Rory Gallagher’s entire solo catalogue remastered and reissued

Having acquired the rights to Rory Gallagher‘s solo catalogue last year, Universal Music will reissue remastered versions of every album on CD and vinyl LP next month.

The influential Irish guitarist and singer-songwriter formed Taste in 1966, and after the band broke up at the end of that decade Gallagher would concentrate on his solo career, releasing his eponymous debut in 1971.

This is a massive reissue campaign with all the studio albums, the live releases and posthumous releases (like Notes From San Francisco and Wheels Within Wheels) reissued. Everything is available on CD and 180g vinyl, with the exception of BBC Sessions which is two-CD only (the Wheels Within Wheels vinyl pre-order is ‘coming soon’).

These are straight album reissues, so no bonus tracks, but Universal “will be working closely with the Rory Gallagher estate on new physical and streaming products.”

All of the reissues will be released on 16 March 2018.

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Tom D

Anyone willing to sell one

Mike Lewis

This is odd – I have the new reissues of Deuce and Photo Finish. Bought yesterday…same everything, yet Photo Finish has its bonus tracks but Deuce does not.

Chris Squires

My box turned up today, very pleased with it. Let’s face it, it saves an absolute bundle on buying these albums individually and an extremely limited edition slipcase to house them all in. Only having three Rory albums previously it’s a great, cheap and rare way to gather everything together in one go. Basically 15 albums for the price of 10 on am.uk prices at the very least.
Could have only topped it by including a rarities LP unique to this set…

perry garner

please help,
do the vinyl albums have the original polydor, chysalis labels please?


Got mine today, number 231 of 300.
Lovely box and excellent intriguing poster as well.

Adrian Barrett

Irish Tour ’74 £17 including postage (to Ireland) on Amazon Canada!
Just ordered hopefully they honour it.

Adrian Barrett

Irish Tour ’74 £17 including postage to Ireland from Amazon Canada !

Funky Meadows

This round of “remasters” are purported to be 2017/2018.

And, to boot, on the SHM CD aspect.

All jewel cases. No Mini LPs.


The vinyl box set is now sold out on Universal / Sound Of Vinyl/ Recordstore.co.uk.

300 lucky punters out there!


I’m lucky enough to be one of the 300


Hello Iggie

I got one as well, can’t afford it but as I love Rory and share his surname, what could I do!?


This appears to now be back in stock on record store. Still listed as 300 numbered. Get in quick

Funky Meadows

From what I have seen, these 2018 remasters are purportedly utilizing the SHM CD angle.

There are a couple of sites who are touting this.

Funky Meadows

From what I have seen, these remasters are purportedly utilizing the SHM CD angle.

There are a couple of sites who are touting this.

Funky Meadows

Paul, please edit/clip my previous comment(s) to fit this thread. Thank You.


If you do not already have these go get them ASAP, Rory is just flat out one of the best guitar players ever. I will pass since I already have 45 discs (LPs, Cassettes, CDs,etc). I think that Universal will release some archival material as so little has been issued and there are mountains of stuff to choose from


And the vinyl box set has 15 albums Scott not 12! Amazing value (depending on the pressing!)


I have everything Gallagher on cd x2 (some 3!) all different releases, but no vinyl. So I’ve ordered the vinyl boxset for 200 + postage. I’m so back into my vinyl.

Scott G

You can buy an exclusive numbered boxset containing all 12 vinyl albums from Recordstore.co.uk for £200

“Strictly limited to 300 copies it contains Against The Grain; Blueprint; Calling Card; Defender; Deuce; Fresh Evidence; Irish Tour ’74 (2LP set); Jinx; Live In Europe; Notes From San Francisco; Photo-Finish; Rory Gallagher; Stage Struck; Tattoo and Top Priority. Box also contains contains free poster. All LPs have been mastered from the original 1/4” master tapes on 180g heavyweight vinyl and come with download code.”


Great to see Rory’s albums getting re-released again, although it’s a bit naughty to imply they are new remasters. However, I still have my original vinyl LPs, plus first CD issues plus the remasters with bonus tracks (not to mention numerous live bootlegs) so nothing here for me. I was always disappointed by the paucity of the Beeb release (I have many ‘In Concert’ broadcasts, even one from Capital radio) so would love a Lizzy-style boxset (even though that was missing some stuff). I’ve always wondered whether the lack of live material since Rory’s death is Donal honouring his brother’s memory? Rory famously did not like live releases at all.


i have always wondered if this was the case , I would love the live shows like the rock goes to college , the whistle test and the hammersmith odeans shows to be released , i had all the original vinyl albums and they never ever seemed to get the full sound of seeing Rory live some of the albums had a flat sound so i wonder if these remasterd vinyls will sound more vibrant

Michael Leek

Mmm – Lizzy style boxset.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if… (please Paul)

Mic Smith

The BBC Sessions should have been expanded to include material omitted first time around unless they are planning a volume 2 down the line. I have all the standard releases with bonus cuts except for 1 studio album and Irish Tour SDE so I doubt I’ll invest in these titles again. More than happy with what I have, but great that Rory’s music is still getting exposed and appreciated.

Eamonn McGrath

I concur that the BBC should be released as a many disc box similar to the Thin Lizzy, Quo, T Rex and Kinks boxes. Rory did so many sessions for Auntie plus the OGWT and numerous live stuff it could be a mammoth (and sublime) set.

Celtic Bob

I have a few BUDDHA CD’s, a few EAGLE ROCK CD’s, most all the SONY/LEGACY CD’s and some MUSIC ON VINYL LP’s. I am not planning on duplicating and CD’s but unsure what to do on the LP’s. Do I need to double dip on those as my MOV’s sound good.


