Roger Waters / Is This The Life We Really Want? / limited green vinyl

To mark Roger Waters‘ Us and Them Tour, Sony are issuing a special numbered and limited green vinyl edition of Is This The Life We Really Want? – one of SDE’s favourite album of 2017.

The album is a solo career high for this writer (yes, I prefer it to Amused To Death) and it sounds particularly good on vinyl, it has to be said. Not only is this a limited edition (no word on numbers) but it’s actually rather cheap for a double at around £21 at the moment.

Whether you go for this green limited edition or not, I urge you to get into this album one way or another – it’s a very rewarding listen. This new green vinyl pressing is released on 6 July 2018.

1. When We Were Young
2. Déjà Vu
3. The Last Refugee
4. Picture That
5. Broken Bones
6. Is This the Life We Really Want?
7. Bird in a Gale
8. The Most Beautiful Girl
9. Smell the Roses
10. Wait for Her
11. Oceans Apart
12. Part of Me Died





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Tony Orwell

The silver foil numbering would suggest a limited edition run of 10,000 copies, that I am afraid these days is not limited. I will be a lot more careful in the future with buying from amazon.co.uk, a full £6 more expensive than amazon spain.

Andy Haines

Arrived yesterday from Amazon. Not quite as limited as it should, but hey ho! I’d like to know why they chose green though. That would be more suitable for Radio Kaos. Here’s hoping the solo back catalogue gets a heavyweight reissue on vinyl, individual not as a box set please!


Only 500 in the Netherlands, a music shop in The Netherlands says…


Funny, i just phoned to the record store. They will get 27 items tomorrow…
So it depends in what country you live it seems.


Just purchased it . Number 10107 by no means a limited edition!

Marc Sutton

Are they heavyweight 180g????

Ulysses Fugga

Why green I wonder? What is the correlation? At any rate, this album is tops for me. I had issue with it at the offset, what with the deliberate leanings on the Floyd canon (the Sheep like swing of “Picture That”, the Wall outtake feel of “Smell the Roses”) and the lack of a searing guitar solo anywhere on the record but it soon after became a mainstay on my player. It just took a second for it to settle in. It is now one of my favorite records of all time and is on par with anything in the PF catalog for me (understand that that is a huge statement for a chap who was in his mother’s belly at the Three Rivers Stadium show in late ’72). “Bird in a Gale” is especially glorious (“does the pain of your loss / seep into your feathers like rain”). The final three cuts that work as a suite may be the low point IMO but they still tidy things up nicely. I love this record but I am fine without having it in green. Beside the point, if you ask me.

Chris Squires

I would suggest that as this has been available to order for some time now and is still marked as available it must be a run greater than the 500 copies suggested on discogs. (either that or amazon have seriously screwed the availability or it is genuinely unpopular).

Anyone dug anything up since this information was bought to the light?

Stuart Ansell

I ordered this on your prompting, as I thought it was a nice colour and I’m a big Floyd/Waters fan, although I really didn’t like the album when I first got it on CD.

After I ordered it I went back and listened to the CD again.

And promptly cancelled the order, ordered the Family Greatest His on coloured vinyl instead.

I adore RW, but I really don’t like this record – it sounds melodically flat as a pancake to me and the political sentiments, although I wholeheartedly agree with the majority of them, are very overwrought and ‘on the nose’. Plus, Roger has always sounded best when he’s got a great guitarist to bounce off – DG in Floyd, Clappers on Pros and Cons and Beck on Amused to death. Without any great soloist to inject some fire into proceedings the whole thing is a bit… dull.

But, y’know, other opinions are available…. That’s the joy of music. And the Family album sounds lovely.


Regarding the vinyl color posts:

PVC in its natural state has no color, it’s clear. Even black vinyl is colored vinyl.

If you can show that two identical records in the same condition/state but on different colors sound different, please record that and put it up on YT, it would be a first.

Andy Haines

I’d love a quality re issue series of Rogers solo stuff to include Pros & Cons, Radio Kaos, the original release of Amused to Death, The Body & When the Wind Blows as well as The Wall Live in Berlin. Granted they aren’t all of the same quality content, but at least we could enjoy them on vinyl again. What was the final release numbers for the AtD picture disc? Anyone have an official figure?


>>> What was the final release numbers for the AtD picture disc?

EU – numbers have been found going above 10.000

USA – The same thing

But matrix information is the same

And the inscriptions on vinyl are different

Therefore it is not absolutely clear. Either 10.000? Either 20.000?


@ Paul: Jpc link not working (anymore).


Any views on whether the sound quality will be as good on the green as it is on the black vinyl ?

Jan Burnett

Should be absolutely fine. You tend to only get issues if it is a splattered colour as the temperatures of the plastic being mixed can cause issues.

Rob Deighton

Think i would rather see the other albums made available on Vinyl than a reissue of this – green or not.


I’m not a vinyl person but I’m curious why all of a sudden coloured vinyl is all the rage?
Is coloured vinyl still offering quality sound Compared to black vinyl?

martin farnworth

my understanding is just on the fact it’s coloured makes no or little difference to the sound quality and has never put me off buying it. having said that certain coloured pressings have not had the same sound qualities due to some impurities in the pressing. but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

its picture discs where often the sound quality isn’t as good or even unlistenable due to the playing layer on the vinyl being thinner to incorporate the picture- so to speak. technically speaking black vinyl is still “coloured” the black colour is added at a later stage in production like any colour- however the carbon properties in black vinyl mean it should be more durable than other types.


