Roger Waters announces a new album: Is This The Life We Really Want?

Roger Waters new album Is This The Life We Really Want? is due in early June and is now available to pre-order and you can also preview a full track from it, below…

The album – Waters’ first for a quarter of a century – has been produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich, best known, of course, for his work with Radiohead. Other musicians include Gus Seyffert, Jonathan Wilson, Joey Waronker and Roger Mannning.

It sounds like Godrich has kept his reputation as being a producer that challenges the artists he works with intact (see: Paul McCartney), since the album was originally going to be based around a radio play Roger had written (about man and his granddaughter investigating why children were being killed in faraway lands) but Waters told Rolling Stone that only two or three songs from that idea are on the album: “Nigel Godrich persuaded me that for the purposes of a rock and roll record, which is what this is, he felt my theatrical idea – I’d written the whole thing as a radio play – was less than ideal.”

The songs on the album are said to be an  “unflinching commentary on the modern world and uncertain times.”. SDE is impressed with Smell The Roses, which you can listen to above.

The album is being issued on CD and two-LP vinyl on 2 June 2017. No special formats or box sets have been announced at the time of writing.

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Waters, Roger

Is This The Life We Really Want? - 2LP vinyl


Compare prices and pre-order

Waters, Roger

Is This The Life We Really Want? - CD Edition


1. When We Were Young
2. Déjà Vu
3. The Last Refugee
4. Picture That
5. Broken Bones
6. Is This the Life We Really Want?
7. Bird in a Gale
8. The Most Beautiful Girl
9. Smell the Roses
10. Wait for Her
11. Oceans Apart
12. Part of Me Died

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Bob bull

Any news of a box set or special edition please.

Julian H

Ah, Roger continuing his weak cover art tradition…


I like almost all Waters and Gilmore releases, because they are rooted in PF but contain a personal note which is not a mere PF replica. So both facts are a feature not a bug … to me.
Does anyone knows who is playing on this record? An excellent guitarist would be a good choice (remember slowhand and Jeff Beck). The Jonathan Wilson reference I don’t get. But I agreed: Fanfare is fantastic and Wilson did some good jobs as producer (e.g. Roy Harper).

Albert Tatlock

Good to see Roger back. It will be a damn sight better than that ‘Endless River’ thing….

God bless Syd and Rick


That track is great and has got Jonathan Wilson all over it. Reckon Roger must have heard JWs excellent last album Fanfare as it has a couple of nods to PF on it. JW is brilliant, seen him live a couple of times and met him and he’s a really nice guy.

Nicholas Love

Animals, The Wall, The Final Cut, Radio KAOS, Amused to Death…. This is the first Waters penned album without a central concept since ’75 which is pretty wild if you think about it.

Julian H

AtD wasn’t a particularly strong concept though. The songs were good, but I don’t think there is much of a musical connection besides the obvious reprises and the lyrical theme (media) seems more of an excuse to sing about war once again. IMHO.


Absolutely not impressed by this song. I agree with MiG, if this is the standout single from the album…
Is this the album we really want?

Wait and see!


I’m good with it. I wonder how many ideas Roger had that never made it to record in his long absence. His voice has changed but he can still sing, unlike some who waited too long to get back into it. The biting commentary is 100% Roger. I would have liked to hear Dave playing on this and everything else yet to come.


Superb backing track. Would have made a stand-out feature on “Endless River.” But Waters’s vocals, while plainly Waters, are atrocious. He sounds like Bob Geldof (there’s an irony) crossed with my stick-waving grandpa. The tune’s awful and the lyrics are another “Final Cut” rant. If this is the standout single from the album, I’m worried. I expect at least 50 percent dirges.

So, mixed feelings about this. Nice to hear somebody (who isn’t Steve Wilson I mean) carrying the PF torch, but I wish he’d got Gilmour on board. Not for the guitar solos, but for the melodies.

