Rush / A Farewell to Kings super deluxe

Canadian rock band Rush will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their fifth studio album, A Farewell To Kings, with a massive eight-disc super deluxe edition box set.

This set features new cover art and will include three CDs, a blu-ray audio (with a new 5.1 remix by Steven Wilson) and four vinyl LPs.

The 2015 remastering of the album (issued on vinyl at that time) gets its CD debut here and the other two CDs feature the full Hammersmith Odeon February 1978 show (never before available as a complete concert). This has been newly mixed by Terry Brown.

The third CD also features some bonus tracks – four cover songs from Dream Theater, Big Wreck, The Trews & Alain Johannes. Also included at the end of this disc is a studio outtake – a four minute instrumental sequence found on the original tapes. It’s effectively a longer alternate version of the electronic music used at the start of Cygnus X-1 and has been called Cygnus X-2 Eh.

The blu-ray audio includes Steven Wilson’s new 5.1 mix along with a hi-res stereo edition of the 2015 remaster. It also includes the studio outtake mentioned above in 5.1 and some promo videos.

The four-LP set that is part of this box repeats everything on the three CDs (including those bonus tracks. You can purchase a three-CD set or the 4LP vinyl package as individual standalone editions.

As well as the new cover art, this set comes with new illustrations for each song (by Hugh Syme) and Rob Bowman pens the sleeve notes (12,000 words). The box set comes with various trinkets, including a “King’s Ring” with “custom velvet pouch” and neck chain. You also get two lithos, a turntable mat and a replica 1978 tour programme. It’s worth pointing out that you get the slipmat with the 4LP vinyl set, too.

The 40th anniversary edition of A Farewell To Kings is released on 1 December 2017.

CD 1: Original Album (2015 remaster)
A Farewell To Kings
Closer To The Heart
Cinderella Man
Cygnus X-1

CD 2: Live at Hammersmith Odeon – February 20, 1978
Bastille Day
Lakeside Park
By-Tor & The Snowdon
A Farewell To Kings
Something For Nothing
Cygnus X-1

CD 3: Live at Hammersmith Odeon – February 20, 1978
Closer To The Heart
Working Man
Fly By Night
In The Mood
Drum Solo
Cinderella Man

Bonus tracks

Xanadu – Dream Theater
Closer To The Heart – Big Wreck
Cinderella Man – The Trews
Madrigal – Alain Johannes
Cygnus X-2 Eh

Disc 4 – Blu-ray Audio
96kHz 24-bit 5.1 Surround Mix by Steven Wilson
96kHz 24-bit Original Stereo Analog 2015 Remaster
1977 Promo Videos:
• A Farewell To Kings
• Xanadu
• Closer To The Heart

Disc 5


A Farewell To Kings


Closer To The Heart
Cinderella Man
Cygnus X-1

Disc 6


Live at Hammersmith Odeon – February 20, 1978



Live at Hammersmith Odeon – February 20, 1978


Disc 7


Live at Hammersmith Odeon – February 20, 1978



Live at Hammersmith Odeon – February 20, 1978


Disc 8


Live at Hammersmith Odeon – February 20, 1978



XANADU – Dream Theater*
MADRIGAL – Alain Johannes*

**Digital download card included**

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Currently on HMV for £89.99


On the one hand, I suppose I appreciate a label filling up a CD, but I’m also not a fan of music from other bands being included.

For me, these reissues are a great way to immerse yourself in a particular era of a band. So suddenly jumping to a bunch of other bands playing these songs years later is a bit jarring and pulls me out of that immersive experience.

Oddly enough, this is where I’d be OK with “bonus downloads”… if you want to offer songs by other bands, include a download link. Obviously, there are people who would hate that so the label can’t really win. Including them on the CD will likely lead to the least amount of complaints.

I was already out of this product because of the screwy BluRay decision, but I wasn’t a fan of the “other bands” inclusion either. I can see where some people would enjoy that, but it’s not for me.

