Rough Trade partners with SDE

I’m delighted to announce a collaboration with independent music retailer Rough Trade that will see them represented on the SDE price comparison tool.

Rough Trade (not to be confused with the record label, which is a separate entity) has been selling records since 1976 and currently operates five physical stores – four in the UK and one in the US.

Online, they offer a wide selection of physical music (vinyl, CDs, cassettes, box sets) via both their UK and US websites, with pre-order listings updated several times daily.

Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NYC (photo taken by SDE editor Paul Sinclair in 2016)

The retailer has a proud record of working direct with the artist community, and has established a trusted and respected reputation with artists and audiences alike. This is reflected in a range of their online exclusives and in the quality and breadth of their in-store playback/signing events. (US events are here)

More recently, Rough Trade has offered an increasing number of limited edition / signed books, a good example being a forthcoming exclusive deluxe edition of Iggy Pop‘s lyric book ’til Wrong Feels Right.

Rough Trade welcomed the collaboration with SDE:

“Despite the enormity of the internet, it’s frustratingly rare to find a website that truly delivers – week in, week out – on the professed area of speciality, but SuperDeluxeEdition.com is such a rarity. With detail, passion and sheer dedication, SDE is a wonderful resource for anyone that shares the belief that great recordings can be more than just audio, but also multi-sensory experiences that celebrate craftsmanship, the value of the artefact, the joy of ownership. Needless to say, Rough Trade are delighted to be partnering with a likeminded spirit.”

Stephen Godfroy, Co-Owner, Rough Trade

At SDE, we welcome this opportunity to bring our readers, on both sides of the Atlantic, more choice and to be able to offer one-click access – via the widget – to Rough Trade’s online products and exclusives.

Rough Trade will sit alongside other retailers such as Amazon, JPC, specific artist stores, the SDE shop, and FNAC, in the SDE price comparison widget. Exclusives or special editions (e.g coloured vinyl) will always be clearly highlighted.

The SDE price comparison widget has been up and running since 2016 and offers an ‘at a glance’ summary of product availability and global pricing (visitors can display in local currency). Below is an example of the tool in action, using Beck‘s forthcoming vinyl album, as an example. If you are an online music retailer, and would like to discuss a similar collaboration with SDE, then contact the editor here.

Paul Sinclair, SDE Editor. 23 October 2019.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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bravo!!! I live 10mins from Brick Lane!

Love this and truly Congratulations Paul
I always feel when I read anything from this site its certainly someone that cares about the content not just the sound and how its delivered.




Congrats Paul, nice to see an independent retailer in the mix. Rough Trade East is a must stop on my London visits twice a year.


Congratulations Paul! Always good to have more alternatives!

Steve Turner

Good coup for you Paul and well done.
Can I also put a word out for the Rough Trade Club. Sign up and they will send you their cd or vinyl of the month always in an exclusive format with bonus material. I am a member of the cd version, I think it costs £11.99 or £12.99 per month and has introduced me to some artists I would have been otherwise unfamiliar with.

Jenna Appleseed

used to be a Rough Trade Club member back when it was several cds a month plus their magazine.
They used to send out the standard editions plus Rough Trade exclusive bonus discs for some of the albums. The bonus discs and magazine weren’t exclusive to the club but also available from their website & shops, the only part of the package that was, was the info sheet or promo card.

Maybe it’s changed now and they do Club exclusive editions?

Alberto Xavier Pedro

that is really great. Rough Trade UK nowadays is the best store to buy. Amazon has changed its foreign shipment policy, and the parcels are taking too long to be delivered. Rough Trade delivers via royal mail in about a week. Surely a great improvement to SDE.


I don’t much care where I buy my music. Like many, I enjoy a bargain, but honestly a pound here or there isn’t a deal breaker. The key selling point for me is Customer Service. Make buying easy. I love my Wish List – and anyone who builds in a price alert – that is email me when a price drops – will get a lot of business from me.

Paul, have you ever spoken to Sister Ray’s?

