Saturday Night Fever / 40th anniversary super deluxe edition box set

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The best selling soundtrack to John Badham’s massively successful 1977 film Saturday Night Fever is being reissued as a super deluxe edition box set, to celebrate 40 years since its release.

This new Saturday Night Fever box set includes the remastered soundtrack on 2LP vinyl, a two-CD edition (including four new mixes by Serban Ghenea), the 4K-restored 40th anniversary Director’s Cut of the film on Blu-ray, a 24-page book (with new essays by Barry Gibb, Bill Oakes, John Badham, and David Shire), five art prints, a movie poster and turntable mat!

The soundtrack features four US number one singles (How Deep Is Your Love, Staying Alive, If I Can’t Have You and Night Fever), all written by the Bees Gees of course; it won a Grammy; topped the charts all around the world and is thought to have sold in the region of a staggering 40 million copies.

There is also a standalone two-CD edition of this 40th anniversary reissue that pairs the remastered album with the bonus CD that contains the four Serban Ghenea mixes).

The Saturday Night Fever super deluxe edition will be released on 17 November 2017.

CD 1 (and LP 1 & 2)

1 Stayin’ Alive /  Bee Gees
2 How Deep Is Your Love / Bee Gees
3 Night Fever / Bee Gees
4 More Than A Woman / Bee Gees
5 If I Can’t Have You / Yvonne Elliman
6 A Fifth Of Beethoven / Walter Murphy
7 More Than A Woman / Tavares
8 Manhattan Skyline / David Shire
9 Calypso Breakdown / Ralph McDonald
10 Night On Disco Mountain / David Shire
11 Open Sesame / Kool and The Gang
12 Jive Talkin’ / Bee Gees
13 You Should Be Dancing (Edit) / Bee Gees
14  Boogie Shoes / KC And The Sunshine Band
15  Salsation / David Shire
16  K-Jee / M.F.S.B.
17  Disco Inferno / The Trammps

CD 2
18  Stayin’ Alive (Serban Mix) /  Bee Gees
19  Night Fever (Serban Mix) / Bee Gees
20  How Deep Is Your Love (Serban Mix) / Bee Gees
21  You Should Be Dancing (Serban Mix) /  Bee Gees

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Johnny Delusional

What I don’t get in all of this is how Capitol chuck mega-bucks in Bazza’s direction (and those of his brother’s estates), and yet he still gets to veto any bonus track material he’s uncomfortable with. Rhino managed to get off to a great start before he pulled the plug after Odessa – what a great box set Cucumber Castle / 2 Years On / Trafalgar could have been with the huge amount of available unreleased SONGS [not versions!] from that period.
I wish Barry absolutely no harm whatsoever, but I’m now fixated on outliving him if that’s what it’s going to take for the vaults to be assaulted!


I stand corrected, the new mixes, are pretty darn good, even though slightly brick-walled. Some super unheard production on these tracks, still would of preferred the unheard stuff.


Must say the remaster on this is lovely and pretty sexy, not brickwalled, just a crisp and really fresh sound. The Serban mixes, as noted, are not modern mixes at all, but 4 pointless wastes of space when they could of used the unused material offered by Blue Weaver, or the 12 inches mixes or better still the unreleased Shire music. Still can’t complain, even with the 4 pointless mixes, which has some noticeable subtle differences to the original mixes, well some unheard bits have been bought forth in the mixes (most noticeable is You Should Be Dancin’). Still a toe tapping unstoppable disco monster of a LP, you gotta love it.


As someone has already stated: To not include the RSD mixes in favor of these modern (awful) mixes is a missed opportunity.


It seems that Serban got back to the original multi tracks and made new mixes, so there’s no additional (modern) production.

Auntie Sabrina

The BD includes the original 1977 theatrical and the 2017 Directors Cut, both are the 18 certificates/R and Unrated versions


My own compilation of all the music, minus the Shire incidental music, knocks the pants off this missed opp. Maybe they wanna borrow my copy. I already own two MINT copies of the vinyl, which cost me 50p each 20 years ago. Reason I don’t buy vinyl………

Charlie Waffles

I wish the Blu-ray of the movie would include the 1978 PG rated version. I got to see it once on HBO.

Larry Davis

Looks like I will just go for the cheap 2cd reissue/remaster over the full set until the price plummets and/or we get a REAL SDE cuz this ain’t it…


This is actually one of the few releases that is begging for a colored reissue, or some sort of light up picture disc. As it stands now, my well worn copy will do me just fine.

