Rush / Permanent Waves anniversary

Rush Permanent Waves / 40th anniversary

Rush‘s 1980 album Permanent Waves will be reissued for its 40th anniversary across three physical editions, including a five-disc super deluxe edition.

All feature new ‘reimagined’ artwork by original designer Hugh Syme and the two-CD deluxe edition sees the 2015 remaster on CD for the first time. The bonus disc features unreleased live tracks from various stops on the Permanent Waves 1980 world tour. These live tracks are newly mixed by the band’s longtime producer Terry Brown.

The content on the two-CD set is also released as a 3LP vinyl package with a bonus live track A Passage To Bangkok (Live in Manchester).

However, you can buy a Permanent Waves super deluxe edition box set which features the two CDs, the three vinyl records and comes with other ‘stuff’ too, such as a 40-page hardcover book with more reimagined artwork from Hugh Syme, unreleased photos from the band’s archive and an 12,000 words of exclusive sleeve notes.

There are other ‘collectibles’ in the box set. The album was recorded at ‘Le Studio’ in Quebec, Canada (where Bowie recorded Tonight), so one of the items is a 20-page ‘Le Studio’ notepad (with their letterhead design) along with two replica tour programmes, three band member replica backstage laminates, a 24”x36” double-sided poster showcasing the original album cover, photos of each band member and three Neil Peart handwritten lyric sheets for ‘The Spirit Of Radio,’ ‘Entre Nous’ and ‘Natural Science.’

Permanent Waves will be reissued for its 40th anniversary on 29 May 2020, via Universal Music/Mercury Records.

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Permanent Waves - super deluxe edition


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Permanent Waves - 3LP vinyl


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Permanent Waves - 2CD edition


LP 1

Side 1
1. The Spirit Of Radio
2. Freewill
3. Jacob’s Ladder

Side 2
1. Entre Nous
2. Different Strings
3. Natural Science

LP 2

Side 3
1. Beneath, Between & Behind (Live in Manchester)
2. By-Tor & The Snow Dog (Live in London)
3. Xanadu (Live in London)
4. The Spirit Of Radio (Live in Manchester)

Side 4

1. Natural Science (Live in Manchester)
2. A Passage To Bangkok (Live in Manchester)*
3. The Trees (Live in Manchester)

LP 3

Side 5
1. Cygnus X-1 (Live in London)
2. Cygnus X-1 Book II (Live in London)

Side 6
3. Closer To The Heart (Live in Manchester)
4. Jacob’s Ladder (Live in Missouri)
5. Freewill (Live in London)

*Bonus track not in CD set

CD 1

01. The Spirit of Radio
02. Freewill
03. Jacob’s Ladder
04. Entre Nous
05. Different Strings
06. Natural Science

CD 2

01. Beneath, Between & Behind (Live in Manchester)
02. By-Tor & The Snow Dog (Live in London)
03. Xanadu (Live in London)
04. The Spirit Of Radio (Live in Manchester)
05. Natural Science (Live in Manchester)
06. The Trees (Live in Manchester)
07. Cygnus X-1 (Live in London)
08. Cygnus X-1 Book II (Live in London)
09. Closer to the Heart (Live in Manchester)
10. Jacob’s Ladder (Live in Missouri)
11. Freewill (Live in London)

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I thought it was a cool set. I bought the standard vinyl version. At least they included the original art for the inside album sleeve like Hemispheres. I wish they’d done that with 2112 and FWTKs

John Tymon

I Love the super Deluxe box set, yes expensive but there is a lot in there , and the cover issue the box cover differs ,but inside the original cover is on the vinyl version and the insert in the original has been reproduced also. The cover has the Dewy defeats Truman Newspaper and the girl as well ,so matches perfectly the original vinyl. The Programmes that are reproduced are perfect and full size,The Lyric sheet reproductions are great and the Box itself fits together with extra boxes and artwork inside. I Paid £114.99 for it,probably the most expensive album I have ever bought , but being that we have hardly been out the door for 3 months ,we have spent very little and what we would have spent in coffee shops paid for the box ,so its one of those some want it ,some may need it ,I just bought it as it was one of my favorite albums from when I left school in 1980 and brings back a lot of memories and some of the concert cds/ vinyl were recorded at my local venue the Manchester Apollo . For me its a great box set,Sound is pretty awesome, on both Vinyl and CD .


