Roger Waters / US + THEM tour film comes to physical formats

Roger Waters / US + THEM tour film on CD, vinyl, blu-ray and DVD

2CD, 3LP vinyl, blu-ray and DVD

Roger Waters‘ US + THEM concert film, which chronicles his 2017-2018 world tour, will be issued on CD, vinyl, blu-ray and DVD in October.

Waters played 156 shows to 2.3m people with a setlist that included Pink Floyd classics from The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Animals, Wish You Were Here and tracks from 2017’s Is This The Life We Really Want?

Directed by Sean Evans and Roger Waters, the film attempts to provide a sense of what it was like to ‘be there’ with Evans using state-of-the-art digital and audio technology available in the arenas and stadia around the world.

US + THEM is being issued on blu-ray and DVD although disappointingly there is no sign of a physical 4K UHD blu-ray at this moment in time (4K is available as a digitally). The physical discs do however include some bonus features including live performances of ‘Smell The Roses’ and ‘Comfortably Numb (which aren’t part of the main film).

The audio is available as a 2CD set (includes 24 page booklet) and as a 3LP vinyl package (triple gatefold with printed sleeves and eight-page booklet). US + THEM will be released on 2 October 2020.

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Waters, Roger

US + THEM 3LP vinyl edition


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Waters, Roger

US + THEM 2CD edition


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Waters, Roger

US + THEM blu-ray


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Waters, Roger



The Band:

Dave Kilminster: Guitars
Bo Koster: Keyboards
Jon Carin:  Keyboards and Guitars
Lucius – Jess Wolfe & Holly Laessig:  Vocals
Ian Ritchie:  Saxophone
Gus Seyffert:  Guitars and Bass
Jonathan Wilson:  Guitars and Vocals
Joey Waronker:  Drums


CD 1
2.Speak To Me
4.One of These Days
6.Breathe (Reprise)
7.The Great Gig in the Sky
8.Welcome to the Machine
9.Déjà Vu
10.The Last Refugee
11.Picture That
12.Wish You Were Here
13.The Happiest Days of Our Lives
14.Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
15.Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

CD 2
2.Pigs (Three Different Ones)
4.Us & Them
5.Brain Damage
7.The Last Refugee (Reprise)
8.Déjà Vu (Reprise)

3LP vinyl edition

LP 1

Side A

2.Speak To Me
4.One of These Days
6.Breathe (Reprise)
7.The Great Gig in the Sky

Side B
1.Welcome to the Machine
2.Déjà Vu
3.The Last Refugee

LP 2

Side C
1.Picture That
2.Wish You Were Here
3.The Happiest Days of Our Lives
4.Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
5.Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

Side D

LP 3

Side E
1.Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Side F
1.Us & Them
2.Brain Damage
4.The Last Refugee (Reprise)
5.Déjà Vu (Reprise)


2.Speak To Me
4.One of These Days
6.Breathe (Reprise)
7.The Great Gig in the Sky
8.Welcome to the Machine
9.Déjà Vu
10.The Last Refugee
11.Picture That
12.Wish You Were Here
13.The Happiest Days of Our Lives
14.Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
15.Another Brick in the Wall Part 3
17.Pigs (Three Different Ones)
19.Us & Them
20.Brain Damage
22.The Last Refugee (Reprise)
23.Déjà Vu (Reprise)

“COMFORTABLY NUMB” (Live Performance)
“SMELL THE ROSES” (Live Performance)

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I think i agree with the majority about this release,with waters you know you are going to get a first class visuals presentation but like most people i found it same old same old,its great to hear some of the older material but it just didnt seem nowhere near on the same level as in the flesh!


