Ronnie Lane / Just For A Moment: Music 1973-1997 / six-CD box set

6CD deluxe set • Plethora of bonus material including unreleased audio • 2LP ‘best of the box’ and single CD also available

Just For A Moment: Music 1973-1997 is a forthcoming six-CD box set that focuses on the solo career of Faces/Small Faces legend Ronnie Lane.

The box includes Ronnie’s four solo albums – Anymore For Anymore (1974), Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance (1975), One For the Road (1976) and See Me (1979). Each of these four CDs have bonus tracks including singles, B-sides, alternates and tracks from Ronnie’s Mahoney’s Last Stand album with Ron Wood and Rough Mix with Pete Townshend.

CD 5 features highlights from a Rockpalast concert along with various sessions and rarities while the final disc offers more rare and unheard material focusing on Ronnie’s time in the US with live highlights and studio tracks never previously released.

The set is curated by longtime musical associate of Ronnie’s, Charlie Hart and sleeve notes are in three parts, handled by a trio of writers: Paolo Hewitt, Kris Needs and Kent Benjamin.

In terms of packaging, the six discs are housed in a hardcover book which slides into outer slipcase. Additionally, it comes with a book of Ronnie’s lyrics and an A2 fold-out poster.

Just For A Moment: Music 1973-1997 will be issued on 17 May 2019 via Universal Music. A single-CD and 2LP vinyl ‘best of’ will also be available. The bigger set is £66 in the UK but if you pre-order today with the code BIGTHANKS you get a fiver off and can bag this for £61. No pressure…

CD 1: Anymore For Anymore
1. Careless Love
2. Don’t You Cry For Me
3. Bye and Bye (Gonna See The King)
4. Silk Stockings
5. The Poacher
6. Roll On Babe
7. Tell Everyone
8. Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight
9. Anymore For Anymore
10. Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage
11. Chicken Wired

Bonus Tracks

12. How Come Single
13. Done This One Before Single B-Side
14. From The Late to the Early
15. Just For A Moment
16. How Come Alternate Studio Take
17. Ooh La La [BBC John Peel Session 11/12/1973]
18. Debris [BBC In Concert 23/04/1974]
19. Flags and Banners [Live at the Thames Hotel 11/12/1973]
20. Last Orders [Live At The Thames Hotel 11/12/1973]
21. I’ll Fly Away

CD 2: Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance
1. Little Piece Of Nothing
2. Stone
3. A Bottle of Brandy
4. Street Gang
5. Anniversary
6. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
7. I’m Just A Country Boy
8. Ain’t No Lady
9. Blue Monday
10. Give Me A Penny
11. You Never Can Tell
12. Tin and Tambourine
13. Single Saddle

Bonus tracks

14. Brother Can You Spare A Dime? [Island Single]
15. What Went Down (That Night With You) [Island Single]
16. Lovely Single [B-Side]
17. Roll on Babe [BBC Live In Concert 13/12/1974]
18. Sweet Virginia [BBC John Peel Session 19/11/1974]
19. Walk on By [BBC Live In Concert 12/02/1976]
20. You’re so Rude [Live Victoria Palace 16/03/1975]
21. From The Late To The Early (Lost) / How Come [Live Victoria Palace 16/03/1975]
22. What Went Down (That Night With You) [Island Single Outtake]

CD 3: One For The Road
1. Don’t Try ‘n’ Change My Mind
2. 32nd Street
3. Snake
4. Burnin’ Summer
5. One for the Road
6. Steppin’ an’ Reelin’ (The Wedding)
7. Harvest Home
8. Nobody’s Listening
9. G’Morning

Bonus tracks

10. April Fool
11. Annie
12. Nowhere to Run
13. Silly Little Man
14. Catmelody
15. Last Orders (Well Well Hello, Slow Version)
16. Lonely
17. Under My Nose
18. Feeling Like A Lion
19. Going West

CD 4: See Me
1. One Step
2. Good Ol’ Boys Boogie
3. Lad’s Got Money
4. She’s Leaving
5. Barcelona
6. Kuschty Rye
7. Don’t Tell Me Now
8. You’re So Right
9. Only You
10. Winning With Women
11. Way Up Yonder

