Seal / new album: ‘Standards’

Seal has a new album out in November called Standards.

As may be apparent by the title, this is an album of jazz standards and swing classics, featuring such tracks as Luck Be A Lady, I Put A Spell On You, I’ve Got You Under My Skin and It Was A Very Good Year. All very familiar.

To be fair to Seal he has reached for some level of authenticity by collaborating with some musicians who have performed with the greats, including pianist Randy Waldman (who toured with Sinatra), bass player Chuck Berghofer (Ella Fitzgerald) and drummer Greg Fields (Stevie Wonder). The songs were also recorded in the Capitol Records in Los Angeles.

The deluxe CD edition adds three bonus tracks, including a couple of festive favourites Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow and Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting). There is a vinyl version and HMV have a white vinyl exclusive (UK shipping only) of this album.

Standards is out on 10 November 2017

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Standards - deluxe CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order


Standards - black vinyl LP


1. Luck Be A Lady
2. Autumn Leaves
3. I Put A Spell On You
4. They Can’t Take That Away From Me
5. Anyone Who Knows What Love Is
6. Love For Sale
7. My Funny Valentine
8. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
9. Smile
10. I’m Beginning To See The Light – Seal, The Puppini Sisters
11. It Was A Very Good Year
12. The Nearness Of You *
13. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow *
14. Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting) *

* deluxe edition only

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seal one two and four (and best of) were re-released in Hires + surround, but sadly they jumped album 3 Human Being which imho is by far the best set of songs that’s been released so far. RE: standards – Jeesh people are so judgemental. Obviously not the creative type ;-)


I couldn’t agree more with the KfaR theory. Had that song not been included in the Batman movie, Seal’s career could have gone in a more insteresting direction. I pretty much gave up on him when the “Soul” albums were released – but “7” didn’t really restore my ‘faith’ in him. I found the songwriting kinda lightweight. The “Standards” orchestra setting could suit him better than doing unispired soul covers though.


For the signed version it is here:


Limited white version of the vinyl here:


Andreas i totally agree with your comments there.


Can someone please tell me why it has become such a trend in our time to recycle old standards?? Seal used to stand for high quality music. The first two albums were very inventive and he had a great comeback with Seal IV. Why ruin the name Seal by all these cheap cover albums? Soul I, II… Standards I, II…. Who wants to hear this? Definitely not me. There is a quite cheap flavor to all this – like wanting to make money the easiest way possible. It is really sad to see how the music industry works nowadays. But in the past record companies have often been proven wrong with their predictions what will sell and what won’t.
Probably it was really Trevor Horn who made Seal what he became. Like with Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Just that they stopped at the right time.


I am not going to Judge an album that I haven’t heard. But to be honest, I would like to see SDE’s of his first two albums, instead of an album of covers.


I’m sure we all would.


Always felt that 2007’s System with Stuart Price was brilliant and massively underrated, Price very much a modern more dancefloor-informed Trevor Horn IMHO.


Creatively bankrupt…

O(+> Peter B

You may know he has been a regular judge on The Voice Australia.


Never really a fan. Only time I liked him was when he did that acoustic set of his debut album. Certainly showed potential. Otherwise overproduced and dated Trevor Horn production did him no favors.


I know we are all entitled to our opinions but saying saying Trevor Horns production did him no favours is a total piece of nonsense.


Ha, Ha – a bit harsh probably. I meant post the second album.


Such a lazy release. Smacks of ‘lets get something in the shops for Christmas’. If he’s stuck for something to do he should hook up with Spandau Ballet and fill the space vacated by Mr Hadley. Perhaps we should petition for a musical dating agency which puts unlucky-in-love bands and vocalists together?

John D

A question for other fans of the first album. I have 2 copies. On one, the final track goes for about 8.10 and it’s sublime. On the other it goes for about 8.50 but the track is (IMO) ruined by spoken word guff. Does anyone know the history? Which is the standard version?


Check this out http://futureloveparadise.co.uk/anthology/disc-album/seal1edit.html Must admit owning the cassette for a couple of years then getting round to buying the CD and hearing different versions of Crazy, Wild and Violet was a revelation. Of course back then there was nowhere to find out this information about different releases which ZTT were notorious for of course.

John D

Thanks RJS & Neil


Oh God, not another one! I’m so sick of these ‘songbook’-type albums. If it’s not ‘classic soul’, it’s ‘great American standards’…they all end up doing pretty much the same songs. That’s probably why I hate Christmas albums as well – different people doing the same songs again and again and again…

The annoying thing is, I’ll still end up buying it anyway because I’m a Seal fan. But geez…I’ve had enough of this ‘crooner’ revival. I hoped it would be over by now.

Alex Stassi

I agree with some of the above statements. When you listen to his original stuff especially his first two albums (deluxe re-issues of Seal I & II are way overdue)….you wonder why he even entertains the “whole album of covers” idea….too talented to go down this road… he should be doing this when he’s way past 70


Turning into Rod Stewart releasing these bland tribute CD’s. Just a pity those remasters that were first mentioned 5 years ago have never materialized.


Yeah he is worthy of far more than albums of covers.

I thought his last album 7 was his best so far (his most intense songwriting, amazing Trevor Horn production). I wish he’d called it ‘Seventh Seal’ though…


NOOOO!!! please no more covers, thanks.

My favourite album is HumanBeing ;-)

Warren Mason

I really wish that Seal’s shelved 2001 album Togetherland would be released. Always thought that the clips sounded promising. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Togetherland


It’s the sort of album that UK daytime TV quiz show hosts release. The sort of album that you buy for your dear old mum or grandmother.


He has such a great voice he can literally sing anything but I wish he would do more original albums instead of cover songs albums. His “7” albun was very good, indeed.


Looking forward to this, as I do enjoy Soul and Soul 2.

I would love “I Got You Under My Skin” to be a cover of Neneh Cherry’s 1990 adaptation of the song!


Now, that WAS an inspired re-working…
and there’s another album (Red Hot + Blue) and Red Hot + Dance that should be given the SDE treatment.


i will say i enjoyed his two “soul” cds…i have always enjoyed his voice…so i will have to get this…wasn’t very fond of his last original cd

Ben Hughes

How about a deluxe release of his debut album? One of the greatest albums of the nineties.


totally agree with you! ;-)


I’ll second that!!!!


A bit lazy. Still, better him than Robbie Williams.


I wish Seal would spend more time exploring his original material and some of his more experimental urges. The two Soul albums were fine, but I really like him much more when he’s working in the vein of “Crazy” and “Prayer for the Dying.” Sometimes I think the worst thing that happened to his career was “Kiss From a Rose,” because it seemed to lead him down a path of being more of an A/C slash “crooner” act, when I think there’s much more to him than that, and it’s being underserved. Of course, just my opinion, and I’ll likely still get this, even though I’m rather tired of standards albums in general.


I couldn’t agree more with this statement !

Seal made great albums with Trevor Horn, and even his collaboration with Sturat Price wasn’t that bad… So why bother us with this kind of cheap cover albums ?


Totally agree and my very sentiment when I heard he’s releasing another album of jazz standards. I’m not interested and won’t buy this, although I’m a big Seal fan. He made some truly fantastic albums, especially the first two are classics, and I also like the Stuart Price produced System. He should do some original stuff again and take some risks! This is just plain boring.

Alan Wilson

The Universal Music store lists a vinyl, plus a signed deluxe CD option.



Where have you found these signed and vinyl releases ?