Ffs…. seems a lot of folk are getting a bit nowty in lockdown and moaning about everything! Don’t like the material, don’t like the box, don’t like the art work, don’t like the memorabilia, …. records too round and the producer drove to Vancouver probably. Don’t buy it then!

Every deluxe box has been superb in it’s own way and super deluxe quality…. so is Rush.

I went to some of the shows on the live disc here, not missed a UK tour since 79, tho yeah, we already have APTB on the 2112 editions. I’ll be first to buy it then.

Yes, a 5.1 blu-ray would have been nice, but not possible. Not surprised there’s no full live show either, out of 100s of boots I have, the best is probably St Louis which has been unofficially done to death. A couple of pre release live versions would be interesting, but relying on boots.

Replica tour programs will be interesting too, as sometimes they differ from the UK ones, I have the coffee table book of ALL the tour programs to 2004… and separate ones since. No one did tour programs as well LP they did.

The written material in the SDE boxes is usually superb too…. not just some ramble from some pleb at Sounds or Kerrang.

And I paid £92. The LP is ~£60 of that. Bargain.

Buy it, don’t buy it…. it’s freewill.


NO 5.1 HI-RES. = Hard Pass. Probably due to technological step backwards with digital recording in the 80’s. Lame.


Master tapes were lost. Also, the album as recorded in 1979 and released on January 1, 1980. It’s not a digital recording.


“Jacob’s Ladder (Live in Missouri)”

i.e. St Louis. Pretty merciful of them to include a track that isn’t on the umpteen bootlegged versions of it.

Natural Science from Manchester was just posted on their YouTube channel, and the sound is excellent – unlike the Hammersmith material on the AFTK box set that was crushed with compression.

That said, it’s too bad they couldn’t continue with complete shows. But at least they aren’t including single songs from already available shoddy sounding (and non speed corrected) audience tapes anymore.

It’s a far cry from the 20-something disc sets released from single King Crimson albums/tours, but it’s still one of the better Rush box sets, so I’m gonna grab this.


At least this one has a descent selection of live bonus material. I’ll be picking up the 3LP set.


CD 2

01. Beneath, Between & Behind (Live in Manchester)
02. By-Tor & The Snow Dog (Live in London)
03. Xanadu (Live in London)
04. The Spirit Of Radio (Live in Manchester)
05. Natural Science (Live in Manchester)
06. The Trees (Live in Manchester)
07. Cygnus X-1 (Live in London)
08. Cygnus X-1 Book II (Live in London)
09. Closer to the Heart (Live in Manchester)
10. Jacob’s Ladder (Live in Missouri)
11. Freewill (Live in London)


I saw the lay out on Amazon there selling very little music and a bloated box of stuff.. The multi tracks apparently were stolen at Trident. Or if they have a vault there they might of been accidentally misplaced if that were the case… Ever see that place it’s huge… Might be sitting in the library… And titled if someone were to look around. Or the thief won’t even mention a word about it… 175.00 for the Super Deluxe….. it’s like Covid 19 … Every damn thing now is expensive.

Philip J Birtwistle

The performance of Passage To Bangkok from Manchester in 1980 is on the 2012 2112 reissue if you already have that one.

Ian Whiteford

Speaking as a HUGE Rush fan of 40 years, I have ordered the 2 disc set. I have to say I have been underwhelmed by these new releases and compared to other bands releases, for example Jethro Tull, Simple Minds, King crimson, etc they are lacking in content and overpriced. I really do not want to hear covers of their songs and was pleased to see this had none. I passed on 2112 and Hemispheres, took the plunge on AFTK and this one.