Charlie Waffles

This release is like last year’s 2112 reissue. I cannot stand other artists performing Rush songs. It ruins the reissue completely.


To Nick81–thx. One other Q—since I already have my blu Ray player hooked up through my stereo receiver is that what you were saying would work for blu Ray audios?

Gordon Downs

Hi Paul, are the price widgets broken? The 3CD version has been £21.16 on Amazon since at least this morning.

Larry Davis

Well people can tell it’s not me because there is no link on the fake name…and to be honest, funny is one thing but trying to make me look stupid is something else entirely…from now on, IGNORE this troll…who the heck is “Willia Hung” anyway??


cant wait for the willia hung reissues coming out this christmas. i hear through the grapevine that per gessle is involved..


One of the readers above wrote ” Blu-ray players are cheap, and at a minimum, even if you don’t have a surround system, you can extract the superior audio files from the blu-ray for listening in stereo.” Is this true as I have a blu ray player but no surround system, and is it worth starting to buy blu -ray audios given this situation? In other words, I know everyone is different but just wondering if I would notice the difference in sound.


I’ve found it is worth it for extra content and in some cases improved sound quality.
It doesn’t need to be expensive at all.
Bluray audio disks will usually (if not always) have a stereo PCM stream, unless they are purely multi-channel disks. The higher sample rated streams that Bluray can provide are audibly better in my opinion.

I’ve got a cheap as chips Samsung with HDMI out (50 Euros), that goes into a splitter box I got from Amazon for 15 Euros. The box has an HDMI through which I plug in to an old SABA monitor (free from a recyling yard). You’ll need a monitor for the menu functions on Bluray. An HDMI video only monitor is pretty cheap too these days. As long as it’s big enough to read the menu, that’s all you’ll need.

You can buy splitter / converter boxes with all sorts of options, so you just need to work out what you need and go and look for it. They work very well in my experience and cut financial outlay down massively.
My converter box has HDMI in and out, analogue audio out and SPDIF out on optical which I’ve fed through an old Sony DAT (because I like the sound of the DA convertor on the DAT).
The analogue connections sound fine too. Cheap as chips. I’m happy.


If you just hooking up a Blu Ray player to a television with no external audio system you will not notice any difference with the audio.
If you have a stereo system (a 2 channel system) then use the red & white phono output sockets of the Blu Ray player into a phono input of the stereo system.
The Blu Ray player will still output a high-res stereo signal into your stereo system.


My one and only problem with this is that I imagine the UK price will be vastly more than the US price (as the 2112 deluxe set was. And the 2112 standalone vinyl for that matter). It was the ‘Kings’ tour that really broke Rush in the UK and it would be great if UK/EU fans weren’t scalped by the record company/retailers (I doubt the band have any real say in these matters…)

Any half-way reasonable price and I’m all over this…

Thanks for the heads-up Paul!

Mad Earwig

Loved Rush since 1976 and never tire of ‘Xanadu’ or ‘Cygnus X1’ so love this album.
But whereas I normally buy all the live albums, the live dvd’s, had the vinyl, had the CD’s, then got the remasters, the documentaries but this deluxe (as well as 2112) leaves me cold.

I have zero interest in a Rush album containing other bands versions of Rush songs, also the artwork is inferior and looks cobbled together.

I try not to blame Rush as they’ve effectively finished now but rather, the cynical record companies milking everything they can get.


The complete ’78 concert does look interesting, but it is the Blu Ray that really appeals. I ‘ve no interest in the black Frisbees included in the deluxe set. Happy to wait and see if the BR gets a separate release.

Slight aside, and coming from a Rush fan, in particular their 1976 to 1980 period, I detest ‘Closer To The Heart’ with a passion. It’s a Rush song for those that don’t like Rush.

