Roger Waters: Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ will be reissued in 5.1 surround sound

Roger Waters has confirmed that a 5.1 surround sound mix of Pink Floyd‘s 1977 album Animals is being prepared for release.

In an interview with Dutch radio station NPO Radio 2, Waters briefly mentions the artwork for Wish You Were Here before telling the host: “I’ve just been working with Po [Aubrey Powell]. There’s a reissue of Animals, I think, a 5.1 remix of Animals, and so he came up with some new photographs of Battersea Power Station, as it is now, to use as a CD cover for the new 5.1 mix. It’s beautiful”

Unfortunately the host of the show doesn’t ask any follow-up questions about this revelation (!) so we have no further details, right now. The ‘CD’ Roger refers to will not support a 5.1 surround mix – it would have to be on blu-ray audio and/or DVD for that.

In 2011, the ‘Immersion’ box sets of The Dark Side Of The Moon, and Wish You Were Here both featured surround sound mixes, but The Wall (which followed in 2012) didn’t.

Pink Floyd’s Pulse live album is due for a vinyl reissue in May, as is the Relics album. You can listen to the Roger Waters interview, below. He talks about the Animals 5.1 mix at around the 14.20 mark.

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Andrew Greenwood

no hint on dates, but at about 32 minutes in, James Guthrie confirms that the new stereo and 5.1 mixes of Animals are complete and that he has nearly completed the 5.1 of the Wall
I found this through a thread on Steve Hoffman, but the interview is interesting in general

Jason Russell

Coming back to life on this post….with “Later Years” done and dusted…and I believe individual offerings out of the set like with Early Years…wouldn’t expect an Animals offering until late 2020 or 2021. :(


Did someone say MARBLES? Yea

Bill Lantz

Good news on Animals. Can’t wait! With the density of overdubs, especially Gilmour’s guitar (think the ending of Dogs), a surround remix should open things right up.

I do still think Meddle with a proper stand-alone BDR or SACD (or an Immersion box with more of those early Echoes/”Nothing” parts) needs to happen. The 5.1 easter egg on The Early Years set seems ‘not ready for prime time” yet with mix inbalances in spots. I’m still grateful we got a sneak peek though. The 4.0 mix of Echoes is very nice however and uniquely mixed.


I’m on the fence about an expanded version of Animals. Very happy to hear about a 5.1 version. I will be buying that.

Still waiting for AMLOR to get its makeover!! Come on, guys!

Mikkel Frank

Agree! Still waiting for a AMLOR makeover (deluxe/Immersion + full tour concert recordings). There must be more than enough material (recordings, new recordings, screen films, concert recordings, Photo, filmes concert material etc.) for a box set for this album. A proper (24/96, sacd/blu-ray audio) makeover would be very nice indeed!

Julian H

Seconded the wish for a re-evaluation of AMLOR, including the rare tracks, stuff cut from the DSOT album and video, etc.!


I recently picked up a beautiful four-disc bootleg box of Animals stuff. It’s numbered in a long hardcover booklet with great notes and photos. Strangely enough, I can’t seem to find any info online to link to, but it’s dated 2017 and there are only 300 of them out there. There’s a brand new one too for DSOTM by the same company.


these longboxes also exist for wish you were here and very recently Atom heart mother. They can be found at discogs.

Jeff Milrod

What is the title of this box set and what company released it? I’m interested . Both Dark Side & Animals please


Hi Jeff,

They’re both called “The High Resolution Masters” and they’re on the “Archive Records and Tapes” label. They’re limited to 300 pieces (probably worldwide), so I hope you can find them.
Now I gotta ask my connection if they can find me the AHM & WYWH boxes that Hans mentions. The quest never ends!

Roo Tingwell

Thanks for the info !

Vecchiarelli Domenico

Could you link me to where you bought it?


Been waiting for this for a long time. Just hope it’s not being worked on like The Wall album is being “worked on”.
Sure hope the mix is being done by Andy Jackson. In any case, I’ll take what I can get. Can’t wait for this.

