SDE launches new price comparison tool

The SDE Price Comparison Tool will offer ‘at a glance’ overview of prices/availability

Your favourite music blog just got a little bit better, because today SDE is launching a brand new Price Comparison Tool that will help you to find the best deals for all your physical music box set and reissue ‘needs’…

From today, at the end of most product-related posts, instead of a series of static text links to various retailers, you will find a new dynamic widget for releases which will display product details and live pricing information for the item(s) in question, automatically sorted from cheapest to most expensive. There will also be an indication as to whether the item is in or out of stock. So at a glance, you will be able to easily determine the best place to purchase, depending on where you are in the world and where you prefer to shop. You can also change the currency displayed and your selection will be remembered next time you visit.

Click to enlarge

We are launching this widget today with Amazon (across Europe, USA and Canada) and JPC in Germany but other retailers will be coming on board in the near future.

With your feedback and help, we plan to develop this tool and add more functionality over time, so do let us know what you think and feel free to offer input and suggestions as to how we can make it even better. Try out the new tool below, using the forthcoming vinyl edition of Bob Dylan‘s Fallen Angels as an example:

Compare prices and pre-order

Bob Dylan

Fallen Angels [VINYL]


SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Christopher Old

I certainly know from all of the comments here that I am in the minority. First and foremost Paul, I visit your site daily and cherish each piece you carefully research and write. I enjoy every minute of it!
I will say though, as an avid collector that I am not going to use your new tool. Reasons being, that as a young boy I always cherished and relished the opportunity to go to my nearby record, cassette or cd stores and explore the possibilities. They seemed endless, but the thrill of the hunt or chase drove me then, as it does today.
Times change, I moved on to the oyster of the internet. What a joy it is for me to still continue the chase or hunt on a world-wide exploration for an ever dwindling cd market. I visit numerous Amazon sights, Discogs, Ebay, and some independent ones. That is what fuels my fire as a collector.
I believe that most of the magic of searching high and low, and for the best price value, would vanish for me with your new Price Comparison Tool. Let’s just say this 45 year old still yearns for that gem or new reissue that might be around the corner.
I, for one will remain on the quest, just for the thrill of it.
Thanks as always for what you do Paul.

Friso Pas

Very, very helpful tool.
I’m also a avid movie collector, and there’s a website called blu-ray.com, which has a Amazon price tracking function for years now, which has saved me a lot of money.
Now that you offer this kind of thing too, it will definitely help in getting good deals on music too.
I appreciate it a lot. Thanks for all your efforts, Paul.

Tony Dawson-Hill

Great idea!! Will most certainly use it.


Its great but you’re gonna make me spend more! LOL


Superb. I think we’ve all wished for something like this and it’s to SDE’s credit that you’ve actualised it. Kudos.
I should imagine that CD Japan is another retailer in your sights.
Several others above have pointed out shipping charges, which obviously impact on the final price paid. Another (unwelcome) thing to factor in is each country’s tax and excise structure. It’s often not much more to pay the VAT in England when importing goods from beyond the EU, but the post office manage to slap on a hefty “handling fee” for the privilege. This has effectively curtailed my shopping from the afore-mentioned Japanese site and others in the US.
Quite how this gets integrated into the app is another headache I wouldn’t begin to fathom. So, thanks for all you do, Paul Sinclair/ SDE.


Fantastic! One of the best websites getting better and better.
Thank you!

Rob Yokine

Great idea. Yes please…

Ronald Headen

You are the best. This is going to be a tremendous tool in helping me make quicker choices. Thank you for continuing to provide a great service.


A mobilr version or even an iphone app would be great one day!
I use best cd price.co.uk a lot and amazon uk is often cheapest for boxsets, but it would be great to see the sde price comparison showing even cheaper prices from other countries. I fot the jam fire and skill boxset from amazon germany a while back for £42, its still around £59 on amazon uk!!!

