Sainsbury’s launch more coloured vinyl

UK retailer Sainsbury’s are will be stocking three new limited edition coloured vinyl records from today. Artists include Kylie Minogue, T.Rex and Ian Dury….

Dury‘s New Boots And Panties!! is pressed on orange vinyl, T. Rex‘s The Slider is presented as a silver 180g vinyl record and Kylie‘s Fever is white vinyl.

As usual, these will be in ‘selected stores’. Even if your local store does stock vinyl, there’s no guarantee they’ll have these (hello, Islington). Sainsbury’s refuse to move stock to a certain store on request (SDE tried, with the Frankie white vinyl).

These three titles are available from today. Good luck, if you’re after one.

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Steve j

Didn’t even know of these Sainsbury’s coloured vinyl releases till I went into my Rayleigh Essex branch today and got the 2 small faces releases and I had a spend £30 get £6 off voucher so bagged for £34

ian wakelin

does anyone actually know what is being released and when it comes out

Martyn Alner

If anyone picks this thread up – Sainsbury’s today 02/06/2018 have 2 Small Faces cloloured vinyl exclusives – Ogdens’ is on Red vinyl and the immediate ‘Small Faces’ is on Blue Vinyl.

Tony Strawbridge

Also the Zombies Odyssey and Oracle

Steve Rickard

And last week there was Kylie – Light Years on double blue coloured vinyl, I got a copy, but obviously sold out by now.


The zombies is also an Abbey Road half speed master. Grab it while you can as it’s only ranged at a certain number of stores

Kevin Murphy

I got both the Kylie blue vinyl and the Small Faces also on blue today,although they weren’t on the shelves,often they have copies in the stock rooms,just ask a friendly assistant to have a look for you !


Managed to pick up a Small Faces blue Vinyl yesterday so there are still some around. Does anyone know where / how/ if Sainsbury’s advertise forthcoming releases?

Steve Rickard

Sainsburys at it again, Madonna Like A Virgin clear vinyl, Madonna Ray Of Light double blue vinyl and The Pretty Things red vinyl.


If you’re in the Chippenham area, there are several copies of the orange Ian Dury Panties and gold Bowie Hunky in Sainsburys. I bought both and they sound excellent, better that I expected, especially Hunky Dory. There were about a dozen vinyl albums, including Sgt. Pepper and Roger Waters new one amongst others. They also had the silver Bolan. I don’t think there are any more coloured limited editions, so no Kylie when I was there.


Illustrating the hit-and-miss nature of the stocking of these coloured vinyl editions (and Sainsbury’s stocking of vinyl generally), I went into the Redditch store on Tuesday which has a fairly good selection of vinyl for a supermarket but not one of the coloured vinyl titles.

Today, I went into the Blackpool store, opposite Blackpool North station, and they had a smaller number of titles than Redditch – and pretty much all different titles too – including the T-Rex and Ian Dury coloured vinyls (no Kylie, alas).

They seem to have a very bizarre sales strategy (if they have one at all!) to vinyl with different stores selling totally different ranges of titles.

Nick Preece

Did another 100 mile 3 Sainsbury’s round Trip today, managed to get a Kylie Fever was so pleased forgot to pick up a T Rex, they sold out of all 3 coloured T. Rex, Ian Dury and Kylie Last Friday….. they are getting 2 of each in Next Weds the 6th:( pretty daft if they are increasing the release to 10000…… are they increasing all 3 coloured vinyls to 10000 or Just the Kylie?


Just been to Sainsburys Darlington and they have copies of the T-Rex, Kylie and Ian Dury. At least 2 of Dury/T-rex and 1 Kylie left. Only picked up one copy anything else is just fleecing


I went into Sainsburys Plymouth..got there none of the above..thought bugger i have missed out..hey ho, then by chance i spoke to one of the staff, she said we change over the vinyl on thursday {chart day}, i explained that this was a limited colour vinyl edition promotion, she kindly said..i will go and check..low and behold they had copies of all, i only wanted Ian Dury..if in doubt..”Ask”

Steven Roberts

Actually found a Sainbury in Bristol that is/was selling these (as of Sunday morning)…no Kylie, but they had the other two (including multiple copies of the T-Rex).

