Saturday Deluxe / 24 Sep 2016


Two and a half months after the SDE-curated reissue of It’s Immaterial‘s debut album Life’s Hard And Then You Die, comes the news that their ‘lost-and-found’ third album House For Sale will be finally be released, if a PledgeMusic crowd-funding campaign goes to plan…

It’s Immaterial are John J. Campbell and Jarvis Whitehead, a pair of artists/musicians who met in Liverpool in the late seventies having moved to the city to study Art and Architecture respectively. House For Sale was recorded in the early nineties but was never issued, so the band only ever put out two albums, with 1990’s acclaimed, but commercially disastrous, long-player Song being their last official release. To make things worse, the multitrack recordings for House For Sale were misplaced in a studio move and only recently rediscovered.

After a process of restoration and remastering the material will finally see the light of day as a result of this PledgeMusic campaign. If you head over to the campaign page, the usual array product variations are available, from a signed CD to a playback event in Liverpool.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that the 2CD deluxe edition and exclusive T-Shirt/CD bundles of the Life’s Hard And Then You Die reissue are also available on ShopSuperDeluxe.com.

House For Sale is expected to be issued in Spring 2017.

Pledge for House For Sale via PledgeMusic

Buy the Life’s Hard And Then You Die 2CD reissue and/or bundles

Prince vinyl update

Warner’s Prince vinyl reissue schedule has been prone to more delays than Southern Rail, but I think we are slowly getting there…

After the last update in late June, Parade has actually been released (hurrah!), and Around The World In A Day is out in America already and should be issued in UK/Europe at the end of next week. If you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll be getting this reissue from Amazon UK for £1.75!

Sign O’ The Times. Lovesexy and Batman are supposed to be out in late October, with the ‘Love Symbol’ album and Diamonds and Pearls slated for November release. I would treat those dates as provisional and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pushed back to next year.

Warners continue to say nada about this whole campaign (if you can call it a campaign) and while the releases themselves are accurate recreations of the originals (including stickers) they make no mention at all of actually being reissues, which is a bit weird and a potentially confusing to the ‘general public’.

The Black Album is seemingly pulled, although Amazon in the UK does have lots of listings for Prince 12-inch singles, with a 2016 release date. These are all ‘currently unavailable’ but food for thought, nonetheless.

Compare prices and pre-order


Sign "O" the Times [VINYL]


Compare prices and pre-order


Around the World in a Day [VINYL]


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Andrew Mogford

Paul – if those 12″ Prince reissues see the light of day can you try and highlight them on this site please? Would LOVE to get them!

elliott buckingham

warners should have released a empty box for the prince reissues so we could fill it as they came available


I suspect once the label is able to ascertain exactly what rights to Prince’s vaults it has, then you’ll see whole box sets for each album coming out.

In the meantime, they’re just keeping him in print in the vinyl market… and of course there’s nothing like letting the fans buy all the vinyls individually then later putting them in a box together with a book for making people buy the same product twice (watch out Pink Floyd fans too!).

Bowie is a different situation as he personally had already outlined the reissue campaign.


I suspect you will see a half arsed reissue campaign for a quick cash grab that completely
ignores his importance in the field of popular music. He really requires a box of the standard
that floyd or the Beatles would put out. I hope you are right but wont hold my breath.


Prince is arguably as important an artist as David Bowie,so why is his back catalogue being put out in this manner? It beggars belief that Warners still don’t get him even in death.


Kevin Gray has been the go to cutting engineer on these releases so far. They sound excellent and are highly recommended.