Bonus tracks

12. Three Cool Cats See Me [Outake]
13. The Wanderer [The r ‘n’ b Sessions]
14. Rocket ’69 [The r ‘n’ b Sessions]
15. The Joint Is Jumpin’ [The r ‘n’ b Sessions]
16. Annie Had A Baby [The r ‘n’ b Sessions]
17. Pisshead Blues [Fishpool Sessions]
18. Barcelona [Demo]
19. Three Cool Cats [Demo]

CD 5
1. Rats Tales (Catmelody) [Live At Rockpalast 03/03/1980]
2. Flags and Banners [Live At Rockpalast 03/03/1980]
3. Annie Had A Baby [Live At Rockpalast 03/03/1980]
4. How Come [Live At Rockpalast 03/03/1980]
5. You’re So Rude [Live At Rockpalast 03/03/1980]
6. Lad’s Got Money [Live At Rockpalast 03/03/1980]
7. Kuschty Rye [Live At Rockpalast 03/03/1980]
8. Man Smart, Women Smarter [Live At Rockpalast 03/03/1980]
9. Debris (Ronnie Lane’s Big Dipper) [Live Capital Radio 29/05/1981]
10. Around The World (Grow Too Old) [Fishpool Sessions 1977]
11. Last Night [Fishpool Sessions 1977]
12. All Or Nothing [BBC John Peel 15/01/1976]
13. Bombers Moon [The Merton Sessions Early ’81]
14. Last Tango In Nato [The Merton Sessions Early ’81]
15. Silly Little Man [Fishpool Sessions]
16. She’s Leaving (I Can Hear Her Singing) [Demo]
17. Lovely [Outtake]
18. Rats Tales (Catmelody) [Fishpool Sessions]

CD 6
1. Ooh La la [Live In Texas / 1988]
2. Rio Grande (Bombers Moon) [Live In Texas]
3. Nowhere To Run [Live KLBJ 12/89]
4. Annie [LIVE KLBJ 14/02/89]
5. Buddy Can You Apare A Dime? [KLBJ 22/12/87]
6. You’re So Rude [Live at KUT 1988]
7. Dirty Rice (Featuring The Tremors with Bobby Keys) [The Back Room Austin May 12 1987]
8. Winning With Women [KUT 1988]
9. Ooh La la [Live In Texas / 1987]
10. Don’t Try ‘n’ Change My Mind [Live In Japan]
11. Glad And Sorry [Live In Japan]
12. Just For A Moment [Live In Japan]
13. Spiritual Babe [Demo (Houston)]
14. King of the Lazy World [1992 Studio Session]
15. Peaches January [1989 Arlyn Studio Sessions]
16. Sally Anne January [1989 Arlyn Studio Sessions]
17. Spiritual Babe January [1989 Arlyn Studio Sessions]
18. Hearts of Oak January [1989 Arlyn Studio Sessions]
19. Strongbear’s Daughter January [1989 Arlyn Studio Sessions]

Just For A Moment (The Best Of) single CD set

1. Just For a Moment
2. The Poacher
3. Anymore For Anymore
4. How Come
5. Tell everyone
6. Roll On Babe
7. Little Piece of Nothing
8. Anniversary
9. Brother Can You Spare A Dime
10. Don’t Try ‘n’ Change My Mind
11. One For The Road
12. Annie
13. April Fool
14. Kuschty Rye
15. Barcelona
16. One Step
17. Spiritual Babe (Demo Version)
18. Strongbear’s Daughter

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Nick Bonny

Just noticed it’s available on Amazon again for £61.35. A new production run presumably?

Simon Franklin

Is the stuff that’s on the rsd record on this?

Philip Escott

I missed out on this set. Do you know if there are any plans to reissue as sold out very quickly.

Nick Bonny

I’m hoping the same. I was waiting for a possible price reduction and now find it’s unavailable. Now praying to the reissue fairies


Me too! I wonder how many copies of the deluxe they made. It seems to have disappeared very quickly!

Stephen Muzyka

Might be worth contacting the new Ronnie Lane website that launched last year; ronnielane.com to see if they have any info that will help. The set itself is fantastic, with great mastering throughout, although the way the individual cd’s are housed makes it tricky to extract them without causing potential damage. Best to burn backup copies of all six cd’s and listen from there.