Mike Defresne

I recommend Rough Trade, both UK and US. Their service is great and shipment to Europe is fast not too expensive. Another great online UK site is juno.co.uk


Great to see independent stores being featured here. Although I must admit to being “guilty as charged” when it comes to using Amazon more often than other retailers for buying music. Amazon’s clout and bargaining power still means that: a) you are more likely to get a good deal / discounted price (with their minimum price guarantee and everything); b) they only charge you when your order ships (I know there was some discussion around their starting to charge upfront on some items, but it has never happened to me, so far); c) they help with customs formalities and charges, if you order something from outside your trading block (e.g. US to EU); d) (and this one I think is really the most significant) they are unbeatable in terms of shipping costs. Unless you live in the country that the retailer is located in, you can really get stung paying through your nose for having the order shipped to your location, which can sometimes ramp up the cost of the order by as much as 50%. For these reasons, I must continue using Amazon and would hate to see them removed from SDE’s price widget. And I think it’s unfair to blame (solely) Amazon for devaluing music to a mere commodity. This is a much more complex issue that has the social and cultural importance of music to the general public at its core.

Julian Hancock

Amazon’s accounting and tax practices also, one assumes, contributes to their ‘competitive’ pricing, which is the main reason I like to have alternatives.

Chris Squires

I think the reason music is now seen as “worthless” or at least “without value”, I think those two things are oh so slightly different, is twofold and the two things are intertwined.
Firstly there is streaming which gives you everything, or almost everything you could wish for at the touch of a button for as little as a tenner a month. Secondly is the internet in general. Music has to fight for it’s place in society like it never has before. In “Our Day” all that competed was TV (only 3 or 4 stations in the UK until 1989), Cinema, the printed word and the great outdoors. Now each and every one of those things that commanded our world 30 years ago is under assault. How many of us remember days where we did nothing but listen to music…. for a whole day. Paul Young for Breakfast, Wham! for lunch, Kate Bush for “us tea” and maybe a light Mike Oldfield for a late night snack. It mattered.

So it isn’t Amazon, as much as some people would like it to be, whole swathes of the market, anyone under 30 basically, have been removed. Millions of people for whom their only experience of music is leeching off their parents spotify. But even then that isn’t to actually listen to music, it’s to have something on whilst they do snapchat or whatever passes for culture these days. How can music shops survive if no one goes into Town, how can music shops survive if no one under a certain age pays for music. Bogdan is spot on, Amazon is only the tiniest part of the equation.

To top it all the music industry seems to be committing Lingchi, making multiple bad decisions with poor timing. These poor decisions could take up a 500 post thread on their own…. Here’s a simple thing, find out the 500 most expensive albums that sold on ebay / discogs that haven’t been re-released in the last 30 years. Vinyl that sells for £100, £200 or more. Spend time doing it right, not grabbing the wrong mix because it’s easier than thinking about it. Or re-re-re-re-releasing the same things every two years in a slightly different colour.

Sadly attention spans are getting demonstrably shorter, the brains of our children are being provably rewired for drug-like instant gratification that cannot be found within a 25 minute instrumental piece by a 66 year old man.

Some things are beautiful, the League of Gentlemen set for one and I am looking forward to the upcoming Peaky Blinders 3LP set, But we are, in the vast majority, 50+ and on a budget. Make more beautiful things that are actually wanted and we will buy them.

Wow, agreeing with Bogdan there went much further than I intended, apologies.


Just writing from the coalface Chris – people still buy stuff, even them young folk.
Everyone is getting rewired – one of my customers blames the reptiles . . . there’s a masterplan.
No matter what you say about Amzn, I can only say that competing against someone selling at near cost, who pays little in tax, is only going to hurt shops . . hmmm . . wonder why the entire High Street is in decline – and it’s not just because of charges for parking.
Certainly there’s a bigger argument about the rise of sedentary shopping, but all the same, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that loss-leading selling hurts everyone.


Bogdan I pretty much agree on everything you’ve said – have you tried posting a letter recently or a package?

Domestically it’s expensive – in the UK actual cost for 1 CD is a shade under £2 . .then you’ve got packaging costs.
Internationally, European stuff hasn’t gone too mad yet . . .
But certainly in the case of importing Non-Euro stuff into Britain you’re tax free up to £18 (including postage). After that you have (if you are caught) VAT and handling charges. Allied into this (for instance) the USPServices’ incredible costs and it all makes for a very expensive experience.
We were charged on a box of 25 cds from the States $40 postage and then the VAT and handling – it’s not cheap, and to be honest the whole free (or nominal) postage from Amazon doesn’t add up. There’s a greater story behind this that is almost unfathomable – they’re making barely any profit (and often a loss) on every single item.
As for bargaining power, I’ve been told by UK labels, that Amzn get no special discounts. If that is the case, when you factor in the dealer price of albums etc, then VAT, they’re often selling at a loss again. Go figure. Some larger part of the story is not being told.

