Rolling Stone magazine in Germany offers exclusive Prince 7″ single

World exclusive Prince seven-inch single

Later this month, the German edition of Rolling Stone magazine will be available with a ‘world exclusive’ Prince seven-inch single.

The publication (which is in German, obviously) will come with a cover-mount vinyl single which features ‘Sign O’ The Times’ on the A-side and one of the vault tracks, ‘Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1)’ on the B-side.

The cover of the magazine that will be available on newsstands is pictured directly above, but if you are already a subscriber or pre-order from the web shop, then you get a special collectors’ version with a previously unpublished and exclusive cover photo, taken by Prince photographer Jeff Katz. This is the image at the very top of this post. Pretty cool.

If you have managed to get yourself one of the Sign O’ The Times seven-inch box sets (limited to 1987 units and now sold out), this could be a very nice ‘bonus single’ to slot into that box set!

The magazine will be published on 24 September 2020. These can be pre-ordered online (see link below).

Sign O’ The Times is reissued on 25 September 2020, across six physical formats.

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Sign O The Times - 8CD+DVD super deluxe


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Sign O The Times - 13LP+DVD vinyl super deluxe


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Sign O The Times - 2LP peach vinyl


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Sign O The Times - 4LP vinyl edition


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Sign O The Times - 3CD edition


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Sign O The Times - 2CD remaster


CD1 / LP1: Remastered Album (Disc 1)

1 Sign O’ The Times
2 Play In The Sunshine
3 Housequake
4 The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
5 It
6 Starfish And Coffee
7 Slow Love
8 Hot Thing
9 Forever In My Life

CD2 / LP2: Remastered Album (Disc 2)

1 U Got The Look
2 If I Was Your Girlfriend
3 Strange Relationship
4 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
5 The Cross
6 It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
7 Adore

CD3 / LP3&4: Single Mixes & Edits

1 Sign O’ The Times (7” single edit)
2 La, La, La, He, He, Hee (7” single edit)
3 La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive) (12” version)
4 If I Was Your Girlfriend (7” single edit)
5 Shockadelica (“If I Was Your Girlfriend” B-side)
6 Shockadelica (12” long version)
7 U Got the Look (Long Look) (12” edit)
8 Housequake (7” edit)
9 Housequake (7 Minutes MoQuake) (12” edit)
10 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Fade 7” edit)
11 Hot Thing (7” single edit)
12 Hot Thing (Extended Remix)
13 Hot Thing (Dub Version)

CD4 / LP5&6: Vault, Part 1

1 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (1979 version)
2 Teacher, Teacher (1985 version)
3 All My Dreams
4 Can I Play With U? (featuring Miles Davis)
5 Wonderful Day (original version)
6 Strange Relationship (original version)
7 Visions
8 The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (with horns)
9 Witness 4 The Prosecution (version 1)
10 Power Fantastic (live in studio)
11 And That Says What?
12 Love And Sex
13 A Place In Heaven (Prince vocal)
14 Colors
15 Crystal Ball (7” mix)
16 Big Tall Wall (version 1)
17 Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A
18 In A Large Room With No Light

All tracks previously unreleased

CD5 / LP7&8: Vault, Part 2

1 Train
2 It Ain’t Over ‘Til The Fat Lady Sings
3 Eggplant (Prince vocal)
4 Everybody Want What They Don’t Got
5 Blanche
6 Soul Psychodelicide
7 The Ball
8 Adonis And Bathsheba
9 Forever In My Life (early vocal studio run-through)
10 Crucial (alternate lyrics)
11 The Cocoa Boys
12 When The Dawn Of The Morning Comes
13 Witness 4 The Prosecution (version 2)
14 It Be’s Like That Sometimes

All tracks previously unreleased

CD6 / LP9&10: Vault, Part 3

1 Emotional Pump
2 Rebirth Of The Flesh (with original outro)
3 Cosmic Day
4 Walkin’ In Glory
5 Wally
6 I Need A Man
7 Promise To Be True
8 Jealous Girl (version 2)
9 There’s Something I Like About Being Your Fool
10 Big Tall Wall (version 2)
11 A Place In Heaven (Lisa vocal)
12 Wonderful Day (12” mix)
13 Strange Relationship (1987 Shep Pettibone Club Mix)

All tracks previously unreleased

CD7&8 / LP11-13: Live In Utrecht – June 20, 1987

1 Intro/Sign O’ The Times
2 Play In The Sunshine
3 Little Red Corvette
4 Housequake
5 Girls & Boys
6 Slow Love
7 Take The “A” Train/Pacemaker/I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
8 Hot Thing
9 Four
10 If I Was Your Girlfriend
11 Let’s Go Crazy
12 When Doves Cry
13 Purple Rain
14 1999
15 Forever In My Life
16 Kiss
17 The Cross
18 It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night

All tracks previously unreleased

DVD: Live At Paisley Park – December 31, 1987

1 Sign O’ The Times
2 Play In The Sunshine
3 Little Red Corvette
4 Erotic City
5 Housequake
6 Slow Love
7 Do Me, Baby
8 Adore
9 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
10 What’s Your Name Jam
11 Let’s Pretend We’re Married
12 Delirious
13 Jack U Off
14 Drum Solo
15 Twelve
16 Hot Thing
17 If I Was Your Girlfriend
18 Let’s Go Crazy
19 When Doves Cry
20 Purple Rain
21 1999
22 U Got The Look
23 It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night Medley (featuring Miles Davis)


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Paul S

My copy turned up this morning I live in the north east of England, I’m amazed it made it in one piece it’s literally packaged in a paper envelope, there’s a free cd as well (not prince) with various tracks.
But single and mag no damage or creases, thanks for the heads up Paul.