Auntie Sabrina

Rik Skyline, 40 million sales say different

Michael Fortin

I’m in for the 2-cd version as I don’t already have this. I have the Bee Gees songs already but I’ve always been interested in hearing the rest of the album.

I agree the bonus content is lacking to say the least, but for $14 (which may go down) seems like a good deal…


As someone who will buy ANYTHING Bee Gees, for the first time, I’m out. Surely it will not take the passing of 100% of the Brothers for the vaults to open properly? FFS Bal!

Rik Skyline

“Disco sucks”.

Yani P

I think it is brilliant that the apoplectic “not vinyl again” brigade also have to accept a turntable mat – superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SNF SDE is basically a restored movie with album/CD plus (small plus). This isn’t SDE in the music sense but a multi-medium package for someone that loves the movie/soundtrack as it was originally presented. For the simple music lovers it is unfortunate, and only SDE is the loosest sense of the word. This is really aimed at the sentimental generalist who just loves the movie/soundtrack itself.


Phew – lucky they didn’t force you to pay more for Vinyl you’ll never play.

Thomas M.

Dumb pointless release But, there are loads of legal issues with the soundtrack from what the record company told me. Serban? You mean the guy who makes it all louder and compresses the sh*t out of the master tapes? Boring and dull


AND no 5.1 mix…

Richard Cosgrove

I agree with Phil H. SNF is one of my favourite movies, and when I saw this pop up on SDE my heart began racing a little……until I saw the content. I’m not entirely sure what I DO want from a SNF box set / SDE, but it’s not this.

Phil H.

if the price PLUMMETS then I will buy it just for the novelty

Phil H.

One of my favourite movies ever. A genuine 1970s classic and Travolta gives one of the best performances I ever saw in film. And the album is superb. So i got very pumped…. until I saw what was in this set :-( people have already said what is wrong with it and what is missing. Damned shame.

Frenchy Eric

Tired of those high prices !
Average earning in France is 1500 euros which is 1344 pounds
Gig tickets in Paris start often at 60 euros (shitty seat) to see a famous band or artist
Anyway i always have to sell music i do not listen to a lot or anymore before buying superdeluxe boxsets or gig tickets
Pain in the …

Auntie Sabrina

Ian Hicks, the boxset contains a 4k remastered 40th Anniversary Edition Directors Cut blu-ray (there is no UHD)


Here they go again putting vinyl and cd’s together. Virtually no one wants that. And I don’t want pricey books etc either. Where are the period remixes? Outtakes? B-sides? A real shame. This is definitely a no for me.

Tony Orwell

Grease and saturday night fever in mint condition regularly sell for £25 so there would definitely be a market for a brand new quality vinyl re-issue, just because it aint trendy with lables like 60’s or prog or psych does not mean that it is not desirable.

Richard Starkey

LOL, well, the Bee Gees were certainly a very great talent, but I would much rather have an SDE compilation of their early work: circa 1967-1973. Do you guys know of any such CD box sets which do not include the disco years? Thanks!


Please tell me your nickname is RINGO !!!

DJ Control

Here you go Ringo,



They’re out of print unfortunately. Hopefully the new deal Barry signed with UMe might see a repress.

don cooper

If only the schematics for the multicolour dancefloor had been included.
The art print of same could serve as a nifty SNF Ludo board though…


In regards to the CD what a wasted opportunity to not add the extended 12″s, the edits, and the worse sin the missing David Shire music. No deal.

Chris S

Didn’t care enough to buy it (or see the movie) the first time around. 40 years later, and I still have no interest.

Auntie Sabrina
Ian Hicks

That’s not 4K Sabrina just standard Blu-ray, although why anyone would want this film in 4K is quite beyond me.

Chris Squires

I find it interesting to see what companies think will make a great re-issue. Paul, you have curated a fair few re-issues, mostly with a 4.8 average on Amazon, which is pretty darn good. Who do the companies go to on something like this? A staffer? Someone who’s only contact with the world of music is that they actually work for a music company, probably by accident or nepotism. Bored stupid and hates their job. One can only surmise that, because there are only a handful of releases in the last couple of years that have truly, genuinely hit the sweet spot, they give the job to “someone” on the team. I can’t believe that the person who put this together gives a rat’s ass about the film or it’s legacy. Right here, right now there are a dozen alternative suggestions in the posts above and no doubt soon in the posts below that would have cranked the interest up a notch so from your experience why don’t companies do a better job?