Seems par for the course with these new releases that we are left wondering about the sound quality/mastering and why re-release something that is available in perfectly good quality already (I am talking more about the cd reissues than the vinyl here). Personally I have the 2000 remasters and never bothered to upgrade to the Andy Pearce issues. If the new ones have no bonus tracks, it makes more sense for me to go for the Pearce issues which will presumably be going on ebay for under a fiver each some time soon. If I bought the latest ones I would have to keep my existing discs or lose the bonus material. I suggest a box set of all the albums plus extra discs of bonus/live material. Maybe that is further down the line.


Spot on, I am drowning in different versions of the catalogue. I have 8 versions of Irish Tour 74 including the cassette, don’t laugh. I seek hi-fidelity but I think as the guys above have pointed out, we need a comprehensive BBC release plus other live material, along the lines of Zappa’s Beat the Boots.


I believe these are just the excellent Pearce/Wortham remasters being reissued without the bonus cuts.

There is no need whatsoever to remaster these again, as those guys did an outstanding job as usual.

If these are new remasters, I’ll be passing on them.

Dr Michael Leek

Fantastic – thanks for the heads-up.
Saw RG several times in Leeds, vastly underrated, very approachable chap.
Got the box set – wish he was still here :-(


It’s good to see this. I know just a few months ago they got Rory’s work back on iTunes and organized a bit better than the scattered releases that were up there before. Rory deserves to have his whole catalog as accessible as possible.

I just discovered Rory’s work a couple of years ago, but since I’ve already bought a few of his albums, there’s not a lot here to get me excited, especially with no bonus tracks.

Like Pritam said, a box set with everything would be great and certainly tempt me as more and more I seem to be a sucker for packages that gather an artist’s complete catalog. Otherwise, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the “new” stuff mentioned in the article.

Colin Harper

I does seem a little strange that these are ‘vanilla’ releases after, as Andy P says, the catalogue has been out fully twice before in the Arniold remixes and most recently in original tape remasters. Without a mastering name in the PR material for the set, one assumes that Universal are simply re-presenting the last set of masters (assuming that Donal/the estate owns that particular mastering, i.e. that the estate had the Pearce mastering done and then licensed that to BMG or whoever it was rather than BMG generating the mastering and hence ‘owning’ that audio presentation).

I would have thought that the way to go here, third time around, would have been 2 disc sets, combining the albums proper with period concert recordings – even using bootleg recordings (as the estate have done previously in making the fantastic ‘Meeting With the G Man’ Paradiso set officially available) where necessary.

But maybe the core catalogue presented simply makes sense in the long term for Universal – puts their stake in the ground and announces to the world that ‘Here be Rory’… with future goodies to come.

Chris S

Love Rory! Music on Vinyl re-issued all the original albums on vinyl back in 2011/2012, which still aren’t hard to find. Notes from San Francisco was a 3LP set, note the new version is a single LP, omitting the live tracks.
Stoked to see that Wheels within Wheels will finally come out on vinyl, hope they might do the BBC Sessions on vinyl as well.


This is great news :) wish there was a CD box set of everything put together perhaps with a booklet.


There is also a very limited vinyl box set (only 300 copies made) avalible from the Universal store @ &£200. Would love to have one those but lack of storage space plus bloody car insurance means I will have to go for the CD’s. But it’s great to have this catalogue back on the shelves again whatever the format

Murray Robbins

I wonder who has worked on these because the last re-masters were good?

I’ll only be interested unless they went back to the original tapes to improve the CDs.

Chris Squires

If this is your thing then uDiscover have an exclusive numbered box set limited to 300 copies


it’s *only* £207 delivered to UK for 15 albums (1 is a double) so it’s a large set and the numbered slip case will top it off nicely if you are a Rory fan.


Hi Chris

It’s 230 euro which is okay, as you say 207 sterling.
But delivery from Britain to Ireland is 51 euro by courier!!
Universal must use the most expensive courier in the Britain.

Ironic really seeing as Rory was Irish and Universal expect Irish customers to pay that much.
Would love to get the box set but really object to exorbitant courier charges.

Chris Squires

So many of the suppliers that are *not* amazon have really restrictive or costly postal options. That’s harsh, 51 euro? You could probably book a seat on the ferry for that!

I don’t just mean “more expensive than amazon” because we all have to get real about what non-amazon posting actually costs to the independents, but stupidly, insanely expensive and you are right Udiscover, greatoffer store and recordstore.co.uk are quite expensive.


Hi Colm,

Use Parcel Motel or Parcel Wizard. That way you can get it shipped to Northern Ireland, paying the UK shipping rate of €9.75. You will then pay about €4 to get it shipped to you, so a lot less than €51. I have used both companies many times.


Hi Colm,
If you’re in Ireland, like me, I’d suggest signing up to Parcel Motel (based in the North). Shipping to there, like the rest of the UK, is €9.75. Parcel Motel will then ship it to your location for €3.95 – that’s a lot tastier than €51! I’ve just ordered the boxset, so it will cost me €230 + €9.75 + €3.95 = €243.70

Andy P

Great to see more Rory but how many times do these need to be reissued? The year 2000 saw most of the catalogue remastered and remixed by Tony Arnold, then starting in 2012 they were released again for the ’40th Anniversary’. These were not remixed but were remastered by Andy Pearce and Matt Wortham and are my current favoured versions. Does anyone know who remasterd these 2018 releases?
Great to see the BBC Sessions available again though, hopefully with improved sound.

Tom M

“Does anyone know who remasterd these 2018 releases?”
The Universal store states these are the 2012 remasters.