The Fabulous Micky C


Song I wrote inspired by Ronnie. Loved him from the time he left The Faces. I only saw him live twice…..Once at Theatre Royal Drury Lane after One For The Road – magnificent and the other time playing bass in an all star band with Jimmy Page backing Roy Harper….Valentines Day 1973. One For still one of my favourite albums and adore Debris. Good on ya Ronnie.


It’s a great shame Plonk’s original demo of ‘Ooh La La’ has never surfaced. I know the late Ian McLagan searched for it as he was working on ‘Five Guys Walk Into A Bar’ (Faces box set). Mac unfortunately drew a blank. The demo is supposed to feature Ronnie on lead vocals and hopefully that and other stuff might one day be found and released.

It kind of boggles the mind: Two talents like Ronnie Lane and Steve Marriott in the same band. Three of them may be gone now, but Small Faces will never die.

Gordon Hill

This looks very very good with little overlap with the rarities on the Island Harvest 2cd set a couple of years back. Good to see Anymore For Anymore being included as was not an Island/Universal re-issue, so they have done some proper licensing to make sure this is pretty much definitive. I would not be so sure this will go down to £29.99 or anything like that. This will sell out to his cult fanbase and i imagine it will be a one time pressing so that a year later it will be going for £200 on the secondary market. I don’t usually buy CD sets now but i won’t hang about on this one.

Stephen Muzyka

At last! I’ve been a huge Small Faces fan for decades but only seriously got into Ronnie Lanes’ solo stuff last year. Wish I’d discovered it sooner. What an amazing artist.

Anyone have any info on the mastering? As all Lane fans will know previous cd’s were very hit and miss in terms of quality so hopefully this set will rectify this, particularly Burnin’ Summer. Both cd’s I have that feature this track suffer from a lot of crackle and distortion. Shame because it’s a beautiful, haunting number that sealed the deal for me in terms of Ronnies unquestionable talent.

Here’s hoping the box set sells a shedload.


Years ago I enquired about the noises on Burnin’ Summer myself… What I understand is that most of the album, and particularly that track, where recorded outdoors, and ment to reflect exactly that, with insects buzzing, bonfires crackling etc.

On a related note, it seems that Lane was so skint at the ime, he had to save on tape and often re-recorded over the multitracks…
Still, the master tapes with the final mixes should have survived, so yes, it would be interesting if Paul has any insight about the sources used. Anyway this looks promising and a nice way to wrap up this great little man’s solo years.

Stephen Muzyka

I see, thanks. That might explain the extraneous noises on this particular track. I was aware that other songs were recorded around and about Fishpool. You can hear it on Harvest Home and Anymore For Anymore especially so that makes sense. The ambient noises really add to those songs.

It was on the documentary The Passing Show that engineer/producer Glyn Johns mentioned about Ronnie being so skint that he made more than one album on the same reels of tape because he couldn’t afford any more. Once he’d delivered the final mix to be mastered he erased the multitracks.

As you say the studio masters should still be available so the sound will hopefully be to a good standard (the last comp ‘Ooh La La’ had pictures of master tape boxes and sounded very good).

Curious as to whether ‘How Come’ is sourced from tape. Every CD I’ve heard that features this song sounds like a needledrop to me.

Counting the days till this release. God bless you, Ronnie.

Wayne Klein

Preordered this two weeks ago when it was anno7nced at Steve Hoffman forum.
But nice to f8nally see what’s in the set.
@Paulsinclair On a side note any information on the second Be Bop Deluxe coming out?


Futurama box set should be out by the summer


Ronnie’s a legend; great to see him get his due.


Thanks Paul. I really enjoy your blog. Any word on whether this will be made available through amazon us?


Thanks for the heads up SDE. Nice surprise, pre-ordered.

bruce kelso

its all to beautiful, Ronnie was a true human spirt. when the action were living together in 1968 with very few gigs and no record contract ronnie visited their flat to see that they were skint. a few hours later a huge delivery was made of food and beverage.thats the kindness of this man. heres to ya mate.


About time. Anymore for Anymore has been out of print for so long, I was beginning to worry that it would never see the light of day again! The icing on the cake should be a stand-alone LP release for such an influential and beautiful record.

