviously. Found here:


Steve Winwood: The Ultimate Collection
UPC: 602498320549

Nigel M

Eager to find out remastering info.

Neil Storey

We master from the original analog reels and do *not* work with anyone’s pre-digitised copy. Ever. Original = exactly that; for Robert that’ll mean 1/4″ Mandrakes reels; 1/4″ or 1″ masters of Alan Bown… 1″‘, 2″ and 1/4″ Vinegar Joe and RP reels.

peter m

I think steve winwood would be a good candidate for this series.


Yes I second the Winwood idea! This year marks the 30th anniversary of Back in the High Life and I haven’t heard squat about a deluxe version. Paul, have you heard any rumblings (that you can speak of :)?


I wonder how this compares to the two variant versions of the two c.d. sets “Gold”? I understand one of those has some sort of versions of the songs that are not available elsewhere in terms of all the other compilations ever done. Yet they are not labeled as such either.

John Ireland

If the Jess Roden set is anything to go by a Hidden Masters Robert Palmer set would be well worth the wait. This 3CD “Collected” set would plug a yawning gap in my collection.

Neil Storey

thank you John. The Jess Roden set (anthology) is now sold out… the set(s) we’re planning for RP are as exhaustive as what we did for Jess.


Very much looking forward to the HiddenMasters projects. Don’t forget “So Emboldened,” a b-side to “You’re Amazing.” I only mention it because the only place I’ve ever seen it is on the cassette single. I have a number of performances/interviews archived on MiniDisc, mostly from the late night circuit in the U.S. Too bad getting clearance for something like that would probably be unlikely. It would be great to have a complete (or at least nearly complete) soundboard quality audio from all his (worldwide) TV appearances over the years.

Neil Storey

could you get in touch direct via Paul, please.

Neil Hunt

Soundbites of this are now available on bol.com netherlands


Many thanks for that link to Love can Run Faster produced by Lee Perry! Brilliant evocative track that I had no idea about. Cheers.


Glad you enjoy this version. I much prefer it over the album track.

@Neil Storey
I hope this one will make the cut for the Hidden Masters release. Hopefully it’s in the Island vaults somewhere!

Neil Storey

sorry for slow reply, just picked up on this… be patient! Lee P and Robert P = genius…! A combination made in heaven

Rob Maurer

This is nice, but I’d kill for a Complete Albums/Complete Recordings collection with a couple or few bonus discs of remixes and rarities.

I missed out on that Japan set and haven’t been able to “find” it on the internets. You’re lucky indeed, Neil!


This. 100%.

@Neil Storey, for each of the 3 sets (pre-, Island, and post-) will they be complete including the studio albums for each era?

Neil Storey

@ Richard… sorry for slow reply but only just picked up on this. First, they’ll be as complete as we can make ’em… Second, bear in mind that (unhappily) not everything exists in analog format nowadays. Thats not to scare anyone… (!)… just a sad fact of life in this analog / digital age… because not *everything* has survived. We’re currently working our way through reels chronologically. At the moment – and bear in mind this is work in progress – the Vinegar Joe + pre VJ era is looking ok to fair; some unexpected gems… some nuggets… and… some stones still to be to be over-turned.

Neil Storey

@ Richard… @ Rob… sorry for slow reply, just picked up on this… ok, first, the aim is to make what we’re doing for Robert as 100% complete as is humanly possible… Second, bear in mind this is being developed in collaboration with his family. That means… it’ll take as long as it takes = to ensure its 110% right.

So… to be clear: what we’re compiling isn’t a few choice tracks and one or two outtakes; over three sets, this will – I promise – be a definitive set of RP recordings over the years.


Neil, thanks for following up. Can’t wait to see the details once you’re further down the line.


I have been lucky enough to have got a copy of that Japanese box set from about ten years ago in Flac and those remasters sound great. What i would like to know is what happened to those masters and why did Universal supply Edsel with a bunch of masters sourced from mp3s and when you consider this collected release is coming from Universal what’s the betting they will have used the mp3s again only time will tell.


It’s great to have an update about the Hidden Masters set(s), I’m looking forward to it (them).
As for the present 3-CD collection, and as per previous RP remasters, the question that begs to be answered is: has this been remastered? And from what source? Because we had a very bad experience with the previous batch of RP reissues from Edsel, and seeing this price, I’m inclined to think these 3-CD will be plagued by the same sub-par sound quality (i.e. compressed digital or even mp3 files).