O.k., I revert my little disappointment concerning the missed opportunity of doing a surround mix, hence the multitrax are missing (what dumbass’s did they employ in that dark days in the studios ;-)
But nonetheless, this edition makes no point at all… there were circulating so many bootlegs of complete live gigs during the early 90’s from almost all tours they did up until then in sometimes stunning sound quality. Mostly now illegal – look out on discogs. There even was a domain hosting tons and tons of rare stuff (for instance rough mixes of the “Test for echo”-record, earliest live recordings (“Bad boy”, “Fancy dancer, “Garden road”) and studio rarities (“Not fade away”) andandand… for free! Now closed, for over a decade.
As if any real fan wouldn’t buy the regular stuff as well – all that manner is total BS after all.

So do urself a favour and go searching for a good copy of that aforementioned MoFi 24kt (UDCD 772) or a nice vinyl replica from Japan (u might get one of that SHM-rem. from 2009, WPCR-13478) – and you’re done.


“*Bonus track not in CD set”

I hate this new development. Status Quo’s “Down Down and Dignified”? Three tracks only on vinyl, not on CD. Gary Moore’s “Live from London”? Songs edited on CD but full length on vinyl. Gah! (OK, so it’s available somewhere else, but the point is still valid.)

Other than that, I’ll definitely pick this up for live versions of the complete Cygnus X-1 and a better remaster than the Sector version. But I still don’t like the new covers! And I guess the lyrics will be mising again!


Aha… but it has got a new frontpage of the newspaper, which is altogether a different one than the various versions throughout the years. The headline now reads Blah Blah Blah, a reference to AlexLifeson’s acceptance speech at the Rock’n Roll Hall Of Fame 2013 (LOL). Curious to see what they have done with the original cover. Just kiddin’:) A brilliant album start to finish, but without the surround mix quite a expensive box set.

peter chrisp

Charles have to agree as there are a number of formats which may or may not suit everyone & i guess that’s why there is no purchase & at times costs too involved. I remember buying the 40th anniversary edition of 2112 & it was great to have it in 5.1 surround sound & not long after
Moving Pictures also in 5.1 both sound amazing. Could they have done that too with PW?

james bennard johnson

For all of its imperfections, I just ordered the 2 cd set. The deluxe version is just bonkers in terms of price point. I want music, not cardboard.


Very sorry to hear that the multitrack masters are missing. PW is IMHO the best after Moving Pictures – would love to have a hi-res audio copy.

Therefore, the 2-CD version will have to do. Super Deluxe needs additional audio/video to be worth considering.

Any opinions on the quality of the live tracks from the Hemispheres 2-CD release? Audio quality and band performance.


Bear in mind that I’ve only listened to the Hemispheres live disc once so far (really need to revisit that). My impression: Sound quality is good, but the performance is pretty tired. Not surprising after a grueling tour! The bonus version of 2112 (which wasn’t completely recorded at the Pinkpop festival) sounds worse, but the performance is much better and hints at what a mighty force Rush could be during those days. It’s electric!

Kevin Henry

As Paul mentioned the multi tapes are missing.

The album was recorded at Le Studio in Morin-Heights, and mixed in Trident studios in London and apparently when Trident closed the tapes went missing thus no multi track. My first Rush album (bought it on release) and it is still a cracker.


I don’t get this. Why not put out 2 live CD’s and put out a complete show! This is dumb. I mean, yes, you can now put together a complete PW tour show, but you have to use these CD’s + Passage to Bangkok from either the LP only here, or from Exit Stage Left. But then you need to get the (heavily bootlegged) radio promo only release of the St. Louis concert to get 2112, The Medley/Drum Solo and La Villa.I’ll get it just to get, finally, an officially released Hemisphere live (though it was shortened a bit on this tour). But why not put out complete shows!!!