Just watched this on Amazon in UHD and the sound & visuals rock……only $3.99

Andy Haines

I couldn’t afford the ticket price for this concert and I missed the cinema screening. The Wall was brilliant and I saw Dark Side tour both at Hyde Park with Nick Mason on drums and at Manchester Arena. Both great shows with different atmospheres. Surround sound was amazing. I have the wall on DVD and vinyl and will be looking to purchase these as well, but I’m sure the price for the vinyl will come down as it did with The Wall release.
I have tickets for Nick Mason. I hope this will be rescheduled and not cancelled. It’s been moved once, so hopefully it will. It’s a gig I’ve been waiting excitedly for!
We may not get much more out of the remaining members of Floyd. It’s quite sad to think I’ve been listening to them for 45 plus years and soon any releases will be at the hands of the greedy licence holders and the estate/ families of the band.


Attended the show (in Amsterdam, didn’t spot myself in the audienceshots – which tbh look like shots from another audience because the people don’t look very Dutch to me). Watched it in the cinema and again via Amazon Prime. The sound is fine, but very out of sync on my setup (I blame my setup). Listening a bit more carefully, it really sounds as if a lot of post-recording was done. It doesn’t really sound live at all. Still an enjoyable watch. Can’t really figure out the marketing though: offering it for ‘free’ (I guess a zillion people have Amazon Prime) on digital first doesn’t seem like a smart move if you want people to pay for CD’s and DVD’s later.

Matthew North

Thats pretty standard and most of rogers vocals are pre recorded anyway… I’m going to give this a miss, didn’t like his current touring band, I saw Graham Broad in the VIP area he should have been behind the Kit.


What makes you think Roger Waters’ vocals are pre-recorded?

Wicasta Lovelace

They’re not, but he does get some help in spots from audio tracks on the more difficult passages. The man’s 76 years old, for goodness sake. But as an audio engineer with a well-trained ear, I can say with some conviction that Waters still sings the bulk of his vocals live. Anyone who says any different doesn’t know what they’re talking about.


I saw hin in Machester 2007. There was a problem with his monitor and he stopped ‘singing’ yet his voice carried on. I wasn’t the only one who noticed. Roger’s miming is fairly well accepted amongst Floyd fans. You can debate whether or not it is OK or whether he should be up front about it, but anyone who denies it “doesn’t know what they are taling about”. I don’t know the proportion of pre-recorded vocals, or how much a ‘bulk’ is but my guess is a significant amount of the set is wholly or partially mimed.

Nuno Bento

Re: Wicasta

Roger’s vocals are indeed pre-recorded. He has been using pre recorded vocals since 1984, in the Pros & Cons tour. I adore the man, but it’s no use denying the facts.
Having said that, it doesn’t take from the live show when you’re there, because there’s so much going on that you don’t even notice it.
Live albums are a different story, but to be fair, pretty much every artist embellishes their live recordings for official release.

Matthew North

Jon its well known Roger has has help since 1984, but there is more and more pre recorded vocals these days. it first came to attention on the Rock in Rio Lisbon gig in 2006 that was televised. then during the wall tours there was several comparison videos done showing that the band were live and the vocals wasn’t. I don’t actually care because roger makes up for it in Charisma but hi backing band was week, and I didnt like the sound mix of this either. Nick Masons film is way ahead of David or rogers recent offerings. (David should IMHO released an albert hall show as an album and the Poland show as a Bly ray)


Nice suggestion re: Gilmour live releases.

Richard Stephen Pievaitis

Hi I have Amazon Prime but now asking me to pay £14 or so to buy the 4k uhd or £12 ish for the HD version. Sure it’s now 20th June but for how long was it available free to prime members. I never saw it promoted on the prime screen on my Samsung tv.

I do have the blu ray of The Wall which is rather brilliant but not sure anyone really needs more live versions of these old classic Floyd songs ? Or perhaps they do ?

Might be contentious but I always thought Water’s voice was weak and he struggled to hit notes. Compared to David Gilmour well there isn’t any comparison is there ?

Oh well looks like I missed the bus again on this one. Not going to spend any further money on old Floyd songs for the umpteenth time. Not with his voice anyway. Sorry !


Bonus track on japan 2cd version (www.cdjapan.co.jp)


I can’t see it. It’s the same track listing as the UK version. What’s the bonus track?