But I have great expectations for the Hidden Master reissues; reading that Neil Storey is talking about “analog reels” makes me think (and hope) that they will do it properly and with the best possible audio quality.
So I’m passing, big time, on this Dutch comp… hoping to be still alive when the HM sets get released ;-)

Neil Storey

Andrea, thanks for the comment. Yes, I think its fair to say we do do things properly – quite possibly why the sets we put together take the time they do; picture research is another part that takes a massive amount of time… and its only worth doing these things if, in my view, you do them properly. So long as the original reels exist, thats what we work off… Very, very occasionally, the reels have either been lost or have simply disappeared so we work with the next best source / closest to the original as we can. Impossible to say (at this point in time) if everything relating to RP survives as we’re still working our way through reels. But… so far, so good! In any event, each source reel is carefully annotated in the credits section meaning everyone then knows precisely what the source has been. NS


Awesome Neil. Can’t wait. Thanks for your passion in getting the fans what they are asking for!!

Billy Dojcak

Looks like this is close to a box set that we’ll get for a while. Very nice!

Fré Nieuwenhuis

Universal released a 3CD compilation before in 2003, called the ultimate collection. The first two CD’s contain tracks from the period 1974 – 1988. The bonus CD contains 6 live tracks. It looks like Universal is giving the ultimate collection a boost, with a other name, more tracks covering a longer period, and Level 42 seems to be the first one. I have many of these Ultimate collection 3CD’s, all from Universal, from different artists, like Creedence Clearwater Revival, 10CC, Gerry Rafferty & Stealers Wheel, Level 42 (3 different versions), Barry White, Swing Out Sister, Gino Vannelli, Shakatak and Status Quo.

Pierce Armstrong

There have been other Collected compilations before, like Steely Dan and The Moody Blues that were released in 2007 time! So Level 42 were no way the first to have a 3cd Collected compilation released of their music!

eoin hall

The 6:35 extended version of I Didn`t Mean To Turn You On is on the 2010 Dutch cd
Dance Classics Pop Edition Vol. 2.



Thank you trying to make a comprehensive RP album including extended and rare versions. Here are the links to some special versions of RP songs. Some are released on CD before, some are not.

1, https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Palmer-Every-Kinda-People/release/1041845
I find the Reproduction Mix quite good. Only available on rare cd single.
2. https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Palmer-Pride/release/2135150
There seems to be a Pride Dub version, never released on CD. The extended version is on the Edsel reissue.
3. https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Palmer-You-Are-In-My-System/release/50387
This extended version has been on various Extended Remix compilations but it would make for a comprehensive collection to include it.
4. There are 2 extended versions of “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On. They are currently unavailable on CD unless it’s some very rare release:
A. The 6+ min version: https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Palmer-I-Didnt-Mean-To-Turn- You-On/release/330567
B. The 7+ min version: https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Palmer-I-Didnt-Mean-To-Turn-You-On/release/4611000
5. There are also 2 versions of Simply Irresistible (including 2 instrumental versions). Both are on the Edsel reissue except for the instrumental versions:
A. The 5+ min version: https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Palmer-Simply-Irresistible/release/2374312
B. The 6+ min version: https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Palmer-Simply-Irresistible/release/1536505
6. This is a rare version of Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming + various dub versions! Unreleased on CD.
7. Here are 2 rare mixes of Early In The Morning both unreleased on CD:
A. The 7+ min version + instrumental : https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Palmer-Early-In-The-Morning/master/207128
B. The 5+ and 4+ min versions https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Palmer-Early-In-The-Morning/release/1399108
8. This is the long version of Sweet Lies. It was on the Edsel reissue
9. Here are 2 mixes of Change Her Ways. One of them was on edsel reissue
10. Here are 3 rare mixes of Mercy Mercy Me, unreleased on CD
11. The Extended Version of I’ll Be Your baby Tonight has been on some compilations and is on edsel reissue:
12. This is somewhat of a travesty but it’s a rare mix nontheless:

I hope this helps and that we can find some of these rare mixes on your future release. Thanks for making the rare versions available!!


The 12″ remix of ‘Pride’ that is on the Edsel release seems to be a variation on the ‘Addictions’ remix in the early 90’s. It has the barking dogs and vocal intro that were never on the original version. Not sure where that came from but it’s different from the François Kevorkian remix on the original ’83 single.

There is also an interesting instrumental version of ‘Pride’ on the flip-side of the 7″ single. It really showcases the weird and wonderful bassline in that song.

Neil Storey

Thanks..! Appreciated.

I’m not entirely sure of the legality of the Motiv-8 mix… but yes, can well imagine its a bit rare!