John Peace

I for one hope Andy Jackson had nothing to do with it. He does not understand the concept of surround sound. he puts all instruments in all channels. There is no discretion to any speaker. The quad mix of Dark Side is far better than the 5.1 because the instruments are discrete. Look at what the jackass did to The Division Bell. A super dense recording and he mixed it to quad. There’s so much layered on that album it could have easily been done as a 7.1 mix, but he didn’t even bother to use the 5th speaker. C’mon.


Seemingly, as a member of the Michael club on this blog (LOL), I have to say I’m very excited about a 5.1 release of Animals. If it’s anything like the special edition 5.1 SACD of WYWH, it will be a ‘must have’ for this Pink Floyd fan. I prefer the 5.1 mix disc to remain a stand-alone item, as the surround mix version of any album included in a multi-disc SDE box set is usually the disc that most interests me.


I always thought David Gilmour’s playing on Animals was astounding, especially on Dogs. Agree with most comments, Animals is a brilliant addition to the Floyd cannon. Also, Nick Mason’s drumming is a virtioso display of how to play . Absolutely love this album.


Maybe this is the answer for the annual holiday shopping season Pink Floyd inc. release, though only if it comes in some broader package of bonuses. Personally, I have no 5.1 system, so that itself is useless to me.
As for Animals, it’s a great album, but one that I can only listen to sparingly in the right mood for it. I’d be curious if there were bonus things, akin to the past Immersion sets.

Gis Bun

Labels can’t please everyone with box sets or other releases. I’ve been stuck with some vinyl with nothing to play on.
Other sees it as a future investment. Don’t have 5.1 now but maybe in the future.
Still others are collectors. they’ll buy anything.
Of course nothing beats 5.1. You don’t know what you’re missing. Money is awesome in surround sound.


That depends of the version of DSOTM you mean. The Guthrie SACD version is thin and nasty, surround included. The original Alan Parsons quad version by contrast is excellent.

If you have bits of boxset you don’t want, flog it on Ebay. If you want to keep the set together, why moan? I have tons of DVD-Audio/Audio-DVD sets (literally) that have CDs I will never ever play, but so what?

Mathew Lauren

I agree. “DSOTM” 5.1 SACD should be remixed by Parson’s, Jackson, or Guthrie to bring it more in-line with the “WYWH” 5.1 SACD.

NOTE: if SW got involved. We’d want his “touch” on everything :)


That would be awesome if Mr. Wilson got his hands on the PF catalog. I’m sure he wouldn’t turn his nose up. He’s said before the one catalog he’d love to do would be the early Van der Graaf albums, but Peter Hamill has kept a tight grip on them apparently.


Animals was the first Floyd LP I ever bought. I’d love to hear it in surround sound, I’d just need to chase the family out of the house so they’d let me hear it!

If there was a deluxe edition, it would be cool to have the tour-ending Montreal concert, if only to bring the infamous “spitting incident” into the official domain. I can’t imagine that would happen, though.

Philip Jones


someone else has mentioned the faulty blu ray in DSOTM immersion set. Got this email yesterday could you possibly start a new thread so we all know how to apply and dont miss out as they are somewhat vague:

“Hi there,

The manufacturers have finally acknowledged there was a faulty batch of Blu-ray discs that were distributed and they are currently putting together a replacement programme.

I apologise that it’s taken this long, but as there was no more stock available, new Blu-ray’s will be made as replacements.

Please keep a look out for how your disc will be exchanged.”

many thanks


Hi Paul . Ok probably not the right subject but tulls heavy horses new shoes fault on DVD 2 also needs addressing any back up you could give us ie contact s etc would be appreciated by many a full fan ?? Thanks !

Mathew Lauren

What’s up with DVD2 of Heavy Shoes edition? New thread, maybe?

Mathew Lauren

…My bad “Heavy Horses” New Shoes edition. What’s wrong with DVD2?


Never knew this was a common problem. Mine has this problem as well.

Roberto Del Core

Thanks a lot. This is the replacement I was waiting for and not the one for Immersion. Please keep us to date in this matter.


I guess it’s better late than never, but didn’t that come out in 2011 or 2012? Crazy!

Scott Meze

Ouch! Some very poor questions by the host, answered beautifully by Waters. He sounds both mellow and energized.