Paul Kent

Being disdainful of Waters sounding like Pink Floyd seems a tad churlish. After all, Gilmour’s latter day output has been endless rewrites of Crazy Diamond consisting of half-songs truncated by wanky solos, the arses of which my patience disappears up! To me, this sounds like cheeky and knowing nods to well known PF bookmarks. His last three albums have been infinitely more progressive and questing than the post-Rog output of Floyd, culminating in what is, arguably, his masterpiece, Amused To Death. With that in mind, I have high hopes (no pun intended) for this album which, when you consider it’s gestation period, could well be his last.

Julian H

“After all, Gilmour’s latter day output has been endless rewrites of Crazy Diamond consisting of half-songs truncated by wanky solos”

Oh, right…


Nice! The ghost of Richard Wright on prominent string synthesiser. Good to hear that the dogs are still getting used too.


By coincidence I was listening to “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” a few hours ago. Let’s say Roger Waters ‘borrows’ a few bits and pieces from himself. I’m not impressed – quite the opposite.

Bruce Padgett

Way too derivitive of Have a Cigar, and Floyd in general. If Roger wanted this sound again, just phoning Dave and telling him he wished he were here would have been much simpler.


Here’s hoping a 5.1 mix becomes available.


Probably it’s only me, but I’m not so impressed by this song, but we know…long time, higher expectations. I will get the album, anyway.


It’s not only you. Not what I was expecting and not grabbing me right away but maybe context will add something. Not warming to the vocal at all. Bought Amused as a 22 year old backpacker in Jakarta in 1992 and had to wait several weeks to get to hear it as I didn’t have a cd player. Knew most of the lyrics by heart when I first heard it.


Obvious nods to mid-70s Pink Floyd, and yes, remarkably good. Who would’ve thought? Such a sonic delight.


Let’s hope for a 5.1 mix on release and not for a 25th anniversary editiob…….


Very nice. He’s going to be here in Tampa in June and Im looking forward to seeing him.


This was announced some time ago, but it’s nice to have a firm date. I like the minimalist redacted artwork.

I don’t think it’s a case of it sounding like Floyd, it’s just that Waters wrote many of the songs people know for PF. The Wall and Final Cut were almost completely driven by Waters.

That’s obviously Waters singing.

My only reservation is that this is Waters we’re talking about. A box of some kind is guaranteed. He just had a surround sound of Amused to Death (which is excellent) released, so at the very least a surround sound of this would be inevitable. Not that I’ll be able wait…..


Smell the Roses is better than I thought it was going to be and I like that it has more of that Pink Floyd vibe to it than his past solo albums did. I hope the rest of the album is good.


Sounds a bit like a sped up Have a Cigar – there’s a lot of vintage 70’s Floyd being thrown around this track.
Curious to hear the rest of the album

Johnny Feathers

Hm. I don’t know what I think of this. Surprisingly old school analog synths. Some overt Pink Floyd nods. I’m probably gonna have to get this, just because it will take several listens to digest.

David M

I am guessing Roger’s answer to the question posed in the album title is “No” …


Who is singing on the new track?


That new song is surprisingly good. Reminds me of Animals


This is really good. Vinyl ordered. Thanks, Paul.

Paul W

Thanks Paul just put my order in

James Pigg

Wow. Only been waiting for Waters to produce a new studio rock album since Amused to Death came out in 1992. I was 22 then, I’m 47 now. Let’s hope it was worth the wait Paul.


Me too. Hadn’t realised I was only 22 then. 2 years after the wall in Berlin. A third of a

Mark Story

Sounds like a Pink Floyd song without Gilmore, Wright and Mason. Not that that is a bad thing, just an observation.

Jakob Rehlinger

Sounds oddly like Dr. John to me. Also not necessarily a bad thing.

Tom of FIN

Spot on, surprisingly fresh sounding anyways. Did not expect this.


Paul you make my day ! 25 years in the waiting !!!!! Thanks !!!


Usually, Water’s not really my cup of tea, but Goldrich’s work on both Macca’s Chaos and Creation and The Divine Comedy’s Regeneration albums was so interesting that I will have a listen at this once released.
Thanks Paul ! :)


Other formats are also expected

The single is very gorgeous!