RP was in at the start of remix era (for want of a better phrase) and, consequently the cup of mixes is full to the point of almost running over. How we deal with that aspect, I’m undecided right now ‘cos I’ve yet to be persuaded that 8 different mixes of track-title X (all of which sound not too dissimilar) have a great deal of validity within what we’re aiming to put together.

Its an interesting conundrum to face up to, thats for sure!


Thank you Neil!
From a fan perspective I hope you go for at least the 12″es that have yet to be released on CD, like “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming”, “Early In The Morning”, Pride (Dub) and of course the full 7 minutes of “I didn’t Mean To Turn You On”. But I know there may be legal limitations. Whatever you decide I’m sure it’s the best thing possible under the circumstances. Good luck finding the masters and getting legal cleared. Thanks for giving us hope!!


Is there a comprehensive list of these Universal Netherlands “Collected” sets anywhere?

Randy Metro

A few years ago, this label released a similarly formatted Carpenters Collected. If you blinked, it was gone. Brother Richard appeared to NOT be pleased that the singles were in their familiar original mixed versions rather than Richard Carpenter’s tiresome, unnecessary re-re-re-remixed & needlessly tinkered & re-tooled versions. An identical version appeared in it’s place with the original mixes replaced with the Remixed Richard approved versions.

At first glance, <>, you’ll probably find it a quality product worth checking out. Someone was thinking outside the box on the Carpenter collection including the third disc “anything goes” with Karen & Richard’s solo projects.

Scott G

@ Neil Storey
Excellent news Neil. I hope the record companies do see the importance of such a project and supply the original masters. Personally I have been trying to get a good copy of Double Fun for years and hopefully you will include the original version of Every Kinda People (wasn’t a big fan of the later remix).
Will you there be a hi-res version available? Hi-res download or Blu-Ray Audio?

Very much looking forward to this..

Neil Storey

Thanks Scott. As per my reply elsewhere on this thread, we only work with the original analog reels. Much of Robert’s work, as you can probably imagine, has already been digitised but – and this is the same for any HiddenMasters project – we *always* go back to the best available original reel and start afresh from that. It might not be particularly cost or time-efficient but, it means I can guarantee that what we’re issuing is as good as it humanly can be.

Best copy of Double Fun (for me) would be the original UK pressing – dig out your old stereo!!!

The original of Every Kinda… of course!

Everything we work to (musically) is best possible res… We tend not to offer download cards, preferring to let people run out via CD to the player of their choice at the res-level they prefer. Otherwise, we’re just second guessing the whole time.

Robert Fitzpatrick

cool more Palmer collections the better the world of music is served !


Maybe I missed it, but is this compilation an “all the original single versions” release, like the Level 42 collection?


Sod this three disc jobbie, I’m waiting for the above!

Neil Storey

@ CJ Feeney – I’d agree… I think Robert is under-served and has been for aeons with regards to his catalogue which, in my view, has been treated shockingly. Its always good to see a (proper) set devoted to him. And, good that this one delves a little deeper than usual.

As Paul has noted, we (HiddenMasters) are working on what I’d like to suggest will be the most comprehensive and complete set for RP. Ever. Definitive is an over-used word but thats where we’re heading.

For what its worth, the HiddenMasters sets (yes plural) – there will be three, are: Vol 1 will be a complete RP collection from The Mandrakes right through to the end of Vinegar Joe via Alan Bown and the first demos for Sneakin’ Sally. Vol 2 will be (essentially) the Island Years. Vol 3 will be everything after altho’ (and as agreed with RP’s family) we’ll be leaving The Power Station to one side – it doesn’t fit with what we’re putting together and deserves something on its own.

We’re not working to any time frame other than… this has to be just right. To be done properly, these things take a good deal of time and there’s a large amount of analog reels to be hunted down other than those we have already sourced. It’d be great to think we could have Vol 1 (no title yet) ready for 2018. I’d love to have Vol 2 ready at the same time…. but… thats a vast amount of work… We’ll see…

By the by… if anyone is aware of (say) a really obscure 12″ mix or a b-side which we may not be (we’re not infallible!) which you think deserves to be included… please let us know.

At present, the set make ups are in the balance; as things stand, it looks like they’ll be usual HiddenMasters book-editions with CDs included with (possibly / probably) expanded vinyl / cd book editions per Island-era LP to follow. Its important to keep everything cost-efficient for us just as much as it is to ensure what we do produce isn’t price-prohibitive for the fans. The eternal juggling game!!!

Work in progress…


Sounds great Neil – good luck with it! Looking forward to buying it…


Please include the Lee Perry version of ‘Love Can Run Faster’!