Personally, I used to use them, but then realised that everything I bought was jeapordising my livelihood and I made a concerted effort and stopped.
Sure they’re helping you buy more music but at whose expense?
I know this sounds like sour grapes . . . I suppose it is. I love selling music to people, but when customers think you’re ripping them off charging a normal retail mark-up for something, just because Amazon are doing it at around the cost+VAT mark with 10 pence profit – well, I suppose I take it personally!

Oh and if no one has ever read it . . ever wondered why that just out of stock item you were saving for has strangely gone up massively in price? Robo-pricing I call it. Have a look at this:


paul wren

Well done, sir- more choice is a very good thing.


That is a great idea!

Will you be reintroducing HMV?

They re-launched their ecommerce website a little while ago, but they haven’t promoted it!

They have some awesome deals on vinyl at the moment with many titles half price!!!


This is good news Paul – not knocking you as I think you provide a sterling service, but now all you need to do is remove Amazon and allow some of the other KNOWLEDGABLE and PASSIONATE indie music retailers to be on there.
Let’s face it, yeah it’s cheap at Amzn but it could just as easily be a box of nappies, a bag of cat litter or some surgical wipes – they’ve devalued music, making it just another ORDINARY commodity.
Indie shops on the other hand have staff who LOVE their jobs and really do (mostly) care about what you’re listening to and buying.
I’ve worked in music retail for over 35 years and I’ve totally hated what The A has done to an industry I’ve given my working life to.
Big thumbs up for Rough Trade and a big hello to anyone who remembers the days of The Cartel and even before that . . Fast Forward, RT, Red Rhino et al . . . .


“but now all you need to do is remove Amazon”

Remove what I assume is a healthy income stream for this site just because they’re not independent… I’m not sure how you reach the conclusion that Amazon have devalued music and turned it into an ordinary commodity just because they sell other things.


Love rough trade, bought a lot from them over the years because of the exclusives they offer, looking forward to you having a fruitful partnership…. And alerting us to those exclusives

Martin Giese

So you get a (small) fee when i go to their shop from your page? Sorted!


Congratulations Paul.


A great addition to the widget, Paul! Only one question: is there any reason that the national flags are only placed next to the Rough Trade stores? In my opinion it would look better to either add the flags everywhere or to take them off again. Anyways: Keep up the great work!

Robert Laversuch

Congratulations Very good move methinks


Was going to ask whether you were planning this.
Am lucky to have an excellent store here in Bristol.

Alan Mitchell

I’m still sticking with Norman Records. I pay more from them than i would Amazon but they’re independent and answer the phone and everything. Their customer service and online features are excellent.

Did Rough Trade take over Rise? Nice to see an alternative displayed on your site though Paul.


Correct they did.
Still the same excellent staff.

Mark G

Is there a version of the widget where you put in something you are looking for, and it does the multi retailer search for it?

Was looking for The Fall 1982 cd set. Just out (tomorrow?)

Alan Blevin

I use Rough Trade a bit so good to see them on here.No doubt you will help us keep track of those exclusives.

Jim Vandegrift

Welcome news. Best of luck.

Larry Davis

Nice one Paul, I always go to the Brooklyn store when I go to the city…great used section & up on new releases…prices a tad high sometimes but rent is involved… their RSD is tops as they get titles on the UK list when no one else does…their events are great too…last one I was at was Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips & his Kings Mouth interactive art exhibit…


I haven’t been to the RT Brooklyn store in about a year, but I don’t remember the store selling any used CDs or vinyl. Did something change since my last visit?

Either way, good news on the RT + SDE linkup. Always good to have alternatives to Amazon here in the USA for buying CDs.