What’s that nonsene about the cover? Are they afraid that People might a shitstorm because of this oh so offensive and politically incorrect cover?


What are you talking about? Every 40th anniversary reissue so far has had reimagined covers


I ‘m talking about replacing a woman whose undies are showing with a male Reporter. One is Sexist by today’s stupid Standards, the other isn’t.
Didn’t the Scorpions do something similar with one their early Albums?

Paul Taylor

Virgin Killer. Slightly more controversial, though.

Geoff K

I’m the biggest Rush fan in the world but, no way I’m grabbing this until they come waaaaaay down (and they will, I got AFtKs for 86$ and Hemispheres for around 90$ about a year after each released) for what you get (and don’t get in a 5.1 and any complete shows) its just a massive cash grab by the label. I read recently that the Geddy and Alex has very little to do with these reissues in totality so while the guys are getting a small piece of the salad here it isn’t like this was some labor of love by the band to the fans.


I really had to read two times. The box set is more than 100 €/£ for 12 live tracks? Wow! Ah, and you get a 12.000 words book. Who had this stupid idea to count words to promote a deluxe edition? I want music. Sorry.


Ya. I don’t know why they have stupid selling points. I want music – not words and pictures and replica crap.The previous super deluxe sets for rush didn’t seem interesting. This one is no exception. Buy separately the CD and LP sets [if you want both!] and is still way cheaper than the stuff in the box set.

robert lunn

Picked up the Hemispheres super deluxe at Fopp Cambridge for £53, not gonna pay £117 for Permanent Waves.


Tis is one of the greatest recordings in my extensive CD/vinyl library. However, lack of multi-track recordings is beyond disappointing. It is hard to justify the price without this content.


Unsure why they did not bother releasing a complete show on 2 CDs instead of [maybe] this best of unless the quality of shows that were recorded weren’t great.
Don’t mind the new cover but will miss the lady on it. I think this was possibly my first Rush LP I bought.
Speaking of which, the price for the 3LP is ridiculous. But it seems all the Rush LPs have inflated prices. Look at the live releases. No shocker with the “bonus” track. They like to throw in extra vinyl tracks.


This would be of interest to me as I always liked “Spirit of Radio” however, as live tracks/albums do not interest me (with very few exceptions), I am not going to purchase it. What tempts me with super deluxe releases are the inclusion of unreleased/rare tracks, b-sides, extended versions, remixes (from the period), demos, a 5.1 mix, possibly some form of video content, and occasionally a hard-cover book and “appropriate” trinkets – all priced reasonably, which this is not. N.B. the inclusion of vinyl & CD in the same package is something I prefer (even though I know some other visitors to this site do not).


Rush were a live band – one of the best around. You don’t sound like you know Rush well: They never released any non-album b-sides, there are no extended remixes (and I don’t think they would’ve been good for that format anyway), they almost never worked on tracks that didn’t make the albums, and they never released demos, probably because they always were perfectionists and didn’t want people to hear some half-assed jams (most Rush songs came from jams).

Live recordings are THE main draw for any Rush reissue, especially such from their prime and before Geddy’s voice started going downhill (that era is well covered on video and CD) – the 5.1 mixes have been hit-and-miss, and if the multis don’t allow the creation of a 5.1 mix (anymore), it’s pointless to ask for one.

warren kendall

Useless trivia but this was the first album released by anyone in the 1980s


I think the self-titled debut album by The Romantics beat it by a week or so.

Murray Robbins

The St Louis performance from the PW tour would have been an obvious choice for inclusion but maybe the compilers of this SDE thought it had been too widely bootlegged.

It was/is a stunning tour de force performance, beautifully captured at the time and well worth seeking out as well as buying this set. About 90 minutes was aired at the time.