Let’s hope the next time Sainsbury’s run this campaign they actually do limit the copies to 1 per customer – doesn’t seem it would be so difficult to impose, at least through the manned checkouts.

Gavin Hilzbrich

Thanks for the heads up, as always, Paul. Sadly, yet again the real fans have been shafted by the flippers. I’d have happily bought all three of these as the Kylie is my favourite of her albums and has sentimental value, whilst the other two I don’t already own on vinyl. Not willing to pay extortionate money-makers on eBay, however. Like touts, these people are only interested in making easy money at our expense. You have to question the record companies too, though, making a decision to release these through a store where it’s impossible to monitor a one per customer rule, even if they were to impose one. RSD just a few weeks ago too. Strange decisions. Can only hope more will be available widely after a period of exclusivity.


Bought Kylie today at Stirling store, leaving 1 copy left.

ian greenacre

there wasn’t any in my local store … i so want it but I’m not willing to pay ridiculous price


There’s nothing wrong with it!!

Steve Rickard

Just returned empty handed from my “local” Sainsburys superstore 10 miles away, was told by customer service that they had 5 copies of Kylie, but one customer had bought all 5, not happy. I let them know because of limited availability they should be one per customer, but what do they care as long as they sell them.

Steven Roberts

What exactly is in it for Sainsbury’s to do these special vinyl releases?

By making the pressings so limited, and having the distribution so arbitrary, surely it is only serving to p*ss off the intended demographic?

Erik Vang Olsen

I like the exclusive coloured vinyl editions, but have heard that the black vinyls sound is better than the coloured.


Coloured vinyl just as good sound wise as black (which is also coloured in processing to go black) it’s picture discs that sound poorer

Gareth Pugh

I read (on here, I think?) that until quite recently coloured vinyl was usually muddier sound quality than black because, of necessity, they needed to use a softer grade of vinyl to accept the colour pigment during manufacturing. The post also said that in the very recent past (last 3-4 years?) manufacturers had perfected a blend that allowed colour and no loss of fidelity versus black. I heard that massive Queen set (which I’m lucky enough to have and it really is beautiful and very painstakingly made) might have been amongst the first products to use the new improved formula? I know what you mean about picture discs- someone on e told me they are not far short of being old-school Flexi discs ‘glued’ to a rigid plastic backing board.

Geoff D

In my local store they’re doing a 2 for £25 offer on selected vinyl, including The Stone Roses, Amy Winehouse, Guns ‘N Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Steely Dan (Aja) and a couple of compilations.


I went into Sainsburys Plymouth..got there none of the above..thought bugger i have missed out..hey ho, then by chance i spoke to one of the staff, she said we change over the vinyl on thursday {chart day}, i explained that this was a limited colour vinyl edition promotion, she kindly said..i will go and check..low and behold they had copies of all, i only wanted Ian Dury..if in doubt..”Ask”


I’m a Kylie fan. So lucky (pun intended) secured a copy tonight after chasing Lancashire then Merseyside stores. Manchester’s largest store said they only got 2 in on Friday. The fact it’s a first for Fever on vinyl made this even more attractive for Kylie collectors. Absolutely fuming with the ebay £80 ‘grab to fleece’ prices.

Tony Galsworthy

Just bought the last copy of Slider and last but one of Ian Dury at the Hedge End Hampshire store. I was told the Kylie disc is out of stock across the country.

Stevie B

I’ll buy some albums in many different guises (original vinyl edition, cd, remastered, de-luxe cd, box set etc) but coloured vinyl versions have never interested me. Not surprised that Sainsbury’s won’t transfer stock between stores, as I doubt they do so for any items and presumably these aren’t available online.

Stevie B

Because they sell millions of tins of baked beans each month and there is large demand for them across all of their stores, whereas vinyl albums are a much more niche product. Different Sainsbury’s stores sell slightly different product ranges (ditto all of the major supermarkets), my local Sainsbury’s has a much smaller range of many products than the one three miles away (and one sells vinyl, the other doesn’t). Ultimately it will be a combination of demand and space, but they ought perhaps to offer them online.