Julian H

Echoing the comments above, I’d really wish for the digital discs (i.e. CDs and BD) to be available without the vinyl. This has become a regular problem and several box sets could do with being reissued as scaled down CD/BD-only versions…


I think I read ‘By-Tor’ was a pet name for Princess Margaret…


I really don’t like the new artwork – the original is way better


Ooooh a 5.1 Steven Wilson mix! That’s always great to see!

Honestly, I’m a huge nerd and therefore a sucker for these kind of box sets, since I like having all the live material, and the remasters (when they’re good remasters obviously), and when available, alternates, remixes and outtakes. So it’s always a joy to see this kind of respect given to the music.

Hopefully this’ll lead to more releases in the future, since to my knowledge, Rush won’t be coming out with any new material any time soon.


Such a shame adding covers again. They have ruined the deluxe editions.
It’s pretty much the last thing I would want on a reissue from any band…
what an amazingly stupid idea!
* If anything, cover versions should be available as download codes only and not part of the set!

Larry Davis

They did the same thing on the 5CD box of Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”… And they too were meh…


Those were lower than meh!


So, the new track is “Cygnus X-2 Eh.”


God bless those self-deprecating Canuck proggers!

Larry Davis

That track title just cracked me up…To the great white north eh?? LOL


The blu ray audio for Kings and Moving Pictures is already great, but I would be interested in hearing Steven Wilson’s take on it. The Signals blu ray could use a re-do, in my opinion.


“By-Tor & The Snowdon”

Haha…sounds like a typo, or the worst CIA conspiracy

+1 for the SW mix!

Larry Davis

This box looks cool and all, but I am curious…as this is the 2nd deluxe album box after “2112”…are they doing similar multimedia sets for each of their albums?? No prob with covers, vinyl, trinkets, and BluRays where the only way to get it is to buy the box…in a way, a standalone BluRay is cheating, because it partly defeats the purpose of buying the whole set…and man. Steven Wilson gets around, and his taste and range is pretty cool, from XTC to Rush, in addition to his own work, which to be honest I have never heard before…solo or Porcupine Tree…but has me curious…yet it’s so vast, I wouldn’t know where to dip my toes in the water, so to speak…

Scott Sparks

What was the 1st deluxe album box after 2112? I must have missed it

larry davis

per geselle should have remixed this collection as he is much better then steven wilson.

Larry Davis

Funny haha…that wasn’t me…and Per Gessle (correct spelling) is a different kind of genius… Not sure if he was ever involved in 5.1 remixing or technical things of that nature…

Mad Earwig

I recommend you check out ‘Stupid Dream’ or ‘Signify’ or a brilliant live alum ‘Anesthetise’ all very melodic but with cracking riffs and he has a good voice.
Any Steven Wilson solo stuff is good but the last two are probably the best.

Martin Dudley

As a Rush fan since my very early teens (so that’s getting worryingly close to forty years now…), and knowing the meticulous care they put into every note of music they recorded and released, I’m dumbfounded by this cover versions thing. Surely the band, or at least their management or their “social media manager” monitoring their pages, must know their fanbase well enough to see that pretty much nobody wants these cover versions, at least certainly not on any product that has “Rush” printed on the front of it? Whose idea was it? What were they thinking?!?

Knowing that the band never really recorded more music than was needed for the albums so have no outtakes to reveal, not being particularly interested in 5.1 mixes or yet another live album (I already have all the official ones, how many live versions of “Closer To The Heart” does anybody need?), these reissues have little or no attraction for me. I’ll keep the money in my pocket until Neil Peart publishes a new book or Geddy or Alex release new material..!

Mark Yon

Like many, I’m only interested in a 5.1 mix. The live concerts don’t bother me. Am happy to wait for a separate 5.1 mix on Blu Ray. There’s always the older mix available for now.

Michael G

Money for old rope !


A ring in a velvet pouch. Seriously who wants shit like this in a boxset?

Mathew Lauren


First off: great news. Yeah! More SW 5.1!

Is there any news about an eventual standalone 5.1 BR disc or 5.1 BR/Cd combo?