I actually quite like Hugh’s new artwork this time (the other boxes were horrible ) but in principle that idea sucks. I wonder whether the original artwork insert has the original newspaper Dewey/Truman headline that had to be pulled?

No cover versions…thank God! Ed Sheeran’s take on Spirit of Radio anyone?

Mad Earwig

I’ve had this album for years, on vinyl then CD then remastered CD and now this… it will be a must have
I am disappointed with the ‘reimagined’ artwork when the original cover is so iconic and so….Rush.

It’s a brilliant record with not a bad track on it and ‘Natural Science’ being the highlight for me with ‘Freewill’ though I may have heard ‘Spirit’ too often over the years.

Despite a lot of Rush Live in my collection, I will enjoy it and at least the bonus disc isn’t cover versions from other bands…that was awful.

Neil, the Professor RIP


So that means no surround sound mixand no bluray with high res audio this time?


Paul, I believe the super deluxe had only five discs, not six as mentioned at the top. I mention that because, without additional music in the super deluxe, I’m not sure I can justify spending an extra USD $100 just for the ‘collectibles’ ($75 on your side of the pond).

Chris N

Agreed, it’s a shame that there’s not a complete concert as the bonus. But I attended the Manchester gig, so the 2CD set is a must buy for me.

As ever, thanks for the heads up on this one.


I don’t suppose the Vinyl or the Super Deluxe Box come with download codes?

The Geordie Expat

The price for the SDE needs to come down significantly before I even consider buying it. Crazy prices. . .


Don’t like the “re-imaged” artwork, and the Vinyl has a track not on the CD’s. Weird.

Terry Settle

I wasn’t really a Rush fan, but this album was the turning point for me. Without doubt one of the most understated bands of all time.

Ed Taylor

You lead with “six disc set” and mention 2 cds and 3 LPs. That’s five. Is there a sixth disc?

Paul K

I wonder why they skipped the surround mix + videos this time.


Apparently Mobile Fidelity had them when they did their SACD of ‘Permanent Waves’ and said they were in good condition. This is of course according to the Internet!!

This box set without a surround sound disc is of no interest to me at all, as it’s the album where I started to go off the band.


Hi Adam,
MoFi never did a proper super audio remaster of Permanent Waves – they did however made a remaster for their 24kt gold “original master”-series of this record, one of the last “gold” remasters they did with cat. no. UDCD 772 (look up on discogs.com)
But I must confess, that they missed the opportunity to made a surround mix of one of their best records – so I’ll miss that one.


For many years there was an organisation on the net called SBU (surround sound by us)
Who used what they termed the ‘Spec’ method to creat 5.1 mixes from stereo/mono releases. The method was totally illegal of course but the results were stunning and in many cases far better than the pathetic ambient rear speaker ‘official’ releases.
Just saying anything is possible if there’s a will.

Geddy's dryer

APTB live at Manchester bonus track has been released before, it’s on the 2112 deluxe (the 1CD 1 blu-ray version). Went to that gig. It’ll be in my collection on the day as usual!


Thanks Paul. Gutted that Passage isn’t on the CD – BB&B And By-Tor eminently droppable for me.


I’m really looking forward to getting this interesting release. Of course, there could have been a complete concert included, but I don’t actully miss another live version of 2112 or the early tracks. However, they should have kept the orginal running order, so Freewill would start the live cd and Beneath, Between and Behind would be after Closer to the Heart.


Yes that’s odd. And still no complete live version of Hemispheres as it was edited down on this tour.


Hemispheres 2cd was a really mixed bag and disappointing with the PinkPop tracks and missing (most of) Hemispheres and Circumstances. Luckly now we get good quality and previously unreleases tracks from the 1980 tour, but not quite nough of them.


Agree completely, such a great album and yet, similar to the 2112 box-set, another missed chance of portraying the band’s era at the time. I wished they would release boxsets as concise as Metallica did with the first four albums. But any chance to listen to Mr. Peart again is welcome.