Hélder Cardoso

Mr. Sinclair: infinite thumbs up for this! :)


wow, this is dangerous! :)


Although late to the game commenting on the new widget, I think it is fabulous. SDE has been the first click on my computer in the morning and a few times a day thereafter. SDE keeps getting better and this widget is no exception. It is clear that SDE’s greatness lies in Paul’s love of the subject matter. Those who love their work are often the most successful. I have no doubt that the widget will be getting better as Paul adds to it and fine tunes it. I think currency conversions, shipping costs, taxes, etc. might over complicate the beauty of the widget. Those of us reading SDE daily can eyeball which is a better deal as we are all familiar with currency, shipping costs (including ordering multiple items), etc. A wish list for me would be adding price history tracking data and the ability to check any title with the widget. Keep up the great work Paul!


This is a great feature for an already great website! I already have used the information posted here to purchase several items. Most recently, the Fuzzy Warbles reissues from Andy Partridge – I would never have known they were being reissued without SuperDeluxeEdition! Mahalo from a fan in Hawaii!


Looks great!

Is there a way you could also include p&p?

Simon F

Great idea, and hope it all works out.

Mike Croft

I hope it will include other well known sites not just Amazon!

For instance; HMV, Base.com, Xtra-Vision. Norman Records etc

Paul Wren

Yes, this is a very good tool for all of us price conscious collectors and doubtless we will all come up with good ideas to improve it further. Real value added with this innovation – well done!


*sigh* I can see this costing me more money in the long run… ;)

Seriously, nice one Paul. Making a great site even better. Now if you can only the powers that be to release that “Make it big” box set – I have need of a shuttlecock…

Jason Whittaker

Good start, but it would be great to be able to define the country to which the product will be sent, and factor in the relevant amount of postage in order to see which site is *really* the cheapest (like Bookbutler does).

For example, if I’m in France and the price in the UK is £3 cheaper, but it costs £3 more to have it sent to me, then I’m better off ordering from France, obviously.

Perhaps that’s something that could be added in the future?



Thank you Paul, once again you are ahead of the game with your website. I do log on several times a day to make sure I’m not missing anything whether it’s new reissues or reactions from my fellow reissue-obsessed folks. Your website is an absolute gem. I love your enthousiasm and pride you take in your blog. I’m proud to be part of this community.

Some quick feedback on the new (amazing) tool: When an SDE is being released, often times the price is ridiculous. I usually wait 6 months to a year to purchase because usually by that time third party sellers on Amazon post amazing prices that are often half of what the beginning asking price was. If I didn’t do that, I would be completely broke. It would be great to be able to keep track of that in your new tool. Would it be possible to go back to the initial posts (the ones that include the widget from the get-go) and will it have updated information on there every day till when? Of course when Alan’s suggestion of email alerts is incorporated this wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Thank you SO much Paul!!


How about an A to Z / index of albums that have been featured in one way or another. Then you can look up the album you want, and if it’s in the list and has been featured since the price widget inception you can go to the page and see what the widget says for current prices?


This is useful but what about other retailers like Whatrecords, Record Store etc? I personally detest Amazon’s tax avoidance and avoid them whenever possible.


Thanks. Sorry I missed that bit


Great addition to an already great site. Many thanks!

Robert Morgenstern

That’s an fantastic bonus for a “super deluxe” Website.


This is a very useful tool, and in fact something I’ve wished I had before… Congrats!


It would be useful to be able to set a home country and see associated shipping costs. For example, the Bob Dylan widget above is showing the current price from amazon.com as £13.62. However, with $7.98 shipping to the UK it comes to $27.82, or £19.07. It’s actually slightly cheaper to preorder it from the UK store for £18.99 (and it’d arrive sooner).


Hey Paul,

did you change the RSS-Feed settings, I get an error message and cannot see your post in RSS in Firefox:

XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: XML- oder Text-Deklaration nicht am Beginn der Entität
Adresse: http://feeds.feedburner.com/superdeluxeedition
Zeile Nr. 3, Spalte 1:

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Mikael Widell

Fantastic. Keep up the excellent work, Paul.

Chris Squires

This is gonna cost me even more money. y’swine.

A useful addition to the site. postage and taxes are the only other thing to take into consideration…

Boaz Halachmi

Another great nailing. Paul! My suggestion is to add an option to see the total price inc shipping. As a product may be the cheapest here, but with the added shipping, it could be cheaper there. If you do this with Amazon, maybe you can add the destination factor into the calculation. Maybe as a cookie that will remember the country so you will only need to put it in once. Your blog is one of my 3 sites I visit the most and a must a few times a day. Thank you.


