Saturday Deluxe / 1 October 2016


November spawned a monster

It is of course common practise for record labels to ‘save’ their premium products for the latter part of the year because as well as targeting the music obsessive (that’ll be you and me, then) and feeding their wallet-emptying pastime, the record companies know that friends and family are also on the look out for *that* Christmas gift to bring us joy during the festive period (probably via some unsubtle hints like “wow, have you seen this Lou Reed box, that looks amazing…”). But in the five and a half years SDE has been up and running, I’ve never known a month quite like November 2016, when it comes to reissues and box sets…

There is a CRAZY amount on the schedule, but for sheer buzz, nothing will beat Kate Bush‘s first album release in five years – the Before The Dawn live show – which was officially announced on Thursday (although SDE told you about it on Wednesday). It’s taken two years – and we’re not even getting the video of the most visual of performances –  but nonetheless it’s a going to be a real highlight for me and the 4LP vinyl looks like a wonderful physical product (and a decent price, too).

The Pink Floyd Early Years box set is horrendously expensive, and if you’ve placed a pre-order then you may will have to cut your cloth accordingly, with all the other boxes coming out, including The KinksThe Mono Collection vinyl set, the six-LP 40th anniversary of The Band‘s The Last Waltz and maybe even Bob Dylan‘s 1966 Live Recordings (although in the UK that is already very hard to get hold of).

Not everything is expensive; you can enjoy Tori Amos Boys For Pele reissue or the Paul Weller vinyl LPs (not pictured) at decent prices. But let’s put it this way, if you bought everything in the image at the top of this post, you’d be parting with around £1500 of your hard-earned cash. This is one month’s worth of releases!


There is even MORE TO COME in November, with further announcements imminent. There is a 5-disc super deluxe of The Who‘s My Generation on the way, for example. Amazon UK are listing this for an 18 Nov release, so if you want to lock into their current price of £75 then now might be a good time to do it. While we’re on the subject of The Who, there is also a Live At Leeds vinyl reissue listed, although that’s actual late October. If the amazon listing is to be believed, this is a 3LP set (it’s currently £25, which could be a great price).


On the same day as My Generation will be what looks like a 4LP vinyl reissue of Marvin Gaye‘s What’s Going On. This will be a 45th anniversary edition, in effect. In 2011 we had an LP+2CD super deluxe, with the ‘Detroit Mix’ getting its debut on vinyl and the album proper and various bonus tracks and ‘instrumental jams’ across the two CDs.

Working on the assumption that this new set is all vinyl records, then it’s quite likely to include both versions of the album on vinyl, plus all previous bonus tracks and maybe some live material. Given that The Human League want you to pay £80 for their 4LP anthology, £28 for this What’s Going On set seems like a real bargain!


Given everything above, it may not be a bad thing that it is looking like 2016 will be the first year since Paul McCartney kicked off his ‘Archive Collection’ series in 2010 that we won’t be getting a reissue. Flowers in the Dirt was expected, but historically this would have been announced by now for a November release. Perhaps Paul leaving Concord and signing with Capitol Records has indeed added a layer of complication to proceedings. If we don’t get this in 2016, it is likely to be issued in March/April next year.

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[…] about the vinyl reissue of Marvin Gaye‘s classic 1971 album What’s Going On back in October but can now confirm that this is a four-LP set with plenty of bonus […]


More info on Amazon FR about the WGO 4lp set:
Coffret LP en édition limitée (Half Highspeed master)!

[…] The four-disc 25th anniversary deluxe edition of Out Of Time is due in next month (the ‘monster‘ of a month for reissues) and features the remastered album, a disc of demos, a further CD […]

Neil racher

My bank account is suffering Kate Bush ordered and just snapped up you’3rd shops depdche mode remixes 6 l.p. box set steal at £35 unlike p.I.l tin box!


Well streaming is getting stronger each day, record labels are releasing all that’s inside their vaults before its too late….


Still waiting for a release date for the long-awaited “Seeds of Love” box from Tears for Fears!!!!!!
Also, a deluxe version of a-ha’s “Minor Earth Major Sky” is also in the offing, but I guess that won’t happen this year. :/

Jason Paskowitz

And still no word of a Who’s Next SDE.