I presume the release won’t JUST be a 5.1 — I’m expecting a two disk set with a remix of the original album. It doesn’t need a remix, but then neither did “Obscured By Clouds.” I guess it will be a reduction of the 5.1 mix.

Nothing unreleased is rumored from the “Animals” sessions. As far as we know the band (Waters) only wrote two songs for PF between 1975 and 1978, “Pigs” and “Pigs On The Wing.” If there was a third disk, I’d expect it to be an “alternative album,” Led Zeppelin style, containing the amalgamated “Pigs On The Wing” and the early studio versions of the other three tracks that already circulate among fans. Be interesting to know just what was intended for “Animals Immersion”…

Surely Waters would have mentioned an “In The Flesh” live release, as it’s far more exciting a prospect. My guess is we’d get some kind of “Is There Anybody Out There?” composite show. Nice to have that as a separate release, with a book of photos. There’s no footage of the tour to my knowledge, except some 8mm scraps, and no radio recordings.

Anyway, this is all terrific news. “Animals” remains the most overlooked of the band’s big albums and the only one that has slipped through the box set cracks to date. (“Meddle” was merged into “The Early Years.”) Personal note: first LP I ever bought.


@Scott, actually your speculation about a remix of Animals excites me. I have always found that album, on whatever system I have had or whatever version of it on CD, to be muddy in places. This is a shame, as it is my second favourite PF record after The Final Cut. Also, I think the OBCs remix works really well and is now my ‘go to’ version.
Interesting this album is being revsisted following or maybe during the making of ITTLWRW, as you can clearly hear Animals musically within it.


ITTLWRW(???) – please explain; not everybody is so much into PF and RW and DG (just kidding) like you seem to be… Thx in advance!


Norbert, Is This The Life We Really Want – the excellent Roger Waters album from last year. Apols for the confusion.

Gis Bun

I’m doubting of a CD/BR re-release. They haven’t done it to any previous re-releases. So why start now?
If they don’t release an “immersion” box set then it will most likely be a stand-alone box.
That said, does Animals warrant the same kind attention The Wall, WYWH and DSOTM got with a box set? [Maybe if waters wants to heavily increase his income by eventually scraping the bottom of the barrel with box sets for Relics, More and The Final Cut.
Also playing a big question mark is when and whether they will release a big box set [and smaller ones] like they did for The Early Years.


What has Waters got to do with it? Guthrie was commissioned by EMI with the nod from the man with rights to the Pink Floyd name, Dave Gilmour, to do the previous album re-masters and surround versions.

If Waters ‘heard’ the re-mix was being done, that kind of tells you it is nothing to do with him.


I’d prefer The Wall – the movie – on Blu-ray…

Gis Bun

Yup. Needs to be done.


My first Pink Floyd record and looking forward to a superdeluxe edition. Can’t wait after seeing Roger Waters latest tour and them performing almost the entire album was such an awesome treat…woohoo!!

Michael Leek

Amazing – been waiting for this for ages.
Animals is my favourite PF album…


Ha ha charade you are!

Who does not remember The Wall in 5.1?

Now the replacement of the rotten blu-ray from Immersion box 1973 is more urgent

Roberto Del Core

You are so right. I have the same problem and I’m waiting for a replacement disc

Tommy Christiansen

SACD like the Wish You Were Here-album.


I second that, Tommy!


@sde : it could be (but not very likely) a 44.1/16 dts-cd


I would like a set like the Aqualung deluxe set, 1 Vinyl, 2 CD’s, a Dvd-a 5.1 and a blu-ray 5.1 and Atmos for the Animals release.
#1 Favorite LP of any genre or group, bring it on. Thanks to those responsible for this release.

Peter Anderson

Fantastic. Made my day to see this news. Thanks Paul. Footage of The Animals tour would be amazing but if it exists then can’t believe nothing has been leaked before now. Even pictures from that tour are rare. Throw in miniature recreations of the blow up family and kitchen and there you have your Immersion edition with or without marbles. Full length Pigs On The Wing with Snowy solo would be welcome addition. Remember being slightly disappointed when buying the LP as a teenager the day it was released, but grew to love it and in my top 3 along with Dark Side and WYWH.

Dan T.

Didn’t The Wall come with the quad version though? Those quad mixes are almost as interesting as the 5.1 surround mixes are, I think.