Thanks for pushing the album Paul, I took the plunge reluctantly (Rog’s somewhat retarded multimillionaire worldview grates and i far prefer Final Cut and Pros and Cons to Amused or KAOS) but I’m really enjoying it. Neat trick to reuse old Floyd drum patterns and nowhere near as whiny or dirgy as I expected.


Please could you watch your language, Gareth. I don’t think it’s appropriate to refer to anyone using the ‘R’ word. And your comment on Roger Water’s ‘multimillionaire worldview’ is somewhat uninformed, inexperienced and a weighed-down overused cliché.

Chris Squires

Come off it Nigel, read it again and your virtue signalling is obvious.

You are choosing to read it the only way which hits your buttons. If it was unacceptable Paul would step in, he is the arbiter, NOT you. Gareth is not calling anyone anything other than stating it’s backwards looking.
Being offended at that is nonsense, making decent conversation harder to achieve when one person decides what is and is not acceptable, which words can and cannot be used.
I quote.”Claiming that you are offended is essentially saying you are incapable of controlling and managing your own emotions so everybody else should do it for you”


Thanks Chris. Sorry if my view offends you Nigel. I find Roger’s politics fairly jejeune and somewhat, shall we say ‘arrested’. As with most multimillionaire rock stars, he seems to yearn for an equal division of society’s spoils, while choosing not to practice what he preaches when it comes to his own microeconomic ecosystem. Still, trust the art, not the artist and this is fabulous music.

Chris Miah

Yeah , I have to agree with on this issue
Plenty of other forums out there to vent your personal anger.

Justin (UK)

Wow another great heads up- thanks Paul! Amused to Death is great but defo has some filler- I still think The Final Cut is his best work though (o:

Janice Pugh

I have tickets to see Roger Waters in Manchester on the 3rd July – would have loved to have the album in my hands and get him to sign it for me, but it is released too late! Oh well, such is life – ordered my green copy. Thanks for the tip off Paul x

Rune Nyhus

The numbers at the moment is limited to 500 copies.


I found the same number on Discogs
Not too sure how credible that is, 500 seems a very small edition. I’d imagine he could probably shift that many in a couple of nights on his merch stand?

Chris Squires

I wouldn’t put it past a discogs seller to put something like that to bump up interest, if something is freely editable they can change what they want, particularly if they have a few copies to shift. You are more likely to sell for a decent price if there are “only 500” instead of 5,000.

This is why any company should always put a number if they are claiming “Limited Edition”

Rune Nyhus

Got the numbers from 3 places.
1) On a ducth sale site.
2) From the supplier for Norway`s record stores.
3) From one of the music chef in Sony Music Norway.

But that being said when it comes to Numbers and Waters,
we all know that could go “wrong” Just have in mind ATD PD which
was atleast the double amount of what the original numbers was suppose to be.

Chris Squires

Well if it is 500 then having one in the bag (so to speak) is a very good thing indeed. We shall see.
As it is numbered once anyone reports a number higher than 500 we will have a better idea of what we are dealing with.

Chris Squires

James, when I click the link I go to the discogs page for the 2LP Green vinyl, which is great, thank you…BUT if I go into discogs and drill down through Roger Waters and then the master list for “is this the life”…… this Green version does not show up. Do unreleased albums not show up on a search until release date or am I doing something wrong?


Hi Chris, I’m as lost as you with Discogs. I’ve done the same round you did and found the same. It might make some sense to have draft entries for pre-releases which would only arrive on the master list once actually available? Let us just hope that all our pre-orders are honoured and it really is super limited!


Why not first the limited edition? I hate it to want that green edition, coz in some way I feel ripped off. So I have then the black and the green vinyl edition. What a waste of resources! ;-)
Hopefully this pressing is better, the black was done really bad. Optical with big streaks.
But thx for the hint, Paul!


Transparent vinyl is much better

No obstruction to sound propagation

But it is not visible …

Paul Mac

Of course, this was always going to happen a week after I finally took the plunge and ordered the regular vinyl version…

Tim Abbott

No coincidence that this is released on the same day that he plays on the green grass of Hyde Park…


I ordered the cheap CD edition on your advice Paul, and have listened to it twice. I really like it. Musically reminiscent of certain parts of Dark Side & Wish but particularly Wall and Final Cut.

Derek Langsford

Me too. Prefer thisto ATD. And the CD is about a quarter of the price of the vinyl. Remember when CDs were twice the price of vinyl in the 80s? How the times have changed!

elliott buckingham

pre-ordered and promptly listed the black vinyl on feebay and the ogs


Beautiful shade of green


‘Is This The Life We Really Want?’ is very, VERY good, but ‘Amused To Death’ cannot be beaten in terms of narrative and pure emotional power. Roger Waters is the best conceptual writer out there. ‘Amused To Death’ is art most high.


Come on, Paul… 2/3 great songs? It’s a concept album. It should be taken in as a whole. Even if this wasn’t the case, Amused To Death is FULL of great songs. The final four tracks alone are up there with the best music ever released. And, on the note of songs broken into ‘parts’, this is an approach to the narrative. I’m sure you wouldn’t say the same for The Wall… Peace and love.


I like it too… Especially in green. Thanks Paul.


Yes, yes
This I said on May 19, here
But another date was given – 13 July 2018


Hideous color choice.
No coordination with the album art.
Not that it will stop anyone from buying this.


Beautiful color choice. And it’s two discs. Twice the green for your green…


Green is the Colour

Benjamin Adams

A terrific album. I went for the CD on the first go round, but I’m in for this if it shows up on Amazon US.

… of course, the colour seems more appropriate for RADIO KAOS. ;)

LA Rock

Will this be released in Canada?