Ron Sexsmith / new album Hermitage

The songwriter’s songwriter has a new album in the pipeline

Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith will release his a new studio album Hermitage in June.

The 14-track album includes the excellent ‘You Don’t Want To Hear It Now’ and was produced by Don Kerr.

Sexsmith plays all the instruments on the record, except for the drums, and this will be his first long-player since he relocated to Stratford, Ontario.

Standard formats are CD and black vinyl but a limited pink vinyl edition is available via Ron’s official online store as well as some bundles (there’s also a handful of signed test pressings if you’re that way inclined.

Hermitage will be issued on 19 June 2020 via Cooking Vinyl.

1 Spring of the Following Year
2 Chateau Mermaid
3 Lo and Behold
4 Glow in the Dark Stars
5  Small Minded World
6  Winery Blues
7 When Love Pans Out
8 You Don’t Wanna Hear It
9 Dig Nation
10 Whatever Shape Your Heart Is In
11 Apparently Au Pair
12 Is It or Isn’t It
13 Morning Town
14  Think of You Fondly

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Glen Leat

I’ve ordered this. Has to be one of the most unknown greats in music today. Seen him a few times and never disappoints.


Hes got an excellent guest spot of the Humanist album (songwriter/producer Rob Marshall), along with Mark Lanegan, Dave Gahan, Mark Gardener (Ride) etc. Check out the album. Its excellent.


I ordered the pink vinyl version from Ron’s website a few weeks ago and I’m really looking forward to it.

I think Ron would appreciate the lack of response to this post, it would raise a smile I’m sure.

Here’s hoping he will be able to tour this in the UK as he had planned, always a joy to see/hear live, go see him if you can.

John McCann'

Poor ron has any post ever received less comments?

John McCann'

Obituary on radio Scotland, about John prine they called him the songwriters songwriter,so wots the panels views,prine or sexsmith ,,or ric ocasak or
Any other guys that come to mind, if only to generate a few more comments on the ron post,seen a film on him on the telly a few years ago thought he was very good.


There was an entire summer in which every Sunday I listened to Ron Sexsmith’s self-titled CD and The Blue Nile’s ‘Peace At Last’ CD as I was reading the newspaper while sitting on a porch beside a creek in rural western Michigan. Some of the most tranquil memories of my life!

And today there are posts about both artists. Guess I’m set for this summer!
Thanks Paul!

John McCann

Cover from the jack Cassidy school of lawn mowing,,,,