Simon Thornhill

Re Prince Reissues Campaign

I have collected all of them so far up to and including Parade I was delighted to find that it came presented in a gatefold sleeve & in addition I have been mightily pleased by the quality of stock used for the sleeves.
Im hoping that Around the World in A Day will continue this trend.
As much as I am enjoying collecting these vinyl reissues I only now have interest in Sign O The Times & Lovesexy (possibly Batman just for fun)
Then my attentions will return to continuing to build my Japanese LP pressings collection – which currently stands at Purple Rain Sign O the Times & Lovesexy
Thanks as always Paul for the info and links ;-)
I attended a Prince Tribute Night @Gorilla in Manchester & although the evening wasn;t quite as I had hoped, the genius of Prince shone brightly with killer track after killer track slaying the dancefloor
From For You to Lovesexy Prince has a near perfect run of albums each one building upon the former.

“Housequake let me hear you shout…………..”

O(+> Peter B

Some new Prince 12″ singles? (Power) Fantastic!

Chris Squires

There is a “Buzz” that Before the Dawn is finally close to completion with packshots being seen in various places. That would be a nice Christmas present

Michael L

Just picked up the Grace Jones ‘Warm Leatherette’ deluxe for £11.50 from Amazon. That’s the best price I’ve seen so far.


It certainly looks like a reissue of Tango In The Night is coming soon because if you go to Dan Hersch page http://d2mastering.com/ and check out the clients it’s under the Reissues for 2016.


Good news, said that Tango should be next when listening to the Mirage remaster for the first time on Friday night. They then should do the Fleetwood Mac album. I guess we will probably never get reissues of the albums between The Play On and the aforementioned which is actually my favourite Fmac period, but at least the last Japanese mini LP versions of these sound great.


Tango, number one on half the populations most wanted list…. Hoping they dont select remixes for it, Arthur Baker’s mixes were so ground breaking we need all of them. Jellybean’s weren’t bad either! Its got to be at least a 3cd set.


Your hoping they don’t select remixes for it then go on about how good they were ? I honestly can’t see these remixes being on it as i think they will follow the same trend as the previous remasters with demos and out takes and live stuff. I hope to hell they put You And I, Part I on it though.


I think Mike’s intent was that he hopes they are not selective about what they issue in the new release, but that they will release them all. It’s incredibly frustrating when an act places some of the 12″ mixes on the reissue, but leave off the ones you liked the most. I’m seeing this with the Erasure reissue campaign, where some classic remixes are getting reissued but it seems that for each one, the mix I loved most from the 12″ is being left off. Happy to have something, which I always feel is better than nothing, but the frustration of being closer to what you want but still not there can make a collector twitchy.


Just a guess Mike is saying, Hoping the band members (“they”) don’t select remixes for it (and pick all the wrong ones)…


Are the Prince vinyls actually remastered or simply reissued at the same sound as before? If they are remastered, as someone above is saying, then there are Prince remasters on vinyl but not cd. I doubt this is true. They must be regular reissues with same sound as before.

Michael L

There’s a thread on the Hoffman forum where people have been doing conparisons with original copies and commenting that they prefer the new ones.

I picked up ‘Parade’ and was really happy with it, though have nothing to compare it to. I have an original ‘Around the World…’ so don’t intend to pick up the reissue.

Andrew Mogford

Ahh – was about to email you about the Prince thing. Was in HMV today buying Hozier vinyl for the missus for her birthday and saw Parade. The man at the counter confirmed it had been released last Friday.

Listening to it now. A lovely repress it is too.


18 pricey.

Jim Edwards

What is wrong with WB? Why no comments on anything Prince related? For Fu*k sake! This is all ridiculous. Release a box set, tell us who remastered it and give us some information… please.


Not a fan of that PledgeMusic nonsense at all. The one album i did get China Crisis reached it’s goal and people had to wait another year before they actually got it though it was reasonably priced at £12 compared to the £18 It’s Immaterial are asking for just the standard CD.

Tom of FIN

Well, we shall see. Splendid news indeed about It’s Immaterial. About time! Renaissance and comeback preferred. Cheers for ab fab 2CD reissue pack of yours, Paul.


In regards to Prince I cannot understand why The Gold Experience has never been listed for reissue in this group as it is arguably the best post-Sign o the Times release and best NPG album, still originally a Warner release. Also, is Come still on the schedule?