#RSD14 / The Doors / “Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine” coloured vinyl

weird scenes

The Doors’ 1972 compilation Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine will be reissued as a limited edition double-LP Set for Record Store Day 2014.

Pressed on translucent amber swirled vinyl this long out-of-print double album was the first compilation to be released after Jim Morrison’s death in 1971. The collection mixes familiar cuts and deep tracksfrom six studio albums and includes two B-sides: Who Scared You (flipside of Wishful Sinful) and a cover of Willie Dixon’s (You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further which was paired with Love Her Madly in 1971.

The special vinyl edition will be limited to 5,500 numbered copies worldwide. The good news is that if you can’t get to a shop on the day itself, Rhino will release Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine on CD for the very first time as a double-disc set on 20 May.

Track listing

Side one
“Break on Through” – 2:25
“Strange Days” – 3:05
“Shaman’s Blues” (Jim Morrison) – 4:45
“Love Street” – 3:06
“Peace Frog/Blue Sunday” (Jim Morrison), (Robby Krieger) – 5:00
“The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)” – 4:12
“End of the Night” – 2:49

Side two
“Love Her Madly” – 3:18
“Spanish Caravan” – 2:58
“Ship of Fools” (Jim Morrison), (Robby Krieger) – 3:06
“The Spy” (Jim Morrison) – 4:15
“The End” – 11:35

Side three
“Take It as It Comes” – 2:13
“Running Blue” (Robby Krieger) – 2:27
“L.A. Woman” – 7:49
“Five to One” – 4:22
“Who Scared You” – 3:51
“(You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further” (Willie Dixon)

Side four
“Riders on the Storm” – 7:14
“Maggie M’Gill” (Jim Morrison), (The Doors) – 4:25
“Horse Latitudes” – 1:30
“When the Music’s Over” – 11:00

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Brent Burnie

Mine skips on track 1 aswell break on through .. I have 2 though anyone know what they are going for sealed these days


Get the cd then, guffaw guffaw! But glad I read these comments on the bad pressing, was about to buy a copy from SSD. Are they on 180gm vinyl?


Mine too skips in various places. Disc 1 seems to be the worst, with track 1 the absolute worst. Surprisingly, this disc has the absolute quietest lead-in/lead-out grooves of any record I think I’ve ever heard in my life. That’s amazing to me [I’m 47]. I have SN: 2124/5500 so it seems the problem is pervasive across orange like mine, and black versions regardless of SN. Gosh. I hope Rhino fixes this. It’s kind of a big deal.


The non-RSD black vinyl issue is just as bad, ‘Break On Through’ skips three or four time. I’ve had three copies now and all of them have been faulty.

A. Mick

I had a poor pressing of both records right out of the package as many others have. Side A , the first 2 tracks were unlistenable. Rhino sent me a replacement of side A/B for free – and lo and behold the replacement was even worse than the first one. Maybe the Orange vinyl is inherently bad. In any case I’m disappointed because the album itself has an amazing track listing. This is a record store day failure in my opinion.


Has anyone had any feedback or had their dodgy vinyl replaced? I have the same issue with Break on Through from #3039.


So, I probably ask them first if an invoice of a copy bought from amazon or ebay will do as proof before I will try to get one.

Maybe something to keep in mind for other people too.



I’ve #4234. Working fine for me.


Yea I’ve been having the same problem with the track skipping and all copy. I have #1941


Hey bob g. I’ve been having the same issue with mine too…I have copy #1941


I have copy 0148 the first of the two albums is warped and had a small bump right at the beginning of the starter track it skips throughout the first song he badly and seems to repeat some tracks in other songs.I have written Eureka and Rhino records and did not get a response. To date is one of the worst albums I ever bought as far as quality in manufacturing.

[…] on the heels of the double orange vinyl Record Store Day limited edition comes the news that Rhino will give a full retail release to a two-CD version of The Doors classic […]


I also got a bad copy …#is in the 1400 series…skips all over especially track 1… I contacted folks at record store day and they informed me rhino is aware of pressing issue and told me to email rhino. I did just that but no response yet :( I will keep checking with rhino


I am also waiting for a response from Eureka or Rhino records. The first album of the two album set is warped, skips and had a small bump in the starter track.

Bob G.

Mine is skipping all over the place especially the opening track “Break on Through”. Anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know how to contact Rhino Records directly for immediate action ? I went to my local record store specifically for this release but obviosly got a bad one. I got # 332 of 5,500. If anyone else is seeing this issue I’d be curious what # record you have.

Gareth Thompson

Break on Through skips on my copy too – paid nearly £40 for it. Awful pressing job, will contact Rhino. Thanks for putting this matter out there. Gareth


Of all of the countless Doors hits packages over the years, this is a great collection of songs. At the time of it’s release in 1972 the Doors only had a single LP hits collection called Doors 13. This set was a companion to that set so it doesn’t repeat any tracks that were on 13. So the only real hits on it were from LA Woman which came out a year after 13. For years it was also the only compilation to have the 2 non-LP B – Sides they had, “Who Scared You” is a great song and really should have made it onto The Soft Parade.

Joey d'Entremont

Since there is no record store within, say, a thousand miles from here, I guess I don’t have a hope in heck to snag one of these… ;(

g man

unless a kind fellow reader may get it on your behalf say.


where do you live… ??


What does “deep tracks” mean?


“Deep tracks” as in songs that weren’t singles or popular album cuts.