Rolling Stones in Cuba: Havana Moon


The Rolling Stones in played in Cuba in March this year and the audio and video (directed by Paul Dugdale) will be issued as Havana Moon across a multitude of formats…

The free show was filmed in high-definition and attracted enormous crowds with the band performing the usual hit-packed set.

Havana Moon is an Eagle Rock product which means more formats than you can shake a stick at. Putting vinyl to one side, SDE’s recommendation is to pick up the 60-page hardback book deluxe edition which contains two CDs, Blu-ray, and DVD. It’s £44 in the UK at the moment but only £25 in Germany, so consider that a deal alert! Incidentally that’s less than half the US price for the same set. [update: Amazon DE seemed to have removed that earlier, cheap listing].

You can get a 2CD+DVD in a CD-sized digipack, although that makes a mockery of having the concert filmed in high-definition. Vinyl fans will need to opt for the DVD+3LP but the same situation applies. Annoyingly – if you don’t live in America – the US get a 2CD+Blu-ray combo pack. I can’t understand why they don’t issue those in the UK/Europe. The saving grace is that the deluxe in Germany works out to be around the same price. All blu-rays/DVDs will be region free.

Havana Moon is released on 11 of November 2016.

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Paul Dugdale

Havana Moon - 2CD+Blu-ray+DVD+Book deluxe


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Rolling Stones

Havana Moon - 3LP+DVD


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Rolling Stones

Havana Moon - Blu-ray



1) Jumpin Jack Flash 2) It s Only Rock N Roll (But I Like It) 3) Out Of Control 4) Angie 5) Paint It Black 6) Honky Tonk Women 7) You Got The Silver 8) Midnight Rambler 9) Gimme Shelter 10) Sympathy For The Devil 11) Brown Sugar 12) You Can t Always Get What You Want 13) (I Can t Get No) Satisfaction

Bonus Tracks: (1) Tumbling Dice (2) All Down The Line (3) Before They Make Me Run (4) Miss You (5) Start Me Up

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[…] and as they try to stage their first ever concert in Havana, Cuba (which itself was issued as Hanava Moon last year). The 105 minute film focuses on behind-the-scenes shenanigans and “intimate […]


The Amazon UK listing for the deluxe set says the DVDs are region 2 not region free as you said above. (I imagine the blu Rays are whatever the DVDs are). Can you clarify and also have you seen the 60 pg book and if so what’s your opinion of it. Thanks.


Usual gifted quality of artwork from the Stones i see .Really doesn’t scream “Buy me ”
Does it?


I guess nobody this master release in Japan with a bonus BRay and lots more


elliott buckingham

sick of stones live stuff now must be catching up with maiden for live albums I don’t like the vinyl packages they are oversized and don’t fit on the shelf id like a 12″ remix set from the 80s + or a decent deluxe edition of jaggers shes the boss

Alan Blevin

A missed opportunity for the deluxe is the documentary they have made of the South American tour.It is included in the Japanese version of the deluxe apparently replacing the redundant DVD of the show already included on Bluray.
It is frustrating that there are often good special features on Japanese editions.I have read it has something to do with Japanese retailers not being allowed to discount product for 2 years after it is released.They are given these special editions to help them compete with imports.


In the last years, each time they played a single concert, they put out a live album.
Each time in multiple formats.
Call it maximizing the efforts.

I’m not even remotely interested in this stuff, i don’t want to listen to it even if it was offered for free (and it will, the day of release, on the dark side of the web).


Fingers crossed for the Amazon Germany bargain priced being honoured. It is only about 25% off the price – not a total give away, while the Graham Parker set was more than 50% cheaper and would have been an incredible bargain.

John Norris

Hmmm… Seems a bit over priced compared to the Totally Stripped package of 4 films and CD at about £40. A watching brief is advised and like many others I am rather underwhelmed by what is in essence a re-heated ‘best of’ live package with little, or no, rare cuts to get excited about.

As someone else pointed out surely there was going to be a CD of recorded blues standards expected pre-Christmas..? I guess they are running out of gas, gas, gas.

Alan Blevin

Got my order in for the deluxe on Saturday at Amazon Germany before they changed it’s status to unavailable.Worried they will pull the same stunt they did with the Parker box and cancel everybody’s orders.

Mic Smith

Yes I would imagine they will not honour the order at the cheaper price.

John D

Paul, is the Amazon UK link for the blu-ray/book correct? It seems to lead to a DVD set only.


This looks like another Sweet Summer Sun scam where they pulled some of the concert footage and used it as extras. There were 18 tracks at the show. There are 18 here.
No real extras? Pathetic.
Amazon Canada pulled the 2CD/BR release page.


The Stones seem to have more live albums than actual studio albums. Is that how they ride out their contracts?

Bassel hassouna

I remember reading somewhere that there will be a new stones studio album this year … guess not


Looks like Amazon.de pulled the plug on this price.


Dammit. I was hoping this was going to be priced outrageously so I could deploy my “Havana Laugh” gag. Next time…


Nice. Hoping the Vinyl comes down as I have all the others in the large format which is great.

ian s


Is there two Blu-rays or a Blu-ray & a DVD with the deluxe edition set?

ian s

You might have to amend the line in your article about the deluxe edition having two blu-rays….

Chris Squires

Only 6 months from concert to releasing the whole package?

Such indecent haste.


Paul is there anything extra footage on the 2cd +dvd +blu ray , is the dvd and blu ray the same in this set, I can only see the you are getting a 60 page book.