Why oh why do they not release the WHOLE concert from start to finish instead of leaving songs off for “bonus? Tracks”I think everybody would want to enjoy the concert without having to find a song that wasn’t included in the original set list,…


The Us and Them bluray will almost certainly be in dolby atmos.

The cinema release was in atmos, as per the review below.


Roger Waters stages the best arena shows, which is quite some feat for a guy in his seventies.

Having seen two of these concerts in Glasgow and Manchester, I sat high up at the back of the Glasgow SECC (how come pre sale tickets often try and shove you in the furthest away seats?); and yet I came away in wonder at how good a show it was. Being at the back of an arena allowed a panoramic view of the spectacle that was quite different to the floor seats I had at Manchester.

The bluray will be the best way to enjoy this release, so I can’t get too excited about comfortably numb not being on the cd / vinyl. The Animals tracks are the highlight.


A brilliant show, spectacular visually. It would have been great if there was a 4K physical release, but I guess the Blu-ray will have to suffice for now!


Great news. I saw it in a german cinema in october 2019. It was excellent. Can’t wait for it.


I watched 30 minutes on Amazon. Video quality is barely okay however audio is atrocious. I will be ordering the BluRay for sure and would hope that like The Wall, this one will come with a Dolby Atmos mix.


Can’t understand your comments about video and audio quality. Might be an Amazon problem. I downloaded from iTunes and it’s perfect. Take a look on iTunes. You’ll enjoy it.


Maybe slow network connection? The server might reduce bitrates in that case to avoid interruptions. Just guessing.


Right, because what the world really needs is more live versions of dark side of the moon, wish you were here and comfortably numb from the Floyd/Gilmour/Waters axis. Thank god for Nick Mason.

Peter Muscutt

Agree with you there Keef, it might’ve been a cracking gig – I went to his tour of The Wall – but the set list is hardly anything new (apart from the Is This the Life… tracks). Wouldn’t preferred something a bit different like a low key set of more recent/rare Waters album tracks… or alive show from his Radio KAOS tour (a sadly underrated album, although I appreciate Roger doesn’t hold it in the highest regard now). No doubt it’ll be a great Blu-ray but just a bit too much of the same for me. I’ll stick to the In The Flesh concert film I think. But roll on the Nick Mason live album, I think he’s taking a good angle there doing the Floyd stuff nobody else has really played live.

CJ Feeney

In the Flesh had a really good setlist, certainly in the choice of Floyd material when compared to Gilmour’s live releases. Gilmour ignores Animals and (understanably) The Final Cut. In The Flesh was also promoting a really good album – Amused To Death.
I think Gilmour does tend to include more pre Dark Side material, though.

jon turpin

didn’t he used to be in Pink Floyd or something?

Jarmo Keranen

Yes. They made a famous record called Dark Side Of The Moon!

David Goldsworthy

Looks like Jarmo Keranen needs to order up a sense of humour!


On the subject of Us and them, one of my favourite bands “Red Box” have just released a beautiful version of that song – done in lockdown. Think it comes out this week.


Great news. I second the comments about how amazing the live show was. Saw it in Manchester the night England played Columbia in the World Cup, which was an unfortunate clash as I’m a big football fan.
So glad I saw the show though – absolutely blistering.
Sadly had to shell out about £200 for some kind of ‘hot ticket’ as that was all that was available on Ticketmaster after the usual rush by computer bots snapped everything else up the second they went on sale.
Came with a bag of nonsense that in no way justified the price – lithographs, guitar picks, notepad, badges (which I stumbled across yesterday in my spare room).
Was amazing though being dead centre about eight rows from the front. Wow!!! One of my favourite gigs in 25 years of concerts. The visuals were the perfect accompaniment to the lyrics (at least for me as an anti-Trumper).
Blu-Ray for me with this one.

Elliott Buckingham

Hopefully this release brings jonothan wilson to the masses his solo stuff is outstanding


@Elliott, totally agree.

John Phillips

Guess I have to rebuy. I bought it on iTunes awhile back and at the moment, it has not been updated.

As for the CD, why didn’t he put the complete performance?