Ah yes. the Who scr?wing us again with a 5 disc box set after release a 2CD edition just a few years back.
Where is a Who’s Next box set? Love that album more than the others.

Michael Fortin

Don’t forget George Michael was supposed to be out in November, and now it’s looking to be February…


It’s being released on the 11th November.


After spending £1,500 or so on all the deluxe releases in November, don’t forget to spend the rest of your life savings on the bargains to be had on Black Friday!

CJ Feeney

I’m sure some of these will pop up as Black Friday deals.

The photo also doesn’t include Jethro Tull’s Stand Up set. I’m in a financial hole until the end of the financial year so my wish list has shrunk down to Tull and Kate Bush and I’ll be waiting till Christmas to get them.

Stevie B

I’ll bet that if you’re prepared to wait and shop around you could probably get this lot for around £500 less by no later than this time next year. And I’ve just bought Blackstar and A Moon Shaped Pool today for £15 from a real record shop.


Don’t forget the 22-disk Steve Hillage box “Searching For The Spark”, though I’m one Gong fan who’s giving it a miss. Mr. H has lost good faith in this household due to his dissembling over the Teapot trilogy box set last year.

Thomas Williams

Cherry Pop is also reissuing Basia’s “The Sweetest Illusion” and Yazz’s “Wanted” on November 25th.


And for me there’s also the three Lennon/Ono re-issues, Unfinished Music Nos 1 and 2, plus Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band. Still hoping for Flowers in the Dirt, but looks unlikely for 2016.


And me, I had forgotten those as well. Will need to start a spreadsheet to keep track:)


There’s also a 3 disc greatest hits from Donna Summer due around November 18 (I think). The single disc edition is already up on Amazon UK. The 3 disc track listing to be announced shortly…

peter wolf

Paul you have been amazing all year keeping us tragic box set fans or fanatics updated on almost a daily basis with forthcoming releases of our fave artists and waking up next morning
ready to go shopping and nothing left in the wallet! I am literally blown away by the recent
super deluxe editions the past few weeks the mighty expensive Pink Floyd box set the massive
27 discs at an exorbitant price, i will never forget the first time their 7 disc box set of The Division Bell, my initial reaction your kidding, i would imagine if there is anymore Pink Floyd
releases in the future we have a fair idea of what to expect. The good thing we can pick and choose
and to see The Stones, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan a grand total of 15.36.27= 78 discs alone! and
that’s just the start! As you say Paul but wait there is more! Appreciate the updates good stuff!


So looking forward to Alison’s Sony 4!!!…also Beth Hart is releasing her latest “fire on the floor” either in October or November…chuck in Tori Amos and erasure and what a FAAAAAAAAABULOUS autumn it’s turning out to be…all I would need is a new Jann Arden to round it out…thanks for the music love Paul!!!


To break my wallet in for the horrendous November, I’m looking forward to the latest CD/bluray release by XTC, Skylarking. Out on 14 Oct at the usual very fair price from Ape House.


The only thing I want to buy from all this lot is the Alison Moyet “ALF” reissue. Great debut album from the half of Yazoo ( I was a fan back in 82/83 and 84 of course of Mrs Moyet ) .
The reason is that there is the jazz version of THAT OLE DAVIL CALLED LOVE that I bought as a 12 inch single during the summer of 85 and that I don’t have anymore because stupidly I give it away long ago.
Still waiting for something I really like because lately everything became too much expensive for my tastes talking about box sets, limited editions of vinyls, coloured vinyls ecc.
Anyway, thank you Paul for all the juicy news about all this kind of items.