Keith Fletcher

When you see how much the original CDs are selling for now this set is an absolute steel.
This was first announced for a 2018 release so nice it’s finally getting an outing and I hope it does well the music is just so under appreciated outside of those in the know


Another huge fan here. Thanks for spotting and highlighting the fiver off.

Larry Davis

Ordered pronto…if Ronnie was still alive, this thing woulda been signed for sure, but yeah, he was a genius…got it with the 5 off, and Tax removal…came to 53 pounds, noice…


Everything about this set is done right. Albums, bonus tracks, rarities, live performances, relevant written material, no marbles, playing cards, or ridiculously oversized package, and a fair price. The only thing I would ask for in addition is a hires Blu-ray or download. Purchased without hesitation!

The Golden Age Of Sweet F.A.

This is the BOX SET OF THE YEAR! Yes I`m well aware of the more anticipated releases due in `19, I`ll probably buying most of them.

Ronnie Lane was a true musian who made music because he could and loved doing so. Unlike most of his greedy peers.

I have a lot of the content on this box set but it is well worth the price for what I don`t have. Those who hang an for a big price drop may be dissapointed, I doubt more than 2,000 of these box sets are being released, could be as low as 1,000. I confess I don`t know but good luck to bargain hunters, I`m going to enjoy this release from day one.

Bill Darlington

Already pre-ordered. I have been waiting for this for a while, holding off buying some of the over-priced, badly mastered seaprate CDs. Ronnie Lane had a beautiful soul, with a warm, friendly voice and pleasing, haunting lyrics. ‘The Poacher’ is one of my favourite songs.

Simon Taylor

Wonderful. Saw this news yesterday and quickly pre-ordered, now cancelling and re-pre-ordering with the £5 off. Lovely!

Keith Lambert

Thanks for the heads up Paul. I’ve been scratching my head all day wondering what to buy to take advantage of that £5 Amazon offer. You’ve just provided a solution!

As an aside, I wonder if this release will be available in Hi-Res format? I have a Pono (portable Hi-Res player) and I also listen to Hi-Res FLACs in the car. As I’m running out of space for CD’s and CD box sets, I try where possible to opt for the Hi-Res option (or the vinyl which I still favour). Unfortunately, the Hi-Res vendors don’t offer pre-orders or pre-release info about upcoming releases so you’re never sure if they are going to be available in Hi-Res until you receive their “out today!” e-mail on the actual release day. By then, if you haven’t opted for the physical release, you run the risk of missing out on offers like this.

That aside, I’m very much looking forward to this set, whatever the format!


No LP?


There’s always one…

Robert Laversuch

Man is a God. Sublime. Ordered


Yes! I, too, think this collection is long overdue. Now if they’d only thrown in the Passing Show dvd/bluray & only upped the price by a fiver or so, then we’d have a supreme endeavor worthy of the legendary status of the man! But I’ll take this as it is for sure. Thanks for the alert today, Paul!

Tony Cannings

I can’t understand why Ronnie wasn’t a lot more popular. Another of our true geniuses, I couldn’t miss this. Will be really looking forward to 17 May 2019. Thanks for the tip – I too used the £5 off code on Amazon. May’s going to be a great month, even if this is the only music I buy (but I can’t see that happening!)

Thanks again, Paul

james vandegrift

Looks like Xmas is coming in May! Fantastic news


This music is fantastic, and a great way to get everything – especially as Anymore For Anymore was very very very hard to comeby and expensive. However, this will be half this price in a few months time – there’s no way there is a big market for Ronnie’s music.
As I said, this has nothing to do with the music – it’s brilliant, but people will be kicking themselves when it’s on sale for £29.99 come June. And no – you don’t have to buy it now to support the artist – he’s long gone, so you’re only supporting the people that thought his music didn’t warrant being kept in print, until they could find room in their deluxe edition schedule to bundle it all up with a book and charge double what it’s worth. Just re-release the albums individually at a normal price and keep them in print – please.

Mike M

Some comments don’t age well do they.

Mister Stick

So, the rumors are true. Fantastic news… Waiting for this for some time now.

The Amazon UK price to the US came to 70.56 USD with the discount. That’s right on the head, seems to me: 10 bucks per disc, 10 bucks for the packaging, and delivered.

adam shaw

At last !!!
Thanks Paul , ordered .