John Phillips

I contacted iTunes to see if they will update my purchase, the answer was no. If I want it digitally, I have to purchase again.


What does Rog see in Welcome to the Machine? He’s been performing it on his solo tours back to the Pros and Cons era and it’s never anything but a dirge that could profitably be replaced by just about anything else he’s ever recorded. Give us a Have a Cigar, a Bravery of Being out of Range, a Not Now John, a Sheep, an If, a Free Four – anything but yet another blinking WttM!


I think it may have more to do with the animated film than the song itself…and while I cannot remember if he gives the vocal duties to whoever is his David surrogate that tour (or, as is often the case, one of three David surrogates), it gives him a bit of a break as no singing and a whole two notes to play on the bass.

The Roger-less Floyd did WttM on the first leg of their AMLoR tour and I loved it then, but a lot of that was due to the animated film (not being easily viewable in 1987) and the added instrumentation at the end of the song which gave it some extra live.

I have heard him do Bravery of Being Out of Range, If and Sheep on previous tours…but would love to hear Free Four or Not Now John one of these days.

Ronald A Fleischer

The streaming platforms include the bonus material as well. I’ve been watching it on Amazon for the past few weeks.


Ty! downloaded!!


As a British Rogers Waters fan living in New Orleans in 2017, going to see him live was a no brainer for me. It was also the first time seeing a Roger Waters concert and I was blown away by the theatrics of it all! Hands down the best concert I have ever been to – even beating going to see Michael Jackson at Wembley in ’92 as a 10yr old :)

Tim Abbott

Superb show – one of the best uses of a large space I’ve seen, much like The Wall was. Normally I hate big gigs, but for Roger I always make an exception. Looking forward to seeing this again, especially as the new material is brilliant.

Pedantic sidenote: I’m glad the front cover has a photo of him playing bass – the promo photo on Twitter shows him with a guitar. I know he’s been playing guitar in his solo career, he is a bass player (and an extremely brilliant and overlooked one at that*) and should celebrate that.

*Don’t come at me with that ‘Gilmour played it all in the studio’ tale. It’s as old and exaggerated as they get.

John McCann'.

Yes you didn’t have to be pino palladino to play with Floyd,rog was cool!

eric slangen

Wow what a sound and picture quality.
A must buy for the bluray and the vinyl for me.

Mark Guscin

Is he just being Roger (i.e. awkward) leaving Comfortably Numb off? Maybe it’s been “played by another guitarist”? But so has everything else (except the new stuff obviously).


Thx Paul; Btw: available on Amazon Streaming Services as of today.

Daniel Pitterman

Looking forward to this in a big way. What a spectacular show! However, why in gods name leave off Comfortably Numb on the CD? I only saw one stop in the tour but I’m sure he played it every night.

Bassel Hassouna

What is the possibility of a blu ray/cd box set?


I’ve got that. Most extravagant musical purchase I’ll likely ever make, but I love it to bits.


I got the triple vinyl when it came out first for €2199, looks like this set will be double that,


Any suggestion of a Dolby Atmos soundtrack on the BluRay a la Roger Waters The Wall concert film? Would make the BluRay worth buying if they’re not going to issue 4K UHD BluRay. Will wait on the SDE Amazon UK links going up.

Tempted to get the digital 4K to tide me over until later in the year, for the Animals tracks and staging of nothing else. I enjoyed the Liverpool date of the concert, especially the Animals tracks. Won’t miss the tanked up talkers and lager dancers when watching the concert film though.


Best arena show I’ve ever been to so probs will get the blu-ray not sure about vinyl etc yet


Is this available in the UK?
Ill look forward to the sound – Im a huge fan of the ‘In The Flesh – Live’ DVD – it’s a great show with fantastic sound. In fact Im going to give it a play tonight. ‘Dog’s’ has mind blowing audio and Doyle Bramall II on guitar is something to behold.

Having no 4K on disc is an opportunity missed – particularly with Roger Waters who has always championed state of the art.


Saw this in a cinema in Dublin and it was excellent. I’m in!