According to Amazon FR,
the Marvin Gaye WGO box will be:

Disque : 1
1. What’s going on
2. What’s happening brother
3. Flyin’ high (in the friendly sky)
4. Save the children
5. She’s the ideal girl – Jermaine Jackson
6. Mercy mercy me (the ecology)
7. Right on
8. Wholy holy
9. Inner city blues (make me wanna holler)

Disque : 2
1. What’s going on
2. What’s happening brother
3. Flyin’ high (in the friendly sky)
4. Save the children
5. God is love
6. Mercy mercy me (the ecology)
7. Right on
8. Wholy holy
9. Inner city blues (make me wanna holler)

Disque : 3
1. Sixties medley: that’s the way love is / you
2. Right on
3. Wholy holy
4. Inner city blues (make me wanna holler)
5. What’s going on
6. What’s happening brother

Disque : 4
1. Flyin’ high (in the friendly sky)
2. Save the children
3. God is love
4. Stage dialogue
5. Inner city blues (make me wanna holler)
6. What’s going on
7. What’s going on
8. God is love
9. Sad tomorrows
10. Head title (aka distant lover)
11. What’s going on


There’s also some music artists who are releasing their new albums now in these weeks as of last week up to the end of October by which they won’t get lost in the Xmas rush of bigger artists, by doing this if they have a single released from the album and gets air play on the radio hopefully it will be on people’s mind into November/December for people to get the album as a Xmas pressie…There are some cracking new albums just out or about to be released…last Friday 23rd saw Chris De Burgh release his 21st studio album with a fine set of songs from the storyteller (forget Lady In Red) there’s a whole lot more to this talented guy if you just give him a listen….OneRepublic one of the more newer bands around release their new album next Friday never seem to hear anything about them on here which is shame as they are very good.


Sitting in Detroit, November looks like a free for all and most of it is shipping from Amazon U.K. And hopefully the packaging can handle a new home in America for the Bob, Kate and Pete that are sitting on preorder.
Now we are fast approaching the time of old box set pricing diving and ready to be grabbed. The Joni faces box was 8 quid last week for about 20 seconds and I missed it. However I am on high alert for the Alex Harvey to get below 100.


Rolling Stones in mono (CD) in stock at Amazon.co.uk now.

Rare Glam

Just to reiterate for anyone in the UK – the Dylan 1966 live set is still on offer from HMV on line @ £99.99. I would like to know how this works given everywhere else seems to have ceased offering it other than more expensive American imoport versions.

Do individual outlets get an allocation of a certain pre-order number from the lable sor distributers or is it just first come first served with the distributers for all retailers? The same question about the Rolling Stones in Mono set. I ordered my CD set from HMV. It was sent on 29th and arrived on 30th Sept, release day. That’s standard for them as well, you don’t have to pay Amazon prime type fee to get that. The set seems only available from Markept place sellers on Amazon though.


I agree. The Pink Floyd box is horrendously expensive.

Personally I’m pining for the boxset – but for heavens sake! £375?

7 Blu ray discs would have sufficed. £18 each given the content and remastering?

Gilmours “Remember That Night” Blu ray is £35 – This is unacceptable greed.


Oh and the Blu ray of PULSE will be £35 also – with a true remaster, and not the diabolical DVD effort that was forced upon us. Bootlegging the bootleggers? Indeed.

Anyone with general knowledge of video software could have produced a better image



Was that concert shot on video though Tyrone? Looks like it. Poor quality recording can only be improved so much. Unlike something that was filmed, say INXS 1990 Wembkey gig which is much better quality (but was a very expensive shoot).

Back in mid 90’s playback quality from VHS on most small SD tv’s would have been fine. Now in HD or just 1080i/p DVD upscale it shows it’s raw quality flaws.

Mark Carroll

PULSE on Blu-ray, when does that come out ?


It doesn’t. I have no clue what tyrone is talking about.

Adrian Fernandes

Thanks for the comprehensive roundup, Paul. One thing, there’s a typo in the Macca section: Capitol, not Capital Records.


Also, The Rolling Stones Havana Moon is out in various formats. Agree about locking that price on The Who MG, it started off in the usual Amazon way at £109. Can’t see it going much cheaper than £75.


And announced yesterday, a new Neil Young vinyl box, Original Release series, 8.5-12, out late November.
Thnaks for your concise list. My bank account groans over the recent and upcoming releases. I still don’t “get” Kate Bush though, who never went over big n the USA, like Robbie Williams.

eric slangen

Jack, can you provide a link for the new Neil Young vinylbox. Can’t find a word on the net.