The LP, some random, late remixes (non-era), a slip mat, poster and pictures and a few 400 word essays which will probably say nothing other than how proud they were to be involved. My wife who saw the film once could have probably done that.

Lazy. Very lazy. (although I do realize the word “very” is redundant here.)

Iain Mac

To be fair, it is difficult from outside the process to know which bonus tracks that could be considered may have legal issues/missing masters etc., let alone who may have authority to veto these additions (how many artists don’t want the odd throw away b-side coming back to haunt them decades later).

Getting all these practical issues in alignment often seem to stand in the way of “fan approved” deluxe reissues.

Chris Squires

Yup, I was going to throw “legal issues” out there as a reason…BUT my wife came home so I had to pretend to be working so I had to cut and run….

It is a shame that some artists don’t like their early work examined. I could run off a dozen early b-sides of some artists that I think are absolutely brilliant, better than some of the stuff that they have done recently….. but hey-ho. I recently came face-to-face with some work I did 9 years ago and it was slap-in-the-face awful, so I get it. It’s just a shame.

Gary C

Heh everybody, Colin is out!


Personally I love everything about SNF however that word everything goes missing when I see a double CD at £21.99. Not overly concerned about the box set not currently being available in the UK either.

Ian Hicks

Some great music but, my word, it’s a god awful film that has aged BADLY! IMHO

Frenchy Eric

Do not agree
Your opinion …


Sorry, fatfingerfone syndrome!


WHAT NO GLITTERBALL! Do these record companies not realise it’s all about the music for the music fan! Not enough ectra music content for me and why not unclude a DVD/Blu Ray of the film, or is that being released separately? Definitely a missed opportunity here and way too expensive although the price us likely to conedown before release date. Its not for me, I’M OUT!

Boaz Halachmi

…Hmmm… it says it includes a 4K restoration on Blu-ray.

Philip Cohen

All of the set’s shortcomings are due to Barry Gibb’s restrictiveness,

DJ Control

Gave away my (very worn out) vinyl and cd of this recently and was after the new Blu-ray director’s cut of the movie. The turntable mat is a nice bonus so I’m in. Guess there’s at least one person who’d like a Saturday Night Fever turntable mat :)


Just a reminder of how bad disco music had got by this stage. Saw the film on TV a few years back, bloody awful with Travolta playing a wholly unlikeable character. A shame did not go with the original 60’s mod setting

Carlos Coca Jr.

Sadly Capitol have missed the opportunity to issue a genuine superdeluxe box of SNF, excluding the incidental instrumental soundtrack, the “Special disco versions” issued on a 12″ in 1977, Rick Dee’s Disco Duck, etc. Why includes the bluray, the 2lp and a modest bonus cd on the same (expensive) set ? No demos, no outtakes, no original remixes from the period. A truly and sadly missed opportunity to pay a solid homage to this masterpiece. Let’s wait for another ten years.


Serban who?
who commissioned those useless modern mixes?
any takers?
where are the b-sides, radio edits, extended versions from that era, & not just by Bee Gees…
how about including Bee Gees version of If I Can’t Have You for instance…
who compiled this useless waste of space?!


Does this soundtrack really need another release when a copy must be in every charity shop across the land along with the Grease soundtrack which no doubt will be getting a 40th release next year and who the hell wants a Saturday Night Fever turntable mat?


Will the SuperDeluxeedition be available to purchase from the UK Paul?

Auntie Sabrina

What a pity the extended mixes on the 2015 RSD 12″ EP are not included instead of the Serban mixes


Agreed! I would have paid $100 just for the two-CD set if it would have included the original promo only extended mixes of “Night Fever”, “More Than A Woman”, “If I Can’t Have You” & “You Should Be Dancing”. I’ve been waiting forever for them to be available on CD. (The original extended remix of “Staying Alive” was included on “Bee Gees Greatest” about a decade ago.) I don’t understand why they were omitted since obviously Barry owns the rights to them. Maybe b/c the 2015 Record Store Day EP was supposed to be an “exclusive”? Whatever the reason, I’m very disappointed so, sorry to say, but I think this Bee Gees fan will pass.