Is there any news concerning other Rush / SW 5.1 projects in the pipeline?

Regardless: at least Geddy kept his word to Mike Mettler and Steven Wilson has produced at least one RUSH 5.1 mix for release. The previous 5.1 mixes are pretty amazing, but Steven has a gift for producing reference quality, discrete-surround mixes.

In fact, I challenge anyone to provide an example of SW’s 5.1 mixes that didn’t enhance the artists’ intention and improve on the presentation.

This offering is gonna be hard to pass up, one way or another, however, question stands, Paul:

Will there be a standalone, 5.1 BR of “AFtK,” forthcoming, eventually?


I love pretty much all of Steven Wilsons original material and re-mix/surround sound work, however his 5.1 of one of my favourite albums leaves a lot to be desired: Simple Minds – Sparkle In The Rain.

It may just be down to my taste but this isn’t a good version of this album.


Doubt on a separate SW 5.1 mix in BR. 2015 edition still around.


Along with Hemispheres, it’s my joint favourite Rush album, and I would love them to release the new Steven Wilson 5.1 Blu Ray as a standalone. There is no way I’m paying £100 for things I don’t want at all.


I would love to see a stand-alone Blu-ray. Unfortunately, the powers that be have somehow (and possibly correctly) determined that those who desire the Blu-ray will pay for the vinyl, ring & pouch. That is the only explanation I can imagine. I would bet it is a marketing decision to maximize profits. It seems as if Pure Audio Blu-rays are dead, or at least until it becomes “un-hip” to buy vinyl. Paul, maybe you could ask some label insiders what is the real Blu-ray story, I would bet lots of people who follow you would love to know.

Steve Thorpe

I have Sectors and it’s an Andy VanDette master which still blows my socks off every time I listen. Having bought this classic album three times already on CD (original Polygram West Germany / 1997 remaster / Sectors) what is the appeal of buying it all over again?? The Steven Wilson 5.1 will no doubt be amazing but unless you are interested in this it’s another release which is just going round in circles…how many times can you buy a single album? Let me count the ways!!


Well it’s not marbles and scarves but a king’s ring on a chain is the next best thing.

I understand the superdeluxe package including everything in all formats, but a complete digital package should also be available (CD/Blu-ray), or standalone blu-ray. Blu-ray players are cheap, and at a minimum, even if you don’t have a surround system, you can extract the superior audio files from the blu-ray for listening in stereo.

Gis Bun

I wish the vinyl was sold separately. Especially where there are 4 of them. Really jacks up the price.


Ridiculously expensive and for what content? The Abbey Road remaster has been out since, I think, 2015. The bulk of the concert was released as part of the ‘Different Stages’ set in 1998 and the cover versions are pointless. OK, for some the 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson might be of value but you have to pay £100 to get it. Oh wait… you get a cool ring and a pouch to put it in for that too. Nice! I might get the 4lp version as it would be nice to have the full concert on vinyl but the deluxe package is a rip-off. For shame.


Indeed, I recently started to buy all Steve Wilson Blu-Rays aroud
Check: Get all you deserve reissued: 2CDs +Blu-ray at at an incredible price

On topic: Paul, do you have any idea about what Jake asks?
What happens that many times you have to buy vinyl and marbles and scarfs to get a BluRay?

Bytor The Snowdog

Just when you determine to cut down on buying records…….Rush release my favourite album in a ‘there is no chance I won’t be buying this’ deluxe edition format.


I’ll happily take an explanation on this because it just baffles me. Are some record companies or artists totally deaf to the desire for people to buy just the BluRay?

Want everything? Great, there’s the full deluxe package for you.

Want just the vinyl? No worries… you can buy just that.

Want the live material only? Well, you have to buy the regular CD, but you can get all three for a reasonable price.

Want just the BluRay? Well screw you and the red Barchetta you rode in on because you ain’t gettin’ it!