Excited about this. I think after DSotM, Animals is my next favorite. It’s so dark! And has some killer guitar playing on it.

Dan T.

Ah, thanks Paul.

Say, isn’t there a quad of “Atom Heart Mother” in existence somewhere? I remember reading something about it eons ago. Not my favorite PF album, but maybe hearing a quad mix would reignite some of my interest in it.

I’m with most everybody else – a 5.1 of “Meddle” would be insta-purchase material, and I’d also love to hear “Obscured by Clouds” like that too. Lots of cool gems tucked away on that album…

wayne hill

“Meddle” and “Piper…” would be the 5.1 Holy Grail for me.


Meddle is available in 5.1 in a volume of the big archives box set (and it’s AWESOME)


The Early Years

Steven Biggs

Only the first pressing version, they fixed that afterwards.

Andre Denis

Well I was 19 when this album was released. Also vistited a concert during the Animals tour.
The album is stil one of my top three releases ever. So whatever they do with it I will buy it !!
Surround sound, visuals and a video of one the concerts is welcome. Box or Bluray is also fine.

eric Slangen

I don’t know how many of those Immersion sets were sold but I guess that it wasn’t enough for the record company to continue the series.
I do hope on new titles.


Fantastic news as along with DSOTM my favorite PF album. Criminally underrated & underplayed but maybe that’s part of its appeal. Probably the most desired Immersion Edition of any PF album among fans. I cannot believe there is not a wealth of potential material for a box of this nature.
Perhaps they could include a cleaned-up bootleg of the concert with the infamous ‘spitting incident’

CJ Feeney

How many years ago was the news of a 5.1 of The Wall mentioned here? Was it during the publicity for the Amused to Death reissue? I recall James Guthrie said it was on his list, but nothing since then.

I’d certainly prefer Animals to The Wall in 5.1, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.


I was surprised when Animals was left out of the Immersion editions. You figure this late into it, the record company knows how much that album is loved by fans of all types. With any luck, we will get some live stuff from this tour. Hoping at least. I don’t care for the 5.1 mixes personally. I would much rather have live stuff and outtake songs from that album.

Philip Cohen

I don’t think that there’s any professionally recorded concerts from the 1975 or 1977 tours. The best available audience recording from the 1977 tour is the Oakland, California show, whose encores included the group’s final performance of “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”; the only time that it was performed on that tour. A truly fantastic show, and I would know. I was there.
By the way, the Blu-ray rotting issue with the “Immersion” boxed sets only affects Uk/Europe distributed sets. The North American sets were pressed in Mexico, and don’t have this problem.

Mark Turrell

The problem with a deluxe edition of animals is ‘what would they put on it?’
The complete version of ‘pigs on the wing’ has been released on original 8 track of animals and Snowy White’s Goldtop compilation CD. The live tracks ‘raving and drooling’ and ‘you gotta be crazy’ that turned into Animals tracks, have already been released on WYWH immersion.
It’s well known in floyd circles that every show from the Animals tour was taped through the desk onto a Nakamichi cassette player and those are in Gilmours hands. But they’re not multitracks so would they let premixed board tapes be released, i doubt it. I can’t see what else would go on a deluxe edition to make it worthwhile??

Jeff Milrod

Sure…..there is lots of things that could be done. I’ve also heard that just about all of the Animals your was professionally shot for future video release, also with the new sound technologies around such as Atmos and DTS:X the sound could be better than ever. Also an immersion set that included giant inflatable pig, dog and sheep would be AWESOME!! We also need an immersion set for MEDDLE


@ Mark Turrell = That version of “Pigs On The Wing” is a slightly different mix than what was released on the original 8-track of “Animals”. The keyboards that kick in with the solo is unique to “Goldtop: Groups & Sessions 1974–1994”. The original 8-track version is just an acoustic/electric guitar and vocal track.

Hypothetically, an “Immersion” edition could look something like…
CD1 – The Original Album [High Resolution Remaster]
CD2 – Work In Progress [The Alternate Album – Studio Outtakes, Edits]
CD3 – Live – Paris [Remastered]
CD4 – Live – Oakland [Remastered]
CD5- Live – Montreal [Remastered]
DVD/BRD – 5.1 Mix, Live Footage – Professional & Super 8mm, Promotional Film, Album Television Commercial.