Paul A

Yes, same here. Standard A4 envelope arrived in the post yesterday and was the only protection! Mag was slightly creased but 7” single was in perfect condition. Who needs packaging or bubble wrap…

Another great addition to the SOTT releases. Would’ve known nothing about it without SDE – Thanks Paul !


Got mine here in Dublin this morning.
It was a rainy morning and the envelope was wet, but the magazine was dry!

cosmo castanza

Does anybody wonder why the UK version never seems to have these terrific looking releases , presuming it still exists in physical format?

I only buy magazines that have physical music with them , Uncut , Mojo and Electronic Sound.


The strength of the German market, presumably; the UK is just a backwoods now.

Elizabeth Hirst

Thanks for the tip on this – I will have to brush up on my O-level German to read the magazine, but in effect I am happy to pay the price for the single itself.


I got about 4 emails after my purchase. One was from WordPress which states the following:

we would like to thank you for your interest in further media offers from Axel Springer Mediahouse Berlin GmbH. In order to successfully complete your registration, we would like to ask you to confirm your declaration of consent by clicking on the link below:


With your confirmation, you agree that Axel Springer Mediahouse Berlin GmbH may in future inform you about interesting media offers by phone, email, SMS. You can object to the use of your data at any time, e.g. by email to abo@rollingstone.de or by phone at 040-468 60 51 65. For your own safety, according to the current data protection law, you must confirm your actively declared consent to the use of data for advertising purposes. This is the only way to ensure that your data has not been entered by third parties.

If a third party has entered your address or if you are not interested in our offers, just ignore this message.

So I would suggest clicking on the link to confirm your details. Once you have done that you get a message of thanks with no further action required.



That’s because you opted in at check out which you *didn’t* have to do. I suspect the reason for the follow up emails was to confirm that you wish to be spammed by them for who knows what else…


And yet if that is so I can easily mark the emails as spam or unsubscribe. I’m not taking any chances. Some sites just want you to confirm your details when you register.

Tom m hans

$16.35 incl. shipping to the US. Perfect. Thank you Paul.

John Barnes

This will be a lovely addition to my singles box set…


Here the translations:

IN DEN WARENKORB — Add to basket


Here at checkout you must choose VEREINIGTES KÖNIGREICH as country in the drop-down-menue if you are living in the UK.

Don’t tipp on the checkbox “Ich bin damit einverstanden, dass die Axel Springer …” or you will receive useless newsletters in the future.


Ordered , thanks for the tip,

Michel Banen

This site has cost me lots of money but it also saved me fortunes wiith all the deals mentioned here. And again a great tip here. I’m in Germany so I immediately ordered this and it will come with the website-only cover. How awesome is that ?

THANKS FOR THIS SITE PAUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I previously bought the German Musikexpress magazine to get the Prince / Kate Bush single. I selected the invoice payment and proceeded to forget all about it until a reminder to pay arrived in the post. I hadn’t received the magazine, so they sent me another copy, at which point I hadn’t paid a cent. The German customer service was excellent, and I did my bit for good UK relations by paying the bill. Hopefully this magazine turns up first time, and PayPal makes it much easier to transact.


Danke, ordered. Needed Google Translate (via Chrome) – very straight forward after that!




Got it now, its Vereinigtes königreich.

Colin Preston

I didn’t have to go through all that mother Stevie.
Very straight forward. Added to basket and choose PayPal for checkkut. Already had my shipping address from PayPal. Done and dusted in about 12 seconds.


Cheers for the heads up Paul – a great month for SOTT fans – and the main Event superdeluxe boxSet still to come in a couple of weeks. Will put this in my singles box – shame it’s not peach coloured – although I guess we now have the black element in there now (“colour you peach ‘n’ black”).
I used my paypal account and it went through that smoothly.
Stay safe


Is there an option to ship to the UK? Can’t find it in the dropdown menu at all

Ben Williams

Me neither.. my German is very basic!


Use chrome to automatically translate. I just ordered my copy using PayPal for UK delivery. €12.80 all in.


I’m having the same issue, you can select ‘Herr’ or ‘ Frau’ from the drop-down, selecting the country all I can see is the option for Deutschland. Can’t figure out what is wrong? Trying to ship to Australia and hope it will be possible, but others seem to at least be able to select shipping to the UK…

Stevie B

I ordered a magazine with a Pet Shop Boys 7” at the beginning of this year from the same publisher (but not magazine). It also gave you the option to pay by PayPal but then I had to cancel that payment and pay I think by some sort of bank transfer. They’d also tried to set up a subscription rather than a one off copy, so best write a note with your order stating you only want the magazine and 7” single. Hopefully the PayPal payment will go through this time (apparently the publishers didn’t have a Paypal account in January).
Also you have to click on the down arrow after ‘Deutschland’ and start typing in ‘vereinigter König’ (UK)


I just typed United Kingdom in and it seemed to work fine.

Colin Preston

Duly ordered. Thanks Paul once again for the heads up


Got mine ordered! Wow, I need to brush up on my German… :)

This will go nicely with my 7 inch box indeed! Thanks Paul!


Thanks for the heads up, I just ordered a copy.


Ordered!! They ship to the USA for very reasonable prices. Thanks Paul!!


I noticed a few weeks ago that the Amazon US listing for the peach vinyl was updated to a while supplies last verbiage. Earning that if you ordered, you could end up with the peach but if they run out, you’ll get the standard black vinyl.