CJ Feeney

It’s good that RP is getting some deluxe treatment at last, but I think this 3 disc set is too good to pass up on while we wait for the real deal coming later.

Larry Davis

Neil, just signed up, as I need to be in the loop regarding your Robert Palmer project…I ordered that 3CD Dutch set, and was going to buy the Edsel 2-fers, until I read about your much-more complete project. Regarding the separate Power Station project, I hope it involves both albums…no one talks about the 2nd one, “Living In Fear”, which got panned, yet I saw RP play with em live for that album at NYC’s Supper Club…great show BTW.


What a strange compilation… some good, and some interesting, stuff (although there are better Alan Bown and Vinegar Joe tracks – Perfect Day and Circles to name but two…). Just wish somebody would do the smart, comprehensive job his significant body of work merits. Can’t you have a word with someone, Paul?


Ooh… comprehensive multi-disc set sounds good! Shame it will be a while. And I’d love to see your 3-CD compilation track list – if only to debate your selections!

Simon Brown

The six disc set sounds very interesting, but there’s so much from Robert I’d love to see that I wonder how much “new” stuff will appear.
The two Albert Hall nights would be awesome.
I’d love So Emboldened to finally get a CD release.
The Color Of Money tracks could do with a remaster.
A Living In Fear tour gig would be amazing.
Comprehensive Vinegar Joe would also be nice.

I’ll keep watching :)

Julian H

There was a similar release for Status Quo as well, including some rare tracks (at least some not released on CD before).


Nice! Never really knew a lot about RP other than his 80’s stuff – but this looks very interesting.

Have preordered and look forward to learning more about his music.


Koen Kroeze

“Collected” is a great concept: 3CD-sets including hard-to-find tracks (mostly on CD3) and…at a low price. Over here, in the Netherlands, the “Collected” compilations are only €14,99.

However uncredited, I was lucky to get involved in the Paul Carrack one. Universal Netherlands tries to collect tracks from various labels. Unfortunately some labels are very hard to work with, I know now…

Chris Squires

At least the much missed Robert isn’t poking himself in the face. Y’see Gordon, that’s how to do a moody photo without looking….odd.

Some lawyer has seemingly been doing some work to get the various groups / labels to get together. How many bands? How many labels? It is good to see such a comprehensive compilation. Others take note!


Not many lawyers need to be involved now as Island and EMI are under one roof of Universal, not sure about the older labels. But yes – comprehensive indeed.

Auntie Sabrina

Universal Netherlands strike again, another stellar release…


AND Power Station tracks on the 3rd disc too – interesting!

CJ Feeney

I have the two LPs of greatest hits from the early 90s, and don’t actually own any of his albums on CD. I have to disagree with our statement that the world doesn’t ‘need’ another RP collection. I think he is poorly served in terms of reissues and best ofs.

This looks really comprehensive, and I will be picking it up at some point – maybe in time for the next long family road trip.

Eric M.

You know I’ve never thought about it before, but RP is a prime candidate for a proper ‘Remixes & Rarities’ release, Paul. There are a handful of US-only versions, like “Early in the Morning” promo, etc…


Yeah, a “remixes & rarities” would be a dream coming true…
Paul? ;-)

Eric M.

Not bad at all. Still hoping someone will get their hands on “Didn’t Mean to Turn…” 12″ from master tape, but this is a really nice spread. I will probably buy it.


Not too bad. If they were REALLY good they would include the proper versions of the edited 12″ mixes from the butchered Edsel reissues. Like the regular 12″ mix of “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On”. There is a 6’37” version and a 7’01” version, either one would be way better than the edited 4’19” version which is on the Edsel reissue. Not to mention Edsel used MP3’s.
Hopefully they used the 6 min version of “You Are In My System (Remix) and not the 4 min one like Edsel did.


The edited mix of “I Didn’t Mean…” is actually called the “Extended Single Mix”…a shame the 12” versions were left off.

Robert Hart

These are all good points. I’d like to see these versions, I have them all on vinyl.


The ‘You are in my system’ track is 5’40”.


I m not that enthusiast, I don t see remixes or extendeds

Erick Haight

Finally, “Life In Detail” on a comp! Always had a soft spot for that one…

Tim Porterfield

Great compilation of a great artist who is missed. Weird, though, to see “Sneaking Sally” represented without “Sailing Shoes” and “Hey Julia” – one of those medleys that comes across as one song (and it would sound weird to break up). Example: Pink Floyd’s “Time/Breathe (reprise)”

Rob Puricelli

That actually looks incredibly comprehensive! :-)