Yes, it’s clearly very hit and miss and the inability to check up on availability, or even order, online is a major downside. Given that even with these limitations what limited stock there is seems to be selling out fast then perhaps an e-mail (by anyone on here) to the record labels might make them realise that a re-pressing sold via Amazon or the band/labels’ own website would be worthwhile, even if it means waiting a few months for whatever deal they have with Sainsbury’s to expire.

lee bowler

I got the last Kylie copy from my local sainsburys (thanks to you for posting the information as I had no idea about the release). It’s a beautiful edition – never before released on vinyl – I would have bought it regardless of the vinyl colour but the added white vinyl is beautiful. People who don’t get the ‘coloured vinyl’ vibe can’t be record collectors? The buzz from hunting down exclusive editions is now back with me and I haven’t felt this good about music for a long time – the music content and packaging go hand in hand for me and vinyl provides this 100%, otherwise sites like Paul’s simply wouldn’t need to exist, so coming on here and posting negativity is a complete contradiction in my opinion.

Gary Plant

Mansfield store still got Ian Dury and T Rex in plus heard shop assistant telling a punter more Kylie on its way. Plus 2 copys of Bowie Hunky Dory in gold £14 I wrongly thought this was indie shops only ?


That’s arbitrage for you, some may say astute purchasing of something you don’t want to sell to finance purchase of something you do, started with cavemen!


None at my Sainsburys, a large store that sells vinyl, staff were very helpful and checked their deliveries for the coming week, none expected.

Kevin Barrett

Snagged a Time Rex this morning at Sains. Lincoln, seems like only the larger branches doing these.


5 copies of kylie in Basildon store this morning, plus bowie gold vinyl
plus 2 each of ian dury and t-rex

Thomas Anderson

Thanks Paul. Made a trip to my local Sainsbury’s superstore this morning. 6 of both the T.Rex and Ian Dury vinyls on the rack but sadly all the Kylie vinyls had sold. Sad seeing people with multiple copies fleecing people on eBay.


Marc Bolan must be turning in his grave on a regular basis.

I’m a Marc fan since I grew up watching T Rex in the 70s on Top Of The Pops.

If ever a catalogue has been abused and used it’s Marc Bolans. Alongside Jimi Hendrix.

Just like Bowie and Prince are going to be over the years to come. Already happening.

Simon Taylor

Yep, fathers day is here again, had to ask my wife today exactly what day fathers day is this year as was tempted to wait for the 2cd Sgt Pepper and then found Sainsburys selling it for £15 and the Free 5CD Classic album box for £9. I gave in, sorry, fathers day is too long to wait!

I did get the blue and red vinyl Madonna from a local sainsburys last year (both of which i love,) the green vinyl Tull too. These new releases arent that inspiring. I do already have New Boots on vinyl, a rather rough secondhand copy at that but orange vinyl? Hmmmmmm?

Aside from Madonna and Frankie (and Tull,) the Sainsburys coloured vinyl choices have been rather random, If anyone really wants these new ones id suggest they should be easier to find.


Is the Free 5CD Classic remastered?

Alan Jones

Thanks Paul got all three from my local store 5 mins away in sunny Luton. They also had Bowie on gold but had already purchased from my local indie Davids Letchworth.


Tesco have last year’s Father’s Day vinyl out in the shelves again this year and when I sat last year’s I mean last year’s. It’s the exact same stock including last year’s exclusives. It’s like they just took their cardboard vinyl rack behind the cakes and brought them out again


The hmv exclusives not online this year according to their email – so eBay flippers ahoy – loads of Sainsbury’s ones on eBay- I’ve yet to find a Sainsbury’s local to me who do vinyl – or a Tesco for that matter – back in the day I remember Asda being good for vinyl – but Boots was the best


As Paul says, black is a vinyl colour :-)

Matthew Langhorn

My local Sainsbury’s (Halifax) recently stopped selling vinyl, but they didn’t help themselves for moths they had the same 8 albums stuck in that slightly tatty, cardboard display.

A re-launch would be nice, only because I want the T-Rex!

