Robert Plant / Carry Fire

Robert Plant will release Carry Fire, his 11th solo album in October.

The self-produced album will be Plant’s first since since 2014’s lullaby and…The Ceaseless Roar. As with that record, Robert is accompanied here by The Sensational Space Shifters, along with some guests, such as Chrissie Hynde and Seth Lakeman.

The May Queen is the first ‘single’ from the 11-track album, which you can hear above.

Carry Fire is being issued on double vinyl as well as CD. Robert will tour the UK in November and December this year (tickets go on sale on 25 August at 9.00am).

Carry Fire is released on 13 October 2017.

1.The May Queen
2 New World…
3 Season’s Song
4 Dance With You Tonight
5 Carving Up the World Again…a wall and not a fence
6 A Way With Words
7 Carry Fire
8 Bones of Saints
9 Keep It Hid
10 Bluebirds Over the Mountain
11 Heaven Sent

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Tickets secured for wolverhampton on the 20th ( which happens to be my birthday – result) so the Amazon preorder worked a treat , maximum of two which is fine for me and the designated driver Mrs n , all done and dusted in 5 minutes – was a bit sceptical but worked a treat – also there was a no purchase necessary option . But I would have ordered the album anyway – really enjoying solo work over the 20 years – some of the 80’s albums have not aged well but then how many 60/70’s acts had a good 80’s track record?

Daniel (from Adelaide)

Give me Percy solo any day of the week. His post-Page/Plant material has been nothing short of amazing really. Dreamland is still one of the best albums he’s ever done, as is Mighty ReArranger, not to mention Band Of Joy and vocally he’s sounding better than he ever has, having grown into his voice and matured.

I saw him when he last toured Australia. Loved it! He started with Heartbreaker and going on the reactions of the Zepp heads in the crowd, I was the only one who enjoyed it, but then the odds of Page turning up for a resounding rendition of Stairway (as a few people thought was going to happen) just wasn’t on the cards.

And yes, bring on the Deluxe editions. The more the better.


Was Percy in Led Zeppelin, might check them out. My great grandfather talks about them a bit.


They were some cover group…


Yeah I do understand they got into trouble ripping off legendary blues men but geez Dylan made a career out of it too. Anyway Gr8 grandpa keeps on talking about a bustle in the hedgerow – strange cat.


I love that Elton John cover photo.


Colours of a shade ! Beautiful !!!!


Oh same day as The Who at The Royal Albert Hall release….


I am guessing that if he is with The Sensational Space Shifters, it won’t be a hard rocking album.


His solo career has been terrific. Agree with Dean though on the mastering of the last album being awful. Probably play his solo stuff more than the Zeppelin stuff. Met him once – he couldn’t have been nicer. Top bloke.


Plant’s solo work haws been incredibly good and consistent. The only problem with the last album was the CD mastering, which was awful. Hopefully they’ll get this one right.

andrew r

Sorry folks some delusional fanboys posting here,he has no ear for sonics
can’t produce for toffee .Is one of the great rock voices but is equally convinced that only he and bonham were responsible for the greatness of Zeppelin. Those records are still sonically relevant because Page And Jones understood studios and production. Plant does not
that is why his solo work is not “classic” and suffers against his previous bands work.


What are you talking about? Principle of Moments and Now and Zen sound fantastic. What you listening on, a potato?

andrew r

I won’t be buying not for me, those two examples i believe even Planty says
suffer from a lot of 80’s production gloss . Moving on fanboys nt .


I’ve never understood why a differing opinion automatically disqualifies someone from participating in a discussion, and these are, in fact, discussion boards. Just because there are listeners who don’t share your opinion about his work doesn’t make them “fanboys” anymore than your opinion makes you a “hater.” They’re simply divergent opinions, and since we’re on a topic that is entirely subjective, it’s not like there’s a right or wrong answer.


I don’t care for these tribal tunes. Just not rock and roll. Zeppelin was awesome; my #2 band. His early solo worked shocked me because before that I did not know how much he was responsible for the Zeppelin sound. But hearing Jimmy interviewed many years later I hear Jimmy speak of writing the music and Robert adding lyrics. I like Robert’s solo thru Fate of Nations and I listen to it regularly (except Manic Nirvana — he farmed out the songwriting and it showed badly).


Robert Plant – Always a GREAT sense of of rhythm. Never failing to intrigue. This song is great and now I am excited to hear the rest.


I love his solo work….I can never get bored listening to Now & Zen and Fate of Nations. Brilliant stuff and I really like this new song as well.

elliott buckingham

for me plant solo has never bettered- now and zen, manic nirvana and fate of nations


The only solo work I stayed away from ist the album with Alison Kraus. It maybe not Zep anymore but you’ll hardly find a better series of records by any artist during the last 37 years!