Why is this so hard? Is there an assumption that BluRay owners have more money and will buy a more expensive package just to get one disc? Or are there not enough of us to justify a fourth configuration.

I would have gladly bought this as part of a simple, 4-CD/BluRay set. But like a lot of Rush fans, I’ve already got the prior 5.1 of this along with the original album. And I don’t need the vinyl. So spending over $100 for a single disc isn’t worth it.

I really do wonder if there’s anyone in these organizations who says, “Y’know, there are people who might just want the BluRay. Can we do something for them?” And if so, and they’re being shot down, what’s the reasoning? I guess it’s got to be money.

I know this site isn’t the whole world, but based on comments when this sort of thing comes up, certainly there’s a market for affordable BluRay configurations.

OK… deep breathe. Ranting done.

Guido Hoffmann

I gave the already existing Blu-ray Audio another spin and I liked it very much.
Even if I love Steven Wilson’s work, no argument to pay way over 100,- Euro for another version. Also don’t need the CDs, the live stuff and the cover versions.
On the other hand, I’m hoping for a new SW-Mix for Signals!


I would LOVE a remix of Signals (stereo and 5.1). One of my favorites from Rush, but I never liked the sound quality. Mostly because the guitar tracks are too weak and buried in the mix. If they could do it for Vapor Trails, they could do it for Signals.


There is a 5.1 mix included in one of the three box sets as well as a separate Pure Audio BR.


4 Black frisbees that I won’t use to get the Blu-ray = no way!!!

Steven Roberts

Cover versions? Again? Oh, dear….

But if they do a stand alone Blu-ray at some point, I’m in.

Gis Bun

Doubt it on the BR.

Stuart Morrison

The CD set is now on Amazon UK for £27.99

David Carrick

I saw this on the Rush store but P&P for the Super deluxe box set is mental :-(

Paul do you think that the Super deluxe box set will be available from amazon UK?

Carl Noonan

In answer to David Carrick, it’s on the Amazon UK site but they haven’t added the pricing details yet. it will be on soon I imagine . This is standard practice for Amazon and it happens all the time.


This is my favourite Rush album and I was initially worried that once again there was a massive CD/Vinyl combo to put off people who only want the CD. I was very pleased to scroll down and see there is a 3CD only version, although I would love to have had a 3CD+Blu Ray option which would be perfect for me.
now I have to save up for Dylan, R.E.M and this. Curse you, Box Bonanza run-up-to-Christmas

Gis Bun

Unsure if they’ll release the BR separately since there is the “Pure Audio” edition from 2015.


More cover versions? No thank you. Also, most of the Hammersmith Odeon show was released on Different Stages. So the bonus content has very little appeal for me.

I’d be fine with a remastered CD plus the Blu-Ray audio. Rush did just this with 2112 and Moving Pictures back in 2011 or so. They should have done the same with all of the Mercury/Polygram albums. This new trend of cover versions is a waste of effort. Or at least, make a completely separate album with the covers.


“most of the Hammersmith Odeon show was released on Different Stages. So the bonus content has very little appeal for me”.

The previously unavailable drum solo not an incentive?


lol, not really. not for me anyway. :-)


Not to mention live version of Closer to the Heart and 2112


“…..cover versions? No thank you”.
Indeed, bizarre concept.
When they get round to Permanent Waves, I will buy it if they honour its heritage. If they stick to concentrating on a remaster that sparkles like the original vinyl (as none so far have nailed that initial 30 seconds vinyl experience of PM yet, and that’s what it’s all about ) and only include live recordings made at the time. No frills, no stickers, no karaoke, a choice of vinyl or digital. Record-company-people, please honour the LP’s in your care.


Except for the cover versions, I really like this. That and the fact that you can get either the CD’s or the LP’s by themselves.


New 2017 5.1 mix or re issue of the existing 5.1 stand alone bluray oure audio from circa 2014 ?

Gis Bun

In addition the 2015 BR does not include the 3 promo videos.