I would love to see an Immersion set for all their albums… and a proper Pompeii set. I’m sure next year’s RSD will include “A Saucerful…” mono edition (so excited for Nick Mason’s live return!). I would actually like the 2016 Remix of “Obscured By Clouds” on vinyl as well.
Either way, count me in!

Philip Cohen

Just so that you Pink Floyd fans know what can and can’t be remixed, the multitracks for the following no longer exist:
1.”Piper at The Gates of Dawn”
2.”Soundtrack from “More”
3. The 3 originally released songs from “Zabriske Point”(“Heartbeat, Pig Meat”, “Crumbling Land” & “Come In Number 51, Your Time is Up”). The multitracks for those Three songs went to the movie studio, who either lost or destroyed them.
4. The group’s second a-side “See Emily Play”

Also, it is said that the multitracks for the live recordings from “Ummagumma” are held in a private collection and are not presently accessable. The recordings were originally taped on 4-track, then transfered to 8-track for studio overdubing(additional keyboards and perhaps vocal re-recording.). These live tapes include a revised arrangement of “Interstellar Overdrive”

Fabio David

Nice interview, the other revelation is that the Amsterdam shows of the current Waters tour will be filmed for a future release!

Peter Leahy

He may have been referring to an SACD, and perhaps Analogue Productions is doing this one like they did Wish You Were Here and Amused To Death…


@Paul : it’s probably a taster from the archives 72/85 box set ?

Adam Shaw

Hi Paul
I’m sure I bought the SACD of WYWH a year or so before the Imersion set




Ha ha! Made MyAccount day!


I can already hear the dogs howling, the pigs grunting, and the sheep bleating from the rear speakers. Creepy. Animals should have had a deluxe reissue at the same time as Dark Side, Wish, and The Wall. It’s equal to all of them in my opinion.

Would be nice to have all Pink Floyd albums released individually on Blu-Ray audio with multiple listening options (stereo, 5.1, old Quadraphonic mixes). Pink Floyd fans would certainly be a good audience for Blu-Ray discs.

Mikkel Frank

Hear! Hear! All of Pink Floyds albums individually on blu-ray audio would be SO nice.

And please let the (Immersion/deluxe) reissue of ‘Animals’ be followed by remastered/restored/expanded/full concert/extra material/no-marbles (Immersion/deluxe) cd/sacd/blu-ray/dvd-reissues of ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ and ‘P.U.L.S.E.’

Archives 72/85 box set? Sounds great (o; Let it shine!


AWESOME!!!!! I remember Nick Mason mentioning that it would be eventually released in surround, when being interviewed about the early years box set!! Now the final chapter,,,,,,let’s get Meddle in 5.1 released officially instead of being hidden in the Early Years biz set as an Easter Egg which you need to extract using complicated computer programs :)

Jeff Milrod

Let me also say this…..an immersion box set of Animals would be great, but would have to include large inflatable pig, dog and sheep, live full video concert in in Atmos, full CD of the Oakland concert from the Animals tour in 1977. Nuff said

John Peace

I’m certain Oakland will never be released officially, nor any other North American shows. Why? Because Gilmour’s voice is terrible! He just shouts everything on the whole American tour. The European shows he sounds much better


You can access any files from a blu-ray if you have a blu-ray player in your computer, just like you access video_ts on a dvd. But yes,burning it to a separate disc requires some knowledge


Oh my goodness!! This is almost as good of news as the upcoming Paul Simon DIS-Graceland Remix album.. just kidding!

Seriously though, this is amazing news! I do hope that this is accomplished correctly and released properly in high-res on a 5.1 Blu-ray audio disc.

It is a shame that that interviewer didn’t have enough sense to continue with probing questions but the rest of us would have had if put in the hot seat. Oh well, as Anthony Kiedis once sang, “all will be revealed, my friend.”

I cannot wait for this release! Thanks for breaking the news Paul as always.

Thanks and All The Best -Jeff

Edward Bates

I prefer Animals to The Wall. Might be a bit late for a box set though. Then again, this is Pink Floyd so anything could happen!