Darren Briscoe

I can fully agree that watching coloured vinyl play while smoking some top grade weed can be mind blowing and jolly good fun!! In fact I’m going to Listen to David Bowie’s No Plan EP blue vinyl while I smoke this joint……


Haha….very cool….!


I don’t think it’s any mistery why people like colour vinyl, it’s just that is pointless. From my own point of view if you buy a record because you want to play it and listen to the music the colour doesn’t mean anything, and you’ll probably buy a standard black wax cause they’re usually cheaper than their coloured counterparts. If you buy a record because you want a collectible you’ll probably get the coloured one. But as I said a lot of times already it has very little to do with actual music, it’s more about consumerism and compulsive buying. And that’s what music industry knows very well these days, they’re trying to sell us collectibles rather than music. Fair enough, it’s still up to people to choose what they actually need.


Interesting – Kylie’s “Fever” has never been released on vinyl before, so rather puzzling to see it come out as a Sainsbury’s exclusive rather than what would likely be a much more lucrative broad, international release. Strange reasoning…


They are already being resold on eBay!!!!!!

Alan Gray

There are 54 being sold just now, cheapest so far for
£19.99, 2 day listing, some are going as high as £70!!!
Are these fans?

Eamonn Mulvey

Ugh – the Ian Dury one is even in Sainsbury colours.


I’ll expect nothing less than new boots and panties with mine.

Steven Roberts

Well, that’s just typical – choose the one week of the year for a vinyl week when I’m out of the country on business!

I really hope HMV don’t do any exclusives that I actually WANT this time around.



Tip top will give them a try


I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade. At the end of the day we’re all music lovers, and anything that gets us to buy and play our music is all well and good.

Having said that, what’s the deal with colored Vinyl? I can understand some prefer their music played on Vinyl, but the whole colored vinyl thing is a complete mystery to me. Is it because people feel they can resell it later for more money? Are they staring at the disc going around bewildered by the colored grooves? Something to do with smoking illegal substances?

It’s a bit like selling barbie dolls with different colored dresses. I’m just not getting it at all…..

Tom of FIN

Exactly and of course other collectors emphasize aesthetic values too more than others in this case, also considering sleeve art and graphics.

My point here is that, it is ab fab, that good ol’ supermarkets have started again distributing vinyl. Besides the picks here have been first rate too! ” Such has been the renaissance for the past five years and profit margins compared to CDs.


There are legitimate reasons for having different pressings but perhaps not so much these days. It’s only after a record’s release, or at least in the days of multiple pressing plant’s worldwide, that the ‘best’ pressing is known.

There is no ‘best’ as such but all vinyl copies do not sound the same, even those pressed in the same plants, and people do have preferences. In the pre-digital days, the tapes were transferred differently onto the finished vinyl and this is clearly audible. There are also more obvious differences such as the UK vs US Ziggy Stardust which feature loud vs quiet morse code sections on Starman. In that case it seem two sets of tapes were created and the variations are scattered all over the world. To have both you will need a foreign copy no matter where you live.

So while both are probably some indication of madness, there’s often a genuine sonic reason to pick up an alternate foreign black vinyl which is almost certainly not the case when buying multiple coloured versions.


Colored vinyl is also not a “new” thing either. It’s always been a part of the mix of special/limited/gimmicky vinyl. It may just seem more commonplace now because vinyl in general has exploded as a market, and labels are using every old trick in the book to bank on that (picture discs, colored vinyls, shapes, etc.).

In the same way that one might not “get” colored vinyl, another might not “get” buying vinyl instead of CDs, or buying physical product at all. To follow your reasoning exactly, it’s a bit like packaging recorded song files in different materials, isn’t it? To each their own!




I’m with you on that. Back when vinyl was the dominant/only format, coloured vinyl was genuinely different and special.

I think it was Margaret Thatcher’s autobiography that was advertised as a ‘rare, unsigned copy’.

Dez Hoyle

If your not getting it i can’t explain it too you.. simple as this. People like to collect things, if they come in different pretty colours then more the merrier !!

Mark Bethell

Probably a very limited example but I bought Elvis Greatest hits on white vinyl as part of a present for my friends wedding as she’s a mad elvis fan