If you haven’t tried Raising Sand at all, I really, really suggest at least giving it a Streaming listen. It’s an incredible album. I think the only turnoff for some people would be if they don’t like Krause’s voice, but she’s one of my favorite vocalists. She is far beyond the country label–she can sing anything.


Just ordered my copy from Warner UK limited edition complete with art print may queen mp3 and full album digital copy to download

Joe Embleton

I cannot find this on any Warner UK site, only on Nonesuch records in the States. Can you post a link?


Hi Joe
Go to warnermusic.com/uk this is there Eurostore


Hi Joe,
Made a mistake here, go to eurostore.warnermusic.com/uk

Joe Embleton

Got it! Many thanks for this Anthony. Greatly appreciated. Joe.


Really enjoyed his mighty rearranger lp and the dreamland lp – hopefully getting a chance of gig tickets

The Swede

@andrew r For my money ‘lullaby and…The Ceaseless Roar’ is an excellent LP, one that I play more often than almost anything from the Led Zep catalogue.

Charles Christopher

To the poster above,
I certainly enjoy Plant’s solo work, and came to Led Zeppelin because I heard and enjoyed his solo career first. I’m a real enthusiast, and really look forward to each new album.


I agree, Plant has a decent Post-Zep legacy, with many great songs.

Im looking forward to this album. And also grateful to him and his publishing company for not releasing it in pricey deluxe editon formats. :)

Paul E.

@bollokcs: “…pricey deluxe edition formats”: yes, please. Exclusive bonus tracks, rough takes, demos, Plant’s autograph – count me in all day long. I love his vocals and am really looking forward to this release (even if it’s so bland in a standard single disc format).


Cool artwork! Sounds good so far, eh! :)


finally a great cover artwork, not that ugly plain photos of Elton John and loads covers that lack any use of light-darkness nuances

Never bow down to आतंक

Led Zep in the 21st Century, only Robbo can do it alone.*

*OK with a little help from some friends.

Looking forward to this, RP has truly ripened with age!

andrew r

its just a spring clean …. Planty and his afrocelt space invaders strike again
thanks for the heads up Paul but after the ceaseless roar lp
(which i said at the time is a one play back on the shelf item.)
I will pass . As a matter of interest does anyone out there actively listen to any of Planty’s solo
stuff on a regular basis? Nice that he keeps going but it seems every lp is the law of diminishing returns!

The Roaring Fire

Are you mad? The guy is better solo than with the Zep and I’m a LZ fan but with an open mind and ears.


I’ll back up Roaring Fire on this one. Plant is one of the few legacy acts who continues to be relevant and blaze new territory in his work, rather than trying to continually retread the old days. He could easily put together a band of imitators and just turn out Zepplin clone records (cough….McCartney), but he seems to have a muse of his own and he follows it. I’m much more a fan of his solo career than his legacy recordings, and the only thing that inhibits my revisiting them as often as I would like is that I own them on the Nine Lives box, which isn’t all that convenient in terms of portability when I’m in the car (which is the main time I really get to listen to music). I’ve actually considered double dipping fir single-disc versions of some of my favorites just for the ease of accessibility.

andrew r

No i have a point of view as do you! I find his striving to be so on trend
and his rearranging of his back catalogue live frankly frustrating. A blues record
referencing all those people he likes to drop into every interview he gives,
might be more satisfying?

Michael Clark

Hell yes. “Fate of Nations,” “Mighty Rearranger,” and “Now and Zen” are in regular rotation. “Ship of Fools” is as good as anything he’s done, and he’s done so much…

Dave Bricknell

I listen to his solo catalogue regularly, because it’s full to the brim with simply great music and is also often – especially lately – boundary-pushing in its mash up of disparate genres. His last effort I personally found especially rewarding, with its mixture of western and African sounds, with electronica also colouring many of the tracks. It was a great blend of so many of RP’s passions.

I couldn’t disagree more with your “diminishing returns” comment. He’s a class act who refuses to chase easy commercial returns or rehash past glories and only seems to get better with each new release. Not many at his stage of the game are still coming out with such wonderful new music or doing so with so much integrity.


If you purchase the new Robert plant cd or vinyl from amazon before 20th August you get exclusive offer on tickets for his upcoming uk tour


Read the small print. “Only a limited number of tickets available. This offer gives you access to the priority access window. There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to buy tickets during this time”


You have to buy either to qualify for the presale you can just register your details ,done it myself and got confirmation email straight away


Seth Waksman???


You sure mean Seth Lakeman?


Wake (up) man! :-)