Larry Davis

No, their used section (both CDs and vinyl) has always been there, you just probably didn’t know where it was or you didn’t notice…the CDs are 3-4 rows, right after the 60s/70s rock section in the bin…most used CDs there are, like, 2 bucks each, some 5, and are usually recent indie titles…2 that come to mind I nabbed were the Snail Mail album “Lush” and Paul Simon’s recent album, blue slipcase and all…the used vinyl is nearby and 5 bucks each…I nabbed decent copies of Donna Summer’s “Live & More”, gatefold sleeve, and a 2LP Silver Convention “Greatest Hits”…one title I missed out on was the 2CD deluxe reissue of Steve Earle’s “Guitar Town” for $5.99…thought it was in a good spot but nope, gone when I went back…it’s a fun store to kill a few hours…


Never bought from RT but willing to try – do they offer any thing similar to the Amazon “pre-order price guarantee”? (assuming if the price of the item drops before shipping on their website). I have been (pre)ordering from Bull Moose a lot lately and that feature made it easier IMHO to move away from Amazon. Thanks!


Nice one

Should prove to be very useful.

Donal Murphy

Well done Paul.

Your willingless to change and always open to new ideas, is a very positive trait, and will i am sure, help you survive in this precarious industry.


2 sites I visit daily team up-excellent move!


Congrats from Massachusetts, Paul!

David Mcintyre



Congrats for a terrific idea!



Ron van Rossum

Many thanks and a big THANK YOU for all you efforts !!

Robert Hammond

Rough Trade East is such a great place, and their in-store gigs / events are a cut-above. With superdeluxe.com being one of my regular stop-by websites, it’s great to see the two places joining forces. Congratulations!


I had just started listening to Stiff Little Fingers when I checked sde.com to see the Rough Trade news. I thought “What an incredible coincidence” until I read the 2nd para to realise I had been out-geeked. Great to see more independent stores on the widget.

Alan B

I noticed that Rough Trade started appearing on the widgets. They are generally very good although I have had issues with their online store regarding some recent pre-orders. In a couple of instances they have advertised items as a pre order only to never get any stock for them and would appear never had any intention of getting any stock either. Stock availability status goes from “pre-order” to “notify me” (i.e. forget it) on release date. I even waited over a week on one item and gave up and cancelled it. It was a widely available item not some niche product.


Yes,I also had issues with them on a preorder. I had “preordered “ the Kylie Minogue picture disc they had advertised. Then,a few weeks before it was released,they sent me an email stating that they were not going to be getting any. Needless to say, I was out of luck.
Other than preorders though,they are pretty good.

Alan B

With the ones I pre-ordered I did not get any communication at all. Status just switched to “Notify Me” on release date. Eventually cancelled and got items elsewhere. In fact they were in stock with every other online retailer I use. It makes me a little wary to pre order with them now in case there is a rare release which they don’t get in stock but by then it will be too late to get elsewhere on release date.

Timm Davison

Congratulations to you Paul! I love shopping the RT website – both the US and UK sites (sometimes I can’t get the same stuff on my side of the Atlantic), so it’s great to hear two of my favorite sites are snuggling up together!


Very to support a real store and take power away from amazon. Also RT has quite good service trying to satisfy customers the old-fashioned way = treating them like human beings!

Regan Judson

Fantastic news Paul, being a NY guy myself! I’m sure this will prove successful for both parties involved….although my wallet will not be happy!


Nice work Paul – a good addition to your already excellent service.

Rough Trade really do care about music, old and new.

(Their podcast is always worth a listen also)

Alan Jones

Well done an excellent scoop Paul. I frequent the London East and Bristol stores whenever the opportunity arises. I’ve also purchased many items on online and customer service is top notch. Hopefully SDE readers will have the chance to pick up a few Rough Trade exclusives they might not have heard about.


Two institutions I love. This is a great idea, Paul.

Mark S

Well done. Good to see Rough Trade on board. Never had any issues with them and have used them for years.
Great exclusives too.

Stephen Alan Davison

Great to heat. I use Rough Trade East, the service is excellent. Loads of worthwhile exclusives as well.

Andrew R

Good luck with it… just on the Iggy Pop book, it’s pretty much the same edition as the standard edition only a differently designed cover, clam shell case and a poster… its limited to 500 copies and ‘hand numbered’ … not by Iggy… nor is it signed… its £79.99 vs £16.99 for the standard edition.

It looks nice but given its not signed I’m struggling to see what the £63 premium is for…

Roberto R.

Well done Paul, my compliments

Mike the Fish

A welcome alternative to Amazon on the widget!

Scott Wozniak

I live in Brooklyn, so this is great news!