Looks good and a great idea. Is there any chance of getting the postage to your home country added? Or shown as a separate column? Tricky one I guess as you’d probably have to assume postage of that single item without taking Prime into account. But still, I think for me in the UK being able to compare £19.84 from amazon US against £20.98 amazon UK might be more useful than the £13.62 against £18.99 that currently shows

Paul E.

Oh my! What a way to save…I mean spend my hard earned cash more intelligently. A sincere thanks for this nifty little calculator. I must say it was rather predictable and knew good things were on the horizon once you started offering up download tutorials (i.e. Springsteen’s Prince cover for some folks)…figured you for a “techie” and applaud all of your achievements with this wonderful site!


Thank you Paul S/SDE for this – this is ‘swearing-my-head-off’ awesome!

And as an Australian, I’d like to add an extra thank you for the currency converter feature – that’s going to be very helpful. *thumbs up*

Like others have said, this already amazing site is getting better and better.

Thanks for all the hard work Paul – where do you find the time?


Kudos, Paul. The retailers knowing we have a closer eye on things should make for an even more competitive marketplace.

Would you consider a display of low & high pricing? Not necessarily for each retailer, but overall (with retailer identified of the low & high water marks). Just a suggestion.

I don’t hop all over the internet, so this is first I’ve seen of a feature like this. Call me old-fashioned or behind the times. Initial impression is amazing potential & value to us readers. Thank you!

eric slangen

It’s impossible to add some more to all of the above compliments.

Roel in OZ

Wonderful innovation Paul. A great little tool for me to use because I order quite frequently from Europe as a lot of the not so popular SDE’s aren’t released in OZ or they cost an arm and a leg!
Your site is just fantastic and keeps getting better. I have referred many of my fellow music buffs to your blog and they too are super impressed, if not a little poorer for the experience!! Keep up the great work.
Now, can you just do something about the high Italian & Canadian postage!!!


This is a great idea, Paul ! Can this widget be used on laptop computers if you don’t own a cellphone ?



Charles K.

Deeply impressed Paul, thank you. I never need any further reasons to visit this site multiple times daily but you just keep adding them! Long live SDE!

Mike the Fish

I see you’re planning to add HMV, which I’d encourage, partly because they’re loads more competitive than they used to be and also an alternative for people who aren’t keen on amazon and their ways.

Mike Croft

I totally agree! HMV are often the same price as Amazon and offer FREE 1st Class Delivery on everything over £9.99 compared to Amazon’s over £20 & then takes around 5 Days. – I also hate giving money to Amazon so they can move it to Luxemberg & avoid UK Tax, plus I begrudge paying £2 for Release Day Delivery for every CD or Vinyl when a lot of other companies deliver on Release Day for FREE; HMV, Base.com, Norman Records (CD’s only), or for lesss!

Another thing I detest about Amazon is that they do not employ their Logistics Drivers, they are self employed sub-contractors with NO rights or benefits, (no sick pay, no holiday pay, no guaranteed hours or income etc), and they are often on less than the minimum wage because of the pay per parcel structure! :(

John Moore

Excellent info and worth highlighting Paul

John Madden

Really enjoy the site and wish you good luck with developments like this to make it even better.


Thank you
Looks very useful
Your website is the best!
Always great to read about upcoming releases (especially Bowie!)

Bruce nicholson

I’m going to add to an earlier post I did. I think I must log on to the SDE site 2-3 times a day mostly to see what new news there is but also because I’m interested in other people’s opinions about the “news”. There are a lot of like minded people here and I like the community the site has. I also think Pauls searching out of news stories is top notch and also writes very informed and interesting articles. Then there are the deal alerts which are a great thing (even if they strain the wallet). I know of no other, better site. All round excellent work and it sounds like it’s only going to get better.


and just when you think SDE can’t get any better, it surprises you :)
Thanx Paul!


A great idea Paul! Now we have no reason to leave your wonderful site at all; other than to place our order . You’re the best!

Paul W

Thanks what agreat app


Great feature, Paul, thanks!
One minor gripe you might like to look into. It seems the tool has trouble reading the eurocents part for JPC-prices. I tried the Wakeman set and the Highwayman set and tool lists in both instances .00 while real price on the jpc-website was .99